Monday, May 26, 2008

Do de do do la la!

Like pasti dong!
Oo ee oo a a ting tang wala wala bing bang
oo ee oo a a ting tang wala wala bang bang
Wala wala wee!
I’m gonna fly!!!!
For the very first time!!!!
I’m gonna sit on a plane!!!!
I’m gonna see clouds!!!
Yehhh!!! I’m so gooooon!!! xD
Yep yep yep... I’m goon. Janning’s laughing at me. Right Manning~? *Ahem
Okey dookey.
Oh, its tomorrow.
We’re going on a holi holiday!
So I won’t be around, but........
Will come back with loads of pictures!!!!!!
We’re gonna take billions of photos >=D
Oh yea..
Another thing..
Can you belive it..
We’re gonna have a house phone..
Ring ring~
Vram bvroom vring vrahh eeeeek! [running]
Chk chck
Me: Hello
Goofy: Hello can I speak to Janning..
Me: Hold on
Manning Mai your phone....
That’s so cool..Haha so funny!
Like turning back time haha
Okay.. We’re getting back Streamyx.. Cuz Maxis is...
Maxis is good.. When its fast its super fast.
When it cuts, it cuts forever.
Cuts every 10 seconds, really.
Sometimes, it can’t even receive.
Ok ok.. I’m gonna pack stuff....
Get ready to fly!!! Oh my gosh!!!!
I’m like in my dreams!!!!
I thought I’ll never fly till like when I’m 20 over years old Haha
Ahhh so funny...
Ok ok =P
Hope we’ll enjoy that wonderful dream, and stay healthy and good =D
Bye bye!

Thanks for reading! =D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Go Green by Planting!

Hey, I made this video about going green by planting.
But I have some problems posting it directly on my page.
So link here.
Hope you enjoy it =]

Thanks for watching! Happy Going Green!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Go Green!

We here are very very very very lucky people =]
You know why?
Well thats because we're alive, not suffering, not starving, studying, working etc etc
We have to appreciate all these before we complain any other matters.
Look at people in Burma, Myanmar..
Recently about the Cyclone...
No house, no food, no good air, lost families etc etc
Hand foot mouth disease is spreading around and around.. China...
We here are so lucky to be away from those.
But is that what we are supposed to do? Just feel proud of it?
No way!
Give a helping hand to them!
Take immediate action. Every little help counts, and that many little help would make a big big help. =)
Its helping to save lives.
Its so much better to sacrifice your money buying an iPhone and use it to save someone's life.
So reach out, help out, save lives, save the earth!
Imagine.. The world getting lesser and lesser people.
How long do you think we can survive if we don't take action to save the earth?
Saving the earth is a really big thing.
The world is so so big. What can you change?
Ofcourse you can make a difference!
It's our responsible to be a part of going green.
Imagine if no one is willing to help the earth but yet wants to live greatly.
Or maybe lets just say very little amount of people is willing to help.
How long will we all survive?
Then now, imagine if everyone, or a big amount of people is willing to save the earth and takes action..
Won't the world look great =]
How cute will it be, every human on earth being a part. Everybody going green.
Won't you smile at that time?
So go green! It makes a difference! being a part of one, it makes big difference!
Green green, I love you!

What can we do to go green?
Many simple small ways to be green.
Save electricity. Get plastic bags out of our lives. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Share books, don't buy and after reading it you dump it aside for years letting it collect dust and then say, its my collection of books! Lol =P
Change your bulbs to energy saving bulbs. ( Mine is all the while energy saving ;] )
Car pool.. use public transport. Walk if distance aint far. Cycle to save walking time.
Share stuff.
Buy local food. Shop smartly. Bring your bag and don't use plastic bags.
Create a market to sell used stuff in much lower price.
Change your lifestyle to a green one =P
Green your home, office, work place, study area etc
Start or support such campaigns.
Tell your friends and family to go green.
Save power, save money.
One thing, I see so many people leaving their computers on and nobody using,
aircond on fan on radio on tv on heater on laptop on lights on everything on, but nobody there.
Plus up together, you've wasted a lot of electricity!
And then water, leaving tap on letting water overflow,
blasting water while washing hands, leaving shower on while shampoo'ing etc.
Wow, I really, seriously, didn't know about these till I saw them.
I didn't know there were such things. =/
Anyway... continue =P
Hang your clothes out to dry and not a cloth dryer etc
Use recycled paper. Never leave one side of the page blank before you recycle it again.
Plant trees, beautify your plain garden to a green, fresh, cooling, breezy garden.
Let people be aware of global warming.
Learn more on how to save the earth.
Take direct action!
Take immediate action!
Go green! Be a part! =D
It your decision to choose a green world or a polluted damaged world.
Many of us may say.. Hey yea, I should be a part to save the world, and then after turning the computer off, .. brainwashed... I don't remember a thing about taking action.
And then maybe you remembered again, then you saw your friend.
So you told your friend about global warming.
You bought a drink while telling your friend about it.
Then after saying goodbye, you threw the empty tin can down the drain. =.= Lol =P
Alluminium cans can be recycled, 1 can for 5cents.
So maybe you say, ahh... Its just one can... Then the next time you drink, you say the same thing again. Then you repeat and repeat and repeat.
Imagine if you actually collected them and recycled. You not just earned money, you helped to save the earth too.
Hmm, all these while my mum had been recycling papers, plastics, alluminium, metal, etc etc
Guess how much she earned once.. Almost RM100! Thanks to the alluminium. 1kg RM50 or something.. Forgotten is it alluminium or something else x)
That's just one of many other times we recycled stuff.
By recycling, we earned a lot of money. We helped save mother earth too =)

I really hope this post will make more people take action and go green.
I really hope I didn't waste my time posting this.
For that, I just want to know who and how many people agree's to go green =)
Just leave a comment ^^
I'll be very glad to see your response =)
And I hope it works =]

Do the poll too =)
It is stated on the right side of my blog below cbox and "All Malaysian Blogger".

That's all for this post.
I really really thankyou so much for reading it =D
Go green! Smile! =D

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Exxon Valdez

I was searching for ideas of this post on how to reduce global warming. Somehow, I saw this Exxon Valdez thing.. So this post turned out more on that lol. Haiz.... poooor thing =( But however, Exxon Valdez is only the 34th largest oil spill in the world..

The Exxon Valdez oil spill is the largest oil spill to have occurred in the United States and is widely considered the most environmentally destructive, due to the remote and pristine condition of the damaged area.
The oil tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground on a charted rock, Bligh Reef, in Prince William Sound on Good Friday, March 24, 1989. The ship ran aground after leaving the designated tanker lanes because of earlier reports of icebergs in the area.
Eleven million gallons (257,000 barrels) of Alaska North Slope crude oil spilled into the resource-laden environment, less than 30 miles from Valdez.

Oil giant ExxonMobil Wednesday urged the US Supreme Court to cancel a 2.5-billion-dollar compensation award for the huge 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska, blaming the ship's captain for the disaster.
The US justices appeared to be divided on the case which has dragged through the courts for the past two decades.
Among the issues to be weighed by the court is whether Exxon can be punished under maritime law for the actions of the ship's captain, Joseph Hazelwood, who against company rules, had left the deck while on duty.
Prosecutors also maintained that Hazelwood was drunk when the ship ran aground on March 24, 1989, although he has denied the charge and was acquitted in criminal court.
Walter Dellinger, an attorney for the oil giant, argued before the justices that ExxonMobil should not be expected to pay billions of dollars in penalties "simply because against its policy rules Mr. Hazelwood left the deck."
But Jeffrey Fisher, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, maintained that the company was responsible for the actions of its employees.
"They can hire fit and competent people," Fisher argued.
Fisher said Hazelwood was an alcoholic who had been drinking on board the tanker, something which Exxon knew about even though it violated their rules. -,1,22&type=top&File=080227213236.wxaxwkxr.xml


this is not about the Exxon valdez it’s about an incident that happened while a third mate was navigating the Empress Of The North near the town of Juneau Alaska.
The Third Mate of a vessel is the most junior officer who’s experience can range from just having graduated from a four year maritime academy to a senior officer who takes the lower position to gain experience on a new or interesting ship. For this reason the captain will often put the Third Mate on the 8pm-12am navigational watch so that he is awake in the event of trouble. They are also put on this watch because it is the least prone to the effects of sleep depravation.
During a press confrence for meda covering the Empress Of The North incident, a spokesman for the NTSB in separate statements said:
“The third mate, who was navigating, and the helmsman, who was steering, were the only people on the bridge at the time of the accident.
It’s our understanding that they realized that they were not going to be able to successfully navigate that 90 degree turn so they attempted to make a correction and weren’t able to make a correction successfully. So that’s when they struck Rocky Island,”
Seattle Times
Compare this to the NTSB report of the Exxon Valdex:
“The third mate’s failure to turn the vessel at the proper time and with sufficientrudder probably was the result of his excessive workload and fatigued condition,which caused him to lose awareness of the location of Bligh Reef.”


So much oil...

The estimated initial death toll of the spill included 250,000 seabirds, 2,800 sea otters, 300 harbor seals, 250 bald eagles, up to 22 killer whales, billions of salmon and herring eggs, and other intertidal plants and animals. Some injured species are still recovering.

Cleaning up that big big mess...

Oil...... big mess....

Alaska. Prince William Sound. A sea otter (Enhydra lutris) female and pup carcass dead from effects of the tragic Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Pooled oil from the Exxon Valdez sits between rocks on the shore. Most of the spilled oil decomposed. Cleanup crews recovered about 14 percent; 13 percent sank to the sea floor; about two percent remained on the beaches, but today, very little remains.


today........ 19 years later.................

so many years later... still remains...

Killing dear sea friends...


And if that weren’t enough:
ExxonMobil has still not paid the punitive damages it owes for the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill! So far, 6,000 fisherman and others harmed by the devastating spill have died awaiting compensation.At every turn, ExxonMobil has acted consistently to move our country backward on energy and global warming policy. It's now up to the American public to expose ExxonMobil and pressure it to end its disinformation campaign on global warming.

Global warming.... not just America... Global... we here can feel it too already.

Believe me, trust me. You have the power to save the earth!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Trust me, it works.

Not just oil spill... many other things too that increases global warming.

Open burning etc etc...

Save electricity. Car pool. Use public transport. Cycle. Walk.

Plant a tree. Let people be aware...... etc etc

You know, the whole world should know about global warming..

But there are just so many people who doesn't care.
And just because of that, glbal warming increases.
Don't think you can't make a difference.
You can, really can.
Don't forget to tell your friends too.

I finally got this time to post about the environment....

And I will post more too.

I was supposed to post about earth day 07-07-2007

but I wasn't very free after halfway doing some research..

So today, I posted this post, and hoping that it makes a difference.

And you are the one, who will make the difference =]

Thankyou so much for reading =]

I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Guang Liang - bu hui fen li

Ming tien wo men zhen shi yao fen li
Dian hua zhong ni bu she de yuen chi
Ni shuo ke bu ke yi
Fang ni de xing xai xing li
Gen zhe wo fei xing
Wo men jiu ke yi yung yuen bu fen li
Mei tien yao ting yi chi wo, ai ni
Ni shuo zhe yang hui gan juea tiea xing
Ru guo shuo wo li qu
Ni de xing hui xia qi yue
Man tien shi whu yuin
Zhe ge shi jea shao le kong qi

Ba ni bao zai huai li
Wo men mei you yien yue
Guan juea li bea tien liang ge xing zai yi qi
Wo men bao zai huai li
Wo men bu xiang yien yue
Jin tian yi hou liu xia hui yi
Wo men ke yi wen xin
Wo ai ni, bu yien yue
Zhe yi ge tien zai ku qi
Yi bien na tien ni wei wo chung xin
Shuo hao wo men bu nan guo shang xin
Wo shuo ke bu ke yi
Yi lu wo ni de shou xin
Fang zai wo huai li
Zhe yang chai neng gan juea ni de hu xi
Jan zai li qing men qian kan, zhe ni
Bian shang ni she bu de de biao qing
Ru guo shuo wo ke yi
Yong chuen yue jou de muo li
Rang shi jian jan ting
Rang wo men ke yi bu fen li





Wo ai ni, bu fang qi
Zhe yi ge bu xiang fen li
Bu hui fen li
Bu hui fen li
Bu hui fen li
Bu hui fen li
Bu hui fen li

Lol, I listen chorus can cry haha
Thanks for reading! =)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

For good students

It takes 15 trees

to produce the amount of paper that we use in
one exam.

Join us to save trees.


Forward it to all good students.

I agree wei =P Pandainye whoever who thought of this =P
Thanks for reading =]