Saturday, October 30, 2010

Keyboard Dreams

Remember all these while I like dreaming about my amazing future house?
Just incase you didn't know, I love dreaming it since kid. And one of the rooms are meant for all my instruments and recording gadgets. Hee :3
It use to start with an art room, a big kitchen, and then a recording room.
But I'll concentrate on the recording one today :D
If you see on the right side of my blog, one of the all time wishes is to jam with all kinds of instruments.
I like variety, and my dream was to have all piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, everything.
But I'm personally better at playing the piano by ear. My fingers don't handle guitars that well.
4 years ago when I was 13, I had a craze on keyboards, but then for certain reasons, I had turn down that dream :(
I can't record with my current piano, it's very old, but yet the quality is good. Just that the keys aren't well, and like when you press hard, sometimes there's no sound or very soft sound. But when you press soft sometimes, it plays super loud. It feels like it is loose, or randomly contact and not in contact. So I notice that what I play has no 'feeliings' because I want the sound to come out! Rather than playing with feelings and the sound that comes out aren't like what I played. I'd get annoyed :(
Then few weeks ago, I found out that all I need is just a keyboard for all my records of various instruments, because there are many instruments and voices available. All I need to do is compose and arrange them.
So I googled the pricings of a keyboard, and found out that there's such thing called arranger workstation keyboards. I first saw the Yamaha Tyros 3! I viewed the review video on youtube and I was like smiling all the way and like shoot, that's all I'm trying to say about man, that's the ideal thing, and it exists, better than what I thought! Tyros 2 is as awesome too!
Crazy fell in love with it, the high end quality, smart realistic features and sound, everything! ♥
But when I look at the price............. RM18.5k. :( Something I cannot afford as a student, but till when I grow up and start working. So I had to look in a smaller view and search for similar ones.
And so I downgraded to the Yamaha PSR-S900, also one of the high ranges.
It's not bad too, amazing quality sound features variety etc, but then again, it is RM6.7k, still too expansive and I can't afford it.
So I looked on to the Yamaha PSR-S700, very similar, RM4.75k.
Hmm :)
But well, I also continued to look further.
Then I saw Yamaha PSR-S550 at RM2.98k.
I'm not so sure about the features, but they don't seem to stand out like the other 3 I mentioned above.
My gosh, Tyros is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! o_o
Maybe all the crap I've written, you don't understand. But hey, have a look at these! ♥

This is the one I first saw. It's the Tyros one. The sound of the Irish Pipes already made me fall in love with it!

And another crazy super awesome one, watch! ♥

AMAZING :D Ahhhhhhh! ♥
Check out videos on the S900 etc too! Haha, if you're like interested x) If you're not it's okay, I get how boring it is doing something you don't have interest in :D


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hello 20 October 2010:
Nice date. Don't know what I'm talking about - look at my post title :D
I'm being quite random.
I'm stuck having exam.
Another 2 weeks to go.
I'm practically spending just a few hours before exam to study all the chapters of form 4.
It's crazy I tell you. I have not been catching up.
Had been having sinus today, imagine this... Sinus during exam... Is like ice and fire.
I've been busy, and I will be too. So I apologize for the lack of updates :3
I have to go now.. Have a great day, peeks! :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miracles! :D

Let me tell you my day today.
Some may sound weird, coincidence, lucky, etc.. But I know I had been truly blessed and these were all well planned! :)
How amazing.

Today is Thursday, and I planned to stay back till latest 3pm to take pictures for civic project after school.
But before recess, Pn Gan gave Marissa and I a task - to help her make and print certificates for some of her choir members.
She only have exactly 10 pieces of empty cert papers, we counted it. So we cannot do a single mistake at all. I repeat, at all! She warned us :)
Recess came, and Marissa put the papers on the canteen table. When I sat there, I took it up to make sure it was clean. But oh my gosh, no it wasn't! There were a little oil stain and marks at the last piece of cert now! :'( Noooo! Man, hope it isn't obvious.. Because what's done is done.... Sigh.
So okay, we did the certs during last period, since it was free period. School ends at 1.10pm, so we went at about 12.30pm.
Since Zhang Phong and Li Jie were using the computer at the ICT room, Marissa and I had to start after they're done.
And so we did it after they left.
Problem is, thumb drive can't seem to perform well. It's not detecting, like after numerous times we tried. It's where the cert format is.
Then lightly saying, Marissa said pray for the thumbdrive! Haha. So okay I said, and held it, and said we'll pray for it :) Then I inserted it once more.
And like what? Just one time and it worked perfectly! :D
Hahaha miracle! x) Awesome! Thanks, Lord! ;D
So we started to do and..
Etc etc etc.... Tested on blank A4 paper, adjust, etc...
And time for using the real certs. o_o
Tried 1 piece first. And guess what. It came out empty. But when I took it up and flip, shoot ._. its behind!!
Ahhh we 'panicked' haha! Awwh :( Like how now..
But since sighing won't help, we just continued.
So we did piece by piece instead of the leftover 9 together.
And suddenly, Marissa looked at the wasted cert and told me, eh wait, oh yea, we're not supposed to type 'kelab koir', don't need 'kelab'!
Then we started to relate, like wait, even if we printed it on the correct side, it's still wrong! And the thing is, if we actually printed on the correct side, we might have not notice the typo mistake! And so grateful we were :D Thanks, God!
So we continued and made sure we don't make the same mistakes. During the process, a lot of small bugs happened. The printer. But we managed to overcome it though. :)
Later on, Justin came, so we asked for help to try getting a new piece of blank cert from teacher or something, but it turned out that all the teachers were at meeting, so no one was in the office.
So suddenly I remembered, guessing that the papers are at the lower ground office, and so he went and came back with a new piece of blank cert.
So I took it and counted, yup, he passed me 2 piece of certs, one was the wrongly printed cert, and the other was the new blank one he managed to take.
Then I took it over to the table, but Marissa said wait... Why do we need so many certs? We're doing 10 certs only right? I said yea. Then we checked, we had 6 pieces done, 2 blank certs on the table, NOT including the one we just got, and another 2 in the printer. O_o
To our surprise, that's 10+2=12 in total!
The other 2 were the one new one and the wrongly printed one!
We were supposed to have 11 pieces, 10 original ones and 1 extra one, but we counted a few times and... Theres really 12 pieces!
How is that even possible? It's another miracle! But I still don't get it, it's not logic, yet it happened, in front of our eyes! We're very sure there were only 10 pieces at the beginning, and there are no other certs around.
No idea how it appeared! It's like, Justin didn't have to actually go down to take another extra one!
God's been seriously blessing us! How is it even logically possible :/ Amazingly shocking!
So anyway, we were super happy after all that miracles as we continued to do out work :D
And then we related things again, Marissa took out the blank cert we accidentally got it dirty at canteen earlier, and replaced it with the extra blank cert, and tadaa, we have 10 perfect certs and 2 extra 'unusable' certs! Everything just nice! Oh, praise the Lord man, He planned them all for us! :D
That's like so awesome, 3 miracles in a row! ♥
It's amazing how God works in our lives ;)
And so, I can bravely pass those completed certs to Pn Gan!
But we couldn't find her after their meeting, maybe she went back or something?
So we met Pn Tang and asked for her help to pass it to her.
At the same time, Pn Tang gave me a new task right away, the certs for some of the Cooking Club members!
Haha, one task after another. ICT prefects job, oh well.
Not going to school tomorrow since it's Accounts exam and we don't take it, so I guess I have to do the certs at home. Btu grateful once again that we have Pn Tang to help us! :D

Other than these 3 miracles that happened today, there are another 2 for me, involving friendship, thoughts, hope, just goodness! I'm really grateful for all these, God's always been with us! Few days ago at Alpha Course, they gave away some topical bible, NLT version. And gifted enough, I had the very last copy they had that day!
So Siew Kee, our group table's leader said, if I find it useful, I can keep it. But if I still don't understand, I can bring it back and pass it to someone else who might want.
So I went home, about 1 day or 2 later when I was free, I took the new bible and read. It was rather easy to understand. So I took my NIV version and compare them, and it turned out that it is really easy to understand for me, because there are many words I don't understand in the NIV version.
Once again I thanked my Father! In everything, praise Him! ♥
I read and read and enjoyed it :D The best book to read at all times ;)

Only through Jesus can we see God ♥
He's far amazing than what we can ever imagine down here on earth in life ;)

God Bless You! ♥

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Oh man, I feel so left out!
Everyone seems to be studying, but yet I'm not!
I better start. But I don't know how to concentrate!
Plus I don't understand and have no tuitions.
Oh well, gotta work all alone for this.
Oh, please pray for me.. :/


Monday, October 4, 2010

First Bunch of Grapes!

Guess what, we just discovered that the grape vine of 1 over year old in our garden already started to bear it's very first bunch of fruits! :D
It's definitely a moment we've been waiting for!
I had to use a ladder and climb up to take the photo of this x)
Oh grapes, I wonder if you're sweet or sour xD
Green grapes.