Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pink Macaron Earrings

Isn't it cute..... x) I love miniatures!
Made this some time ago, only had time to post it now.
I made it using my own technique, I didn't know it would turn out great!

Click the image to check it out! ;)


One of my handmade gift for Christian.
His favourite hedgehog! Pink hedgehog!
I modified this pink fluffy plushie into a hedgehog instead.
It's a nice one :)
So glad it's well appreciated.
It's just one of a kind ☺

Made with T.H.E.
© Jesslyn

Saturday, December 26, 2009

McFly - The Ballad of Paul K

Ultraviolet/The Ballad of Paul K is the final single released by McFly from their Wonderland album. It is a double A-side single and was released on December 12, 2005.

This song is simply awesome. I really love it a lot :) Enjoy!
He's drinking cold Corona
Feels like he's getting older
Now and noticing how he's finding
Grey hairs left in the shower
Tattoos fade by the hour
And he can't understand these feelings
Why life is getting him down
He used to smile now he frowns
And cries inside
Its been this way for a while
And he can't seem to put things right

When life has been unkind
And you're losing your mind
Look in the mirror afraid of what you'll find
It feels like time's not on your side

He doesn't like to mention
Applying for his pension
So his children don't know he's heading
Into a mid-life crisis
He cant afford the prices for
The new kitchen floor he's buying
He's been a drunk all his life
Two kids, a dog and a wife
He doesn't know
And in the daytime he just sits and watches television shows

When life has been unkind
And you're losing your mind
Look in the mirror afraid of what you'll find
It feels like time's not on your side

Don't know why but somehow
The ones you love you hate now,
You feel down and blue
Look at what you've thrown away
They stood beside you all the way
Now its too late, its too late for you

When life has been unkind
And you're losing your mind
Look in the mirror afraid of what you'll find
It feels like time's not on your side

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a celebration for Christ who was born on this day.
And we are the reason that He gave His life.
We are the reason that He suffered and died.
To a world that was lost, He gave all... He could give.
To show us the reason to live :)
Blessed Christmas, Everyone!

Those with the green tags are from me :B
And they are for...

Daddy, Mummy, Janning and Jovenne :D

Blessed Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Craft Tools

Always wanted this typical type of glitter glue.
Got it at a reasonable price!
RM8 plus at Popular. Quality is good too! Made in Taiwan :)
Awesome.... Love it!

Always curious about eyelets.
I bought the eyelets withut the setter, and it didn't work.
The handy one in popular sells at around RM45.
So I got myself the cheaper one, comes in different sizes too.
I bought this at Craft Haven for RM27.90.
This tool from Darice comes with 3 Hole Punch Bits, size 2mm, 3mm and 4mm, & 3 Eyelett Setting Bits.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Own Christmas Present :P

Went shopping today with Yi Zhen at Ikano and Curve area.
And......... I finally got my anime figurine!!!
And..... I'm feeling soo... ish ish ish!! Because I don't allow myself to open it only till Christmas!
And I saw all my Japan cuties at Ikano!!!!!! The ground floor, near the stage where I peformed!! And I didn't realized about what they were selling! My goodness!! The Sylvanian Family!!! Ahhhhhh! So expansive -.- But too cute! I was so happy I could see it face to face and not on the computer screen ><
And all the cute cute miniatures!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, and!! The anime figurine I bought had offer!! I bought from ShiokToys. And I saw Figma anime figurine there tooooo!!! I really love Kagami Hiiragi, although I haven't finish watching the anime yet x) Was super long ago since I watched, got it from Keng Jin's hard disk last year. The anime Lucky Star. Cute la she!!
Kagami one, http://www.shioktoys.com/shop/index.php?productID=1347&product_slug=max-factory-kagami-hiiragi-summer-school-ver
And the one I bought, have a look here! http://www.shioktoys.com/shop/index.php?productID=485
I shall post my own pictures of her after Christmas! Hahaha.
But compared to the one I bought, Revoltech Fraulein, Futami Ami and the Figma one, the anime Lucky Star, Kagami Hiiragi, I prefer Kagami. She's so cute la wei. But RM98. And I can only choose to buy one. So.. Oh well :) But I got my very first anime figurine! Wahaha!
And the stage there, I also saw the Remote Control cars!! Wanted to buy!! Since I was a kid I loOove RC cars but never allowed to buy -.- Haha! But they were quite big, not to say big, just that I don't have space at home for them. So yea. And Keng Jin introduced to me about Choro Q, super mini :D
One more thing, I really wanted to buy this thing from Popular, it's like paintbrush with colours already in it, and theres another white brush with 2 tips on it, for example if you paint with the yellow brush, you get yellow. Then you use the white brush first tip and it changes to green (for example la). Then the second tip, you brush on the yellow, it becomes red. So it's like, one color can be 3 colors. Then like, after finishing the inks, I'll wanna innovate them into the paintbrush I wanted super long ago since standard 5 or something? Someting like Aqua Painter. Yea.
Man. Soo many stuffs I adore!! My house in the future is going to have a big crafting room man :D
Oh man. I seriously don't know if I can tahan :s I can't resist my anime figurine!!! Erghh!!
Christmas don't be late~~!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


or maybe even at many times..
I sit aside,
and watch people pass me by..
While deep inside,
things run in my mind.
I think and ask why,
but there never were a reason why.

Tears fill up my eyes,
as I break down and cry.
No one there by my side,
to help put out the fire that's burning inside.
I hold my tears in my twinkling eye,
trying my best to hide.
But is that what I want in life,
to hide and keep them all inside?
What more, accumulating it deep inside into my unconscious mind?

Why is it everytime I want to let it all outside,
my heart speaks only inside,
as I find it so hard just to express what's in my mind?
Why is it also that I am shy,
that inside me I cry,
I cry for something that's shining out so bright,
I call for it so loud hoping they hear me right,
but again it's all going on inside,
hardly anyone hears the heart that's calling and crying,
and so in the end I have to loose sight,
let go what my heart desires inside.
No, but the way I expressed sounded as if I am in love right?

Then maybe you say I should speak, smile and laugh more, sure, fine.
But each time I do so, dark cloudy rain and thunder stirke me blind.
Strike me when I'm happy whether during the day or night.

For all my life,
I don't even know why..
For all that complicated situation that applies,
so many questions with no replies..
And neither any reasons why.

All my life,
from little to big problems they all collide..
crashing and waiting for it's time..
hoping that time will heal the pain inside..
But sadly, time is only a temporary plaster that won't last all my life.
And all that matters were burried into my unconscious mind,
letting me break down even without any reason to why.

You might ask me... Why?
What is the main problem that makes me break down and cry?
I question myself and this is what I find.
It's mainly every single thing in life,
from school to home to people I pass by,
they somehow bring tears to my eyes..
And yet again you'll still ask me why.
It's so hard for me to express what's hidden inside!

Trying so hard to stand up in life,
it is He who supports and listens to me when I cry..
Doing what I can to stay strong in life,
making life a worth journey before the day I die..
for we are the reason that He gave His life,
that He suffered and died on the cross so that we may have life.
Tell me, what would life be if Jesus weren't by my side?

- Jesslyn

Thursday, December 17, 2009

PMR Result 24th December 2009


People!! Christmas Eve?? Walauuu. =.=
Number 1. It's Christmas Eve lehh!!
Number 2. Got four events that day itself?? Morning take results, then meet up with old friend Yee Mun and new friend King Lok, then evening family gathering, then rush to church service at night ._.
Don't know whether can make all of it or not.
Still have to make plans with other other friends.
Still need to find time to finish making Christmas presents for everyone.
Still need to find time to shop.
I'm starting to like The Christmas Song by Owl City.
First time hearing it was ok ok only. Then kept listening to it. Not bad la.
When I first heard, the lyrics very nice, but the melody should be nicer... If the melody is also very nice, wahh, this song will be awesome :)
Till then!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Packed Schedule!

Hello! So long since I've updated wei!
As I said, AFC camp will just fly.
So fast. Extremely fast.
Enjoyed peforming. And I can say that this year I improved a lot in my peformance.
Smiled more, totally enjoyed on stage, loved seeing the smiles of the audience, trying to reach out and touch people's lives :D
So much more.
Will be going outreach again Friday Saturday and Sunday.
Today is Wednesday. Suppose to go out tomorrow. Not confirmed yet.
Then next week suppose to go out with other different friends too.
Whoaa. So tight. Owe so many outings ._.
Miss my friends. Ahhh.
Oh yea! Thanks loads Christian and Hann for visiting me in Ikano. Glad yal enjoyed the show :)
Was quite a surprise because I was already hopeless and not really expecting anything. Then at the very last minute yal said yal were there ._. Haha. Thanks :)
Camp. So long no see all my AFC friends, brothers and sisters.
Especially Calvin korkor, 3 or 4 years ah? Very long la.
And Miriam! Most of them 2 years since we last met.
Camp this year not as many people, because they all grew up, some married, some working, some comittee.... Yeah =( But still, thy made their efforts to get involved or visit us :)
Miss the fun moments man. Time flew so quickly.
That's all for now. And yeah, glad to share my latest song with some of you :)
But please do keep my rules. Important.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I suddenly remembered I had this dream.. This awesome dream ._.
There was this part where a few of my friends are trying to tell a girl something, they were speaking English, then the girl kept talking in Japanese. So after a while I went to her and said 'desu'. And she went, 'ohh' *smiles (thinking, wow I know Japanese)
And while I was going to say the word, I was thinking inside, is it desu? What does it means? I don't know! But I know it's 'desu'!!
Freaking funny. What a cool dream. I know Japanese. Will this dream stay as a dream or will my dream come true? Haih. Studying Japanese now is too costly -.- T.T I want to go Japan..............
'Desu' is used at the end of Japanese sentences. Don't really know how or what, you can google it for reliable answers :P

Going AFC camp tomorrow... Gonna miss my table.
Yup. My old table.
My lovely chair and table.
My small lil room.
My lil table I stare at whole holiday.
My lil table I love you.
Can't stop day dreaming when I'm sitting on my chair.
You can say I'm retarded. I don't know how to explain, and you won't get what I'm saying, but whatever it is, I realized my everyday passes so fast when I'm in front of my table. I also noticed out of 1000 people I meet won't understand my 'language' and all because I'm just the odds out of the evens. They demotivate me, say things that makes my day bad, makes my eyes filled with tears, holding them back not to cry.
My table, my mp3, my passion, my motivator..
Each time I'm on my table listening to my mp3, I think and talk to God, don't care what others say or think, I'm happy with what God has given me.
I'm gonna miss my table.
I'm gonna miss the net.
I'm gonna miss my crafts.
I'm gonna miss my friends.
I'm gonna go AFC.
I'm gonna dance for Jesus.
I'm gonna reach out to people.
I'm gonna share His everlasting love.
He is whom I turn to whether at times of happiness or suffercations.
He listens.

Others may turn their backs at me.
Others may do things that stabs me.
Others may take things from me.
Others may not talk to me.
Others may not see me.
Others may hate me.
But I won't hate them.
I won't be like them.
I will do what my heart wants.
My heart is pure and naive.
I may be called delicate. Timid.
But as long as I know I'm doing the right things, I'm satisfied.
I don't want to take and not give.
I don't want to stinge and don't share.
I don't want pride, I want happiness.
I don't want things, I want God.
See yal people. Going off now. :)

Happiness In Hard Times

News letter from Andrew Matthews:

News Flash: Happiness in Hard Times
is now on sale in Singapore, Malaysia,
Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

It has been on the bestseller lists in Singapore for the last 3 weeks.

From the New Book:

A lot of people will tell you, "I really want to be happy!"
But what do they think about?
What do they dwell on?
What do they talk about?"

When you really want to be happy,
you quit complaining about your arthritis.

When you really want to be happy, you quit resenting
your boyfriend. Maybe you leave him, maybe you don't,
but either way, you throw out your mental list of all his faults.

People become addicted to misery and complaining.
Mary says, "Well this happened so I have to talk about it."
No you don't, Mary!

You don't have to eat everything you see and
you don't have to talk about everything that happens.

When you really, really want to be happy, here is what will happen:
• you will think about things that make you feel good
• you will talk about things that make you feel good.

You become what you think about.

.... No wonder I'm so happy these days! :D
And one more Keng Jin told me before, 'you don't need a reason for everything' :D
Nice one.
Be happy, people!! ^^

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Miracle!! x)

People people!!
I seriously can't believe it!!
I'm so freagin happy!!
Yesterday I went 1U with Yi Zhen and Wan Ying, Yi Zhen's birthday.
Gave her my handmade earring and I'm so so glad she LURVES it!! ^^
It came with a mini handmade cute colourful box with ribbon and a blue butterfly.
Inside the box comes with the earrings, note, 3 dymo name labels, 2 heart shape paper clips and a paper heart.
This girl always buys handmade earrings from Diva. So I thought it'll be meaningful to make one for her as she also requested me to sell them on my blogshop last time.
Okay so anyway, when I was walking beside her all the way, I noticed I seem to be taller than usual.
I remember she aint that short. But yesterday I could pat her head like so cuteee!! ><
I thought to myself, maybe it's just my new slipper that makes me look taller.
So, oh well. But each time I see the difference, I still can't really believe my slipper is -.- so thick meh?
Then yesterday my friend also said I looked taller, but I said no lah, I'm just taller than my friend only mar.
So this morning, well... It was raining the whole night, up till now.. So the weather is great and so nice to sleep.
This Jov's alarm every morning rings at least a few rounds before the noticed it. Means it rings, increases the ringing volume, all the way till it snoozes for 2 minutes or so. Yes, a few rounds. Days before were much louder I almost got deaf by it, Sony Ericsson phone some more, imagine ._. Today wasn't that loud la. But well, still awoke by it. Then don't know how long later y dad came asking her to wake up or she'll be late some more its raining. After that when she got dressed up, she bang here and there, make the irritating sound, the errrghhhh, then *bang *bang *bang -.- Imagine what kinda mood I woke up with. Terrible. I had headache by it. Can't sleep no more. Some more dad had to shout ask her faster, all that noise in the wonderful morning.... o.o Gives me zombie mood +.+
Then I got off the bed after they left, brush my teeth.... etc.
Then I was just thinking, maybe I grown taller? Aiya, check for fun la.
Went to my room door the wall, my dad (surprisingly) conteng there with pencil each of our height and date. Haha! And yes, I was the one way down there - the shortest!
So I just check for fun. I used my hand roughly measure, stand straight leaning on the wall, put my hands on my head and then move away, and looked... HUH??? Crazy meh where got 2cm taller -.-
Ok, check again.
HUHHH??? Jesslyn you serious ahh???
Don't believe. This time, use something 90 degress to my head and the wall.
Ohhh my goooossssshhhhh Jesslyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA I went freaking crazy and laugh and almost cry telling my mum!! xD xD xD!!!
But.... Huh? I was 156cm for the past 4 years and.... How can I suddenly grow when my shooting time is already gone? Hmm.
Then I thought, ahh, I think I know.
It's either the Ensure milk that Janning was the part time promoter for and brought home a bit of the milk for us whenever there's leftover. It's a freaking expansive milk believed to have all the nutrients inside and it's like a meal when you drink 1 cup. But trust me, half cup makes you super full already :P
If not about the milk, then it's because I had been sleeping more than usual.
Sleeping at maybe 11p.m. or 12a.m plus till 8 or 9a.m...
Sleeping a lot makes you taller. Haha. Serious.
So maybe it's both of these facts.
And maybe it's just the milk.
Don't know?
But I know one thing.
When I went to Singapore that day, my uncle told me, no, trust me, you still can grow taller one. Then he told me the experience and past of my cousin which is his son. From a short kid in school into a super tall muscular swimming life guard at Sentosa or something. Hahaha.
Then, ohkay, it boosted a lil confidence in me.
And for all these while I had been praying at night to be taller, and I had been having really nice happy thinkings in me, being positive is just awesome. Ofcourse you need the mood too ><
So yea, being kind, giving and sharing without expectations back, giving those who had betrayed or treat me bad, being kind to people, praying for bad people and vice versa, thinking about how we should be, thinking about God's grace.... Listening to my baby mp3 :P :P
Ahh. Life is wonderful. And also how your thinkings make it into.
Haha, I was in a terrible mood this morning and then from a -100 >=( into a +200 XD!!!!!
Muax muax muax, Thanks Lord!! :D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Man! All my beloved craft shops are always impossible to go to.
Example: JAPAN.
Those that gives me small hopes are at places that are all located at faraway places that I never really been to before, which are Summit, The Gardens etc...
Then recently I heard about Art Friend which is located in Singapore so maybe it's a lil bit possible if I ask my Aunts in Singapore if they know that shop.
Then....... I heard there's a branch in Malaysia o.o

Art Friend
T-213, Level 3, The Gardens Mall
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
But cheese, dad or mum will never ever go to such a far place -.- Sad.
Very super duper hard to get a chance to go such places.
Well at least KL has some shops that I'm interested at, but can't go often.
At least I've been before :D That I'm happy ^^
I love crafting man. Simply a passion ♥♥
And I'm freaking crazy about Japan products. Makes me feel so miserable each time I see and helplessly can't get it.
And next time, I really hope I can live in Singapore. I'd cycle up and down of Singapore :D
You know, each time I cycle around my housing area with my dad, I'll always ask him to cycle somewhere out of the housing area, and he'll strongly disagree with the grrrrr face >=(
So cycling around this small part of TTDI is quite.... Ok la..... At least the roads are big, hehe.
But TTDI? It's dangerous man. So that's why I can't cycle myself and have to wait for golden opportunity when my dad is free and wants to go cycling.
I like Singapore because it's very convenient :P Very. And it's like living in a house of a big little home - Singapore. Hahaha. And I guess there are more chances of getting my Japan gimmicks there. Hahaha!!
But... -.- Chances only. Not exactly true.
I spent my days crafting. Time passed to fast.
Each time I go to bed I think, eh, another day is so fast gone. o.o
And recently I had been going out quite often.
Anyway, I got to go now. Leaving house in half hour's time.
Hee :D Going out again -.-
Till then!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

So Fast

In a blink of an eye, November is ending.
Don't know why, once in a while I always get mood strike ._.
Emo emo emo =.=
Please la, I was freaking okay all these while even this morning..
Unless its because of my terrible terrible flu I had today -.+ Ish.
Seriously terrible flu again. Now okay already. Ofcourse la, once full day already man.
Sheesh la. Everyone watched 2012. I seriously want to watch with any friend but everyone watch already!!
About everything.
Seriously everything.
I'm so weird. Sometimes so so positive, sometimes emo striked me negative.
Cheese -.-
Feel like screaming. RAHH!!!
Mental retardedness. Don't know what's wrong with me.
* stares


People people!! I'm so busy. But I'm actually so free.
Call me out I may go, call me out I may not be available..
I have no idea what am I talking about but it's really true.
I am a very free person. But yet I'm so so busy =.=
Hey people. Music is my friend. Jann asked me why I'm always listening to music. That was when I noticed it was kinda like my friend.
Cheese -.- I want a good earphone!!!!!!!!!!! =( =( =(
That would be like so freaking awesome man.....................................
I wanna go Curve... Who wanna go?
I wanna go.............................................
Nitez. zzzz -.-

Casting Crowns - Who Am I Lyrics

Who am I?
That the Lord of all the earth,
Would care to know my name,
Would care to feel my hurt.
Who am I?
That the bright and morning star,
Would choose to light the way,
For my ever wandering heart.

Not because of who I am,
But because of what you've done.
Not because of what I've done,
But because of who you are.

I am a flower quickly fading,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
A wave tossed in the ocean,
A vapor in the wind.
Still you hear me when I'm calling,
Lord, you catch me when I'm falling,
And you've told me who I am.
I am yours.
I am yours.

Who am I?
That the eyes that see my sin
Would look on me with love
And watch me rise again.
Who am I?
That the voice that calmed the sea,
Would call out through the rain,
And calm the storm in me.

Not because of who I am,
But because of what you've done.
Not because of what I've done,
But because of who you are.

I am a flower quickly fading,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
A wave tossed in the ocean,
A vapor in the wind.
Still you hear me when I'm calling,
Lord, you catch me when I'm falling,
And you've told me who I am.
I am yours.

Not because of who I am,
But because of what you've done.
Not because of what I've done,
But because of who you are.

I am a flower quickly fading,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
A wave tossed in the ocean,
A vapor in the wind.
Still you hear me when I'm calling,
Lord, you catch me when I'm falling,
And you've told me who I am.
I am yours.
I am yours.
I am yours.

Whom shall I fear
Whom shall I fear
I am yours..
I am yours..

A very.. very beautiful song ♥

Switchfoot - On Fire

Tell you where you need to go
Tell you who you need to be
Tell you what you need to know
Tell you when you'll need to leave

But everything inside you knows
Says more than what you've heard
So much more than empty conversations
Filled with empty words


And you're on fire
When he's near you
You're on fire
When he speaks
You're on fire
Burning at these mysteries

Give me one more time around
Give me one more chance to see
Give me everything you are
Give me one more chance to be... (near you)

Cause everything inside looks like
Everything I hate
You are the hope I have for change
You are the only chance I'll take

When I'm on fire
When you're near me
I'm on fire
When you speak
And I'm on fire
Burning at these mysteries
These mysteries...

I'm standing on the edge of me (x3)
I'm standing on the edge


And I'm on fire
When you're near you
I'm on fire
When you speak
(yea) I'm on fire
Burning at these mysteries...

Just love this song :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Switchfoot - Yet

All attempts have failed
All my heads are tails
She's got teary eyes
I've got reasons why
I'm losing ground
And gaining speed
I've lost myself
Or most of me
I'm ready for the final precipice

But you haven't lost me yet
No, you haven't lost me yet
I'll sing until my heart caves in
No, you haven't lost me

These days pass me by
I dream with open eyes
Nightmares haunt my days
Visions blur my nights
I'm so confused
What's true or false
What's fact or fiction after all
I feel like I'm an apparition's pet

But you haven't lost me yet
You haven't lost me yet
I'll run until my heart breaks in
No, you haven't lost me yet
Oo, oo, yeah

If it doesn't break
If it doesn't break
Yeah, if it doesn't break your heart it isn't love
Now if it doesn't break your heart it's not enough
It's when you're breaking down with your insides coming out
It's when you find out what your heart is made up of

And you haven't lost me yet
No, you haven't lost me yet
I'll sing until my heart caves in
No, you haven't lost me yet

I ♥ this song man :)

Switchfoot - Enough To Let Me Go

I'm a wandering soul
I'm still walking the line that leads me home
All I know
I still got mountain to climb
On my own
On my own

Do you love me enough to let me go?
To let me follow through
To let me fall for you
Do you love me enough to let me go?

Back from the dead of winter
Back from the dead and all our leaves are dry
You're so beautiful, tonight

Back from the dead we went through
Back from the dead and both our tongues are tied
You look beautiful tonight

But every seed dies before it grows

Breathe it in
And let it go
Every breath you take is not your to own
It's not your to hold
Do you love me enough to let me go?

Love this song :D Check out the song Always too!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Justin Bieber - Down To Earth Lyrics

I never thought that it'll be easy
Cause we both so distance now
And the walls are closing in on us
And we're wondering how
No one has a solid answer
But just walking in the dark
And you can see the look on my face
It just tells me apart

So we fight (so we fight) through the hurt (through the hurt)
And we cry (and cry and cry and cry)
And we live (and we live) and we learn (and we learn)
And we try and try and try and try

So its up to to you and its up to me
That we meet in the middle
On our way back down to earth
Down to earth down to earth
On our way back down to earth
(back down to earth - repeat)

Mommy you were always somewhere
And daddy I live outta down
So tell me how could I ever be normal somehow
You tell me this is for the best
So tell me why am I in tears
So far away and now I just need you here

So we fight (so we fight) through the hurt (through the hurt)
And we cry (and cry and cry and cry)
And we live (and we live) and we learn (and we learn)
And we try and try and try and try

So its up to to you and its up to me
That we meet in the middle
On our way back down to earth
Down to earth down to earth
On our way back down to earth
(back down to earth - repeat)

We fell so far away from where we used to be
Now we're standing and where do we go
When there's no road to get to your heart
Let's start over again

So its up to to you and its up to me
That we meet in the middle
On our way back down to earth
Down to earth down to earth
On our way back down to earth
(back down to earth - repeat)

I never thought that it'll be easy
Cause we both so distance now
And the walls are closing in on us
And we're wondering how.

I love this song :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I will be away from Sunday till Thursday.
Might have a small chance of going online though.
After that I seriously want to have plans and go shopping and jamming.
Time flew like super fast. I seriously need to make plans before school starts again man.
I want to craft toooo! My gosh. Seriously ultimate busy after PMR.
Hee, sorry if I always claim I'm busy.. But... I really am man.
Not busy for useless stuff like games or what, busy for useful stuffs :)
Busy for a good cause.
So... Yeah. I don't know what shall I bring there to do.
No idea man.
Oh well. Didn't plan much too. Just have fun with on the spot plans :D
See yal! ☺

Here's my facebook status, created it out of randomness. :P
Time flew like butterflies. Seconds later, they've gone away. Time flew, I created the past. Seconds later, I'll be away from home.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Awwwe, Thanks!

I want to thank so many people :)
But first, I want to thank Him, God.
Life is just full of wonders.
I love all my family, my friends, my teachers, my school, my dog, my food, my hobbies, my talents, my everything, and myself :)
I like to touch people, motivate and share my experience etc.
But I never expect them in return.
And get really really touched when I receive them :)

I want to thank my dad, mum, and my both sisters.
As a family, I'm glad each time we all are present for dinner, for occasions, for chats...
Although so many times we are busy, we know it inside that we are still present in each other's heart.
So many times we get hurt by each other. But why?
Why will we get hurt?
Do you know... We get hurt because we care? Because we love them so much :)

I want to thank my teachers.
My form teacher for being such a great teacher and friend to all of her students, for always caring for us, for being so generous to us.
My teacher who once taught me moral during form 1, I still miss you. It's very long already since you left. But I will still always remember the beauty of your heart inside :)
My teacher who taught me moral and art, I also miss you. You left months ago. We haven't contacted since then. But you created valuable moments with us. And I still always tell my friends about you :)
My maths teacher, so loving and caring, so kind, so lovely. Thanks for always sharing your story with us. Thanks for giving me the motivation and words. They really made me smile inside my heart :)
So many teachers, I can't really list them all down. But ofcourse, I honour all the efforts put for their students, especially teachers who put so much efforts for their students. And I'm so glad how my teachers appreciated my personal drawings for each of them. Although it's such a passed event, but I still feel really happy, how they appreciate it so much :)

I also want to give a really extra big thanks to really every single friend of mine, whether old or new, kindergarden, primary, secondary... I really feel so glad to have you all.
This one is way too many to list down. But whoever you are, reading this or not, I thank you deep inside my heart. Thanks for being really great friends. Although so many times we may not be able to spend time together, but inside the core of my heart I love you all. Yes, you. The person reading it now. Regardless of how well you know me. Regardless if I don't really know you. Regardless whether we hardly ever talked. Regardless if you are just a passer by. You're reading this. I already appreciate it alot. Thank YOU ☺

Thank you to all of my friends throughout my life. Although you may not even remember me anymore, but I still can remember my childhood. And yes I also thank my dearest kindergarden teacher. I still clearly remember! :) Thank you, my dear form teacher who taught me for 4 years straight! Thank you all so so much!

And to the current friends I spend time with this few days, thanks a lot too.
My lil sis, Keertana and the awesome 'brothers', Christian and Kadri.
Big thanks for every little thing. Really, thank you. And I will always remember the great wild times spent together withmy mei since form 1.
Thanks so much for everything. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts, motivating me, being there just for me, cheering me up when I'm down, giving me strength when I am weak, opening doors with your keys for me to explore, spending so much quality time with each other... I really appreciate them a lot deep in the heart. Thanks for all the awesome times.
Thanks Keer for all that. So much. Too many :) Thanks Chris for everything too. Also to include your awesome composed song, and also singing Dare You To Move on stage part of for me? Yea, I still love that song so much :) Thanks Kad for spending great times too. And always being able to stay back most of the time :P

All the walks, all the memories. Quality memorable valuable times spent with each and everyone of you. I love you all inside me. Maybe we only talked once, maybe we even talked a lot but only at one stage... Life is a continuous journey. And all the walks are the footsteps left behind so memorable. Thank all of you. My dear kor, jie, di, mei... Thanks :)

In many times we feel sad, we feel unsatisfied... Sometimes it's simply because we compared with each other. Yes, I'm touching this topic again.
Remember! Everyone is different and gifted in their own ways, why compare with each other when each of us are so unique in our own way? It's like comparing a runner and a swimmer with the same time. I don't care how many times I repeat all my lines, mottos and sayings, especially to myself ☺ I find quality in them. Some may change a situation, some may change a life. But I'll just do my part to share what's in my heart :)

All that have passed, all that will arrive... I'm always grateful inside.
All the challenges defeated, all the upcoming challenges... We're always growing, always gaining experiences.
All the things we've done, all the things that will be done... Never regret. Life is not dead, move on.
All the ups and downs, all the failures and success... Always appreciate them. Imagine if there weren't sad, tough, challenging moments... You won't be who you are today :)
All the things and people I have met, all the things and people I will meet... All these will be the fulfillment of the journey in my life. ☺

I'm not leaving, I'm not sick, I'm not crazy, I'm not dying, I'm not having mental problem or anything. I'm taking the time to once express what I feel inside. The core of my heart has many difficulties expressing how it feels, and I have put alot of effort to dig them all out.

To each and everyone of you who are or are not reading this, All the Best in life! (no, don't depend on luck) Yes, I said it :) Always wish someone all their best. What's more important is the true heart.

And again, thanks :) Words may not best describe what I feel inside, but I described my best of how I feel inside. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From The Heart

Many times I do it in the heart.
And end up bleeding instead.
But I still never give up.
I always pray :)
God's always there.
Life get's harder. Especially each time you do something good.
You may not mind getting nothing in return, but what came instead were the negatives.
Life is unfair. But as a naive person in a positive way, I always try to turn the negatives into a positive instead.
I may sound so strong, but as every successful person gone through, failures.
I break down, I cry... I pray......
I am weak. But He is strong.
Without Him, I'm nothing.
So for Him, I just do good in my heart.
No one at all may see them, instead blame me, scold me, anything...
But I know He see's me.
That's why no matter how deeply hurt my heart gets, God lifts me back up.
I am thankful for Him.
I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for my friends.
But so many times in life I find it so hard to express my true feelings.
I always have this in my heart wondering, if only I have a loudspeaker on my heart..
And sometimes tears just come out all of a sudden.
And I cannot let it out.
Imagine out of the blue you see someone tearing up while nothing happened, mental problem?
I really wanted to thank so many things to so many people.
Even people who didn't do good.
I always pray for them :)
And... I cried today out of the blue, no one noticed ofcourse, I cried because..
I was thanking people, so many people, so many things, God's wonderful gifts, God's great plans, God's challenges.... I was only thanking them inside my heart and I already cried.
Imagine how hard it takes to speak out ._. But I know doing it in the heart is always more better.
Be genuine. Do it from the heart :)
But many times we only see things that happens outside, so we don't really know what's in the hearts.
That's one thing, I've always wanted to understand people more, by knowing the inner them :)
I don't know why.
It's just me :)
Sometimes you see me so weird.
Sometimes I may be left out because I don't match the likeness.
But again, as the positive naive thinking, I define that as 'unlike any other' instead :)
Just like my handmades. They each have their own kind, own uniqueness.
One of a kind :)
So each time I receive comments of my odds, my brain may feel sad, but my heart translates them into the positive meaning instead :)
In life, there are always up and downs, negatives and positives.
Sometimes we really want to be positive but we couldn't help ourselves at that moment...
But time may be our invisible plaster.
What is life without downs at all?
What is life without challenges?
What is life without meaning?
Think positive :)
And you may notice, it is always each time I'm feeling down where I write down meaningful motivations.
In some ways, I feel better.
As said, to be happy is to give others happiness :)
I do feel it that way :)
A BIG hug and a BIG thanks to all the people and things that were mentioned in my heart :)
You need not know who or what :)
I do it from the heart <3


Never look down on people.
One simple rule that not many understands.
Never judge someone by their looks.
One simple mistake made by many people.
Never compare.
One simple fact people always do.

If you look down on people, who do you think you are?
You may be good at something, and people are better in their own things.
If you judge someone by their looks, do you think it's true?
What you see is what you think. And most of the time it's just misunderstandings.
The heart is inside. You can never see someone's gift inside their hearts from their looks.
If you compare, does it make you satisfied?
Everyone is different. We are all gifted in our own ways.
If you compare, it's like comparing a runner and a swimmer with the same time.
What is that?

Never, never, never..
It's like judging it's nutrients by it's taste.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Genting Trip

Came back from Genting yesterday.
Of all day, the weather was so fine on the third day when we're going back!! Yerr! -.=
I sat cork screw. I was holding the thing so hard until my hands went numb after that. And I screamed until cannot scream, just way too fast, 2 rounds 360°!
And I lined up for go kart 2 times, 1st time duing 1st day, after waiting so long, it rained. Closed -.- Then 2nd time was 2nd day, waited so long, went off because we had to go for lunch -.- Then 2nd day evening, we played together. 2 round or 3 rounds. And one round 6 laps. I remember my last round of playing, I was the very last kart to go. And ended up the 1st car to reach! But so lonely, infront or behind nobody at all -.-
Then I played space shot. Crazy wei!! All of a sudden, you don't know when, the thing will just fly down at so high speed, my legs flew up, I couldn't even bring it down, my body flew, as in out of the seat, ofcourse got the safety belt things la. Like oh my gosh! And I a bit phobia of the sound of the air coming out of the poles already. Haha! So fast man that thing! My gosh! Haha xD
Indoor theme park wasn't fun.. I only like bumper car. And for bumper car and go kart, I steer with my right hand only. Haha. I get to 'drive'!!
The weather there is superb. I love it man. Awesome. Can't see anything -.-
And oh yea. The hotel room, was supposed to sleep with Aslene. But I sleep earlier than her. And she's afraid of the dark and sleeping alone. So she shifted out and slept with her friends. Haha! And I slept 2 nights myself, offed all the lights, left toilet lights, door closed. Woe. Hahaha. And I didn't know how badly haunted is Genting -.- Luckily I only hear stupid stories after I came back. Haha. No la. Actually, a lot of times I walked myself, from hotel to shopping to indoor theme park and so on. Slept myself in total darkness, but I knew I wasn't alone at all. Because I feel Christ in me :) Really.
You know, I uploaded the pictures last night. I was laughing like mad when I noticed the picture I took at night, the view from the hotel window, freaking countless orbs! HAHAHAHAHA!!! WOooooo ~~~ BOO! HAhahahaha. >< And mummy also scared of me already, she told me when she went to Cambodia, she slept with 1 light on. Hhahahahahahahhaha. Oh well :) I never see or hear ghost stories or anything one. I'm just not interested. And don't want to hear -.- Lame. I know they exist, and I know Jesus is with me :) So scared what? Trust Him ;D For pictures, quite lazy to upload it here. Uploaded on facebook, go check it out :) I don't know what happen to the internet, so slow. Have to use Internet Explorer, I don't know what happen to Google Chrome -.- Cannot browse properly at all. Ish. Man.. Try to scan with BitDefender also cannot. -.- Aih. I brought 1 cup noodle and 2 packs of maggie mee. Reused the cup. Save my storage space and money :P I also brought the snack pack, salmon tuna with the round biscuits thing. I love it man! Ate for 2 days breakfast. Awesome :D Then I brought cheese sticks, bought it at a real low bargain price. Tasted awesome! Saved me during my gastric in the theme park. I brought ginger too. Always my best natural healer. Supplied me heat and also healed my flu. :) Ofcourse, I had to bring my swiss knife. Jenggg :P On the first day at night, I was waking around the mall, shopping.. Then met up with Shum, Marissa, Justin and Kimberly. Then Shum said, eh Jesslyn, I haven't get you your birthday present yet right.. Then I straight away pull him and showed him what I wanted. Hahhaahha. While he was saying, eh but the price must..must be..... Then I showed him what I wanted and the price - RM9.90. Then he said, ok la.. Hahahahahha. Man I love it so much! It's the kokeshi doll! I love it I love it!!! I saw it before, I forgotten where! Online or some shops... I don't know. I got the black one, Nanami, it's one of the Kimmidolls. And I didn't know it's feature! It lights up all the colours with sequence when you receive anything or something with your handphone. I was like, oh my goshhhh ahhhhhh so nice!!! I was quite amazed ><>< Lucky doll? Haha. Thanks Shum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D And.... One more... In Genting, the outdoor theme park.. The game booths that you have to buy tokens to play... Of all the prizes, I only like the small fluffy bear. I love it! But I couldn't win it -.- And I saw it because Scott had it. I wanted it so badly. Haha. Then I wanted to buy it from him. He said RM10, he spent RM8, so RM2 profit. Haha. I said, reserve for me first. But the next day, he asked me if I really want it, he'll give me because he don't really want it also. So he gave it to me. Aww. Yay!!! I love it man.. So cute!! So..... Cute........! Thanks Scott!!!!!!!!!!!! :D And then you know at the outdoor theme park, they sell this sweet baked potato... I remember I randomly saw someone's blog that said it was really yummy although it's a bit expansive. So I wanted to try it. But Aslene asked me not to pay, she belanja. Awwwe. Haha. Thanks Aslene!!! I love you!!! :P :P We shared half half, and it was so yummy she bought another one >< Hahaha. Thanks Aslene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D And oh yea, I bought myself this keychain, it's written my birth date on it. Bought at BUM City also, where I met Shum. It's a light blue piggy, it can only be the head, and it can be the whole body. Maybe you should see the pictures in my facebook, you'll get what I am trying to say >< Yeah, bought it at RM5. Hehe. Something I haven't seen before. So cool. >< Gimmick. Hehehe. Okay, going out later. My feet so pain yesterday, walked Genting for days so long non stop -.- I went home, walked on concrete floor, hahahahahaha pain ahh. ><
Kay la. Till then :D
Thanks again, people! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Second Prize!!!

THANKS EOE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!
After patiently waiting for the results....
Unexpectedly right after coming back from Genting trip, opening my hotmail inbox... I received EOE's notification that I got SECOND PRIZE!!!! Yeaaahhhh!
I won TWO Philips 1GB SA3115 Mp3 players (black) total worth RM498.00!!
Yes, TWO!! The competition is about 'Just 2', because it's their 2nd anniversary!
And yes, I spent suite some time thinking what shall I submit :D
I actually wanted 1st prize, Samsung cameras. But come to think of it, I think of all the prizes, 2nd prize is the best. Because I can borrow either my mum or dad's camera, and the quality is good. And remember, recently my heart had a sharp poke when Keer dropped my mp3 and the cover broke ><>
So I had been looking at mp3 players although I know I won't allow myself to buy one.
And yea, I saw the reviews of the Philips mp3 player, not bad :D
And I really didn't expect to win the top 3 after seeing so many other creative submissions!
So I was actually quite hopeless. But ofcourse, I still hope to win :D
Can you imagine? Second prize! ><><

And it's 1gb, at least it's bigger and fits more songs compared to 512mb lar ><

Oh my goshh..... Thanks EOE! I won again this year! So happy! Yehhh!
I won RM30 voucher last year :P And I forgotten what other prize, I didn't collect it.. My dad lazy to fetch, so far -.-
Anyway, I love you EOE!! ><

It's so gonna be another of my next baby! Yayyyyy!
Thanks!! Muax muax muax hugz hugzzz!!!
God Bless!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Thanks for today guys :)
Gonna miss you all although it's just a few days -.-
Not going school tomorrow.
Going Genting on Wednesday..
Today, had lunch at Ikea again with Keer, Kad and Chris again.
Gave them a handmade wired name each, they loved it :D
I'm happy :) They're touched x)
Spent quite a moment on them. Did it with patience and heart :) My dear friends...
But well, I notice since small, each time I meet a really good friend, they're leaving soon.. -.-
Always like that... :'(

I notice.. As a person who has a really wide variety of interests.. I tend to do different hobbies at different times according to my heart and inspiration. Sometimes, I play piano.. I do crafts.. I draw.. I paint.. I sing.. I write.. I compose.. So many more. And each time I do something according to my heart, things turn out better than expected :) Without sketches, without plans.. I just do according to my heart. That's how I go with all my ideas. I do it on the spot. Always on the spot. And for example if I ain't in the mood of doing something, but I do it for the sake of doing it and not really because my heart wants to, things I do or make turn out not nice at all. Like a piece of crap. Meaningless, plain, ugly. Same goes to if I want to blog or not. Sometimes I have so much to type, sometimes for the sake of updating it, I try to type but... What comes out isn't with pure heart.
I like to do it with heart and willingness. And I never liked to do bad things man. I don't like it when friends say bad words or such. And I'm happy when I make others happy, seeing them moving forward, and I don't like some people who tend to pull others down for their own success. What is that? If you do so, that's not your success. That's your cheat to yourself.
Anyway. As a person who isn't talkative but typetive.. I don't know how to express myself face to face. And it's such a difficulty, sometimes I really want to tell what's inside but I don't know why it doesn't come out. And there are times how I look don't express what I'm thinking inside. People may probably think I'm like a monster. But inside, barely poeple can tell... Well.. I'm glad at least I have good friends :)
And not only you guys are touched, I am too. And really wanna thank you all... So much :)
All of my friends. Really.
And when I mean something from my heart, I mean it. Really.
And it hurts if you think I'm joking -.- Really.
I always hoped theres more time.
Life is short.
Live life the fullest :)
... And.. I'm listening to a great song :)
Good night ☺

Friday, October 30, 2009

Awwe Nice Day :)

Helllooooo! :D I'm currently a bit high :D Thanks to Christian & Kadri -.-
Sad is, only when I was going home onwards I start to be high -.-
And dad invited me to sing tonight. Hahaha! Invite -.- It's just my house! Lol!
Karaoke tonight huh.
Anyways. Tell you what I did today. :D
First, the original plan was hanging out at Keer's house from 10a.m. till 12p.m..
Then the plan switched to having lunch at Keer's house.
End up I had lunch at Carl's Jr, RM10. First time there and... I learnt some cool stuff from Chris o.o Me and Kadri were jakuns. Hahaha.
And yeah, lunch at 4p.m. plus I guess?
I noticed these few days I had been walking around houses in BU area. So nice la.
So from Keer's house, we walked to Chris' house, then to Kad's house, then to OU, then to Kad's house.
Nice la.
My day started at 10a.m. when I went to Keer's house. Kadri was already there, then me, then Xian Ting, then Priscilla, then Christian. They all heard my new song :) I really love that song a lot man. I spent my whole yesterday composing the whole song, the melody and lyric. I think I will pause composing again. Until the inspiration knocks the door on my heart once again.
So we played piano there again, chatted, went online... OHHHH KEEER!!! MY MP3!!! I seriously heart pain weihhhhhh!!!! I some how had this instinct something was going to happen!! T.T I told you but you were on the phone and you dropped it twice?!! I am so dead! It's not originally mine you know!! Ahhhh this is my baby you know!! I seriously hope it's still working just fine man! It's never in the markets anymore! Huhuhu... I'm so sad... Heart broken... Ahh T.T
Okay anyway. Watched Igor at Keer's house. Nice movie. I like it. I love this - 'I'd rather be a good nobody than to be an evil somebody'. Yeah man. :) So, Keer had to go for piano, that's when Kadri, Chris and I left her house and walked to Chris' house. Went to his room, awesome man all the scout badges and scarf collections. Well, he played guitar for us too. I've always loved his guitar playing, can kill x.x
Yea, then we went to Kad's house, and got my hands on a violin for the first time. Haha. I holded the stick thing wrongly, I'm too used to holding it the way you hold it for Er Hu. Lol!
So from there, we walked to OU. Oh yea!!! I remember! The journey wasn't that simple. This is the full one :P
Keer's house - Chris' house - Kad's house - OU - Kad's house - OU - Kad's house - home.
Yes, we went back to Kad's house, he had to take money. Hahaha.
Then we went back to OU again. Ate at Carl's Jr.
Spent quite a long time eating lunch. And I learnt something new - sugar rush? I don't know, but it's like Chris got drunk by it. Hahaha. Funny la. ><>
And oh my, Chris was so funny la. Seriously. Aiyo.
Then we went to the music instrument shop at old wing, then go over to another one at new wing.
Then went down the lift to the new wing entrance.
Saw some Sony having some events there.
Then from there, Chris went his way home while Kad and I walk to his house.
It was drizzling. But it was chillin. :P
Oh yea and at OU, when passing by Speedy, Kadri said I look like Lenka. LOL! They said I had her 'feature', her hair.... Lol! o.o erm....
So anyway, at Kadri's house, played PSP. Then was starting to watch Psych. But dad coming already. Aiyak. Haha.
Anyway, had pretty cool days. :)
Aite, going to do my work now! Till then :)
ps I love my song. And I love all of you :D Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Day ;D

Hello people!
I had a really great time today.
First of all let's start from the beginning of today.
I went online this morning at school.
Then me, Keertana, Kadri, Joel and Ryan went to this hidden room from the door at the library, it was filled with computers and 'junks' around. So I learnt what part of the computer is for what and what's it called... I wanted to be an ICT prefect quite long ago but didn't know how so hopefully I can be as soon as possible and hopefully I have enough cash to buy the uniform. Haha.
So.. After that we came out of that room and we're at the library.
So we spent time there till recess. And along the times we were together, we had loads of chatting together. Hahaha.
Then after recess I went to 3 Siantan instead, all the way untill the last period. Hehe. Awesome la. So lucky teacher helped me, she said I was quiet so she won't report me. Hahaha.
Had a long chat with Christian and Keertana.
And then when it came to noon, it rained so heavily. The rain was so nice to see. Just that it really rained so much and wet the whole area. And of all day and time it rained at the time I had to walk to Keer's house and then walk to Ikano. -.-
So.. I only have one set of my baju kurung, and I definitely cant get it wet.
Then this Keer made me walk in the rain.
I had been screaming and shouting and screaming off for fun so loud, but the rain was awesome enough to cover it. :P It was just so cool, the rain made me freeze, I screamed so crazily for almost the first time and it was so long ago since I had the chance to go crazy and scream! Hahahahaha! ;D ;D ;D
Well but I got my whole bag wet, uniform and shoes soaking wet, my precious song book, my ram, my wallet, my.... All my stuff la. All wet. Even my extra clothes I brought -.- Okay at least it's only 10% wet :P
So I walked with Keer to her house, changed there, and then her mum fetched us back to school. From there we walked to Ikano. We only waited a few minutes when we met with Christian and Kadri.
So we ate at Ikea. Chatted for quite long. Had fun chatting. Then we went to the music instruments shop opposite Popular. We spent so long over there too. Played the piano there, the guitars... Had lots of fun also. Then at 4.10pm we left Ikano and walked to Keer's house again. This time, 4 of us.
Had awesome time at Keer's house man. And I met Milkshake today, haha! Keer's cat :) He's so cute! And very manja! Hahaha.
Had a really great time man seriously.
Had been playing around, chatting, having fun, singing, playing instruments, composing a tune for my lyrics, randomly playing songs on Keer's piano, awesome la.
Christian is really really fun. I've always wanted to be his friend since he came into our school. Looks like the time finally came :) His guitar is awesomeee.
Kadri is another great friend to be with. He has really lots of talents too. You name it, he can do it. o.o
And Keer, my dear mei. She just somehow always had the key to open me up la :)
I love you all man.
Ahh hugzz :)
And honestly, I never knew my lyrics is good? I seldom compose either. Really rare. Thanks for the compliments people :)
And you know, I finally know why I always needed time. Time, time, time...
I need to spend time with all my passions. I have such a really wide variety of passions. I had been leaving them all aside finding time to spend with them. And now is the time again where my passion for music takes place for now temporarily. Come to think of it, oh man, I have a really wide interest in such a big variety of things ><

That's one big reason why I don't play games on the net you know, I actually learnt a very very very big lesson from my preloved PSP. I never regretted buying it. It thought me a great lesson. It really woke me up. And it's not that I don't like playing games, I love them, but for some reason, I just don't wanna waste life on games and they really occupy most of your extra time. If only I am given extra time everyday, I'd want to do a lot of things. Including playing all the awesome games I had been missing out. And watching all the shows and movies. Ahh. I prefer to balance them all out. And the negative trait is that 'Jack of all trades is a master of none'. Haha, oh well. But I'd rather enjoy my life with what I do then to be a master of only one and don't know about other things. Not my type. I love variety. ♥
So that's all for now.

Thanks for reading :)

In School! :P

Hello people! I'm blogging here from school!
For my first time entering the computer room.
Had been lack of sleep and I got sick yesterday but now I'm okay already.
Recently I've been so busy.
Oh man this internet is freaking slow. Ahh
Ahhh I don't want to blog already -.-

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I made Joel smile wahahahahahhahahaha for once. Hahaha.
He cannot smile, or don't wanna smile. So bad. Must make him laugh. That's his smile.
Wah. Tough job.
I have no webcam. So. Haha. Yeah.
Me, Joel, Kadri going Ikano and play basketball tomorrow.
Till then :)

Day Five :(

A certificate each of us were given.

SMK BUD4ers :P
Ryan, Kadri, Joel, Aslene, Ai Pei, Jesslyn, Samantha.

This was at CinnAmon.

Octopia. My group had a last minute problem.
We ran out of batteries, so we changed batteries.
So everything became too hyper, we had to reprogram it and change the plan. Haiz.
The winner group were so lucky, they each had an ipod touch!!! o.o

This is Octobot. I feel like building and programming robots man. Haha!
I never knew I could even understand the programming at all! :D

I wanted to write a small letter to them but I was too tired the previous night. So I wrote it draftly on the feedback paper.

I enjoyed myself in this awesome IBM camp ;D

Alright, all the other pictures are on my Facebook. You can find the Facebook icon I created on the right side of my blog.

So. Day five.. I almost cried a few times, eyes full of tears.
So emotional.
Anyway, I appreciate every effort from IBMers who volunteered to hold such a great IBM camp this year. We WILL remember IBM for our life. :) Thanks so so much, we all love you!! :D
Miss you all!

5 of us got interviewed.
It reminds me of the time I got interviewed by 8TV for the Xing Kong OST thing. Haha!
Eh eh eh oh yea! And was on E-Pop magazine. Then that Go Green event, Skateline on The Star twice. Hahaha!
So the picture of 5 of us will be on paper. They chose by best feedback I think.
So yeah. I love IBM! I never knew IBM was so awesome. :D
Haiyo. So many things, I forgotten what to talk about already.
But anyway, I had a really fun time with the software. So cool.
I miss it.
You know for the buffet, I was quite sien already. Hahaha. Plus, the oyster I ate had 2 baby hard shell crab. Spoil my appetite, hahaha ewww! Had to spit the crab -.- What the... hahah!
But they had tiramisu, awesome :D
I seriously wanna work in IBM, I want a career suitable for me there. It's like so awesome to work there. I want to be at a creative side. Yeah. As I told them during interview, I like arts, and I like computer. So I hope to get a job that relates to them both. :D
Now is the time to slowly calm, after PMR, after IBM camp...
I'm still so happy and surprised how I got in for this awesome camp :D
Quite cool lah :P
Haih. I miss you all.
Back to school for now.
Next up, Genting.
Wow. After PMR is seriously quite cool ah, can't even have time to settle down. Haha!
I haven't go full shopping yet.
Maybe I shouldn't. Hahaha.
Okay okay, till then :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fourth Day

Hi people!
I love IBM man.
I won the sticky notes, so cute, love it! We were playing human knots. Funny :D
Then the rubik's cube, the girl who gave the speech was suppose to give those who answers correctly but so many answered at the same time so she just randomly threw the prize around and I'm one of the lucky one! Hahaha wheeeee! Kadri got it first. I got the last one I think? There were 4 or 5.
I love it! It's awesome!!
It's smoother than the original Rubiks man. Awesome. :D
Then actually for the human knots game we got 1st prize, but I like the 2nd prize better, the measuring tape, the yellow flower thing. So I was just randomly telling him about it. And after that game he showed his dancing and all, so they gave him both the sticky notes and the tape. Then he went, Wheres Jesslyn? (flashes his tape thing) And I went 'swt -.-ll' Haha so bad T.T
But after that he gave his to me. Awwe, thanks man. He already have one actually, from 1st day I guess. Yeah he got loads of prizes man. Haha.
So.. Tomorrow is last day, so sad T.T!!!!!!!!!!!
So gonna miss it so so much. I love the food. Huhuhu.
And I will be going school in the morning first tomorrow.
Awwe last day of camp :(
Huhuhu noo...........................................................................
Sob sob.
See ya...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today we went to FRIM.
We went to what I went before, and the canopy walk trail... I noticed they changed it a lil!
They made them like staircase only -.-
And I forgotten I had not been moving or exercising for months because of PMR, and so I just hike like the usual me.
Then While hiking up those unnatural path, I got lack of oxygen.
I just stopped and took a rest.
But didn't work, my breathing got more and more shallow.
Then, I started to see blurred images, then got half blacked out, then got my both ears blocked, as my vision gone worse, like so black, can hardly see, can hardly breathe, felt so helpless to my condition because no one had any aid kit around or anything..
I was sitting down already la, can't even stand up.
They asked me to put my head down, yeah I usually do it when I lack blood in my head, but I felt so weak I don't have much strength to bend down too much.
Then they asked me to try to keep swallowing.. So hard, because I was lack of oxygen and I desperately needed to breathe..
So actually I asked my friends to wait for me but they waited a short while and continued.
So everyone just passed by, only a few of the IBM mentors, Kendrick and the FRIM big guy Michael were with me.
Then Aslene's backpack, Ai Pei was carrying it. She passed to me right before the hiking part.
It's heavy because there are 3 bottles of our water and other of her stuff.
So yeah. This mentor guy helped me carry it. The photographer mentor guy. Then he continued up.
So.. While I was half lost in sight and hearing, the people with me were trying to help me out..
So.. Ken gave me water.. I tried to drink.. As I said, I needed air.. Ahhh! So hard to drink or swallow.
Then a while when I got at least a lil better, we continued.
There were so many helping hands.
While hiking, my breathing got more and more shallow, and I sounded like people with asthma! -.- Breathing with that sound man. Gets louder. And it felt like my breathing pathway was half blocked.
The mentors took short turns to help me go up also but in the end the FRIM guy was the best, he managed to super power me up. Hahaha! Thanks man.
Then I slowly got better as I rested. Drank my water. But the photographer guy with my friend's bag went up to the bridge already. So Ken helped to carry my bottle. Then I was quite okay when going up the bridge and all already, so I took the camera and took pictures while on the bridge. Notice board actually said it wasn't allowed. I remember seeing that the other time I went there. Haha but peace, I ain't the only one :D
So... I really wanna thank the people that patiently helped me at the point I was so seriously weak, really half dead kinda thing. Haha! A big big thanks to all the IBM mentors, FRIM guy and Kendrick. Thanks :) I really appreciate it and I don't know what will happen if you all weren't with me :)
And about my post title... I had been having quite constant low blood pressure.
I know it used to be very normal, or even at the higher normal, not lower.
I haven't been going for all these since I was studying whole day for PMR.
And I ate breakfast before I left house to IBM, and ate tea there at FRIM. So I already had some energy in me I guess.
And normally during normal days I sit down and get up also I feel dizzy and sometimes have sparkling black dots vision, sometimes black dots until I can't see at all.
So yeah.
I totally forgot about the point that I ain't normal, and so I walked and hiked like the normal me when I was like hiking up Gunung Angsi at Ulu Bendul. Hahaha.
What a cool experience. One thing I don't get is either I had been having real mild asthma since small, because it ain't the first time I feel breathless. It's like a lot of times. But I have never go to the doctors and all so yeah, possibly, maybe? Who knows.
Here are some of the pictures I managed to take, I didn't really had the chance to take good pictures. T.T sad.
And sorry for messed up pictures, not ascending! =/
Anyway enjoy :)

This is like the last picture I took, in the bus.
Kadri and Ryan gone hyper and crazy.
Haha, yeah I was crazy too. We all were. Most of us.
We sang like crazy people on the bus.
First time all of us loved traffic jam. Haha!

This was stream sampling, and the guy on the right is the big guy I've been mentioning as the FRIM guy.

Went to this steep path twice today. The second one during treasure hunt.

The Crown Shyness. (all of us heard China Crown or something! So we got it wrong for our questions in the treasure hunt game -.-) Second time seeing this already.

This is Aslene.

The photographer mentor.

I was taking the picture and the other hand holding the something. Haha I look weird.

That's me on the canopy walk.

Love the awesome view from the bridge.

The canopy walk way.

Tuck Meng, Kadri, Ryan.

Tapir model thing in the 'house' we were gathered at. And this was like the first picture taken today. Picture by Aslene. Haha.

Big palms. Once again I see them :P
The girl there is Rhonwyn.

The... Cocoa tree?

The Ghost Fingers tree, yeah, we have it at home! Haha.
Booo! Lol :P

Alright that's all for now, getting late. And I'm getting real tired already.
Till then :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 2 :D

In the morning, we had games again.
One of it was writing your first impression of any other people on their backs.
So sadly, my paper fell of my back, it had many words on it, then this guy thought it was his so he took it and asked someone to paste it on his back. And so I got his really empty paper. Boohoo, so sad!
And Aslene said she wrote 'good mummy' so whoever is having that paper, eh hey, that's mine you know -.-
So sad, I didn't get a chance to see what people wrote for me.
Who knows maybe I'd win also? Kadri won for getting the most different discriptions written on his back.
But anyways, after that, we played Power Up. I grouped with Chalystha.(did I spell it right? xP)
We got 4621 points. But didn't win. Hahaha so sad. Hard work man.
Oh right, and Chalystha don't remember me, haha! I recognized her as my kindergarden friend.
Many people I know they're from the same kindergarden as me but they eventually forgot about when they we're small. Haha.
Then Naomi spotted me during the 1st day, like what a small world! She's also selected for this camp! Hahaha. My primary school friend and same van friend :D
So. We did our project, just began today.
We had a great time thinking.
And while they we're all talking and discussing, I kept quiet and think my own.
End up when I got my really brilliant idea and shared with them, they were like woeeee!! Jesslyn!! I thought you were so quiet and all, and you found the idea!! Clapsssss*! Hahaha.
Seriously I don't know I could think of such a great idea :D
It's about the problem that we only have 2 motors, they are used for the wheels already.
We still need a motor to collect and put the rubbish down.
But I thought of a brilliant concept which doesn't need a motor ;)
Currently a secret. Wahaha. :P
And this Tuck Meng was so busy doing the software for the robot. -.-...
So. For lunch today, I mainly got full by eating loads and loads of salmon man.
Wooohooo :P Awesome food they have la. What is this man, so awesome!
Got seriously everything from the world kinda thing. Hahaha.
4 days of buffet, fat-nye!! Hahaha.
Going FRIM tomorrow.
I'm so tired already. My brain had been working whole day. Hahaha.
Wooh, gotta get a good sleep tonight man. What a dream I had last night -.-
Have to wake up real early tomorrow.. Yawn*
Alright, that's for now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

1st Day Of ...Camp? :)

This is what we got.
From IBM:
- Shirt for Wednesday field trip to FRIM
- Water Bottle (now I don't have to search for one :P)
- Cute note pad :P (I like it so much! Thanks Ryan Khong for switching with mine! Was originally orange. Ee :( But Yay I got pink :P)
- Bag pack
- Paper folder (noo, I bent it! -.-)
- Camp activities guide/intro book
- IBM pass (oh buddy I look bad -.-)
From One World Hotel:
- Wooden box(parents like it :P) that comes with..
- Black pen
- Black paperclips (I like! xP)
- Black ruler (nice :P)
- Plastic eraser
- Black pencil
- Black mini staple ( so cute! xD)
- Sweet Cravings sweets

And yeah. IBM is so awesome. Although IBM used to be few steps away from my house? I've never knew what IBM was about but I've always used IBM blue building as a sign that tells, hey, thats my home down there! :P
IBMers are so cool. If there's a career of my type available I'd definitely wanna work there!
Good location too! Like my school! Haha :P
So there are 40 lucky students who are selected for the camp.
Awesome man how I actually got in ;D
I wrote the essay like half hour before passing up, I was actually planning to give up on it because I didn't know I had to pass up that time.
So it was recess and I went running around like dungu, sweating like wooh! And I had to call my mum for her IC number, and thanks Kadri's sis for helping me sign my mum's signature. LOL ahem! Fake signature! xD
But however, my parents kept telling me. You think so easy to get in ar? This that. But my mum knew I will get in one :)
Then when I unexpectedly got in, my parents were like more happier than me man haha!
They kept telling me I will enjoy myself like mad. I'll have buffet. I'll get a lot of good stuffs. I'll just enjoy fully. But Janning was telling me all the negatives -.-
Hahaha so to be average, expect less.
How would I know, my parents were pure right -.- For once. Hahaha.
Full expenses paid by IBM.
And we have our camp at One World Hotel function rooms.
Have quite a few tea breaks. Nice.
Have buffet lunch at CinnAmon. Like wow? Best buffet I've been to in my life man!!
Seriously, you can get so many yummy food there!
For today, I took sushi, raw salmon, turkey ham(love it), beef, chocolate cheese cake(love it), cheese cake(awesome), marshmallow(they had chocolate fountain there :D), honeydew, raw oysters(man they're large), scallop or abalone thing(awesome), choc chip ice-cream, salad with ceasar dressing, choc cake, some weird stuffs also actually. But I didn't eat until I was full. I took so little of each. Haha. (I call All These little -.-) Hey but really, wasn't full. Was just well fed. Hahaha.
Some other buffets, you get some food where looks so good but end up tasting like some I don't know what. But.. I guess this buffet is quite nice :D Still got a lot of choices actually. Love it :P
My group, named 'Transforming Octopus' (-.-).. And Joel aka Tuck Meng is the only one from my school who is same team with me.
Well, I don't think I can do much for the Lego project, the others overtake my job -.-
Oh well, nevermind.
Oh right, we visited IBM building. So cool! :D We saw the server room at 15th floor, looked like giant cpu's there man. You can even smell the hard disk smell. Lol really. It smells like my computer's smell -.- Haha okay lame.
This Ignite camp is... Awesome. I don't think it's a camp to me man. Like a vacation. Haha.
Usually camps are like, uff! Mountain hikings, camp with muddy wet tents, pumpings etc. Haha.
Kay lah, got to go :)
Till then!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jeremiah Grown Up! :P

Hey there, I bought Dymo Caption Maker today at Popular. And I did my specs already. It looks freaking weird. But it's good that it ain't really slipping off now :)
I'm in love with my Dymo Caption Maker man! :D
IBM Ignite Camp starts tomorrow. Exited! o.o
Had a chat with cousins just now at Skype.
Jeremiah was at Wei Aun's home. And when I heard Jeremiah's voice, woe! :D
He grown up man! :D
He said many people said that too. :)

This was what I did to my poor hamsters while giving their cage a clean up :P They all so squashy!

My first time using Dymo. The 'h' is being pressed a bit lightly -.-

I got attracted to it when it first came out but it was very expansive at that time I think?
Because when I saw it at Tesco the other day it was RM49.
So I bought it at Popular with a member's discount of 10% :D

I just love it!

I just love all my craft gadgets man ;)

Alright, I got to go get some sleep for tomorrow.
Good night! :)