Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Whaddup people!
SWITCHFOOT is coming to MALAYSIA, again! :'D
Grab your opportunities, don't miss this second chance!
They're SW♥TCHF♥♥T!!!
1st May 2011, 3 days before my birthday! They'd be my birthday present this year! Haha! ♥
Check out some of their awesome lyrics HERE!
Best song of all time for me would be Dare You To Move, Stars, and many more!
They're like the best band I've ever knew! ♥

You just gotta make time for this, guys!
1st May 2011, Sunday at 8pm-11pm!
And you just gotta get there somehow at Dewan Mutiara (4th floor Kompleks Mutiara), Jalan Ipoh!
Don't know where? They've made a MAP for you! :)
Get your tickets HERE or at Rock Corner & Victoria Music outlets from 1st April onwards!
And guess what, early birds get 10% off on ALL TICKETS from 1st - 5th April 2011!
LIMITED TICKETS ONLY so what are you waiting for? :D

Thank you so much, Jupiter Projects! :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Week Ever!

Alright. In this post, there will be a lot of links. Feel free to click 'em to find out more! :) Alright!
Here's a summary of the week that just passed. :)

Youth World announced the results for the competition...
In case you don't know about it, check out the post here! :)

Here's the results:

I got FIRST PLACE! And I won an iPad! ♥
Oh the joy! :'D
So glad that my efforts did pay off!
Appreciate all my friends and family who supported me all the way!
♥ xoxo! :'D

Mosaic is like the best place man. ♥
Anyway, me and my band of silhouettez (The Silhouettez), performed a Bruno Mars - Count On Me / Jason Mraz - I'm Yours Mashup that I made.
The people of the silhouettes this time around are myself, Janning (bass), Benroy (drums) and Joe Ong (guitar).
So we had our first practice the day before the event.
Cool part is, Jann doesn't play the bass, neither do I. Benson was supposed to be the bassist but he's having test and won't be around.
So I had to listen to the song and figure out the chords. Not even the chords actually, but where to press and strum. Haha! It's totally played by ear. Then Jann took down which string and what fret to press, and then we started practicing. Had fun jamming around and performing! :)
Really nice to be at Open Mic, a supportive crowd of lovable people! ♥ Haha :P
The performers were great, really enjoyed the other performances as well!
Actually recorded the video of our performance and have the soft copy of the recorded audio but I don't think I'll be posting them up because there were some technical problems especially the electric guitar, maybe the connection was loose so some parts were like cut off. But it's okay, what's important is we had fun and a good experience! :D

Power Chef competition @ KDU!
Yeah this one, you gotta read the blog post!
But in the end, my team managed to get through the next round! ♥

That's not it, there were more! But I'll just blog about these :)
I think this is the best week ever man!
And I can't wait to collect my iPad!
I would finally have a dictionary or helping tool while doing homeworks! Oh gosh. I can't do homework in front of the computer, because it wastes electricity. Scared of getting scoldings. :l
Can't wait! iPad! :D
And pray for the best for the next round of cooking competition!
And pray hard for good heath and blessings!
And pray hard for time management and studies!
And praise God for all that He's done, whether or not we realize them!
:) ♥


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Power Chef KDU - Competition!

Had chef competition yesterday morning at KDU!
There were 63 teams, 2 person per team.
My team is called Chefstruck, and my team mate is Hanna.
So... Firstly, they showed us a quick demo on how to make mayonnaise. There were too many people crowding around that small table, so Hanna and I missed out the first few steps. :(
Then right after the demo, we had to do it ourselves.
It was something like this (if only we watched this before we did it hands on -_-):
Well, I guess we did some steps wrongly because after whipping and whipping and whipping till times up, THE TEXTURE WAS STILL WATERY. Pretty disappointed about it, but glad to say our presentation and decorations were awesome! :D
The next round, we had to make California Rolls, up to our creativity.
This time around it was much better! But time was too short for it to be better.
But it was great, really! :) We decorated the previous 'mayo' on the plate artistically instead of spreading it in the roll though.
That dish must have boosted our marks a lot :)
Well, after about half an hour of introducing KDU to us, we were called back into the auditorium, to our respective tables.
That was when they announced the teams that made it to the next round.
Apparently, 50/63 teams made it through, so I still had my hopes there. :)
As they announced the many many teams, I was getting a lil more hopeless... I held my hands tighter and tighter and kept praying...
But thank God, we were the last group they announced! They sure did make us worry so much! :')
I was just so happy, after such a stress in the morning! A lot more happened actually, but they all ended well afterall! :D
After the results were announced, we were forced to eat up our own California rolls. WHY?
Because many people spam wasabi in it and killed the judges! Hahaha! Well, Hanna and I sure did enjoy them! Ours were good... ;D
While eating, (a lecturer?) someone wearing KDU shirt came to take picture of our team, us posing with our thumbs up eating our delicious California Rolls. Then she 'interviewed' me and threw some questions like how was the competition, what have I learnt, etc etc. ^^
So, next week would be the next round. :)
Would be more competitive. Pray hard, do our best, and hope for the best! ♥

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reasons Why I Want A Ukulele! ♥

I've promised a post on why I want a Ukulele, so here it is!
If you didn't read my previous post about a Ukulele, you can read it HERE.

So, here's 8 reasons why I want a Ukulele:
♥ It's cute!
♥ It's small and convenient! (I like 'mini' things ☺)
♥ It makes you happy!
♥ It's price is really affordable!
♥ It sounds great!
♥ It's cool!
♥ It's really easy to play!
♥ It's FUN!

It's true! ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today, I'd like to share this lil' amazing instrument.
You may already know, it's a Ukulele! :D
For a wiki answer on what it is, click HERE. ☺
I would say the best way to describe is that it is something like a smaller version of a guitar, with only 4 strings. The one I'm looking at is the standard(soprano) ones, which are higher in pitch from that of the guitar.
And to have an idea of how it sounds like, think of songs like Jason Mraz's - I'm Yours and listen to the instrument played!

The look of a white Mahalo Ukulele and the gig bag.

Some of the amazingly sweet colors they have!

The tunings for the strings are G' C' E' A'.
It is said that it will go out of tune once in a while, but like a guitar, you'll get used to retuning it time to time. ☺
Below is a picture of some chords for the Uke(the abbreviation of Ukulele):

I like this instrument so much, I'd like to get one of these!
Do stay tuned for my Reasons Why I Want A Ukulele! ♥


Sunday, March 20, 2011

iPad Winner! ♥ :')

I was doing my homework this afternoon when I got a text message from my dear friend, Marissa.

I read it, and my heart pumped real fast as I ran into the hall to tell my parents!
Mum, Dad, Jann & Benson was there at the scene, and we were all surprised and excited over it!
They told me to go online and check it out, so I immediately went on the computer.
And then all of us crowded around the screen and saw that I won the iPad, we all had another round of excitement! We were really happy! After 3 months... My efforts finally did pay off! :') ♥
Here's the screen shot of the result on Facebook:

I'm really happy and thankful for it! Thanks Youth World once again, my dear God, my lovely family, and my most amazing friends! Thanks also for all the wishes sent to me! I appreciate everything, from being here for me to supporting me, I wouldn't be where I am today if not of all of you! :D

In case you didn't see the blog post about the event which I submitted for this competition, here it is!

Here's my thank you speech;
"I dreamt of this little gadget in my bag. Small in size and very compact. Simple in design - with functions so hi-tech. It's none other than this thing called 'iPad'. Today, my dream came true! ♥ x')

Thank you Youth World and everyone who supported me and my blog! I really appreciate it! ♥"

I can't wait to get hands on the iPad; I literally dreamt some time ago that I had an iPad, and my dream came true once again!
It really relates to what I've learnt in the Future of Success seminar:
♥ Sometimes, it's okay to be crazy. Dream BIG- Prof Dr Dato' Chin See Keat
♥ Believe and work towards your dream, then you will succeed- Mr. Saiful Nang
I would always remember this event! :D



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bruno Mars - Count On Me / Jason Mraz - I'm Yours MASHUP! :)

Finally uploaded the mashup!
Took me like one day for recording, 2 days for the photoshop generated graphics, and another hour for creating the video.
This mashup was originally created to sing with my dear friend Marissa. :) ♥ She's also the one who introduced me Bruno Mars - Count On Me! :D
Enjoy the video!

♥ xoxo

Friday, March 18, 2011

Give, Hope, Love!

Bought a stainless steel water bottle today... It's my new baby! ♥ So pretty :D

Seems that it could store cold water and remain cold after long hours because of the double walled vacuum-insulation. It's heavier than a normal stainless steel bottle.
I really don't understand why I can't use it for hot water though... Is it because if I put hot water in it, it will damage the bottle? Or is it just because the heat won't last long? Confused ._.
The girl just told me that it can be used for cold water but not hot water. Hmm.
Tried searching about it online, but I couldn't find my answer -_-
RM35.90 for this baby, wallet pain! ('Wallet pain' is a term I learnt from Marissa :D)
Yeah, I never ever bought a bottle at this price before. So let's pray it will last very long and keep me healthy! :)

Loves loves loves! ♥

Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello world! Ah, this picture is so cute! :) ♥ My boy.
It's really long since I blogged. More than a month, or is it two?
Senior year now, and it's more stressful than I thought.
I'm currently having my March holidays, one week. :D
Many things to blog, but by the time I want to sit down and type a post, I lost my excitement of blogging it already. Oh well.
I shall blog a better post, soon.