Monday, June 30, 2008

Awesome awesome =)

Here's Hari Bakat 2008 video of Ex-D.
I love Kok Choong's solo part la. =) Really very hard...
I think this video is Renie's camera? The one I took. Lol hands shaking.

watch from a different view here

Enjoy! I love it =)


New post again =)
Crystal just called me.. She said we're on newspaper again. Lol
Its the picture where we we're wearing our skates =)
Star Metro 30th June 2008 -
They interviewed Steve =)
And another thing up!
I wanted to do it last year already, but just thought it may be a bit troublesome?
Its like selling my hand made items.
But I was thinking if I ship it around, send here and there, post this and that...
Janning say I can like meet the person let's say at 1U and pass the item.
But my mum and dad say.. What if people kidnap? True indeed. I even have my pictures on my blog ==
So... I'm still not pretty sure yet but... I'm trying to earn some money now..
I'm so so so so so so so so so happy when Janning said I can buy my Ds Lite or whatever with my own earned money.
And like in my life it's the first time my dad allow me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All these while since standard 1 I've been asking asking asking till today.
Each time I touch that topic, he gets mad. Very fierce.. And only has one answer, NO.
And I was kinda hopeless, I thought my dad won't allow even it's my own earned money.
But he said with a aiyahhh buy la... ><
Then at night he asked me about it, I told him the good and the bad part of Ds and Psp.
He got interested when I told him can go online with them. Haha!!!
But still, ofcourse, he won't buy me one ==
But I'm still thinking to buy Ds or PSP/skates.
Both almost same price..
Dream later, work now. Lol =)
At this age I can't earn easy money.
See Janning, she stand at a shop one day earn so much already.
For me? I'm gonna spend lots of time just for making one item, and can't sell at a high price.
Lol. But I don't do it like suffer first, then enjoy when you earn the money. Nope. Never.
I might as well enjoy while making them too.
What for work what you hate?
A saying I made a tune for it and still remember now.
It's found in my mum's old office room.
I use to sing it everyday when I see it. Lol
" Choose a job you love, and you will never ever have to work a day in your life. "
Cooleo =)
I didn't get the sentence... I read it and sang it for days or weeks till one day I asked my mum.
I was about kindergarden age, or primary one..
Then my mum say, it's like choose a job you love, then you feel as if you're not working a day in your life because what you're doing is what you love, like your hobbie, your interest...
And I was like.. Ohhhh...........................................................
Then continue to sing. Haha =P
Ok so... I'm currently busy with lots of things, so may not have alot of time for selling stuff and all.
I can't sell in school. Ofcourse. I'm selling it through blog, like everyone else.
But since I have no experience sending parcels, I don't know the price of shipping and etc, I shall currently sell to people I can pass to.
Like schoolmates? Friends, family, cousins, cousin's friends.... Yea.
Hope it's a success though.
I need to earn hundreds... And one item I make may only be a few cents? maybe few ringgit?
Lol, I'll try my best =)
Hope to get your support =)
For my every-year-birthday-wish that never came true, I'm doing this.
It's a sign of my birthday wish that will come true =)
I must try to buy with my own earned money, not money that I save, like from allowance...
So it's gonna take time, really.
Unless people buy stuff like RM10 and above, maybe in large quantities... I may have more hope =)
Hope to let this be a success.
Thankyou so much for reading =)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Whoa.... So long since I blogged.
Haha. Spent 2 night at Yi Zhen's house.
Was great ;) Thank you
Parents weren't home that's why.
Went raptai for hari bakat.
Was very nice la, just that today Hari Bakat not that nice because of the mic.
Another because diabolo and cheer type is risky type, so didn't get to see perfect one.
But diabolo if everything ok it's really nice.
I like Kok Choong's solo part, with the music.
First time I heard I really enjoyed it.
Then audience may prefer the throwing part and feng huo lun.
I like one of the dance.
I mean, we all like it. Haha.
So I went KBU 2 days rehearsal 2 days eat spaghetti RM4 and Justea RM1.60.
This morning went at 8a.m. do my job.
Hahahahahah ><
When hari bakat on, all the handphones with me right..
Su Jane's, Jin Wei's, Timothy's, mine.
3 keep ringing, vibrating, message together. I mean all but Jin Wei's.
I was laughing. ><
Then recorded EXD peformance with Renie's camera.
My dad wants to use the camera so I can't use.
Old camera can't zoom, will be cacat, and can't record long. 10 seconds only.
And very bad macro. Lol
But for overalls, somehow still, the old camera's pictures have more quality than the new one.
Oh yea, Pn Soh said manager need to buy ticket.
So I bought.
But I believe I don't need also can.
So today morning my friend ask Pn Gan, she say manager don't need ticket.
So luckily my sister didn't buy.
10 something she come I go out and pass her the ticket. Lol
After the event ended, me, Jesmyn and Jia Yee was waiting at KBU entrance to main road, under the tree, near the padang or something la.
Yea =) Jesmyn saw one human at the entrance inside KBU.
I saw one human maybe nearby the entrance to main road.
Jia Yee leh, she got big eyes, she saw all humans la.
Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha.
Then I went with Jia Yee to her house.
About 2.30p.m. then Yi Zhen's mum fetch 3 of us to 1Utama.
We 3 go waste time only. Not really for anything =D
Oh yea, I didn't go for Hari Temu Mesra.
How cool, first time.
But I really wanted to go =(
Okay I'm really tired after all the... everything..
Supposed to sleep at 9 something. Now 11.30.
Nite nite =)

Thanks for reading =]

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've wasted hours of posting pictures.
I force myself not to sleep, finish the post first.
99 pictures, I was about to post.
Then when I'm almost done..
Someone don't allow me to post pictures.
Fine. Delete already, you should be happy.
I can't post, I can't sleep one night with peace,
I can't spend a day without hearing bangings and stompings,
I can't spend a day to enjoy fully,
I keep listening to you, keep giving to you...
But you showed me negative of everything.
Okay, up to you.
I even put 'Do to others what you want others to do to you' on my wall.
I thought you would open your eyes.
Maybe you thought its a piece of junk just because its there for Years and never changed.
Oh well, what can I do.
I shall just listen to you.
Hear your bangings hear your mumblings hear your stompings...
Listen to whatever orders of yours..
And get negative returns.
I will listen to you. 14 years and still going through..
Just because you are my sister.
You never smiled to me. You stare at me.
Well up to you, maybe no one knows everything of mine,
But the Lord does.
I can't bare with you sometimes.
That's why no matter how sad I felt, The Lord gave me patience.
And maybe this is also what makes life wonderful and perfect.
Because life is good because we get to face problems.
Not just boring same everydays.
Lifes awesome because each time we make a mistake, we learn something new.
I enjoy life. It's great. Because it's life :)

Thanks for reading. =)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who and What

In the previous post, I mentioned about 'Being their friend because of who they are and not what they are.'
What do I mean?
Let's just say, I have a friend.
And let's say I treated her as a good friend because she is pretty, clever, and never does mistakes. She's someone good to be with.
But one day, she cut her hair, she looked ugly, she became fatter, she became less clever, she starts to copy answers, and surprisingly, she tore my favourite book.
Without any explanation or any understandings, I immediately go away from her, and never talk to her again.
That, is being their friend of what they are.
What is being their friend of who they are then?
Its friending them with heart, not by their outsides.
Its when things start to change about her, I understand her before her explanations.
Who knows, she may have went through difficulties, or maybe being sad at the moment?
Maybe stress? or depression? Well, who knows?
We should look at things on every side of it.
We should think this way, if you were on her situation, and if you do this, what will she feel?
If you were on her situation, what will she do?
If you were on her situation, what is going around her mind now? What is she thinking?
Let's say if I left her because of her change, which I don't know why she changed.
What will she feel? At one moment, everything seems to go bad for her.
Lets say.. first, she grew fat because of her lack of exercise and more unhealthy food. Her family went broke, and she just got to cut her hair herself in order not to break school rules.She had no money for tuitions and she sits at the back of the class and her class is normally filled with noise, eveybody playing etc. She can't concentrate on her studies. And so she tend to copy answers from some clever friends who always gets first in class. Her eyes were filled with tears because evey bad thing tends to fall on her at just one time. With her blurry eyes she took her book where she use to note all important notes and tore a blank page off because she lost her exercise book and teacher wants her to get her work done. Who knows, she didn't know it was my book.
Everything is possible.
And lets say you left her because of her change, then she left nothing. Not even a friend.
But if you tend to have high IQ, you think about it before what you do.
You understand her without any explanations of hers.
You believe her, you trust her.
You know something must have gone wrong and caused the change of her.
And so you gave her love, confidence, strength, money, and most importantly, heart.
Wow the end will be so totally different from the previous example I made.
What I mainly want to say is....
seperate the body and the behaviour.
Love the sinner, hate the sin.
It does make a difference =)
just because you broke your mum's favourite vase, that don't make you a bad person.
You only made a mistake. As it is said, Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Lol maybe its really right to think and picture every side of the cube, or maybe just me thinking too much. Haha! But really, Do to others what you want others to do to you. And not, Do to others what others tend to do to you. =)

Thankyou for reading =)

Monday, June 16, 2008


........ ........

The hearts that never left us alone

The warmth that came when we felt cold

Friends are ones we should cherish.
Being their friend because of who they are and not what they are.
Understanding and trusting each other.
Understanding them before they even explain it.
Trusting them and having hope on them.
Keeping the smiles in each others hearts.

Thanks for reading =)


ExtrEme H!GH RetardEd uGLy

As night creeps deeper, I go high.... very high...
I laugh all night infront of Janning.
I talk to her and reply myself.
I laugh until I cry, and cry until I laugh.
If, you actually get what I mean =P
Janning took these pictures, kinda very long ago.
Ahem Jann, stop laughing. Eh I got one even retard one of you. C=<
Wait, I think its two........... Haha I post it I die ><
Waa, this Janning ar..
I make one shushi she take one shushi.
And squeeze a bunch of mayo on her shushi.
Eh, not fat enough ar haha
K la thats all for this post.
Thankyou for reading =]

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Langkawi Photos

Whoaaa! I took 4 hours to upload.
Okay, totally too many pictures to write, so I'll just say one of them here.
Later when you see the picture of the beach and a few dogs...
Me and Janning were being 'chased' by them.
We walk quickly back, cannot panic.
then a while later they not really bothering us already.
Just one black one playing with the waves.
So Jann wanna take picture of it.
But it keep moving, turning away etc
So I just shouted SIT!
It did sit!!!
I mean like we are kinda their 'enemy', and I say sit it sit.
So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha they have owners one la, the owner was calling all of them back but they didn't listen.
Lol =)
Okay I suggest you slowly see the pictures, don't look at all of them once.
You'll get super ultimate bored. Haha ><
Enjoy <=)

Thanks for reading =) Hope you're not asleep yet ><