Sunday, September 28, 2008

Body Glove Hand Bag ☺

Awwe.... Janning..

How sweet of you... you granted my wish! My belated birthday present and upcomin Christmas present huh? Hey I love it Manning ngeheheh

And... You actually bought it..... for meeee! And its...... >=P heeeheee we know >.^ so cool lah ☺ nice uni you have man.

Love it! Love it! Love it! It's for kids like me ><

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Friday, September 26, 2008

I look like him

My eyes looks like his.
I'm so sleepy.
I usually sleep for 8 hours on weekdays.
And I only slept for 4 hours last night.
You know.. I don't take noon naps.
Oh man... just... xO *yawned
Oh, oh, but I can smile ☺
Because it's holidays! Raya holidays! >.^
One week off.
Ahh, how nice =B
Okay, should be busy doing everything I do..
So.. till then ☺

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

22 September 2008 - Discovered Cookie Recipe

Yea! What a success! I'm so happy! :D
Remember my cookies? My dear cookies?
It was such a long time since I last made them.
I started making last year.
Then again this year for valentines.
And then now its back again!
I started early September.
That week, I made them with chocolate rice because my mum said she the chocolate chips are out of stock.
I followed the amount of the ingredients in the recipe paper because I forgotten how I changed it last time, as I didn't bake them for quite a while.
So... they were still the flat, but yummy cookies. Haha.
Oh, and they're kinda airy, like a lot of air, because that all raising flour is raising a bit too much hahaha.
I made some chocolate cookies too by adding on cocoa. But they're harder, you got to really crunch 'em.
So the next week after that, I made with chocolate chips.
They have shape this time ;) and I saved about 1 hour compared to the previous time.
I edited the amounts of this and thats stated in the recipe.
And this time, they're good looking and non-airy chocolate chip cookies.
But, one thing. Some of the cookies has many many many chocolate chips in it, and some has none.
Oh, and I still did some chocolate ones but added less cocoa. But still, its harder than the vanilla cookies.
So this week, I totally followed my own recipe.
And this time, I used both chocolate chips and rice, so that they're fair :)
And I reduced this, changed that, edited the heat, everything.
As I know actually many cookies recipe are basicly made from these ingredients, it's just the amount that makes the differences.
Oh, and I didn't make any chocolate cookies, as I know this recipe is specialised for my dear vanilla cookies ;P
Oh, and I saved 1½ hour compared to the first time.
Wooh, getting more efficient! ;)
Oh, and they're much less mess dude! Not like the other times, you'll see piles of this and thats unwashed ><
So after my discoveries, experiences and everything, I finally discovered the best recipe!

22 September 2008
Jesslyn Lai created her very own complete cookies recipe!
The cookies are soft yet crunchy, delicious and chocolatey, good-looking and well baked!
They're not too sweet, not too brown, not too uncooked, not so flat, not so oily, and most of all they're delicious!
I love the reactions of all of those who ate them, it was really surprising, they made me aware of this really good recipe!
Even my mum, for the really very first time, no bads at all!
She even said it's the best cookies compared to every other times I made!
Awwe, how touching! ;D

And my dear Malay friends, I promise, after raya kay?
I promise ;)

Maybe 10 years later, you'll find my cookies, chocolate truffles, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, everything in my dear shop! Hahaha seriously, it's my dream :) I can picture the design of everything, displaying all my art works. Gosh, they're wonderful :P
Thanks everybody, you all made my days really interesting and nice.
I look forward to each upcoming days with confident :)
Yes, you who is reading this now, I thank you again.
Without my dear readers, there's no today :)

Thankyou thankyou very much ;)


>> try reading it and ignore how it spells.
Woe woe woe...
My right knee... *ouch
This morning la..
My dad drop us right, he drop so far away from the stairs, so I use the 'short cut' way because the other week he was like, eh Jesslyn why you don't wanna use the shortcut, faster mah.
I was like, er......... ohkay... I thought you actually don't let me. hahahahaaa
And.... then.. I took my first step up with my left leg. So when I continue with my right leg, it 'scraped' onto the floor. Cement. Drain. Whatever. Yea.
Then, I was like 'woooooooh' inside.
There was an impact there, so.. yeaah.
Luckily wearing baju kurung, or not will be worse, and... will be dirty. Hahaha as in the wound.
Because now it's like protected from a layer of cloth. Hahaha ><
But quite cool la the pain =P
I mean ==
So long since I fell ><>
You know what, I don't know what to say.. xD don't even know what am I saying ==
Anyway, yea. Suddenly in class feel sharp fresh pain - 'wuuuh!' then 'zzzing!' then 'ssssss' then 'aaah', I mean the nice 'aaah' hahaha cuz it stops wuuuh'ing and zzzing'ing and ssssss'ing. If you get me. Hahaha
So. Just now when I bath... After putting soap, when washing...
Woooooo it's back it's back, my dear ssss n zzzings's are back man, back! Eeeeeeek ><
I was like au au au au auauauauuuu aauuu inside hahaha
Now okay already lah. Sesat, dettol cream habis pulak.
Okay okay gonna post another post now.
Up there, up there, it will soon appear =P

Thankyou for reading =)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My chocolate truffles!


:P I didn't use any recipe... all the recipe... uses what I don't have... and... many many more..

So I did it with the basic ingredients.. just approximating here and there.

Made it today ;) turned... u can see :P

Spent almost whole day... nolah, put in fridge for hours... done for.... 4 hours?

Dad curi makan here and there....................................... haha
Their in the fridge now... want some? :) seriously. you want?

And this is another part of the shirts.. wasn't taken yet when I posted that day.

This is an extra thing I included.

'wash inside out' hahah I'm wondering.. outside in... =B

My logoooo!

Man... parents ask me... you leh? next time what you wanna be?
Chef. *soft soft
They.. Hahahahhaha ><
I know la, not popular for Malaysia.
Gotta find whats my interest for the future.
okay I gotta go now, mum wants to use.

Thanks for reading ☺

Friday, September 19, 2008

10 Promises To My Dog

Can you believe it??? ><
This movie is from the producer of 'Quill'...
Did you watch it? I watched it on 8tv this year, somehow met that show when I turn the tv on ☺
Really touching. *sob
And now.............
10 Promises To My Dog!!! =)
Coming out on the 16th October in Malaysia.
(this poster is Singapore's one. 26 June)
Here's the plot of the movie:
A 12-year-old girl named Akari gets a puppy and names it Socks. She loves Socks and spends practically every moment with him. However, as she gets older she's able to spend less and less time with him, due to a busy life and having to move away. She leaves socks with a childhood friend but eventually she's reminded of the promises she made to him as a child.
I heard many many people who watched asked his/her friends not to forget to bring a packet of tissues when they watch.
It seriously makes you wanna cry..
You'll notice many people crying at the end and walking out the cinema with red eyes..
Ok I know its not out here yet and I havent watched it yet but.. I watched Quill... haha, seriously I bet this one really makes you cry. It's touching.
It is said that this movie is based on the 10 commandments of dog ownership - author unknown.

My life is likely to last ten to fifteen years.Any separation from you will be painful for me.Remember that before you aquire me.
Give me time to understand what you want from me.
Place your trust in me.Remember that before you aquire me.
Don't be angry at me for long and don't lock me up as punishment.You have your work, your friends, and your entertainment.I ONLY HAVE YOU!
Talk to me sometimes.Even if I don't understand your words.I understand your voice when it is speaking to me.Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget.
Remember before you hit me that I have teeth than can easily crush the bones in your hand,but I choose NOT TO BITE YOU.
Before you scold me for being uncooperative,obstinate, or lazy,ask yourself if something might be bothering me.Perhaps I don't understand what you ask of me or perhaps I am not feeling well,not getting the right food,been out in the sun too long,or my heart is getting old and weak.
Take care of me when I get old,you too will grow old.
Go with me on difficult journeys.Never say "I can't bear to watch" or "let it happen in my absence".EVERYTHING IS EASIER IF YOU ARE THERE.
I just watched the trailer, but its in Japanese haha but nevermind :) not a problem at all.
I believe this is a really good movie.
Man I can't wait to watch............
When's 16 October?
Wait let me see.... ok its a Thursday...
Oh and guess what!! It's during the 1 week holidays!!!
I don't really go catching movies and all...
Although I really want to watch Money No Enough 2 but... it didn't make me like.... like now.. so crazily wanna watch 10 Promises To My Dog :P
Hope I can watch on that day itself ☺
Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First shirt :)

Kind of my very first time really painting a shirt seriously.. previous 2 times were like playing.. painted a cute thing on a pair of pants and 'JESS' behind a shirt..small one la >< So actually, Keertana let me use this shirt of hers.. She likes graphics.. So she have this card thing which has graphic on it so she kinda drew it out bigger. Then I used that as a refferal, then I totally edited the whole thing. And its for Keer :) done in 2 full days ☺ (16, 17 Sept 2008)

I used a silver pen to draftly outline it, as pencil is like nothing.

'K' stands for Keer! =P I like the sudden loop thing I made on the right side of the sword thing.. She love it too =)

Doing it with patience and heart :)

Half way through!

And I edited this picture and made it my site header!! Bet you noticed it, it's very obvious >.<


...... After! Oh yea, Chronus is her nickname.

The invert version... cool huh =P I love the wings design >.^

And thats the top :)

Hahaha my logo :)

And overall, this is the finished work :)

The design and pattern.

Love it! It's for you, Keer!! My lalat buddy =P

rock on Keeeeeer!

Nice day :)

Thanks for reading =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sebuah peristiwa

Setiap orang pasti telah melalui pelbagai peristiwa yang menggembirakan dalam hidup mereka. Cerita yang tidak dapat saya lupakan selama-lamanya ialah sebuah peristiwa yang telah mengubah seluruh hidupku. Semua ini bermula dengan sebuah kemalangan.

Masa itu, bapa telah menghantar saya ke sebuah kedai alat-alat tulis. Semasa dalam perjalanan, sebuah kereta telah melanggar kereta bapaku dengan teruk. Saya tidak dapat ingat apa yang telah terjadi hinggalah saya membuka mata dan terdapat ibu dan kakakku di tepi katil.

Pada masa itu, kaki saya tidak boleh berjalan. Luka bapaku tidaklah begitu serius membandingkan dengan saya kerana kereta yang melanggar kami itu melanggar di bahagian kiri kereta. Bapa cuma ada sedikit luka pada kepalanya.

Saya masih ingat betapa binggungnya keluarga saya, terutamanya kakak. Selama ini, dia tidak pernah menunjukkan perasaan kasih sayangnya di depan saya. Dia cuma tahu membuli dan marahi saya. Tetapi selepas kemalangan ini, dia telah sedar bahawa nyawa seseorang boleh pergi begitu sahaja dan kalau seseorang tidak menunjukkan perasaan kasih sayang kepada orang yang dicintai, dia boleh menyesal seumur hidupnya. Jadi selepas kemalangan itu, dia mula menunjukkan perasaan kasih sayang pada saya.

Selama sepuluh tahun, saya tidak pernah menikmati perasaan kasih sayang daripada seorang kakak. Saya sungguh terharu pada perubahan kakak saya. Pada masa itu, saya tidak kisah betapa sakitnya kaki saya yang terluka. Yang penting, perasaan kasih sayang daripada kakak telah mengubati perasaan sakit daripada luka itu.

Sekarang, saya sudah berumur empat belas tahun. Sudah empat tahun saya mula menikmati perasaan kasih sayang ini. Saya sangat berterima kasih kepada Tuhan kerana telah mengubah kakak saya. Peristiwa ini akan selalu berada dalam hatiku, dan akan saya ceritakan kepada anak-anak saya pada masa depan.

Ceritanya ikhlas daripada hati, tapi sayangnya, ia cuma sebuah karangan yang direka oleh saya.

Markah yang diberi oleh cikgu ialah 70% ☺

11-9-08 -Jesslyn Lai

Terima kasih atas bacaan anda =)

Monday, September 15, 2008


If there is a path to whatever you want, what would you choose to walk to?
If the distance is just 2km away, would drive? Or just walk?
If you made your decision and start going, will you just go straight all the way?
If you see a shortcut, will you use it?
If there are obstacles ahead, will you choose to jump over it and just head to the destination point?

If there is a path to whatever I want, I'd choose the path to Happiness.
If the distance is just 2km away, I will walk.
If I made my decision and start going, I will look and explore around the paths.
If I see a shortcut, I won't use it. I will miss a lot of things.
If there are obstacles ahead, I will handle it with all my might.

Life is short.
Walk, don't run. You don't want to miss everything.
Enjoy life with what is given to you. Appreciate.
Don't just walk straight, look and explore what's around you.
Many of us are being restricted because we're too young. If there's a spell to be 10 years elder, imagine how much you will miss if you take the spell.
If there are obstacles ahead, face it, challenge it. What is life without obstacles?

Move forward in life with love, humor and determination.
Persistence and determination will get you from where you are to where you want to be, or very close to it.
Be patient in everything you do.
Live life the fullest.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who's? Mummy! =)

Happy Birthday!!
Last year... In the card I gave you... I wrote.
I asked you to be happy always :)
You said, you will be happy if I help you do housework, clean up my place etc etc
Don't need present also can etc etc
So. This year, I really don't know what to give you.
I was thinking and thinking............... and thinking............................................and thinking........
If I just go to a shop and buy you something...... won't it be the same every year, just ... I don't know.. plain?
So. I thought of last year. And flashed back what you said.
So I was thinking.. If I do all the housework, etc till the house is shining... and that's all.... like no fun la..
So I was thinking... hmm... how le.. hmmmmmmm.......
And......... got it!!
I know what!!!!
Ngehehehe >=)
So I made 8 coupons for you.
I wrote them on a rough paper in class.
Then do formal coupons for you at home :)
1) sweep and mop the entire house
2) wash all the dishes, wipe table
3) cook breakfast
4) cook lunch
5) cook dinner
6) wash your car
7) bath Turffy, bring him walk walk
8) water plants, feed fishes
These 8 things.... are what I really dislike doing.
Yeah you know... You'll always say this: Eh Jess later you clean up ah.
Hahaha. I really don't like doing them, although I know I will be a mama one day.
So while making the coupons, I was thinking... waaa.... have to do what I dislike so much T.T
I was like.... wa....... == haiz...
I don't care, I will do it to make you happy.
So I force myself to do all of them.
And on each coupon, I wrote: rate work done.
I gave you confetti's to rate 1-5 of how was the work done, good? bad? rate it!
I also gave you a cute bookmark because I know you use it, you always read.
So yup, for you, I do it. Just to make you happy.
I was thinking.... wow, mum's gonna smile when she finds this in the kitchen and opens it, because it's a rare thing I come up with the idea of doing all the housework!
I also thought... == you'll say this, yeala, should be like that la, help a bit ma.
Infact you should be doing it what.
Well.... oh well....
After school when you fetch me, I went into the car.
I was like nyehehehhehe >:) so mum, hows it?
And I really really really didn't expect this..
I spent so much time thinking what to do for you, even in school.
I think of ideas, what to include....
And this is what you say.... ' I know you copy one.. right? '
I am like what????????!
Copy? who did this before?
I said.... huh????
You say.... neh, from the advertisement one right, exactly the same...
I was like.... advertisement??? I don't remember seeing such advertisement!
Wow. Mummy. It hurts you know. T.T
Heart not broken enough? x.=
I made the present with love, usually just buy one... and this is what you say =(
I kept my tears. But cried. after few hours... in 1u... beautiful embarresment. <=)
It still hurts.. after so much stress in life... cuz I know you didn't open the present and smile heartfully... and the first thing that comes up is...... .... . ....... haih..
Well, but whatever it is, I done what I can do.
I made the present with love.
And they're just for you.
To see you happy, I shall do all the work I dislike.
I will try my best to let you rate 5 hearts for my work done =)
Happy Beloved Birthday Mummy!

God Bless You!
Mmmuuaaaakkkzzzzzz* xoxo

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smile =)

Hello =D
This week test again == every month.... =.x
Made cookies yesterday.....
Play topspeed almost everyday =P
Oh yeaaaa....
Saturday and Sunday...
Saturday morning went cycling with dad ^^ after such a long long long long time!
Cycle around Tmn Tun.
Sunday afternoon went Bkt Kiara, we went into the jungle.. our point. I didn't go for a walk there for years man. Haha. So we went for a............. 'mini hike' haha.

Will update with pictures when free =)
It was nothing compared to anything...... but we saw a really beautiful fungus =P
Loads of mosquitoes ><>
Quite a lot of pictures are blur because we didn't know the camera so slow ><
We just snap* and goooo!
Ok I wanna play topspeed now ><
Thanks for reading although it's so short! =)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random things

I just used the US dollars for cooking academy ==
remember, the one I earned from Payperpost...
9.99... last time I spent 5... now left... 5 ==
Haha sesat la. Use Malaysia Ringgit better.
And the funny thing is... I a lil sien of cooking academy!
Hahahahahahaah sesat!!!!!!!
10 bucks wei. hahahaha!!
Wa.................................. sien.
Keep yawning whole day..
I feel like... I feel like going to the mini MPH few steps from my house..
At Bukit Kiara...
I feel like... staying at the apartment...
I feel like...... swimming there... 1 year didn't swim already...
And guess what, Step Of Dance, Henley and all.... were at my apartment shooting the film.
Can you believe it, my mum saw... ==
Awwe man.........................................................................................
I wasn't there you know.... T.T
I love the apartment... so cozy and nice =)
I love my home too, so beautiful and unique =)
I miss cycling.......
Who lives nearby...... please..... lets cycle to MPH =)
Sien you know.... boring la....
Now not busy already.....
Waste electricity go online only...
Dad made a table... wooden table...
Spent 2 weekends.
Super ultimate nice man!!
Do you know my bed, my sis' bed and my eldest sis' bed the wood, is made by my dad!
Even the kitchen cabinets...
Hoooh mucho mucho man, no wonder Janning and me also mucho mucho woman ahahahaha
Then when he almost finish, my uncle was there ma.. drop Chung Han here...
So he was chatting with him la.
Talk talk talk, suddenly I heard him say...
Neh, Jesslyn very good at carpenting mah. haha.
I was like... er.... eh... good... oh.... o..okay... hahahaha.
K la, its nice and interesting, but I seldom do those... Unless dad has woods he don't want =P
Which is very very seldom ==
I made a stool..... for fun... standard 4 or something..
Was meant for throwing after making.. but... It looked nice =P
So right now it's at the apartment I guess?
My dad can do everything lah =D
Can be a plumber, gardener, carpenter, medical stuff, lab stuff, science stuff, maths stuff, fix stuff, build stuff make stuff... cook stuff my mum don't know... which are usually good stuff =P
He's good at loads of things.... except.......................!
Playing musical instruments <=P and eh.... art n craft =P and.... don't know ==
what he don't know is unimportant stuff ==
Now I'm trying to form a habit of reading...
And talking about musical instruments........
My piano arhh!!!! fine, not mine....
The piano... is a gooooood piano.... but old already...
Janning la, never play..
Now the keys sesat.
how to play la................. T.T
Wanna relax, cool down, start playing let's say canon... suddenly this note no sound, that note half sound, then all you hear is vibrations.... ==
I really don't know the price of good keyboards...
But I surely can't afford it...
Maybe a PSP is possible... organ/keyboard.... i wish == oh well.
Dad even wanted to give the piano away.
All these while I wanna learn, last time few years old when Janning was learning, I learn too.
Very little... Then after a while... When it gets interesting...
one day.. I ask.. ma, why today didn't go piano one?
I keep asking... asking why... even when I know why...
Janning stop already, so I turut stop.. ==
Then I told mum I still wanna play but why I stop also one?
Then she say cuz Jann stop... == hahahahah
I still can remember you know.... such a sad thing...
Till finally, beginning of this year... when dad also wanted to give the piano..
I keep saying Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
He say, then keep for what, you also can't play!
T.T cuz i can't learn?
Now I'm learning >=P I love canon.... and I actually thought I will never play it with piano, its so hard........ but now its like, eh..... can what!! Hahaha
I love canon since....since.... 2004 ah? don't know, very long, when I know it I loved it, till now =)
Just like Jason Mraz I'm Yours..
Okay... signing off.
Bye =)

Thanks for reading! =)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Better Person

You know, sometimes its just a situation where we don't know what happened, don't understand something etc.
Lets say a friend of yours didn't friend you. For no reason. And it's like all of a sudden.
So you don't know why, don't understand, and really wanna know why.
But sometimes, it's good if you understand the situation yourself.
This is how I describe it =P
I will understand that there is something to understand.
Although I may not know what is it, I will understand it in it's simplest way, which is to understand that it is something to understand but I just don't know what is it.
But whatever it is, I will understand that what I don't understand are reasons, and they may be unexplainable, inunderstandable, or maybe just reasons that has reasons why it can't be told.
Without knowing the reason, I will understand that there is something behind, and from there, I shall understand the whole thing that I don't understand, and make that not the matter.
Do you understand my explanation? ><
This is what understanding before an explanation means to me.
As I said in one of the previous post, which is to understand before any explanation.
Most people just need that.
But there are so many people who just didn't think of it, or maybe have no time to think about it, and go straight to a fight or whatsoever.
Maybe I'm the free one, a very free one that can think of this. Haha.
Well, maybe this needs some trust too.
Trust in the person and understand before an explanation, then give a smile, like this! :)
Really, if only everyone can understand that explanation I made, and maybe make it not so complicated, and somehow let the world read it, then maybe well maybe.. Maybe we can be a better person =)

And you know, maybe on your big day, your birthday maybe, you get presents right.
So lets say one of it looks really precious, grand, expansive etc, maybe an example.. Erm... Handphone!
And another present just looks like some kinda junk.
So cheap, so worthless, so... yea. Another example... er.... Okay. A handmade cloth pencil case. Maybe with a doggie on it. Haha.
So what can you compare? A good great nice one and a lousy cheapskate one.
But that is by the look. Have you see what's inside it? I mean, really deep inside till you can't see it with your plain eyes. But only your heart can.
If you try, maybe you can see that the lousy cheap looking present worths more than anything in the world, even gold.
And what can you find in the great cool expansive handphone?
Nothing, just money. Many times, people will do it this way. Money will do, money is everything.
It's just like happiness or pride.
If you choose to tell everything, you get happiness. But if you keep it all inside for pride, you don't get happiness at all, you just suffer inside to look good outside.
To me, it's not the money that matters, but the effort, the heart.
It's not the present that matters, but what the present contains.
The handphone can be found anywhere, just spend some money, go to a shop nearby, and poof.
But the pencil case.. Its only one in the whole world. It is made with full attention, effort, time, patience, love, and most of all, heart.
Does the handphone contain these? I'm afraid not.
The person who gave the pencil box also sewed a cute doggie as the keychain. Cute dangling legs, whatever you can imagine =) She/he knows you like doggies, and recently you wanted to get a new pencil case because your's were worn out. So that thoughtful person made this all just for you, with full attention.
Yup. Like awwwwee hahaha =P
Never judge one by it's outside. :)

*Lavender: Yes's =)
*Light red: No's =(

Haha. =P
Hope we all will be a better person.
Thanks loads for reading ;)

© Jesslyn Lai
2 September 2008


Just came back from school.
Mum was late.
I went in the car, she told me a story.
She said just now she saw a car, on fire.
The engin part.
She was at opposite direction, full of black smoke, and when she pass by it, she can feel the heat.
Wooh, can you imagine the picture?
Was all jammed up.
So when we were going home, my mum asked me to see.
From 1u traffic light, I can see white smoke. Just a bit.
After almost 10 minutes, we were at the place where the incident happened.
I had a look at the car.
But there are vehicles blocking also.
But I saw the whole car. Haha.
Like woee, the tayar is melted, and the car is like lower at the front part.
The front looks as if there's accident, mum say maybe the driver bang the sides then the impact caused the engine to get on fire.
Yup. =/
Don't know.
So.. Oh........... I really really wanna go to the game shops and search for cooking academy =D

Topspeed can play already. =)
That's all.

Thanks for reading =) Be careful when you drive :)