Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reminder.. Haha =)

A better person. A better person? continue reading..

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.
-If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them.
-If you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do the same.
-But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back.

Give to the one who asks you, and do not reject the one who wants to borrow from you.
-If you lend to those from whom you hope to be repaid, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners.
-Give to everyone who asks you and do not ask for your possessions back from the person who takes them away.

Most of us tries our best to be a better person, and yet we still make lots of mistakes in life. You've heard " an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth", and lots of us do the same and thinks it's right. Think again. Is is right?

"Do to others what you want others to do to you." This is my motto... It never changed.. I feel it quite meaningful, as in like.. yea.. DO to OTHERS what YOU want OTHERS to do to YOU.. It's also like.. Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you. Another thing is, think before you say/do it. What do I mean? Do you like people swearing at you? Do you like hearing people talking bad about you? No right? So since you don't like it, don't do it to others for thats how they feel when you say/do so.I experienced it a lot through these though they are really little.. I've experienced it, and I can tell that I really want the bad environment to change. So right now, its my turn to share it around.

My pandangan/kan fa - Nobody is the best, but they can try their best. They can be better but no matter how much more better will not make them reach as the best, for every single human being makes mistakes. Well.. I really hope this will help you too.. Thanks so much for reading!!!! Please share this around for a better environment! >.^

* Remember! It's never late to change, and it's better to change late than never! God Bless You!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Simpsons Movie!

Today after school me and Yee Mun went to 1u to watch The Simpsons.
At first I didn't plan to go..
Few of my friends keep asking us to go..
So in the end I told my mum and all..
So ok lo.. Can go..
Then after school, me and Yee Mun ate in school.
Before that was in class.. Was asking them where they wanna eat..
So we said we wanna eat here.. So they ask us to go..
Ok la we go..
Eat already go back to class, all disappeared..
Me and Yee Mun go find them 2 rounds whole school...
Can't find them.. So geram.. Then fine lah we go ourselves..
Why so geram?
They asked us to go like crazy.. And we don;t really have money..
Next they ask us go eat first.. Then they leave without us..

So we went there.. Went to book ticket first..
We booked The Simpsons Movie at 3p.m. in GSC..
It was only 1.30p.m. like that..
So we walked around.. Go in look see look see..
Then we went to this music shop..
We listened to music for half an hour.. XP
I was listening the same thing as that day in Popular Ikano..Haha =P
JJ Lin Jun Jie - xi jie..
I like the headphone... The base is so.... Nice =D
So about 2.53p.m. we left there and go to GSC..
We met Yue Hang, which was also invited to go with the organizers..
What great organizers. They really don't care about others..
They themselves called us and just left us out there.
Yue Hang was alone.. For 2 hours already..
He say he was finding them.. And he didn't book ticket..
So it was almost timed.. We gotta go in..
So we told him... Go book now.. Blablabla...
We gave him our food(not mine)+drink(bottles) to put in his bag..
So............. We went in.. Then watch la..
After that, we come out that time we saw him there..
We ask him. Why you didn't go book? Blablablabla.. Don't really know what was his answer..
The thing is... He say he was just doing nothing, waiting there for 2 hours only.
What la... He can go walk around right..
Then he go steal some of our drinks.. I got say I let meh? Ewww.. My poor Tinge.. Haha
Ok ok.. I just pity him for just going 1u for nothing. We very geram them already.

Anyway, about The Simpsons Movie..
I didn't watch for 2 years already.. Because no Astro for 2 years already..
Simpsons is my favourite show...
Last year on the web, I found out that The Simpsons Movie will be coming out this year.
From that very moment.. I was so happy.. That I can finally watch it!
So I planned to watch this year. A MUST watch.
Actually they said will be out May 07.. But I don't think it's Malaysia..
So.. Yea.. Anyway.. It's finally out!
Very very very very very nice!!
So nice! I wanna watch again!
It's so nice and interesting.. For me la..
So so so many nice parts.. I won't tell you..
I'll just ask you to watch. =P
You must watch in cinema, more nicer.. Why?
Because if you watch at home or so.. It's not so nice..
Because there are parts where it's about you watching it. Which is so not for at home..
If you watch at home then no fun already.. So.. Watch in cinema ok?
One thing.. Don't support pirated ones!
Hey, I really feel like telling you the interesting parts, but I can't..
You know why? Because if I tell you, then when you watch not interesting already..
So.. The main point is... Very very very nice movie! Must watch!
Got great moral values too.. in a cool interesting way =P
Hey.. Must watch ok? Haha I'm not forcing you or anything la..
I'm just telling you that its really very very very super duper nice =D
Haha! Ok ok.. That's all.. =P
Thanks for reading =)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today.. Is a Tuesday.
Also my second best day. =P
I love Friday. 2nd is Tuesday.
For Tuesday, after recess onwards is very nice..
English 2 periods+Art 2 periods.
But then after that is Sejarah 1 period.. =.= Haha!
K la.. so.. Story begin after recess =P
English.. Just did some work only, copy from blackboard and do..
After that.. Arts. Teacher is... Ustaza Bibi!! Haha!
She is kind of to say new la.. came in last week..
Last week la.. She say... Nonononono! Do not call me Cikgu Bibi or Teacher Bibi or anything else!
Only call me..... Ustaza Bibi.
Talk half day, finally we understood why..
She say.. Ustaza is in Arab for teacher/cikgu..
Then we all ooooo~ long long.. Haha!
Then after that, she say about this week have to bring what..
So she say she want us to bring the paper got boxes one..
She say one paper got alot of boxes one.. That one.. Bla bla bla bla..
We keep saying again and again... Huh? Huh? Huh? While she repeat and repeat and repeat what she said before again and again.. Haha! So cute la this teacher..
So one of us asked.. The geography one ar? Then go show the paper..
She say....... Nono not this one! Neh, the one got alot of boxes one, bla bla bla bla one.. That one..
Hahaha! Then few of them say, huh? got those paper one meh...
Then one of them asked.. Is it A4 size?
She say... Nononono..... not that size.. neh, erm..... like you all the exercise book size.. Neh, I think you all got use what... For maths?
Then we all..... oooooooooooooooo~~~~ cheeeeehhhh~~~
Hahahahaha! So cute.. Haha! Ok ok that was last week..
This week.. She never come.. When the teacher came in, we all.. Yaaaay!
Always one la.. Because it'll be free period.. Haha =P
So we had 2 free periods..
After that is Sejarah.. Noo.. When teacher came in..
We all... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Haha! Yeap. She didn't came today. =P Haha!
So we got 3 free periods =P
But then le... Today.. It actually feels like we had 5 free periods..
Know why? Because during Science, which was 2 periods before recess..
All we have to do is just do some notes.. And then teacher let us do what ever we want..
Haha! But I purposely do more notes.. Waste my time.. Because nothing to do..
I did soo long.. Write neat neat, slowly write.. Lalala.. Take my time there.. Hahaha!
So nice la today.. Quite relaxing.. XP

After school, I saw some people drinking something, looked like starbucks coffee.. Because the hand cover there.. So cant see wether it is or not..
So I thought.. Oh.. Starbucks..
Then I saw this person buying from the van..
I was like.. Har? They got ice blended one now?
Hey cool! I want! (I pokkai already)
I go ask how much.. He say RM3..
I check my wallet.. RM3..
Ah.. Fine.. Buy only la.. Don't buy also no more money already lo..
So I bought Mocha..
Mmm... Taste a bit like starbucks.. Haha.. A bit only la..
But startbucks one much more nicer.. Ofcourse la.. Haha..
Wa.. So nice... =D
The thing is...
I left RM0.50 in my wallet. Which is also for this whole month.. Die lu..
Haha! XP Don't know how now.. Haha..
K la.. That's all.. =P
Thanks for reading! =>

Monday, July 16, 2007


My Geography teacher(my form teacher)..
Changed our assistant monitor..
And also changed some of our places..
So actually my place is 2nd last row, the left side one.. And on my right got no one.. That's my correct place.. Teacher put us that way..

But then....(many of us does this..)
We sit other places during other period..
And whenever its Geography or whenever she comes,
We all have to rush and change place..
So I will sit beside Keertana(Keer),
Which I also can talk with my mei(Yee Mun)
Then Timothy(Tim) will sit with no one..

He ask to change place since the time when teacher put him beside Keertana.
So I got no choice but to change only lo. =P
So the thing is..
Teacher ask who got problem with the person sitting next to him/her..
Then Timothy go raise his hand.. But actually Keertana never done anything to him before..Haha!
So teacher ask me and him to change place..
I burst out laughing like siao!!!! Don't know if teacher got suspect anything or not(think we both change place when it's not Geography.)
I just laugh laugh laugh while changing place..
And then Mei say: Mer bu shi yi yang? Hahaha!
And Keertana say: Isn't it the same?? Hahahaha!
Then we all burst out laughing like mad!
Hahaha! So funny la..
So... Means...

Now.. Don't need to change when teacher passes by/comes in etc..
Don't have to watch out whether teacher is around..
Don't have to shift here and there.. And the books..
Haha! So nice la.. So funny.. What la..
Haha! Ok la.. That's it... =P
Thanks for reading! =P

Monday, July 9, 2007


Tell you ar..
My left hand got a really big blue black already..
Then today morning while helping to carry tables to classes before marching..
Suddenly pokkai..
The drain la.. Never close properly..
Then my left leg went in..
The a bit sharp part killed my leg..
Was so pain.. Like cannot stand or walk..
But still.. I force myself continue only lah..
Normal lah.. I always don't care one.. =x
Luckily no blood.. But..
Now there's a big big big big big bump on it..
Bigger than my left hand the blue black some more..
Now ar.. You touch it only very pain..
That's why.. I always walk look on the floor one..
But then the table was blocking my view to the floor.. Hahaha!
Looking on the floor also can concentrate on where am I going..
What's in front.. Left right up down..
But if look in front only after step on this and that.. Then pokkai.. Haha!
Cross road also.. Sometimes look on the floor one..
But of course I look left and right before crossing la..

Haha! Ok.. Today.. Is a Monday..
No school for my school.. Good le..
Because they put it like Carnival Day is school day, compulsory..
So Monday we can rest..
So.. No school but.. Got marching.. Haha!
8a.m. to 10.30a.m...
Only about 19 over 60++ came..
Then after marching we got nasi lemak..
Senior belanja us.. Plus additional mineral water..
Haha! Luckily got water.. I forgotten to bring my water..
Thank you thank you! Haha!
After that.. I went to Tesco.. With my mum..
Straight from school...
Then go back home.. Lunch was.......
My favourite!! Long time never eat already..
Spaghetti!! Mmm..... Haha!
Ok... That's all... Thanks for reading! =D

Sunday, July 8, 2007

BUD4 Carnival Day

Scouts selling hotdog..
RM3 for 1, RM5 for 2..
My class.. Muffin, Latte, Water.... Some kickapoo..
You know this game?
Guess how many objects are there inside that bottle..
I was so so so so so close to the answer.......
Super duper near the answer...
So close..
Prize is Canon digital camera wei..
I was like wishing and waiting for a camera for a really long time..
But I didn't win..
But I was seriously so so so so so near the answer!
Haiz.. Anyway..
Congratz to the winner!!! =D
Man you better be happy..
Your so lucky.. Congratz congratz! =D
Next is..
This clothes stall.. From F.O.S. one..
Loads of clothes..
At 1st RM5 for 1..
Then at about 1p.m. since I still got about RM20 of coupon..
So I use it on clothes..
Dig here dig there..
Price went lower.. RM5 for 2..
Dig again dig again..
Price went lower again..
RM2 for 1..
Dig dig dig..
Price went even lower..
RM1 for 1!
Dig again and dig dig dig..
Price went even more lower!
RM0.50 for 1!
Wah.. Crazy.. And my left hand going to pengsan already..
Was digging non stop for 2 hours..
Right hand was holding my hotdogs in plastic bag..
So means I bought some for RM1 each..
And another 2 more for RM0.50 each..
Haiz.. Why so cheap? I wanna finish my coupon leh..
Haha! So I left about RM6 can't finish..
That time 3p.m. already.. Started to rain..
And when it got so heavy.. The stall close..
Pn Lee say cannot buy already..Clothes getting wet..
So I hurry buy my last 2.. Which I did say on top, RM0.50 each..
And my RM6 coupon, give her only lah..
So.. It was raining so heavily..
Somehow, I waited half hour to go home..
Went inside the car..
Look at what clothes I bought, showing my mum at the same time..
Waa! I actually bought so so so nice clothes!!!!
Better quality and cheaper than pasar malam wei!
F.O.S. wei.. No play play..
Wah... Ok ok..
I will show you how they look like......
I another post.. =P

Friday, July 6, 2007

After school..

After school...
Supposed to practice basketball for competition on Carnival Day..
But.... Since we cant find enough people for this group..
We cancel... Don't want join.. Save my RM5 also..Haha!
Suppose to be RM10 a person..
But my friend willing to sponsor me and my friend Yee Mun RM5..
Means we pay RM5 only, while she pay the other 2xRM5..
So... Since cancel already, and me and Yee Mun only going back at 3p.m.,
We decided to go to IKEA.. To eat hot dog... Haha!
Very cheap you know.. My sis Janning told me about it..
RM3, you get a hotdog(with bun) and a cup..
You put what ever ingredients and how much you want...
And you fill your cup with which ever type of soft drink there yourself..
And... You can refill non-stop...
About the ingredients... Theres..
Ketchup, Chili sauce, Mustard, cube onions, and pickles..
I put all except chili sauce.. Haha!
Normally I eat chili sauce, but with burger or hot dog or....
I will put ketchup... Haha!
So... anyway.. We both bought 2set of Hot Dog + Drink and add another 2 more hot dogs.
Was so thirsty, I drank 3 cups of soft drink all together..
I mean... 2 cups while eating.. another 1 cup refill when wanna go.. Haha!
Drank so much before eating... Untill I was full already...
So I ate only 1 hot dog, and another... go da bao.. Haha!
Just take a plastic bag and put it in.. Use another tissue cover it..
Then we walked to The Curve to go to Tesco..
Went to Tesco, go to News.com..
My friend bought E-pop... I wanted to buy.. but since she buying so mer borrow from her lo..
Then went to Living Cabin, show my friend all the stuff there...
Some super cheap.. And some super expansive too.. Haha!
The cheap one are some stationary..
Its very good quality.. Like this soft rubber.. So nice to use..
Usually RM1++... but there sell RM0.50..
And this correction tape.. About the same amount with those normal one..
Other places sell RM3+++++++ one...
But there sell only RM1.80.. Very good quality..
Haha! Anyway..........
After that.. We went back to The Curve..
And walked back with tunnel link again to Ikea, Ikano there...
Then walked back to school... About 2.30p.m. already..
So we played basketball till 2.50p.m...
Then we go wait for our parents to fetch lo...
Wa.. So syok one ar.. Always go here go there... Haha!
Oh yea.. Don't forget to try the hot dog in Ikea..
It's not the usual hot dog.. The hot dog is longer than the bun..
And tastes a bit different from the normal ones..
I don't know about you all la, but I love it... Hehe!
K la k la... Bye bye! Thanks for reading! =>


Waa... Guess what... You know my school carnival day coupon book? Each book RM10 only right? Yep..
I didn't know till today that~
The story goes like this..
I brought 1 of my book of coupon to school today..
And when I open it...
Flip here flip there..
I found out something..
I blink blink..
Eh.. Really leh, not dreaming..
Ok.. There's supposed to have 1 RM5 + 1 RM2 + 3 RM1..
I realized that...
My that book of coupon ar...
Got 2 RM5 wei...
Wa... so happy..... some more of all RM5 got double... 0.o
Ooo... So nice... ^.^
Wahahahaha! Yay!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Yesterday, I received a *birthday present.. A really late one.. Its already passed 2 months.. 0.o..
First, I open the outer wrapping...
I saw newspapers wrapping it..
So I opened it again..
And another newspaper..
So I opened it again..
And another, and repeat and repeat..
And the size of it went so small..
And finally, the last layer..
I saw.. a postcard..
With some words on it..
Hahaha! The way this present was wrapped made me remember the time when I was small..
I used to play this..
Wrap a little small gift with loads of newspapers..
And when the person who received it will open and open and open and open~
And finally will get....
Just a small little gift..Haha!
Hmm... Long time no do that! Forgotten all about it!

Today during recess,
I received another birthday present again..
From the same person..
This time, with a really proper, nice wrapping..
When I open it, I saw....
Sky! the... how to say?
Xing Kong Dian Shi Yuan Sheng Dai..
Yea.. It costs RM29.90.. 0.o..
When I bring it out from the wrapper, I saw..
A card... And ofcourse, words inside..
Hmm.. My birthday passed like...
A very long time ago..
Although I didn't receive any present on that day,
But I'm still happy, for the wishes to me made it consider it as a present to me!
If you read my posts on my birthday in my Multiply..
You'll know about it already...
And the 2 really belated birthday present,
Really thankyou so much for it..
Although its so late.. But ThankzZ!
Now enjoying while listening to my CD.. Haha!

Monday, July 2, 2007

What's next....

Know what? After posting the previous post, I realized.. I'm eating properly now! Yay... just.. a bit lesser than before.. Ah that one never mind one la.. Anyway... Yea.. My tittle "what's next.."...
What's next??
Rashes.. Eee.. but long time don't have already wo..
First was..
My legs there..
Then few days later..suddenly,
My hands also got..
Then don't know how..(few days later)
Some rashes just slowly appeared on my hand..
I "watched it".. No la.. not really.. was watching TV at the same time..
slowly, getting obvious..
Then, itchy... rash mar.. Eee.. Hate it!!!!!!
Till then, was last night.. When I think I should tell my mum..
Mum said it was heat rash?
Told her more about it..
Then she say... Maybe allergy to something?
She then say.. See how lor.. Tomorrow(today) see ok or not..
I was thinking.. So many days already lu.. Getting worse that's why tell you lar aiyo..
Never mind.. so the *tomorrow came.. which is today..
After school when my mum come pick me up..
This is what happened..
I sat in.. Told my mum..
Ma, you know ar... my rash ar.... Lalalalalalalalalalalalala you know! So lalalalala! Last night sleeping also allaallaalal! and then lalalalalalala some more... lalalallala lo!
Skipped some part...(no time)
Anyway.. Don't know what to say already..
Oh yea.. about the heat.. I mean the weather..
Sooooo~~~~ Hot!!!! No wait... humid.. Yea..
Can die one.. Serious.. Don't know other people lar...
But my house soooo~~ hot.. I mean.. humid.. What ever..
That's why mum say I meybe got heat rash.. Or whatever you call that?
Mmm nevermind... Ciaoz...