Friday, May 29, 2009

Teacher's Day Celebration :)

Although it's like 29th May already, but we had a celebration in school today for teachers.
Kind of cool, I am not sure if it was really for our school, but there were 3 helicopters carrying some words in the banner, one by one fly above our school, and one thing is it's great timing. We couldn't see the words because they were too high up or it's just the banner size problem. So, I couldn't be sure if it was really for us :P

Anyway, slept late last night. Phew -.-
Spent whole day in school and at home drawing. For? Teachers!
3 teachers ☺
I'm sure they would appreciate it, as it is drawn from my heart with effort and full concentration ^^
I'm really glad to see their reaction :P Their happy smile ^^
I'm also quite sure that a teacher would appreciate and feel happy if you study, do their work, behave and score well in PMR ^^
So...... I plan to do something I would never ever ever ever ever do and never ever ever ever did -.- Is to study this holidays!!!!! AHHH 0.0
Can you imagine.. A person like... ME? -o- Aiyah. Ofcourse you can.. You all see me quiet quiet, do homework, lalala, so you think I'm a person who studies -.-
No way man. But I've got to change it. Either sooner or later.
UPSR is basic and that time I really pay full concentration in class, so thats why I could score well without studying. I remember how I fell asleep when I tried to study. Put the book on the table then fell asleep, haven't even flip -.- My mum was like.. You see la, haven't even study then fell asleep already.
HAHAhhahaah ;)
So... Mission starts tomorrow. (Oh... my...goshh -.= Can you be...believe it... I....I ca-n't......-o-)
Yea yea yea, going to apartment.. Study there...... Oooof -.-
Then I hope with me studying, I could change all my results from fail to an A :)
Hehhehe, fail wohhhh! See, I don't study, that's why.
Okay, okay.
Hope I get enough self-motivation and support to be like a ..... er.... a nerd? -.o?
No way, people. I'm still going shopping! Wuahahahahha that's me man. I'm never a nerd! And... I don't just do one thing in my life - study =.= And I tell you, it's quite of like one of the last thing I do man. Now I'm trying so hard to push it infront -.-
Alright now..
(Man, my exam results aren't good man. I did not study -.- All form 1-3 stuff.... And and and... Maths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had totally no time man!!!!!! But for the objective questions, I put full concentration and do it real carefully, and was confident with my answers, and yes, they were all correct, for those that I did with full concentration. After that no time, about 10 questions... So just simply circle T.T End up not bad la. Just that subjective is the bomb -.- No time, my brains move too slow.............................-.-

Kay la kay la.. Don't talk too much now. I haven't catch up my two weeks of lack of sleep. I even woke up with headache and flu and red eyes -.- And my headache... Terrible I tell you! Can faint ahhh. Till I reach home at 5p.m. and took paracetamol. 11 hours of suffering that pain migrane -.- Huahhaha, it's finally gone! >=)


Happy Teacher's Day! ♥♥♥ ^^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's over.


It's 12.15a.m. already!
Stupid Sejarah folio! T.T
I'm having exam in a few hours time ahhhhhhh!!
My printer!!!!!!!!
Cannot print pictures one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spent so so so so so so long on this and... and...
On last minute can't find anyone to help!!!
Man, it was really just seconds away!!!
My friend actually can help, but I was just few seconds late!!!!
Awwwwhhhh!!!! T.T
Give up!!!!!! I pass up late! x(!!!!
Sob* sob*

Monday, May 18, 2009


I was writing the date today... 1...8..... 18???!
Oh my goodness! I mean, I remembered May 1st just passed like really recently and...
It's 18?? Seriously?? Man!
I had been soo busy.. Even right now..
I haven't studied. Dead, really.
I don't even have time to watch my favourite show.
I don't even have time to play with my hamster.
I don't even have time to walk - I run in the house. Really.
I still have soo many things to do.
In school, woe... Wow.. I don't wanna remember. So.... so busy!! My mind so messy, so filled, so packed, so... stress.
Don't even have time to eat =.=
Just like that, May is here.. In fact, it's kind of like ending very soon.
I got soo many things waiting for me.. I got soo many things to do...
Know what's the best thing? I still take unnecessary things compulsory. -.-
Time flew.
PMR is so near.
Time's gonna fly again.
But still, I appreciate every moment.

-May 17-
Went to Shaun's house.
When the rain stopped, me, Shaun and Adrian played basketball.
And I guess it was when I twisted my leg and now it's pain. I only realised it today.
No big deal though.
Oh my gosh, I love Google!! I mean, his dog! Sooooooo cute!!!!!!!
I seriously miss it man, so cute!!!!
Such a nice home and housing area :)
Kinda cool :P
Awwe, Google's so so cute... I really thinked of it a lot of times. Man.
Can't wait for the next time? When man.... whennn o.o
Ate pizza for dinner.
9p.m. plus, cut cake.
9.30pm suppose to go home, but surprisingly, Adrian's mum and sis (came at 9p.m.) and my dad and mum had a 'parent's night'. Haha. Chat until 11p.m. 0.0 Hahahha

Alright, got to go now.
Till then :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not -.-

Hey people..
I am Not...... emooooooooooooooo -.-
Eee -.-
I didn't know I look emo for these years, if you say I do..
1) quiet
2) shy
Sorry lo -.-
No more calling me emo girl =.=
Sad, just didn't see me when I'm high.
Worse than retard.
Don't believe? I understand. Haha. Aih.
Nevermind, Janning knows :)
I don't talk much to people I don't really know.. so...
That's not called emo okay.
Ala. Type here no use.
Dish =.=
Eik. I'm not emo girl ok >:B
People who knows me, knows me. They know :)

Man, recently, I've been lacking time..
So busy -.-
Don't know what I do man.

Kay la, need to sleep zZz
So so so tired -o-

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! ♥

This morning.. woke up at 5.50a.m. ....
By Jason's sms -.- Asking whether can walk over at 6a.m. .
I say... nooooooooo..... 7a.m. =>
So okay went back to sleep. Cannot sleep.
6.30a.m. clean up.
Got ready and all by 7a.m. .
Made love breakfast for mum and dad - Egg with love shaped yolk ♥
Was 7.20a.m. by then..
I asked Jason.. Why so long?
Lalala, and so he came at 7.50a.m. or something..
His friend's dad fetched him over.
His friend and all went out. 6a.m-12p.m. Thats why, I had to entertain him.
I thought he'd walk here, it's only few steps away. Okay, maybe few rows.
So... We played hamster for a lil while..
Then went mamak for breakfast.
I called the same thing.. teh ais and tosai. He called for teh ais and roti telur.
I belanja him. Small brother ma.
Then we walked around the shops... went Guardian.. Bought alchohol swabs.
Walked all the way to the park. Walked around the park for half hour.
Then we walked out to Datuk Sulaiman area.. went to the 'park'.
Nobody one. Should be because nothing much to do there.
They have this playground, with cement slide... see-saw... and swings.. And also poles and poles to climb, soo scary man. But when we went to almost the highest point, although scary, but.. damn nice view, and very cooling :D
Can see 1u, Ikea, Curve, Jason's condo, and yea.. basicly, a lot of things. Quite cooling.
Also played the 'spider web' thing, but it's made of the chains.. So we were bear footed.. So hot and pain -.-
I tell you, we exactly like monkey. Swing also.. Do all kind of things. Even stand on it. (people at their house stared when they came out) Hahaha oops.
Then was about 9.45a.m. ... Suppose to reach back home by 10... End up had to run back home.. My foot between the toe's got blister, because of the slipper -.-
We reached 10.04a.m. ... Gasping for air 0.0 Sweating like mad...
Then we sit in the car... On the way to apartment 1st for a while, then only to Giant.
Went to apartment, guess what.... go playground again. Man I tell you, so back to kids man.
We play for about 10 or 15 minutes.. Then had to go.
Even play tic tac toe =.=
So we went to Giant.
Then we bought drinks.
I bought Sprite, he bought F&N, purple one.
He said, 'I belanja you.' Then I said, I pay. Same as this morning la. Then he like... Yer, never give me face one -.- Hahah then, ok ok... give you face.. let you pay. Haha.
And yeah, so on, chat chat...
Oh, and he bought a PS2 game.
Then we reach home around 12.15p.m. or something.
Played rubik's cube, I lend it to him. He wanted to buy. And I'm not playing with it. So lend him la.
Then about 12.40p.m. or so, he walked back to his friend's house. They are back.
Yea. Then an hour later, he called me.. Eh, Jesslyn, come out for a while.
Lalala, I told him.. lalala I change already laa... lalala you can bring the cube home, I let you borrow one..
So end up he didn't come in. Hehe.
When he was just right outside. Hahah ooops.
Okay la, glad I managed to entertain you. I pity you.. Go friend's house should be fun, but you so bored, some more 3 days 2 night, some more sit in the car 2 hours, came home vomited =.= some more friend had to go out. Aiyak.
Go home a lot to talk with Jasmine la. Hahaha, then Tomorrow in school I a lot to talk to her also.

So.. It's mother's day.
The fun has not begin >=)
It's always night time when the fun starts :P
I tell you.........
Aiyahh.... Shhh.
Tell you the next time I update. =D

(Sharks 0.0 I am stuck in my project! No one is helping meeeee T.T)
Ugh.. :(

Yesterday, went to the warehouse sale for United Colors Of Benetton at Bukit Kiara the building.
After 70% or 90% less, the price still can be RM100 =.=!
I kind of like that brand. It's a brand since a long time ago.
I know it because we have the luggage bag, and I really love it.
Cannot get such a thing anymore.
So anyway, I bought a cap, beige colour. RM20. Not cheap. Normal price about RM100+ or something, forgot.
Oh well.
But I really like it. Like no other. Although it's just such a simple cap.
I wear it for shopping and all. Like what I did this morning.
Love it ^^!!!!
My second birthday treat :P What's my problem -.-
Haha, ohkay...

Till then :)

Mummy, Thank You! I ♥ U! Muax!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Part Two ☺

So.. I promised to continue..
Here it is.
So.. The present I got were wrapped...
When I open, food. Open, more food. Foooood.
Until I laugh. Hahaha
Even got a can of Anything. Don't know what drink is it. Shall open it tonight. :P
So I got loads of junk to slowly eat. Hahahah fattie x)
And also.... this mini basketball with hoop thing I wanted to buy since super long ago too!
But each time it's in front of me, I hesitate. Hahaha. Don't know why x)
I tell you.... I love it man. Although it's like so cheap. I played it 1 hour just now right after I came home.. Which I stayed back to play basketball. Hahah.
It's a light weight version and mini version and because it is so light, it's hard to get the ball in I tell you. Plus, it bounces a lot! Hahaha.
Got another birthday wish from another long time no see and chat friend..
It's been 3 years since we talked on the phone.
We were like... I don't think this is you.... Hahaha xD
Then right after that call.. A call from someone who wished me on 3rd, 4th and today.
So it's happy be'earlierd birthday, happy birthday and happy belated birthday.
Thank you all for the wishesh, everyone.
Manning wished me by sms'ing at 12a.m. :P
In her vista... that's why sms. Haha.
Oh kay... So.
I had a really great time this year ☺
And I want to thank all of you kao kao.
Makasih :D
Also.. Thanks for reading my blog, people! ^^

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Jess! :D

I really enjoyed my days this year ;D I had a last minute plan on having a bbq birthday party at my home on 1st May. It reminded me, half year ago during December.. I told myself. This year, I'm going to have a bbq birthday party ☺ Haha! Even asked parent's permission and they said okay already. Haha! Half year ago's stuff! xD
Ahh :P So much laughter - look at the picture x)

Thanks to those who came =D Really made a memorable birthday :) So glad you all had fun! Although this aint anymore kid party with games :P Thanks for the great friendship :) Almost all of you are new friends ;)

Thanks for the birthday song in 4 languages xD!! English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil! (Although it isn't really correct xD)

As every year, I wish for the same thing. The sides are things that can be bought. And oh my gosh o.0 This reminds me! My side birthday wish is revealed! Remember from gameboy to ds to psp, I actually revealed it last year! Hahahahahhahahah :D Oh right.....! xD
Man... I'm a girl, like a boy.. who loves gadgets.. even my dad don't! 0.0 Hahahha!
(ps. waste of money -.-) hehe.

Well, I really feel very very very very very fortunate, and I appreciate all that I have.
I learn't too, to appreciate what you have and not what you don't have.
It really makes you happier :) And also, live simply, give more, expect less! ^^

Ahhh ☺ Nothing so warm like a homely dinner specially prepared by my family with love <3>
Thanks mummy and Jovenne for the great food! Mmmm yummay! ;D
Thanks Jov for the red sparkling juice you gave on 1st May!
Drank it today with you all :D with the japanese eel I bought at One Utama just now :P
Thanks for the lovely homely dinner!
And thanks for the birthday song again xD

So.. Today ☺
Went One Utama till 6p.m. starting from 2p.m. after school.
Haha, had a great time :) I bought myself a birthday present!
A small little thing I love since I know it exists.
Its a pen with different colours and and also mechanical pencil, all in one.
When I was really young, standard 2 or 3, my aunty from Singapore gave us this pen which is similar to it. I don't know what happen, but mine was lost. I hardly can remember what. But Janning had the very last one. Till one day, it was lost also! D= So so so so sad!! I really really love it sooooo much! I really was so sad T.T
Then when I was about standard 5 or something, my friend had this pen also similar to it. Ahh -.-
Then............. This year, quite a few times I think about it too..
Looked at the glass cupboard in the bookstore.. Wondering.. Are there such a pen similar to it? I'm sure got.. but... I don't see it o.0?
Then I planned... maybe I might want to buy it for my birthday present. (siok sendiri -.-)
So today at Popular, asked the person in charge there.
Looked at the Pilot one.. 4+1, black, blue, green, red, pencil.
Then she told me, there's another one like it also, cheaper too.
Zebra one. Also black, blue, red, green, pencil.
Pilot one is RM39 or RM29, didn't hear clearly.
Zebra one is RM21, and the refill is only RM0.90
So I bought the Zebra one with 10% card discount. Also made in Japan.
Man. Janning sure say I siao. Waste money. Crazy. Don't know how to spend money wisely. -.-
I notice I really like all these gimmicks.
Dad calls them gimmicks. Hahah :P
So, ahhh :) Finally got this sesat thing ☺
So so happy :P It may be something useless and stupid.. well, but to me, it's just different. Don't know how to say it.
Pray nothing will happen to it, it's like my baby 0.0 if one day it got stolen, lost or anything...
You'll see a cold dark black anime Jesslyn =.=
Yayyyyy my pencil box will be much slimmer! Hahahahha xD xD xD

(paused here...)

Guess what happened... 0.0

Oh my goodness! HAhahahahahahah
What a surprise xD
First I saw a small little light in the kitchen.. But I didn't care about it.. Then a while later I was thinking. Eh...
'Happy Birthday To You..~~~~'
Awwwe! xD
A plate with 5 donuts and a little candle in the middle! HAhaha so cute!
Man I tell you...
I thought my birthday was already so nice.. didn't expect another one 0.0
I got presents, food, I tell you. loads loads loads of food I tell you!!
Okay la..
I shall continue the joy tomorrow :P
I have to go now..
Man I love the present!!
Tell you what's it tomorrow! Haha ;)

Thankyou everyone!!
Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! ^^
Muakzz Ahhh Hugzz! =D

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!!

Guess what?? My cousin gave birth today! :D
It's a boy, and his name is Nathan Chai!
In the message: '.. future Bboy...' :P Hahaha yeah I agree.
So May 3rd marks his birth date :)
And May 4th's mine! So close! :P
Gosh! Can't wait to visit them!
Ahhh. I haven't really handled a baby before. Sad -.-
So once again..

Happy Birthday Nathan!!! ^^