Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seandainya - Ari Lasso Lyrics

kini baru aku sadari
cinta bisa hadir tanpa disadari
dengan perlahan tapi pasti
merasuk di jiwa ini

perasaan ini
takkan pernah aku mengerti
sejenak khilafku
lupakan dia yg miliki diriku

reff: seandainya cinta ini tak pernah terjadi
takkan ada air mata dan hati perih terluka

saat cinta menyentuh hati
aku pun tak kuasa untuk menghindari
meski aku telah berdua
aku jatuh cinta lagi
sejenak khilafku

lupakan dia yg miliki diriku

repeat reff

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Friday, October 24, 2008


I like Tidus. Although I didn't watch Final Fantasy X :P I didn't watch any =.=

*Click to enlarge, then enjoy the graphic :D

Aint he cute?

He is to me.. But a sad thing to love anime is that they don't exist. -.-
They're drawings, they're animation. Haha! But yea I like them ;P
Okay, now for update.
My friend called me, she said there's no school on Wednesday.
Means I didn't and wont be going school for 8 days.
And I haven't started studying.
Oh yea, this weekend and next weekend is occupied already.
Let's see, I'm not suppose to be so free online now.. I still have loads to do man.
Oh thanks, I just made up my mind ;)
Now make cookies for tomorrow, at night watch Snow Buddies :D
Okay, settle.
Listen to Declan's songs okay :D
Bye bye!
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Today

I'm quite of 100% sure I won't be going for the meeting session with them this Saturday..
It's like I have to go to the wedding thing. Ofcourse, right.
So, haih. I gave my 'letter' and info and proof to my friend..
Whoever wants to go, call someone to be with you and enjoy ☺
Seriously, Jesmyn you better go or I will D=<>
I think I won't be going school, should'nt have went, so boring..
Nothing to do...............................
Oh, I don't know, but I think HSM 3 is quite nice...
I don't even know if it's out. Haha.
I heard all of the songs.. haha, stupid right, listen to them before watching.. so clever..
I'm not a HSM craze or whatever la, I saw a download link and just nice I am looking for some songs, any song at all to replace my old songs... so sien!
Some of the songs are like... noise. I like a few la. Heh, slow ones. I old already hahah!
So.. right!
Tomorrow going One Utama.
And right!!
I made plans for next next Friday already. Haha!
Right on the day finals end ;)
I plan to study Science... but I don't know when will I start...
I'm so behind everything, I only know till about what we learnt beginning of the year.
Maths I got nothing to say la.
I'll try to study..
I haven't started man.
Oh yea, I don't know when to watch 10 Promises To My Dog..
It's defenitely impossible to watch before finals... nobody can ==
Eh I found quite a cool piano sheet site, link it!
Hahahah yesterday I was like so so so sad so stressed so fustrated of everything crashing in at the same time, and after a good night's sleep, 84% of them is gone! Haha, cool I tell you.
The day before yesterday I can't sleep, like other days, but even worse.
I went to bed at 10 something, guess what time I fell asleep.
4a.m., no joke. 6 hours later ==
I feel much better today man, yesterday I kinda felt like dizzy and so plain...
Hehhe, appreciate my great times man, I'm gonna play piano now..
Wahaha, complete noting down the chords of my composed song.
Hahah, 2 years ago's stuff weih -.-
Kay la, going off now.
Bye bye

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Monday, October 20, 2008

=D then T.T

Do you know what? :D
I called in 8TV and answered correctly and and, I got my place to go in!!
To meet Henley! And others who act in 'Step Of Dance' ☺
This time, not like last year when I got a place to go John's..
I was still nervous, but much much more better than last year haha!
Again like last year, I jump everywhere after that haha!
And then I waited for a call...
6 something, the person called me..
He told me the place, date, time...
I gave my information.... etc..
And then I told my mum.
Oh no man ==
As in, that exact date and time is when I'm suppose to be at my cousin's wedding!
Argghhh!! What a great chance, how to loose it.. sad like mad..
But I don't care, I mean, I'm going to try my best to manage this thing, I have a plan in mind, since the afternoon wedding session is nothing much.
I will need a friend, and my friend's transport.
This morning in school I told Jesmyn, hey, if ar, IF ar, I called in 8TV again and get a place to meet Henley they all, you follow me ok?
She laugh.. Haha! She likes Henley too, and saw him twice!
Once at Genting.. another one yesterday!! At 1Utama haha!
And she met Fahrenheit and shook hands and all, how nice ☺
And back to topic, I really really hope everything will be just nice...
And oh yea, I got a big big opportunity to accept this TVC project but again, on that date is my finals first day!
Arrrgggghhhhh!!! Why man, why? Ahhh :'(
I'm so busy.. I don't know why...
I'm always busy... Don't want to know why..
Man man woman woman lady laideh what else...
This is really fustrating.. But it's no good to stress and get fustrated...
So, I'll just try to cool and hang on, there are plans made for me ;)

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Declan Galbraith - Ego You Lyrics

In pain you speak all that you need
When you decide when all is said and done
You'd laugh it off and run
In time you'll see what you get from me
I should have known
We could have made it through
But that's just Ego You

Time will show and time will tell
What you need to make it well
Time will show I knowIf I let you go

Through all your life
All filled with strife
All you desire has been torn up in two
Because of Ego You
Time will show and time will tell
What you need to make it well
Time will show I know
If I let you go....go....
Time will show and time will tell
What you need to make it well
Time will show I know
If I let you go

Enjoy! ;)
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nice Day >.^

Love my boy *hugz. This picture was taken on that night I fixed/redo his bed(the one he's lying on now) haha so lovely la, he love and miss it so much, he keep lying down on his bed hahah, like he kinda saw all that sawing in hammering I did, and was so happy when it was done, he didn't dare to step on it yet, he just stood there and wagged his tail so long hahaha!!! Awwwe!!! Then I teman him up hahaha ><

Oh, Crystal! Went 1Utama with her today =)

And that is me! Haha

Look at this girl... hahaha

Hahahhaha I dare me to go out the fitting room like this ;)

Oh neh, my cun le!!! Hahah >.<

Yee Mun took my phone and take =.=

Huhu, love my boy!

And my doggie! ♥

And mp3!!

Haha, know why am I so happy?
So nice man today....
And I love my top I bought!!
Man luckily I bought it man!!!
I'm sure to regret if I didn't!!
Oh I ♥ it I ♥ it like I ♥ it!
Oh and I still can't find a formal shoe for next week -.-
Haha hmm what else...
Yea we ate KFC, too full after eating ==
Oh and I didn't know spice crunch is being replaced as spicy.
Hahaha good wei >.^
Soo delicious =P
And like what you saw in the picture, we bought Starbucks.
Didn't buy for 1 over year already, so nice lar.
2nd time buying hehe, slurpylicious ;)
This time I bought green tea.
But the cream.... our cream... that new guy put so little... ==
And the cover also take 20 seconds still cannot cover, so no strength weih... Even need the other person to help. Hahahahhahahahaha the other person's expression was like *aiyahhh #.#* then covered it in 2 seconds.
Hahhahahahahahahahahahaha poor old guy..
Sesat give so little cream....................................................................................
But still slurpylicious though! Hwahahaha
Nice day man...
Oh yea! HAHA!!! Crystal don't want me to say something...
'Something'..................... hehe, Crystal~.... HAHAH ><
So funny lar we laughed like mad after that!!
As a buddy, okay lar, don't tell, but you can tell if you want in your bloggy haha :P
That was really a funny moment..... haha!
So many more things that made today so nice.... Ahh ;)
Okay, till here then.

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Monday, October 13, 2008


Looks like my eyes are magnetic to screens.
Computer screen, television screen, camera screen, handphone screen, what other screens..
Wake up, first thing to do, attach to computer screen.
When 10a.m. arrives, attach to television screen.
After watching Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, attach to computer again.
When 5 something arrives, take a bath, refresh my eyes, then get ready to attach to television at 6p.m.
7p.m. dinner time, put some energy to my eyes.
After dinner, attach to computer again.
8.30p.m. while parents finished watching news, they'll watch if there are nice programs.
My eyes attracted to two screens at the same time, so attach to television, then few seconds back on computer, then watch again, then computer again..
UAAA!! You know how sien ah, everyday like that ==
Somebody if you're nice enough..... help meeeeeeee!!!
I'm like stuck in a beautiful jail...
Don't know what to do la weih...
Next time if I ever buy a psp, I'll be filled with more screens.
SCREENS $) my eye can get #) already.
UUAAA... and this time I'm so so so so so much more geram at the piano..
About 20 keys don't friend me...
Nola, everybody.
So bad right :( I don't know what difficulties is it having also, it don't want to share with me... =(
So tomorrow I'm going to my cousin's house earlier to play her piano, then when she comes back, continue to class.
cun le ;)
Kay la sis ask me zao... so I gotta obey 8)

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Choc Cake

Recently baked a choc cake.

Basicly it looks like this ^

First time creaming cake. Chocolate actually :P cuz parents don't like cream cakes.

And inside is like this! ^

Hahaha. But sad, the recipe for the cake is not the very moistured cake. If it is.... wooooh :P
I want to make bread.........................
And proper cream cake........ :)
And pizza........
And fondant cake................
And strawberry milkshake ;)
And have my very own bread knife... and chef knifes... and my notebook...
And put on a chef suit.... and hat... and work in a professional kitchen @.# uaa...
Cooks rule the kitchen >.^
wahahaha i better sleep before I get night high-ness =B
Night night!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm so so so so lucky!
I have a week off again!
Plus today and tomorrow, didn't go to school and won't need to tomorrow.
Shouldn't have went on Wednesday and Tuesday and actually Monday too ==
So boring.... Oh man and this bad thing is......
I brought back all my books in the desk yesterday!!
My friend told me that the form 2's classes wont be used T.T
And I rubbed all that beautiful artwork and stuffs on my table ==
What the man T.T
Let's look at good things =D
Hmm, I have 9 days off ;)
Today I went Tesco with mum, I passed by school...
Was on the way to apartment, we went there before we went Tesco.
So at first thought, oh, school.
Second thought, OH! SCHOOL!! Hahahahahahha they're having classes now!!
I saw a prefect.
Was recess time =P
Hahaha okay anyway, tomorrow will be going out with friends.
Gosh I brought back all my books == So heavy and mafan you know ==
2 large bags full. Yiiiiiiih!!
Aduh ==
Kay lah, that's all.
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Sunday, October 5, 2008

◘ ← Baby Square

How's your holidays?
Mine.. is... Really very boring..
This is what I can do - TV, computer, mp3, eat, sleep, bath, thats all.
And for that, I got migrane ==
I tell you yesterday was so bad, I went to bed at 7pm something.
But I guess one of the cause of my migrane is because I sleep too much, waking up when there's sunlight.
So, I just relax on my bed, listen to my mp3... lalala..
Then I think about 9 something I went off to sleep.
And I woke up at 8 something this morning...
Oh man, sleep 11 hours?
Man, I need to get a job weih, the week after next week is PMR week, and I have holidays...
I tell you I can die man.. this week passed super duper slow..
Like life in slow motion, you know?
Got no friends who live nearby who can just go out with, maybe just have a walk.
And it's pretty boring you know ==
I used to have friends living nearby.
One day her house, next day my house, then another her house...
Hahaha pretty days :)
Well, it's like dying, I mean to wait for my chance to buy my keyboard, and a hope to get a psp...
Everything's at least 2 months away.
How I suffered practicing my piano is really, not nice to remember ==
You don't want to know why. Haha
And I'm still wondering, how on earth can I study for PMR...
I can die man... Although PMR is like easier than SPM? SPM..... ahh, don't wanna think of it ==
Funny la, so boring.
It's like I haven't wake up since a week ago...
Just like Garfield.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tagged by Crystal.

6 people to tag:
1) Jescyn
2) Jesmyn
3) Lydia Miller
4) Nicola
5) Erin
6) Ching Sheung

6 things i'm passionate about:
1) PSP
2) Keyboards Casio LK-300TV
3) Declan
4) Friends
5) Chefs
6) Scrappers

6 things I say too often:
1) What to do
2) psp
3) Awe man
4) What the
5) (someone I see) is a boy/girl (opposite or correctly)
6) Er. Okay.

6 books i've read recently:
1) Under chef/bakings stuff
2) Under scrap/craft/art
3) No other books
4) Don't really read
5) No picture and bye bye
6) Now you know why I don't like to study ><

6 songs i can listen to again and again:
1) Canon
2) Declan's
3) Nice piano tunes
4) Some folk tunes
5) Jay Chou's
6) Coldplay's

6 things i learnt in Past Year:
1) Piano
2) An extraordinary type of patience
3) 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
4) Photographing
5) Everything about variety
6) Things can mean nothing but rubbish to someone, but precious like gold in other's eyes

Friday, October 3, 2008

Declan Galbraith

Do you know Declan? :)

It is the story of a boy with an extraordinary voice...
Declan Galbraith and his family live in England, in the small town of Hoo, near Rochester, Kent. His father, Alec, is of Scottish descent, while his mother Siobhan comes from a large Irish family. She is a twin and one of 14 children in her family. Declan’s grandfather whom he affectionately called ‚Poppy Ben’ sang in a band and played several instruments and often took Declan along to the ‘Fleadhs’ (concerts) he was playing in. “I would sit there for hours watching Poppy Ben and the musicians, and listening to their music“, says Declan. The explosive mix of Scottish and Irish musical traditions inspired Declan and became his early musical influence. He remembers himself already singing at the age of two. He adds, “These are some of my very first memories in life – always singing.“ His talent was publicly acknowledged for the first time when at just 7 years old he insisted on performing spontaneously at the annual Rochester Dickens Festival, a two-day extravaganza where people were invited to dress up in Victorian costumes to celebrate the life and times of the famous author Charles Dickens and his links with their town. Little Declan, dressed up as a chimney sweep, started singing and the crowd went wild. Soon after this he started to enter local talent contests and within a year he had won 15 titles and more than £1,000.00. He wisely put most of it into a savings account, but he did spend some of it on computer games, a basketball and a brand new football. Now, some five years later, Declan has made music and singing his full-time career. Siobhan Galbraith: ”As parents, it has always been the biggest concern to ensure that irrespective of his talent and success, Declan would not lose touch with the real world, and to remain a normal young man. We know he has an extraordinary talent and he has set himself a very high goal.” As a result of his success in the talent shows, the major recording companies soon heard about Declan and he was signed to his first recording contract in England. His first recording was ‘Walking in the Air’, which was released on a special Christmas Hits album, also featuring Westlife, Elton John and Elvis Presley. Declan loves to sing to live audiences and among some of his most memorable performances are, the Queen’s Jubilee at St Paul’s Cathedral, when he sang ‘Amazing Grace’ accompanied by the St Paul’s Choir and an unforgettable experience when singing in front of more than 22,000 people at an Elton John concert.Declan says: “So far I have been able to realize my dream of making music and singing. I am now playing guitar and the piano and have also started to write my own songs, which hopefully I will record on future albums. One day I would also like to develop other skills and perhaps do some acting as well."Declan is determined to keep his feet firmly on the ground and knows that it is important to keep up with all of his schoolwork and education. He finds time to practice his music every day.His first album with Irish traditional songs and some specially written material became a big success and charted in the U.K. and Ireland. Another big success came during a nationwide tour of Young Voices concerts when breaking the Guinness World Record. It was at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast in December 2002 when he sang live with some 10,000 children and was also simultaneously linked, by radio and satellite, with more than 80,000 children in their schools all over the UK, who accompanied him in achieving the world’s largest choral sing. Of his new album Declan says: “I like to record songs that are meaningful to me and the audience. I have recorded many different types of songs, such as “Tears in Heaven”, “Love of my Life”, “Nights In White Satin” and “An Angel”, songs that demand vocal performance and interpretation. I love that kind of music "Declan’s extraordinary talent and reputation came to the attention of media mogul Haim Saban and his music President, Ron Kenan, who signed Declan to Saban Music Group’s new record label. They have chosen Germany to be the very first territory in the world to launch their first produced album, via the Starwatch Music label. Declan has interpreted an impressive list of great songs in his own unique style. „This album is a collection of some of my favourite classic songs. My greatest thanks go to the amazing songwriters who were responsible for these wonderful works of art and to the original artists who provided their everlasting stamp. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity of presenting my own personal interpretation.” He adds, “My greatest wish is simply to make music that people enjoy.“

He's awesome ;)

He's so cute =P

And handsome =P

And I love that face ><

But what's best is - his voice!

And his wonderful........

...... gesture!!

Please go to youtube and watch his videos =D
I love these best:

Declan - Danny Boy

Declan - Ego You

Declan - David's Song

Declan - You And Me

Declan - An Angel

Declan - Angels

Declan - Auld Lang Syne

Etc etc =)
Well, the first video I saw was this video, I somehow linked to it.
Declan - Tell Me Why

He's really the best singer I've ever met >.^

I want to share this with all of you, so please share this around too, let more people here know about Declan =)


I will try my very best to make him known here in Malaysia, and hopefully one day when he's grown up, he'll come down to Malaysia. Who knows? :)

So friends, pass it on!
God Bless!

Thank you all so much for reading this >.^