Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pink Macaron Earrings

Isn't it cute..... x) I love miniatures!
Made this some time ago, only had time to post it now.
I made it using my own technique, I didn't know it would turn out great!

Click the image to check it out! ;)


One of my handmade gift for Christian.
His favourite hedgehog! Pink hedgehog!
I modified this pink fluffy plushie into a hedgehog instead.
It's a nice one :)
So glad it's well appreciated.
It's just one of a kind ☺

Made with T.H.E.
© Jesslyn

Saturday, December 26, 2009

McFly - The Ballad of Paul K

Ultraviolet/The Ballad of Paul K is the final single released by McFly from their Wonderland album. It is a double A-side single and was released on December 12, 2005.

This song is simply awesome. I really love it a lot :) Enjoy!
He's drinking cold Corona
Feels like he's getting older
Now and noticing how he's finding
Grey hairs left in the shower
Tattoos fade by the hour
And he can't understand these feelings
Why life is getting him down
He used to smile now he frowns
And cries inside
Its been this way for a while
And he can't seem to put things right

When life has been unkind
And you're losing your mind
Look in the mirror afraid of what you'll find
It feels like time's not on your side

He doesn't like to mention
Applying for his pension
So his children don't know he's heading
Into a mid-life crisis
He cant afford the prices for
The new kitchen floor he's buying
He's been a drunk all his life
Two kids, a dog and a wife
He doesn't know
And in the daytime he just sits and watches television shows

When life has been unkind
And you're losing your mind
Look in the mirror afraid of what you'll find
It feels like time's not on your side

Don't know why but somehow
The ones you love you hate now,
You feel down and blue
Look at what you've thrown away
They stood beside you all the way
Now its too late, its too late for you

When life has been unkind
And you're losing your mind
Look in the mirror afraid of what you'll find
It feels like time's not on your side

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a celebration for Christ who was born on this day.
And we are the reason that He gave His life.
We are the reason that He suffered and died.
To a world that was lost, He gave all... He could give.
To show us the reason to live :)
Blessed Christmas, Everyone!

Those with the green tags are from me :B
And they are for...

Daddy, Mummy, Janning and Jovenne :D

Blessed Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Craft Tools

Always wanted this typical type of glitter glue.
Got it at a reasonable price!
RM8 plus at Popular. Quality is good too! Made in Taiwan :)
Awesome.... Love it!

Always curious about eyelets.
I bought the eyelets withut the setter, and it didn't work.
The handy one in popular sells at around RM45.
So I got myself the cheaper one, comes in different sizes too.
I bought this at Craft Haven for RM27.90.
This tool from Darice comes with 3 Hole Punch Bits, size 2mm, 3mm and 4mm, & 3 Eyelett Setting Bits.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Own Christmas Present :P

Went shopping today with Yi Zhen at Ikano and Curve area.
And......... I finally got my anime figurine!!!
And..... I'm feeling soo... ish ish ish!! Because I don't allow myself to open it only till Christmas!
And I saw all my Japan cuties at Ikano!!!!!! The ground floor, near the stage where I peformed!! And I didn't realized about what they were selling! My goodness!! The Sylvanian Family!!! Ahhhhhh! So expansive -.- But too cute! I was so happy I could see it face to face and not on the computer screen ><
And all the cute cute miniatures!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, and!! The anime figurine I bought had offer!! I bought from ShiokToys. And I saw Figma anime figurine there tooooo!!! I really love Kagami Hiiragi, although I haven't finish watching the anime yet x) Was super long ago since I watched, got it from Keng Jin's hard disk last year. The anime Lucky Star. Cute la she!!
Kagami one, http://www.shioktoys.com/shop/index.php?productID=1347&product_slug=max-factory-kagami-hiiragi-summer-school-ver
And the one I bought, have a look here! http://www.shioktoys.com/shop/index.php?productID=485
I shall post my own pictures of her after Christmas! Hahaha.
But compared to the one I bought, Revoltech Fraulein, Futami Ami and the Figma one, the anime Lucky Star, Kagami Hiiragi, I prefer Kagami. She's so cute la wei. But RM98. And I can only choose to buy one. So.. Oh well :) But I got my very first anime figurine! Wahaha!
And the stage there, I also saw the Remote Control cars!! Wanted to buy!! Since I was a kid I loOove RC cars but never allowed to buy -.- Haha! But they were quite big, not to say big, just that I don't have space at home for them. So yea. And Keng Jin introduced to me about Choro Q, super mini :D
One more thing, I really wanted to buy this thing from Popular, it's like paintbrush with colours already in it, and theres another white brush with 2 tips on it, for example if you paint with the yellow brush, you get yellow. Then you use the white brush first tip and it changes to green (for example la). Then the second tip, you brush on the yellow, it becomes red. So it's like, one color can be 3 colors. Then like, after finishing the inks, I'll wanna innovate them into the paintbrush I wanted super long ago since standard 5 or something? Someting like Aqua Painter. Yea.
Man. Soo many stuffs I adore!! My house in the future is going to have a big crafting room man :D
Oh man. I seriously don't know if I can tahan :s I can't resist my anime figurine!!! Erghh!!
Christmas don't be late~~!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


or maybe even at many times..
I sit aside,
and watch people pass me by..
While deep inside,
things run in my mind.
I think and ask why,
but there never were a reason why.

Tears fill up my eyes,
as I break down and cry.
No one there by my side,
to help put out the fire that's burning inside.
I hold my tears in my twinkling eye,
trying my best to hide.
But is that what I want in life,
to hide and keep them all inside?
What more, accumulating it deep inside into my unconscious mind?

Why is it everytime I want to let it all outside,
my heart speaks only inside,
as I find it so hard just to express what's in my mind?
Why is it also that I am shy,
that inside me I cry,
I cry for something that's shining out so bright,
I call for it so loud hoping they hear me right,
but again it's all going on inside,
hardly anyone hears the heart that's calling and crying,
and so in the end I have to loose sight,
let go what my heart desires inside.
No, but the way I expressed sounded as if I am in love right?

Then maybe you say I should speak, smile and laugh more, sure, fine.
But each time I do so, dark cloudy rain and thunder stirke me blind.
Strike me when I'm happy whether during the day or night.

For all my life,
I don't even know why..
For all that complicated situation that applies,
so many questions with no replies..
And neither any reasons why.

All my life,
from little to big problems they all collide..
crashing and waiting for it's time..
hoping that time will heal the pain inside..
But sadly, time is only a temporary plaster that won't last all my life.
And all that matters were burried into my unconscious mind,
letting me break down even without any reason to why.

You might ask me... Why?
What is the main problem that makes me break down and cry?
I question myself and this is what I find.
It's mainly every single thing in life,
from school to home to people I pass by,
they somehow bring tears to my eyes..
And yet again you'll still ask me why.
It's so hard for me to express what's hidden inside!

Trying so hard to stand up in life,
it is He who supports and listens to me when I cry..
Doing what I can to stay strong in life,
making life a worth journey before the day I die..
for we are the reason that He gave His life,
that He suffered and died on the cross so that we may have life.
Tell me, what would life be if Jesus weren't by my side?

- Jesslyn

Thursday, December 17, 2009

PMR Result 24th December 2009


People!! Christmas Eve?? Walauuu. =.=
Number 1. It's Christmas Eve lehh!!
Number 2. Got four events that day itself?? Morning take results, then meet up with old friend Yee Mun and new friend King Lok, then evening family gathering, then rush to church service at night ._.
Don't know whether can make all of it or not.
Still have to make plans with other other friends.
Still need to find time to finish making Christmas presents for everyone.
Still need to find time to shop.
I'm starting to like The Christmas Song by Owl City.
First time hearing it was ok ok only. Then kept listening to it. Not bad la.
When I first heard, the lyrics very nice, but the melody should be nicer... If the melody is also very nice, wahh, this song will be awesome :)
Till then!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Packed Schedule!

Hello! So long since I've updated wei!
As I said, AFC camp will just fly.
So fast. Extremely fast.
Enjoyed peforming. And I can say that this year I improved a lot in my peformance.
Smiled more, totally enjoyed on stage, loved seeing the smiles of the audience, trying to reach out and touch people's lives :D
So much more.
Will be going outreach again Friday Saturday and Sunday.
Today is Wednesday. Suppose to go out tomorrow. Not confirmed yet.
Then next week suppose to go out with other different friends too.
Whoaa. So tight. Owe so many outings ._.
Miss my friends. Ahhh.
Oh yea! Thanks loads Christian and Hann for visiting me in Ikano. Glad yal enjoyed the show :)
Was quite a surprise because I was already hopeless and not really expecting anything. Then at the very last minute yal said yal were there ._. Haha. Thanks :)
Camp. So long no see all my AFC friends, brothers and sisters.
Especially Calvin korkor, 3 or 4 years ah? Very long la.
And Miriam! Most of them 2 years since we last met.
Camp this year not as many people, because they all grew up, some married, some working, some comittee.... Yeah =( But still, thy made their efforts to get involved or visit us :)
Miss the fun moments man. Time flew so quickly.
That's all for now. And yeah, glad to share my latest song with some of you :)
But please do keep my rules. Important.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I suddenly remembered I had this dream.. This awesome dream ._.
There was this part where a few of my friends are trying to tell a girl something, they were speaking English, then the girl kept talking in Japanese. So after a while I went to her and said 'desu'. And she went, 'ohh' *smiles (thinking, wow I know Japanese)
And while I was going to say the word, I was thinking inside, is it desu? What does it means? I don't know! But I know it's 'desu'!!
Freaking funny. What a cool dream. I know Japanese. Will this dream stay as a dream or will my dream come true? Haih. Studying Japanese now is too costly -.- T.T I want to go Japan..............
'Desu' is used at the end of Japanese sentences. Don't really know how or what, you can google it for reliable answers :P

Going AFC camp tomorrow... Gonna miss my table.
Yup. My old table.
My lovely chair and table.
My small lil room.
My lil table I stare at whole holiday.
My lil table I love you.
Can't stop day dreaming when I'm sitting on my chair.
You can say I'm retarded. I don't know how to explain, and you won't get what I'm saying, but whatever it is, I realized my everyday passes so fast when I'm in front of my table. I also noticed out of 1000 people I meet won't understand my 'language' and all because I'm just the odds out of the evens. They demotivate me, say things that makes my day bad, makes my eyes filled with tears, holding them back not to cry.
My table, my mp3, my passion, my motivator..
Each time I'm on my table listening to my mp3, I think and talk to God, don't care what others say or think, I'm happy with what God has given me.
I'm gonna miss my table.
I'm gonna miss the net.
I'm gonna miss my crafts.
I'm gonna miss my friends.
I'm gonna go AFC.
I'm gonna dance for Jesus.
I'm gonna reach out to people.
I'm gonna share His everlasting love.
He is whom I turn to whether at times of happiness or suffercations.
He listens.

Others may turn their backs at me.
Others may do things that stabs me.
Others may take things from me.
Others may not talk to me.
Others may not see me.
Others may hate me.
But I won't hate them.
I won't be like them.
I will do what my heart wants.
My heart is pure and naive.
I may be called delicate. Timid.
But as long as I know I'm doing the right things, I'm satisfied.
I don't want to take and not give.
I don't want to stinge and don't share.
I don't want pride, I want happiness.
I don't want things, I want God.
See yal people. Going off now. :)

Happiness In Hard Times

News letter from Andrew Matthews:

News Flash: Happiness in Hard Times
is now on sale in Singapore, Malaysia,
Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

It has been on the bestseller lists in Singapore for the last 3 weeks.

From the New Book:

A lot of people will tell you, "I really want to be happy!"
But what do they think about?
What do they dwell on?
What do they talk about?"

When you really want to be happy,
you quit complaining about your arthritis.

When you really want to be happy, you quit resenting
your boyfriend. Maybe you leave him, maybe you don't,
but either way, you throw out your mental list of all his faults.

People become addicted to misery and complaining.
Mary says, "Well this happened so I have to talk about it."
No you don't, Mary!

You don't have to eat everything you see and
you don't have to talk about everything that happens.

When you really, really want to be happy, here is what will happen:
• you will think about things that make you feel good
• you will talk about things that make you feel good.

You become what you think about.

.... No wonder I'm so happy these days! :D
And one more Keng Jin told me before, 'you don't need a reason for everything' :D
Nice one.
Be happy, people!! ^^

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Miracle!! x)

People people!!
I seriously can't believe it!!
I'm so freagin happy!!
Yesterday I went 1U with Yi Zhen and Wan Ying, Yi Zhen's birthday.
Gave her my handmade earring and I'm so so glad she LURVES it!! ^^
It came with a mini handmade cute colourful box with ribbon and a blue butterfly.
Inside the box comes with the earrings, note, 3 dymo name labels, 2 heart shape paper clips and a paper heart.
This girl always buys handmade earrings from Diva. So I thought it'll be meaningful to make one for her as she also requested me to sell them on my blogshop last time.
Okay so anyway, when I was walking beside her all the way, I noticed I seem to be taller than usual.
I remember she aint that short. But yesterday I could pat her head like so cuteee!! ><
I thought to myself, maybe it's just my new slipper that makes me look taller.
So, oh well. But each time I see the difference, I still can't really believe my slipper is -.- so thick meh?
Then yesterday my friend also said I looked taller, but I said no lah, I'm just taller than my friend only mar.
So this morning, well... It was raining the whole night, up till now.. So the weather is great and so nice to sleep.
This Jov's alarm every morning rings at least a few rounds before the noticed it. Means it rings, increases the ringing volume, all the way till it snoozes for 2 minutes or so. Yes, a few rounds. Days before were much louder I almost got deaf by it, Sony Ericsson phone some more, imagine ._. Today wasn't that loud la. But well, still awoke by it. Then don't know how long later y dad came asking her to wake up or she'll be late some more its raining. After that when she got dressed up, she bang here and there, make the irritating sound, the errrghhhh, then *bang *bang *bang -.- Imagine what kinda mood I woke up with. Terrible. I had headache by it. Can't sleep no more. Some more dad had to shout ask her faster, all that noise in the wonderful morning.... o.o Gives me zombie mood +.+
Then I got off the bed after they left, brush my teeth.... etc.
Then I was just thinking, maybe I grown taller? Aiya, check for fun la.
Went to my room door the wall, my dad (surprisingly) conteng there with pencil each of our height and date. Haha! And yes, I was the one way down there - the shortest!
So I just check for fun. I used my hand roughly measure, stand straight leaning on the wall, put my hands on my head and then move away, and looked... HUH??? Crazy meh where got 2cm taller -.-
Ok, check again.
HUHHH??? Jesslyn you serious ahh???
Don't believe. This time, use something 90 degress to my head and the wall.
Ohhh my goooossssshhhhh Jesslyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA I went freaking crazy and laugh and almost cry telling my mum!! xD xD xD!!!
But.... Huh? I was 156cm for the past 4 years and.... How can I suddenly grow when my shooting time is already gone? Hmm.
Then I thought, ahh, I think I know.
It's either the Ensure milk that Janning was the part time promoter for and brought home a bit of the milk for us whenever there's leftover. It's a freaking expansive milk believed to have all the nutrients inside and it's like a meal when you drink 1 cup. But trust me, half cup makes you super full already :P
If not about the milk, then it's because I had been sleeping more than usual.
Sleeping at maybe 11p.m. or 12a.m plus till 8 or 9a.m...
Sleeping a lot makes you taller. Haha. Serious.
So maybe it's both of these facts.
And maybe it's just the milk.
Don't know?
But I know one thing.
When I went to Singapore that day, my uncle told me, no, trust me, you still can grow taller one. Then he told me the experience and past of my cousin which is his son. From a short kid in school into a super tall muscular swimming life guard at Sentosa or something. Hahaha.
Then, ohkay, it boosted a lil confidence in me.
And for all these while I had been praying at night to be taller, and I had been having really nice happy thinkings in me, being positive is just awesome. Ofcourse you need the mood too ><
So yea, being kind, giving and sharing without expectations back, giving those who had betrayed or treat me bad, being kind to people, praying for bad people and vice versa, thinking about how we should be, thinking about God's grace.... Listening to my baby mp3 :P :P
Ahh. Life is wonderful. And also how your thinkings make it into.
Haha, I was in a terrible mood this morning and then from a -100 >=( into a +200 XD!!!!!
Muax muax muax, Thanks Lord!! :D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Man! All my beloved craft shops are always impossible to go to.
Example: JAPAN.
Those that gives me small hopes are at places that are all located at faraway places that I never really been to before, which are Summit, The Gardens etc...
Then recently I heard about Art Friend which is located in Singapore so maybe it's a lil bit possible if I ask my Aunts in Singapore if they know that shop.
Then....... I heard there's a branch in Malaysia o.o

Art Friend
T-213, Level 3, The Gardens Mall
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
But cheese, dad or mum will never ever go to such a far place -.- Sad.
Very super duper hard to get a chance to go such places.
Well at least KL has some shops that I'm interested at, but can't go often.
At least I've been before :D That I'm happy ^^
I love crafting man. Simply a passion ♥♥
And I'm freaking crazy about Japan products. Makes me feel so miserable each time I see and helplessly can't get it.
And next time, I really hope I can live in Singapore. I'd cycle up and down of Singapore :D
You know, each time I cycle around my housing area with my dad, I'll always ask him to cycle somewhere out of the housing area, and he'll strongly disagree with the grrrrr face >=(
So cycling around this small part of TTDI is quite.... Ok la..... At least the roads are big, hehe.
But TTDI? It's dangerous man. So that's why I can't cycle myself and have to wait for golden opportunity when my dad is free and wants to go cycling.
I like Singapore because it's very convenient :P Very. And it's like living in a house of a big little home - Singapore. Hahaha. And I guess there are more chances of getting my Japan gimmicks there. Hahaha!!
But... -.- Chances only. Not exactly true.
I spent my days crafting. Time passed to fast.
Each time I go to bed I think, eh, another day is so fast gone. o.o
And recently I had been going out quite often.
Anyway, I got to go now. Leaving house in half hour's time.
Hee :D Going out again -.-
Till then!