Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hari Kokurikulum 2008

Today is Hari Koko in SMKBUD4.
I joined marching in Scouts.
Scouts group B.
We won 3rd prize =D
A job well done Ü
Thank everyone for everything =)
Then because it only lasts for half day.. We had to go back class and study.
But.... ofcourse... no class =)
So during the last and second last period, me and my buddy Keertana chatted along..
Since we're not sitting together this year..
So we did some retard stuff again.
And we were standing at corridor.
And yup. I really do talk and play and lalala when I'm with Keer.
So I guess we were noisy talking crap. =D
Had fun la ;)
And that's all I have in mind right now. Haha ≥≤
So yea, bye for now. I've got a lollipop to eat =P Thankyou yea hehe

Thanks for reading C=

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Back again. Haha.
Ok. Today.... Humans =Þ
We are humans.
All humans have feelings.
Humans cares.
Sometimes, when watching a show... something went wrong..
Lets say this bad guy is going to kill somebody... a citizen.
In our hearts, we will be like... oh don't kill don't kill... shoot.. somebody stop him la... yeeesh i hate it la... oh shoot, got knife... hey citizen run!! go go go go!!!!!!
Know what? something like that la kay. hahaha
That's because we are humans and we care =)
Then when comes to this part where we feel so nice and happy...
when this couple got back together after a big misunderstanding..
Which normally appears at the end of a movie..
Sometimes, we can end up crying.. like awwe...................
Yea. We care =)
Then also times when somebody in the movie died.. we can cry... too..
We care =)
Although it's just a movie.
Isn't it amazing?
It's like so wonderful... =) ahh... =]
Isn't it so cool... Like... we're all created with feelings, cares, love..
How wonderful =)

Thanks for reading =]

Thursday, July 24, 2008

You don't have to look pretty to be beautiful =]

Sorry for not updating recently.
I can't be sure if I can update regularly now.
I am running out of time.
No time to waste already.
Ok ok enough =)
Topic> ' You don't have to look pretty in order to be beautiful. '
I created this quote when I was in school dreaming.
Well one of those days... recently though, but I mean, ah.. one, two or three weeks ago. Haha
Get what I mean in this sentence?
Well, beauty comes from the heart. Pretty refers to its look. Something like that.
'One's look can never judge, the beauty inside one's heart.'
One of the sentence in the many many poems I made. Haha
Have you ever met someone the first time, thinking that he/she is ugly?
But after a while when you know that person, you realised he/she don't look so bad after all..
Well, what can I say about it...
Its something like that, for how I can explain =Þ
When you first meet that person, you look at that person by your eyes.
When you know that person, you start to look at that person with your heart.
And that's how you found that person's beauty =Þ
Okay, so that's a very brief talk.
8.40p.m. already.
Another last thing =)
And also realise that I changed the music playing in my blog already =]
It's piano version by the way. Without voice.
Here's the lyrics

Hilang - Susan Neva & Ujo

* hilang semua janji
semua mimpi-mimpi indah
hancur hati ini melihat semua ini
lenyap telah lenyap
kebahagiaan di hati
ku hanya bisa menangisi semua ini
hancur hati ini melihat kau telah pergi
** langit menjadi gelap berkelabu
menyelimuti hatiku
mengubah seluruh hidupku
mengapa semua jadi begini
perpisahan yang terjadi
di antara kita berdua
ku akan menanti sebuah keajaiban
yang membuat kita bisa bersama kembali

Then there's another song with the same tune but more hapily and faster.
Same singers, from the same show.
Sinetron Cinderella songs by the way :]

Senangnya Hati - Susan Neva & Ujo

senang..senang hati..
ada kamu disisiku..

kini yang kiniku akan jadi milik kita..
cinta telah mengubah..
semuanya jadi indah..
hidup ini jadi penuh warna dan bererti..
indah sungguh indah
kulewati hari ini..
langit pun bersinar berpelangi kerna kamu..

aku kan slalu ada di sampingmu..
kita kan selalu bersama-sama..
aku dan kamu tak akan terpisah
aku kan slalu ada untukmu..
biarlah semua kita lewati..
waktu demi waktu bersama...
indah sunguh indah..
dunia ini dihatiku...langit pun bersinar..
berpelangi kerna kamu..
sungguh indah..
sunguh indah...

senang..senang hati..
ada kamu disisiku...

cinta telah mengubah..
semuanya jadi indah..
hidup ini jadi penuh warna dan bererti..
indah sungguh indah..
kulewati hari ini..
aku pun berjanji tak akan meninggalkanmu...

aku kan slalu ada di sampingmu..
kita kan selalu bersama-samaaku dan kamu tak akan terpisah
aku kan slalu ada untukmu..
biarlah semua kita lewati..
waktu demi waktu bersama..
indah sunguh indah..
dunia ini dihatiku...
aku pun berjanji tak akan meninggalkanmu...

That's all for today =)
Thanks for reading! =]

Monday, July 14, 2008

Earring on my right ear

I was looking around, around around..
I don't know how but I got into Crystals friendster profile.
I saw this photo of mine...
My earring... On my right ear... Its like... Wow that's so long agowuowuo......
I remember my first punch. 7 years old.
then my second one was.... 13 years old. also both ears.
Then this year... april i guess. or March.
Then May or, May right Jan? Me and Jan puch left ear, right above lowest hole.
And now, my right hole is gone.
Haha. At first is always left hole got problem.
Haiyo.... Haha. Maybe when I not malas then I pierce back.
But I need to find anybody who wants to punch one hole.
Cuz I'm punching one. still got one more.
Yeap. So... slowly wait la. hahahahahahaa
K la, I'm really very sleepy now.
Don't know why. 9pm only.
Nite nite!
Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who now?

Hey.... Suppose to post this super long ago. Haha. Enjoy ü

Introdusing my Singapore cousin - Donny! (Donald) (Middle) (really really young time)

The two girls in the 1st picture - Jasmine and Candy (cousin) says he looks like Lin Zhi Ying. That's before Lee Hom was popular.

My mum says he looks like Lee Hom. Thats before Wu Chun is popular.

And when there's Wu Chun, I say Donny looks like Wu Chun

Now, what do you think? Who does he look alike most?
Haha =P

Thanks for reading! =)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A bit too fast

It's Thursday already.
I thought I just wore Scouts uniform to school like 2 days ago.
Every week is passing too fast.
It seems like my life wasn't like last year, walking around, lying restlessly.
So much time to waste, so much time to spend.
Now is totally opposite.
Every little second passes as if I skipped that second.
It's like... I don't know.. It just flies.
When I look at the clock, it says 4.45p.m.
And when I look at it again, it shows 5.30p.m.
I am like.. what??!
And I really can't understand.
I only coloured a few patterns..
Time is getting faster than it seems, well to me now.
It's July turning August.
And I thought Christmas just passed few months ago.
It's turning 2009.
I'm going to be 15 years old.
PMR is coming very soon.
I'm not ready yet.
My dog, dear Turffy, is going to be almost 9 years old.
The computer changed into a new wide screen computer after years of banging the old computer.
Janning already completed her first seminal in IMU.
Time is either flying, or its me living in the past.
It's just natural.
And of all the time that has flied, I'd rather let it be this way, doing something useful, then to stay restlessly lying around.
I mean, I'm glad that I'm not wasting time anymore.
Now I try to use the computer as fast and then go off.
Try to get a page done before I sleep.
Try to think of any idea when I'm free.
Time is very much more precious now.
I'm not wasting it.
As long as I'm at home, no excuse of wasting time.
I have to spend it wisely.
And I may be very busy for at least another few months.
At least.
But am I sad time just flew like that, do I regret or ...
Nope. Not at all. Although I still think of the time that passed, I'm glad I've spent it that way.
I enjoy every second of my life.
I don't suffer when I'm busy, instead, I enjoy it, more and more each time.
And for the biggest times, it's the Lord who helped me.
He who guided me in every step of my life.
Do you see me worry?
Barely. Because now I know I don't need to.
Each time there are problems, it's not really a bad thing.
I'd rather walk through a challenging path than a straight boring plain path.
Life's great you know. Can you believe it? I only start to realize alot of things this year.
I mean I realize and learn many things everyday.
But I just love what I learnt, what I realized.
That life may not be perfect, but that is what makes perfect.
Life ain't a straight plain smooth boring road.
Like you watch tv series.
There sure must have something wrong.
Did you ever watched a show that shows smooth happy... etc life and etc?
No right. It is seriously boring.
Like superman.
There must have something dangerous before he can save the person.
And that's when the show becomes more interesting.
Like plants. You have to cut the branches and wait for it to shoot again.
This requires time and patience.
But do you see the new leaves weaker or etc? The leaves are more and they're stronger too.
Well yea. Haha.
That's all for now..
I spent 45 minutes on computer.
It's short but it's way too long. I thougt I can get it done in 10 minutes. Haha.
Kay then.

Thanks for reading =] ps. enjoy life to the fullest!

Monday, July 7, 2008


I'm still busy. Haih.
Well today.. Oh........................... school...........
Teacher's who step in our class get's crazy.
Scold for nothing, find problem.
Haha, my maths teacher made me and Jesmyn laugh like crazy.
She say who didn't do the homework she gave last week demerit 20.
I was kinda doing other stuff, so It's like the words went through my ears and go off, didn't go into my brain.
So I didn't care. Till few seconds later Jesmyn was like eh Jesslyn, teacher say who didn't do demerit 20 you know. (giggling) in chinese la she spoke.
Then I burst out laughing non-stop. Untill when teacher reached our place, I was like, aah how to tahan how to tahan. Haha
So dramatic la demerit 20. A bit the kua zhang la. Today almost ½ of the class demerit 20. I guess. Haha, then she ask all those who didn't do sit infront of class and finnish it. So one by one come. Then Me and Jesmyn were like, hahahahahahaha, call the whole class la don't need so mafan la call one by one pulak.
Lol, she also say 2 Daisy = too lazy. Haha
Oh one more thing about school.
You know back door, the ice-cream man, he sell some junk food too right.
Yea I saw the cotton candy balls. So I bought 2.
Wow I tell you it's very nice la, better than others, better than those that come in big packets and etc etc.
It tastes creamy, won't get hard if you squash it, and its just... unique la. Haha. Like the Sek 17 yao zha guai. Hahahah
Now is 5.55pm.... hmmm.....
OH.................. 6pm got show. Me and my Indonesia show. Haha.
Skrg gue pun erti Bahasa Indonesia. haha
Haiyo... funny la... Nothing la actually... Eh, everything.. ah ya. eh, wait. ah whatever la. haha
Kay, nnt nak tengok Cinderella.
Thanks for reading! ☺

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What do you say?

I ate Sek 17 'yao cha guai' thing.
Oh mann its so nice!!!!!
1 is not enough...
It don't taste like normal one.
Love it la =D
Okay anyway.... suppose to post this yesterday but no time.
Wa I tell you ar.. nowadays are like... one day only 1 hour.
Last year? one day 48 hours.
So............. no time la..
But still, luckily, at least, I have no tuition. Yahahaha
I got tuition I got no life la. Like spending my whole teenage life learning or doing something I don't enjoy.
Okay... So here's what I done so far.. I accept any comments or suggestion or etc.
Infact, I'm asking for 'em. Haha =P

For this one, I'm not sure what wording to put. It's black, so I've not many idea. More of the emo, emoish, emo kid kinda colour. lol =P So you tell me what to put, I can do it for you.

The green one is Good Luck. But currently not selling it because I don't think anyone wants it, its sand is real sand plus powder colour. So its a lil blurish.

Friendship bracelets. For keychain, pencil box, bag etc. RM1.20 each.

These are for like your ankle.. each RM1 only.

They're longer.

Yea so that's all so far. Be reminded that I'm selling these through blog only. Not promoting anywhere, just all in one place, blog, where everyone else sells too. Currently I think I can send to anywhere in malaysia only for Friendship Bracelet using normal post, because it is light weight. For people I can pass to, I will do so.
My mini-mini tiny blog shop.
Blogging may be a hobby, crafting too. Buisness, it can be a hobby too, and also experience. =P
Lol got nothing to say already. Days are getting shorter.. I'm so sleepy.. I start yawning since 8pm. Now 10.40pm, eyes closing. Tired la.. Nite nite!

Hope there's a response to this >< Thanks for reading =] Nite!