Friday, August 29, 2008

29 August 2008

Hello =)
Today, is a beautiful day.
I had my work well done.
It's been months already.
Smile :) smile :) smile :)
Just happy today =)
Later will be going campfire, KRS organise.
So this post is very short.
I'll be more free than usual starting today, or let's say September, cuz Han's coming over tomorrow till Monday.
Smile ;)

Thanks for reading =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beeeee!!! tle.

So, it's been days since I updated.
This weekend, Chung Han will be staying at my place maybe 2 nights.
Monday holiday, so yea.
This Friday going Campfire.
So I told him to come on Saturday.
I got 77% for Science =P cool la, I don't know anything from it but study one over hour only.
This week is a week full of things to do, till Friday.
Might be going Curve with friends.
Oh, 2 days ago, there's this big big beetle in my room.
I thought it was a bee.
It's almost 8cm I guess.
One black thing. Eee
Was trying to sleep la.
Then I keep hearing something hitting something, keep banging.
So I on the light.
Pooof! Immediateley the same beetle that appeared when my sis was in the room flew here and there.
I thought it was a bee. Sounded like one too.
It flies super fast, can hear it's flying sound from a distance, keep hitting walls, keep scaring humans, etc etc etc
I screamed 'paaa!!!!' so many times, I don't think he heard.
Aircond was on.
Then I cry.. Not really because of that bee beetle thing..
But because I just realised I can't actually shout or scream for help when in need.
When I'm scared or panic or nervous or whatever that makes my heart pumps really fast, I can't talk loud or so.
I remember last year when I call in 8tv to get a place to John's birthday party, I was nervous and can't talk loud and all, when I say a cheer 'jia you jia you' thing, Gary was like, ei why you sound like no semangat one? I say I nervous, he don't beleive wo ><>
Yea, so I was crying because I'm scared that in the future if anything happens who knows maybe fire or robbed etc... I can't shout. That's really really bad.
I never scream much in my life.
Like some people they scream daily like eeek! aahh!! the cute cute way haha
I need screaming class :)
Yea, my dad and mum scold me because I was crying.
Say, like that also cry ah! Swt, you don't know why am I crying.
And I call you to help not to come in the room and scold me.
Always like that.. aih.
Mum say she killed it when she saw it flew to the hall because there got light.
Hooh, who da mama? Mummy da mama!
So from there she can see it's a beetle not a bee.
And yea I don't want the first bee sting of my life to be 8cm ==
Oh.... got to go soon.. Must finish it soon as possible.
bye bye!

Thanks for reading! =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

What a day!!

I'm back!!! I'm back!!!! I'm...... Back!!!
From 1u. :)
We ate Sakae Sushi. I spent RM7 there.
Er... know what.
I didn't know there's a computer thing there until... quite a long time.
First time there. Usually Genki.
So suddenly we saw the screen showing the desktop.
So Hui Wen use the mouse and use internet explorer.
Can wo =P
So we went here and there, surf the net, quite a long time.
Until the black coat guy told us that actually can't use internet there.
In English =)
So I told Hui Wen in Chinese, close it la, exit, exit, exit.
Then continue eating...
Then when paying, that guy works as the cashier there ma.
Then he say in 'all together Rm20++' in Chinese.
Almost laughed like oh my he knows Chinese ><
I mean, we all thought he don't know Chinese, he looks like Japanese or something..
Then after paying, he say in Chinese, actually how you all went online ar, actually can't one wor.
I say lo, when you move the mouse then it like that already.
Then he say oh, cuz actually you have to type a password before you can quit.
Cuz just now you all use I scared later my boss (or something) scold me later, haha.
But nevermind la, next time cannot use lo.
Haha. So we went out lo.
Then me and Hui Wen like... Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
Know what, I don't know how to explain why, it sounds like a small thing...
Luckily we didn't do anything bad behind him, like some people they may say chinese badwords if the fella say can't use. Haha, nah, I don't do that. Ee.
So. Yea. Me and Hui Wen like he knows Chinese! He don't look like Chinese! He look like Japanese! Haha, crazy la.
But Yee Mun nothing one == no fun. -.-
First time there, so I thought memang for using internet, cuz I didn't notice others all is the Sushi thing.
Haha, I snapped a picture, was at my blog. Hahahaha
Oh yea, no keyboard, how to type?
Good I know, that day that sticky key thing made me find out this on screen keyboard.
So yup, I used that =P
Hui Wen created a blog on that spot. haha!
Quite some time la we use, I thought... really for using internet??? Why so many of them pass by so many times but didn't stop us or anything... er............ haha ><
Aiyo, funny la. That guy ah.. Aih --
So........ Janning's reaching home soon 0.0 Better clean up her room... Ahhhh!!!

Thanks for reading! =)

This is a title.

Hey, I'm going to stay over at Chung Han's house..
So won't be updating during the weekends.
Later going 1u again. Wah, sien.
Monday, wednesday, Friday. 1u. wa.....
Monday with Yi Zhen, Wed with mum, Fri with Yee Mun and Hui Wen.
Most likely the weekend after the holidays - 30th and 31st..
Chung Han will stay at my place.
So yup, long time didn't stay over at each other's place.
This time staying over at new house.
Shifted quite long already, one year I think.
Before that was Subang or.. somewhere there.
So we want to play we gotta stay over, cuz it's quite a distance.
Now he standard 3 already. Naughty naughty. Haha
His birthday 23rd know... Hope I can find something useful for him later.
August... So many people's birthday..
Then September... also many but lesser than August. Haha
Wa, Friday.
Holiday is reaching it's end.
But it's actually like just going to start! ><
Know why? Yea, cuz I'll be staying over at Han's place! ><
Okay, I'm kinda gonna spend money later..
Long time didn't spend.
Tell you something.
I'm saving enough money for psp, but when I saved enough, I don't think I'm buying it.
Hahahah, siok sendiri ><
Know how long to save enough money?
I have been bringing bread to school everyday.
So sien. Friends ask, you not sien meh everyday bring bread.
I say, sien. Veryy sien.. Super sien...
Haha, but somehow I'm still not sien until the extend that I see it got no appetite.
Earn money, can, very slow.
Half year slower. Below 18, cannot work. Haha funny la ><
Not funny.
Okay, so...
Oh yeaaa! I forgot to write this.
On 20-08-2008, my friend Miriam from Terengganu came down to KL.
What la, I didn't even know.
She was with my sister in 1u, I was with my mum, yup, Wednesday.
So I was lining up at KFC.
Suddenly someone kinda like tap my shoulder.
I was like eh who, who?
Then I saw her, really shock la wei, scare me meh, didn't tell me.
She gave me a birthday present.
Which she was smsing me during my birthday saying she'll give me one.
I already forgotten about it. I didn't even know she'll remember that ><
But yea, kinda cool. Like last year too, many real belated presents. Haha
She gave me this sand thing, one side is a picture of a cat, another side is 'Friends are Forever'
It's this thing where you turn it and it will... It will... I will take a picture la if I remember haha
And also a pouch thing, I'm planning to use it for makeup bag for AFC, fits my stuff well.
Something like handphone pouch but... bigger la haha, 3 compartments.
I don't know why but I can play with the sand thing for hours. ><
So yup, thankyouuu *hugz
Later ar, what to eat for lunch....
Monday Wednesday Friday KFC meh... Get sick only la eat so much KFC ><
But I love it la.................... aiyo what to eat.
Right. See, 'what to eat' again. 1u, 1u. Aih. haha.
So that's all, bye.

Thanks for reading =]

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Another full time stamp ;)
I still remember 010203040506.
Was my birthday! Cool =P
And that was really once in a lifetime.
You know, many things are once in a lifetime, but some can be repeated with different numbers.
Example> 200920092009/201020102010
Do you get me? >< here =")
20:08, 20-08-2008.
20:08 is in 24hour, no am no pm. which is also equivalent to 8:08pm
20-08-2008 is the date. 20th August year 2008.
And 010203040506... think! =) *06 is year 2006
Well I actually wasn't aware of this though.
I received a message about 2008 2008.
I thought of 2008 2008 2008 somehow =P
Well, ofcourse I'm not so free thinking about all these stuff. Haha.
I don't know what to say. Time being occupied.
I need ideas. Ideas!! Aaah!!
Till then.

Thanks for reading! =)
Good luck, good health, good studies, good cheer, joy, peace, everything,
And above all, love!
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Mini post

I believe this holiday will pass very very fast.
I haven't started what I'm suppose to finish.
Went 1u yesterday with Yi Zhen.
Ate KFC.
Didn't do much though.
Oh yea, was planning whether to use my money to buy a flip flop?
And I'll come out with a pictue post when I'm free.
Gotta get working =)

Thanks for reading =)

Friday, August 15, 2008

yadirF A

Beijing Olympics 2008

Hello! Once again... It's holidays!! (read post tittle opposite)
So, I went 1u today.
Saw quite a number of people from my school. As usual ;)
My mum drop us there, on the way fetching my sis home.
Didn't do much today.
Oh, I remember something.
It makes me wanna laugh.
In McD. This fella. Was smiling and laughing at us. Very long.
Ok, not that scary la, but that funny.
Not a chinese, some cool fella.
I guess because I was hyper and yea, I was doing crazy lame stuff.
And laughing at my stupidity. Also replying my own questions. Also burst out laughing.
I thought he was like chatting with his buddy and laughing.
Suddenly Jescyn say eh that guy laughing at you.
I look to the right, I saw this funny laughing face, I laugh even more.
So funny la. Don't know how to describe.
Looking at us some more. Like so scary.
Was waiting for Jesmyn and Yee Mun la. So long. Haha
They came back we told them, eh, that guy laughing at you!
They saw only we all four burst out laughing non-stop.
Aiyo so funny la.
Then talk talk a while.
Then I say, Jescyn, that guy laughing at you!
Chinese la, our chat.
I didn't look whether he's still laughing. I just say.
She turn back, she saw that laughing face there, we all laugh like mad again.
Crazy la, don't know how long was it.
The thing is, he just laugh like that non-stop, I don't think we did something funny until people can laugh so long? Funny la.
One part, I burst out laughing I don't know where to hide my face, just laughed really hard.
Which looks like this 'xD' the eyes really '><', the mouth really 'D'
Laugh so hard until no sound to laugh.
Aiyo. Haha.

I wonder if I can have this cup? :P

Ok ok, bye for now.
Thanks for reading! =)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


No idea why I put 'feet', its just the first thing that came to my mind.
Today, will be a nice day if I didn't go school.
We didn't study at all.
First, second, third, fourth, no teacher. Then recess.
1 hour after recess no teacher.
After that was English.
Teacher just give our papers.
I got 90% by the way.
And I always do this. Any subject.
Circle correct answer on question paper, colour wrong answer on answer paper =)
Cool leh.
Anyway, we did nothing much during English, just get our papers back.
Then last period MM - (Chinese) but I didn't take, remember?
I forgotten to bring things to do.
If I did, I wouldn't waste my time the whole beautiful morning. Haha.
Tomorrow.... I guess there will be many people not coming to school.
Today teacher ask, are you all comeing to school tomorrow?
Everyone shout - NO!!!!!!!!! =)
But I have to. Aiz. to go 1u with friends ><
I don't know what to eat for lunch there.
Each time in 1u, I always have this question.
What to eat, where? Endless question. Aih.
So. Friday is tomorrow. Then holiday starts.
Its August already.
I remember the March days :)
Whoa, suddenly feel like playing o2jam.
Too bad I delete 1, 2, 3... almost 4 years ago. Haha!!
Whoe.... how many camps I missed?
I don't know, I didn't count! Means its a number =/
Uh, ofcourse...
But but but the good good good thing is I should be going for end year camp!
Scouts and AFC.
What la, holidays also not free.
Not free since about January. I think I will be more free.
After September =)
Doing what?? I don't know how to say, don't ask, just understand =)
It's everything. ;) yup
Okay, that's all now.
Bye, I mean. It just sounds like 'baby' in BM. =P

Thanks for reading! =)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Title... hmm...

Test is over =D
I got 52% for Sejarah =D
Not really la. Haha. 29%+23%
29% is something like during class see you this or that, and 5% from it is if you pass up homeworks.
Know why am I ok with this marks?
Because................ I already said, I don't know a thing at all.
Trust me. I don't touch Sejarah at all.
Even if I read the text in school, I read, but the words don't go through my brains.
Cool? =) sad.
Anyway, I totally simply circle the whole paper.
Got 10 out of 30 something like that.
And then um.. what else..
Holiday coming.... haha!
Then Merdeka coming!!
And before that got Something!!!
And then , and then.. and then I also don't know, but it should be nice =P
yea :) my craziness time is over.
My brain stopped blogging like what I did. Chinese.
Haha, but since I've started it, I will continue it.
When I'm really free.
Topspeed. Aih. When OBT start? You made me blog in chinese! Haha!
Oh yea, I have this really irritating 'soar throat', which is not really soar throat but it may be soar throat but eventually it shouldn't be soar throat but whatever it is the simplest way to say is - soar throat.
Yea that sentence was crap.
So its.... like a knife. It is funny. It don't absorb water. It can attack. It is something which what I explained could not describe what I mean.
Hey, crazy la....................................................
My brother there so hardworking, study until no time to go online.
Friday go fly around. Yea. I think I'll be the only one drifting lo.
Aiyo.. Topspeed ar....
OBT better open during holidays......
Eh don't open la, got important stuff to rush.
Open kay, open kay, open right? ok ok.
Haha, sleepy d...

Thanks for reading! =)

Monday, August 11, 2008


我啊,我啊.... 这种人啊...
每次考试时 一定会这样的...
不是找游戏玩的话 就是找新的东西做。
现在每天就是上网写布拉格 哈哈
哎,可悲 可悲... 我华语又这么差呢!
这样的话 我的华语能进步!
Do you know... the last time I wrote chinese in the computer was primary 6 =P
During computer class =)
(就是因为不会把这句写在华语,所以必须换成英文 哈哈)
啊呀.. 花了一个小时慢慢享受cempedak seed =P
好吃噢 =B

谢谢阅读! =)


别这样啦 好吗?
你装到很... 平常..
笑多一点啦.. 你的笑容会让我感觉舒服一点 ☺
别伤心啦 ☺
我可以陪你 ☺
笑☺笑☺笑☺笑☺笑! Yeh!
就不跟你好啦! Bleh =P

谢谢阅读! =)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


这是我和Yee Mun的脚。

哈哈,我现在其实很无聊.. 没有原因,就是突然想写华语。
他... 也是讲华语的人... 我朋友全部都是讲华语的。哈哈。
恩.. 还有一件事!!
老师她...... 教太快啦! 连其他班同学也这么说呢...
哎........ 幸好我的救命恩人还在! 嗯.. 不是人... 是书.. 对。呵呵。
没有它的话 我真的会很惨...
多谢啦,我的书! ☺
第一和二节是科学。我们去 Science Lab。
还拿到A呢! 真的很开心! ^^
星期六我没上学。可是Jesmyn和Yee Mun有。
所以当Jesmyn上网时 我就问她我数学得几分。
知道后真的令我跳来跳去! 兴奋极了!
当Yee Mun上网时 也告诉我这件事☺
Yee Mun拿到86分,如果没知错的话。
93分耶! 哇,听起来好像我还蛮聪明的... 可是呢,其实只有英文的我才有机会这样。
Sejarah, Bahasa Melayu, Geografi 等等是不可能一天读完。
星期五突然考Geografi... 什么都不会。只有两个字,‘乱圈’。
马来文吗... 哎... 怎么办?
现在我妈和姐姐在pasar malam... Taman Tun的..
上个星期在那儿碰到Yi Zhen。
嗯.. 还有什么呢....
对!!!!! 下星期就放假了耶!! =D

什么时刻呢? 嘿嘿... 到时如果想说的话就

谢谢阅读! =)
ps. 华语字体要放大一点.. 不然可以杀人的眼睛! xP 还是只有我的眼睛== 哈哈

Pictures =)

Hello, check this album out =)
I did it for hours.
Well, viewing from the web is like pictures only, if you view from the software is much better.
There's music too. And it flips the page with the flip effect. Haha ><
Here it is:-
It's my first album done in this software.
Please allow the pages to load before looking.
If you flip the page already but it's still the same page means it havent load yet.
Made on 10th August 2008.

Thanks for reading and viewing!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Me n Lee Hyori

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

Me n Kangta

MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Blank family tree - Family history

Beijing Olympic

Did you watch the opening of the olympics?
So nice =) but I'm watching from RTM1.
Can you imagine how big the stadium is??
They took approx 7 years to make? My mum said..
So cool la. But I only watched till 11 something..
I love the bagpipes.
I miss it. I remember the first time I heard it was at 1 Utama, right infront of me.
Awesome la!! I fell in love with marching bands =)
Last year, my uncle and aunty and Chung Han brought me there.
I didn't know what was it... but.. just change and go only la =)
Luckily I went.. was so awesome!! The Scottish band. :)
Oh yea, and the 'painting' thing, at the olympics.
So cool. what I saw was the people who walks in, country by country..
They step on this ink pad thing, then leave their footprints there.
Saw the effect? How awesome la =)
Nice. Nice ^^
I love the formation.. seriously very awesome.
I love the peformances la.
And the guy and girl who sang, we are family/yong yuan de jia ren song..
They guy's voice so nice la wei. The girls one she can go so high!
And I love the fireworks with the smileyface! How cute!
I love verything la ><
Oh.. Its 8a.m. now.
Yea, I had flu, and soarthroat yesterday.
Still have a lil flu.
So I slept about 2 to 3 hours yesterday afternoon.
It wasn't nice I tell you.
I don't sleep during the days. Unless... sick?
And if I oversleep, I get headache.
If I get up in the morning with bright sun, headache, then migrane whole day.
So I plan to sleep 11 something last night, then wake up early instead.
So I woke up at 7 something..
So nice =) but its considered bright already.. 7.15a.m.
I'm suppose to play Topspeed.. but it says server busy...
aih ==
But nevermind =)
So thats all now..

Thanks for reading! Have fun watching the Olympics!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Yeh =)

Yeh. Yeh. Yeh. Yeh. yeeeehhhhh =]
You're back!!!!!!
Wohoooo! Yeh Yeh Yehhhh!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Come Back

Jesmyn....... Jescyn.......................
Jesmyn Jesmyn Jescyn Jescyn.............................
Missing you both......... a lot........
Worrying here........ a lot...................
Come back.......
We all care......... We're worrying about you......
We all miss you............. a lot....
Take care...
We'll be right here waiting...
Can't wait to meet you both again :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Hello, sorry for the late update.
Recently I was playing Topspeed.
Round August 2 - 3 I got 6th.
I was 5, but later someone else beat me. So I got 6th.
It is counted by scores. From each round, when you gain experience.
Now I currently have 6747 scores.
I will be rewarded with 1000 gold, 1000 kool.
Gold is Top Speed’s virtual currency earned through racing.
Kool is Top Speed’s premium currency, purchased through pre-paid cards.
I love that game. But so sad during weekdays don't have.
I love racing type of games since small.
I didn't know there are games like this. So nice la.
Here's the link for it
Find my name at the Top Speeders corner =P
Hmm what else what else....
I guess thats all...
Ok then bye for now =)

Thanks for reeaading =)