Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jon Foreman - Your Love is Strong

Heavenly Father
You always amaze me
Let your kingdom come
In my world and in my life
You give me the food I need
To live through the day
And forgive me as I forgive
The people that wronged me
Lead me far from temptation
Deliver me from the evil one

I look out the window
The birds are composing
Not a note is out of tune
Or out of place
I walk at the meadow
And stare at the flowers
Better dressed than any girl
On her wedding day

So why do I worry?
Why do I freak out?
God knows what I need
You know what I need

Chorus (3x):
Your love is
Your love is
Your love is strong

The kingdom of the heavens
Is now advancing
Invade my heart
Invade this broken town
The kingdom of the heavens
Is buried treasure
Will you sell yourself
To buy the one you've found?

Two things you told me
That you are strong
And you love me
Yes, you love me

(Chorus 3x)

Our God in heaven
Hallowed be
Thy name above all names
Your kingdom come
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us today our daily bread
Forgive us wicked sinners
Lead us far away from our vices
And deliver us from these prisons

Monday, May 10, 2010

{ The Art of Pie and Tart Making by Jen's Homekitchen }

Here's Aunty Jen giving a demonstration of how to make pies and tarts at MPH The Curve yesterday.
I went there with my mum and my eldest sister. =)

She demontrated 3 different pies/tartlets. Mushroom tartlets, Pecan pie and Lemon Pucker pie.
Personally love the mushroom ones most, fits my taste perfectly! :D

Here's Kadri getting his hands on the food during the demonstation.

These are the pecans. :D

This is the mushroom tartlet I was talking about. With the parsley and thyme... Goodness me everything in that tart is my favourite! The tart base is so yummy and crunchy, and the awesome creamy taste of the tart fillings.. Ahh :)

Words can't describe the feeling when you get to munch these... And the smell of it filled MPH and I bet if I was a passer by I'd be attracted by it. Haha!

Check this out - for much more!
And also support to raise funds for Jen's Homekitchen Food For The Homeless.
God Bless!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

{ Strawberry }

Mmm, strawberry! They look so good I actually had a strawberry photo shoot. =P

Goodness :)

The strawberry siblings that came in the same box :D

I love this one. It looks hairy but.. They're frosts! Amazing!

Slices and slices of strawberry.

I ate a number of them while slicing :P
The juice...

Tell you, strawberry with cocoa chocolate is pretty awesome! Now you get the real strawberry chocolate :D

Look at the chocolate melt... Mmmmmm!

Picture of the day. I like this one :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

{ Ice Kacang Puppy Love }

Watched this movie today at Tropicana City mall this afternoon with my mum.
Mummy watching movie in cinema? No way! :D Haha, she did!! So nice of her, she actually was willing to watch a movie with me. She never did in 10 over years back. But she said she use to watch a lot during her schooling times. The first movie she watched in the cinema was with Janning, to watch Lion King. Haha :)
Actually yesterday, I was asking her can she watch this movie with me and all, and ofcourse it's not yes. But as I see from her face and reaction, there's hope =B And a while later she asked about it also. So there's definitely hope. Till night, she didn't disagree. So it's kind of agreed in some ways :P
Chose to watch this particular movie with her because it's her type, in the sense as in the starring characters like Ah Niu and all. Great to know that even her type of song was in the movie too xD The old song. Haha! So this movie totally was great for her to watch. I used my GSC birthday coupon to watch this, meaning I didn't have to pay for it. And while we went to buy a ticket for my mum, coincidencely, this girl on the other counter was like, 'Eh, you're watching this movie too? I can give you a ticket, I actually have an extra one =)'
Hers was a complimentary ticket too, so she didn't want my mum to pay her too.
So guess what? We both watched the movie for free. Haha! How gifted =P Awwe.
Plus, it's my mum's 'first time' watching. How awesome is that? :D

This movie is quite nice. Definitely nicer than the previous movie I watched.
I actually didn't get the ending of the movie, but I understood after asking my mum about it.
ps. I didn't know what puppy love means xD
Not bad la this movie :)
There's humour, love, Malaysian style etc.
Quite sad la though that they didn't end up together -.- No fairytale happy ending or something.
But I get the message this movie is passing, or the point of this movie =)
Here's the sneak peak of it:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

{ Sixteen! }

It's an amazing birthday filled with happiness inside :D
Thank you all my friends and relatives so much sincerely from the bottom of my heart :) Thanks for allll the wishes! The feeling in my heart today was really unexpected. Thanks all for making my day so meaningful. God Bless alllll of you, All the Best in life! :) You all really made my day!

Before this, I was quite sad in a way and not expecting anything for my birthday this year because I couldn't get the chance to really celebrate and organise a party.
But I'd like to thank Chris, Jann, Nat, Marissa, Celine, Miriam, Nicola, Uncle Piang Kian, Ming Way and Shum for the birthday message sms!
Thank you Marissa for helping me plan a little celebration at school during recess :D Thank you to your mom too for baking the cake, and thanks for decorating the really cute and sweet cake =)
Thank you all my friends who were present at the canteen and being there with me =)
Thank you Marissa, Christian, Hann, Kadri, Daniel and Nisha for the gifts. ☺
Thank you to my patrol members who came for meeting and sang a birthday song for me.
Thank you daddy for bringing us to Subway for the first time for dinner!
Thank you to my family for being by my side!
Thank you to every single one of you who wished me on Facebook! That sweet spam was really unexpected :)
Last but not least, thank you Lord for everything!

[Strawberry Death By Chocolate cake]

I'd say my birthday was really a sweet one, filled with joy and happiness from the inside. :) Thank you!

Lots of love ♥;             

Monday, May 3, 2010

Newton Faulkner - Teardrops live (Massive Attack cover)

This is just awesome ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Jov, JJ, Jann and I watched the premiere of Diary of a Wimpy Kid today at Tropicana City mall right after church.
We were late for the movie, and I was starving. So I passed by this bakery, hopped into it and grabbed something as fast as I could. It was this toasted butter bread or something.
So okay, Jann and I went into the cinema along with Jov, after she came out to pass us the tickets.. And phew! I was sweating already -.-
And guess what, the bread was so crunchy and delicious! I feel like buying it again :D
Didn't expect it to be even nice xD I was hungry you see. Hee.
Anyways, the movie was... Okay I guess? Seldom get the chance to watch movie la.. So yea. But I'm just not satisfied with the ending -.- It was quite random. Haha. :P Don't know? Or am I too old or something? xD
Oh my gosh! May came really fast! I haven't even plan my birthday! Noo!
Tomorrow is my nephew, Nathan's birthday, turning one! :D And the next day is my 16th.. *Gulp ._.
Well, at least I bought my cake ingredients today at Tesco after the movie. Yup, went all the way to Mutiara area.
Met up with Benson. Ate with Jann at KFC, listening to Benson playing with his voice on Audacity -.-
Went to Ikea, went to Popular.. Oh man, I saw this really cute book I'm so going to buy it one fine day! xD
No not a story book, note book! It's kawaii, really.
Anyway, got strawberry, chocolate and cocoa for the cake ingredients. I'm just going to bake a basic chocolate cake and 'edit' from there into a non basic chocolate cake. Haha :P I seriously do not know what to do la wei. Cooking competition is this Wednesday too, and Tuesday... Oh shoot! I just remembered I can't attend my scout patrol's meeting! Noo everything is clashing together, even Sunday! Exam is so near, I havent even catched up with the first term's! I need to study. I have no tuition to rely on. Pray things will be just fine. :)