Friday, May 18, 2012

The Actual Life

Life is on-the-spot.
There is no rewind or repeat; every moment is once in a lifetime.
It's like a flash of lightning; it's either we see it or it's gone.
Be quick and don't dream, time is ticking.
Decide fast, there is no 'back-ups';
 Life is going on.

Lesson learnt.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank You

Oh hello! I'm officially 18 and this post is dedicated to my friends and family for being here in this life of mine.
To Marissa, Hann, Ben Gan, Chris, Kadri, Shum, Tim, Ben Ee, Kimberly, Karthi, Jun Xian, Nicola, Syann, Kim Too, Ming Yue, Yee Mun, Kenneth, Maria, Wei Han, Alden, Zhu En, Wai Khian, Dan Watson, Jeannette, and my family for the personal wishes! Your messages really made my heart smile, a big one. :)
Thanks for the very sudden surprise birthday cake and song surprise by Jann & Benson, it sure was a funny one!
Despite a tough day I had today, I'm so grateful for all the love.
Thanks all of you again, I really appreciate it!
God Bless!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day

Had lunch out with family today all the way at Teluk Gong.
Got 2 cuts on my 2 index fingers but it's okay. :P
Bought new wallet and belts; small towns have unbeatable prices ever. So happy!
Finally got the wallet I had been eyeing for a year. Oh, the reward of patience. :)
Dinner was out as well, with my gang. Marissa, Christian, Kadri, Shum and me. Later, Hann joined when Chris left.
I wasn't expecting Chris to come because he's working and all of a sudden I saw him on my left. It was creepy a bit because of the stare! But it was a surprise. Haha.
I really don't like when it comes to making decision for place to eat. We take longer time deciding than actually eating. Ended up eating at Fish & Co. First time eating their fish and chips. Thanks for the early birthday dinner treat and for the time of fellowship. :)
And thanks Yi Shien for entertaining me for half hour on the phone. You sure did me a favor. Haha.
Oh and bye Shum, who is leaving for national service in two days. You'll have fun. :) Take care.

A day to remember.