Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update Downdate Frontdate Backdate

Wow, yesterday was a great day. Although it sounds like just a day of CD ripping. Haha.
Erm, I saw my 3 nieces.. I saw my cousins.. I saw many pictures.. And heard many many songs. MANY songs.
Learnt some contours, maps, geography from cousin. Oh, I love the GPS! Man.. It's great. :D So cool. I mean, I know what GPS is and all but I never held one before and stuff so.. Yeah. It's nice :)
Oh yea! Wei Aun counted. We ripped 322 CDs, left maybe 20? Didn't count.
Stopped ripping at 9p.m. something and we ate the banana leaf rice thing, mamak.
I guess the last time I ate was 6 or 5 years ago. That long. And actually I thought when you call for nasi you'll get plain rice. Oh well, it's rice with 4 'dish' on the banana leaf and it's refillable.
I tell you.. I totally can't stuff all that man. I bungkus it back. I finished like half of it only.
It's now in the fridge. Let's hope it won't get spoilt kay. It's good food.
Okay la, the fun is you eat it with your hands. Did once before. But I ate with fork and spoon because I'm sure I didn't wash my hands properly, all the CD fungus and dust and... I don't know. Yea. I don't want to get poisoned -.-
Oh. We had lunch gathering at my place. Right now, they're still in my home. Han is beside me. Munching.. some.. bits la. Crunch crunch*
I'm so tired. I'm so sleepy. I'm suppose to be free this holiday. Not at all! I got even busy -.-
Can't wait to go cycling next week. Yeh! Whee :P

Sorry man, I have to go now T.T but I want to blog!!! I got so much to splatter here T.T
HAIH. I want time.. Poof!
Eh, still no time T.T
okay. I'm being lame. Till then.

Friday, January 30, 2009

CD Ripping!

Hello. I'm pretty free to blog for nothing.
Lets make an update.
Let's see. I'm in my uncle's house, helping my cousin to rip my uncle's piles of old CD collection.
Maybe more than 300. Maybe 400. I've started since 10a.m. plus. Now it's almost 7p.m.
We're using 3 computers. Still, I'm so free.
Okay.. Woke up 8a.m. .. Then Wei Aun reached at 8.30a.m.
So he chatted with my dad till 9a.m. I guess? Then He and I went Sri Pandii, something like that, near his place.
After breakfast, started work. Around 10a.m. something like that.
Well.. No camera here. Can't show you the stacks of CD's. Actually, I can't believe how much I done. It just seems weird. So many! ><
Okay. I don't know if I can finish ripping all today. Let's hope I will :)
Okay. I'm stuck now.. What shall I write? Hmm.
Still can't think of what to write.
Oh! I know. Tomorrow having gathering at my place.
But... Wei Aun will be working T.T Not much fun then.. =(
Hmm.. Time will come very very soon. You see, it flies. It was like 10a.m. a blink ago.
It's a full day of CD ripping.

Wow, have you heard Jars of Clay?
Their songs are so nice man.
Yeah. I'm listening to every single one of them. :P
Okay, will be having dinner soon.
I want to close this window to make things faster. At least a lil. Haha
Okay then :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kalang Guni

So funny! In Singapore while mum showing ma ma her apartment photographs from sis' lap top, we kept hearing mum pointing here and there saying 'kie4 dteng4 ah3 eh2' x100 times.
This picture that picture 'kie dteng ah eh' 'kie dteng ah eh'.. And it sounds funny, so me and Jann repeat softly, 'kie dteng ah eh' each time after she says it again.
Then....... ma ma said in Chinese, your mummy like the kalang guni only.
HAHAAHA!!!!! So......., cute! Hahahahaha! We laugh until!!
Then I asked mum, what's 'kie dteng ah eh'?
Its........... Pick Up One.
So... She point here and there and everywhere saying.. Pick up one.
Yeah man. The apartment so beautiful, and yet so many of them are picked up one.
Mostly the plants la. Hahaha.

Man. Time flies. I'm back in Malaysia. There's a new immigration at Johor, so prettyful, but.. can see only. As in, it's just offices inside and immigration. Okay never mind.
Anyway, had a great time there :)
Hokkien. Know what will I think of when you say that word?
This. =P
'Ka na beh pubo kia!'
Hahahahahah! Small time mum forever will say that! HAHAHA!!!
Something like.. know what, I don't know how to explain but.. it's like 'scolding'. I guess? Right? Is it? I don't know, that's how she says it. And this too, 'beh si!' HAhaha!
Now still use... 'beh si' ah you. Haha! Hokkien ah Hokkien, my mum is a Hokkien lang. =P

Have you heard Ah Niu's Hokkien Lang song? Pretty funny. :P Go listen when you're free. =)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy CNY 2009!

Happy Chinese New Year everybody! Happy Holidays!
Take care and safety first! ☺

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Virus Attack

Mum say its from Janning? Don't know -.-
But anyway.. first I had some kind of soar throat.
Next day not so bad, but bad flu.
Then now I have not so bad soar throat, not so bad flu, very bad right neck muscle pain.
Mum and me had neck muscle pain since yesterday.
Hers on the left, mine on the right.
What can I describe? It's like, neck muscle rotting -.- What in the world right.. I don't know how to explain -.-
But yea, like your muscles just will be super pain if you are using your muscle. So its quite hard to bath and change clothes and wash face and tie hair and......and and and endless ands =.=
And right now.. because its just so super hot these days.. I have headache too.
I tell you...................... so suffering ah!! o.o!!!!!!!!!!!
I have not been having enough sleep since 1st day of school. And I'm stressed enough too.
And I'm so busy, I can't finish everything in one day T.T
So tired too.. Falling asleep in class.
Whoa, so suffering ler!!
Pray for me ='( and mum and dad and Jann and Jov too..Chinese New Year is coming so soon.. I can't stay sick! I'm travelling! Raaahhh!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Be A Better Person

People nowadays...
Love using people.

Have you heard this?
'Love people and use things, NOT love things and use people'

I really wonder.. Why are there so many materialistic people in the world?
Why cant we have this unconditional acceptance to anyone at all?
For me, I really did not know about these when I was little.
As every year goes by, I start to learn people's way of thinking.
Like recently in high school. I learnt so much.
That people actually love things and use people.
I'm not the only one who thinks this way. I'm very sure there are so much more people who feels the same too.
Ask yourself honestly.. Did you ever love things and use people?
Did you even did that without yourself noticing it?
Ask your heart, deep inside. You can't lie to yourself. You know it.
If you ever did, or maybe you don't remember doing such lame stuff.. Think about it.

Be a better person tomorrow. It's never too late.
Go to bed tonight, wake up in the morning tomorrow, promising your heart, to be a better person.
All of us are imperfect. We are never perfect. No one on earth is perfect. Me, too, is imperfect.
But that doesn't mean we must be bad and have evil thoughts or sayings.
We can be better people.

Make a wise change ☺ Be a better person!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pierce Ear Again

For the first time at Dragonfly..
My ear hole closed again. I forgot to wear ear ring. xD clever me.. -.-
Quite cool.. I feel like piercing again and again.. Very cool feeling. =D
Im used to it already.
Wow.. My weekends are so... occupied...
I was out since 8am something till just now 6pm... Letihnya.........................
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the earring so ugly -.-!!!
Kay la.. dinner time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Jovenne!!!!!!! xoxo =D

Happy Birthday Jovenne Jie Jie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Enjoy NS in Bintulu!! Although there's no internet ther and all but... I know you'll hear my voice from your heart =D
Although you're in Bintulu and I'm in KL, we're still close in heart! <3

xoxo!!! Hope you receive your parcel this few days >.^

Sent with LOVE!!!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Janning!! =D

(sorry la post this 1 day late.. hehe ><)

You are 21!! Enjoyed your special small dinner?
Bless the hands who prepared the food! ^-^



The fish was finished first °-° haha


Yin Yang Brand.. something like that* Present credits to mum!!

See la, oven rosak again °x° or not I'll bake you cookies to bring to vista and a birthday cake.
­¯-¯ see -.- la
Anyways..... Hope you had a memorable 21st birthday!! ^-^


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, it's January 6

Happy Birthday Ming Gay!!
Enjoy your Catholic High school life. You've been there for 2 years.
Make sure you study for PMR dude.
Don't dream about 7D's nightmare again.
All the Best!


Pisang emas dibawa belayar
Masak sebiji di atas peti
Hutang emas boleh dibayar
Hutang budi di bawa mati

And I think this will be remembered for life. I love my Bahasa Melayu teacher.
I'm finally getting to learn. He's a good teacher.
He's good at teaching. Make us laugh like mad also.
He is so far so good. In terms of teaching.
He teaches, and really teaches you.
He's a good person. Some teachers are not logic. He's great.

He is.... our new discipline teacher :)
I believe our school will get better.
He told us how is he doing it. I think it's true.
School..... will be a better place <=)

Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Of School

Poor thing. Got maths homework. 4 questions. Haha.
Hmm. I'm at the exact same class as last year. This year's 3 Anggerik is at last year's 2 Daisi.
This morning... haihh. Jesmyn and Jescyn... don't want tell me T.T But.. nothing much actually. I know now. Haha.
Right. Teachers. I think they're not bad so far. Tomorrow, another day of school. Man, when's the next holiday?
I want to go to school. But...... I'm like so over busy now.
Heheh sorry if you chat with me on msn and I said I was busy for like all the time, but I really am.. Yeah, I don't know how will I survive when I go college or uni, and.. work.
School.... its now nothing like before.
It feels so new. So different. But yet, still the same..
I don't know what's going up next. I seem to be this way so far. Dumb me.
Humans.. peoples.. stick mans... haih.
Know what?? Emo session over =D
Lets talk about today.
Well, we have a new comer. I made friends with her and I led her here and there. 0.o I met her mum and talked to her too o.0
And what's her name? Jasmine. Oh.. Then reccess I asked, what's your sir name? (so that we can differenciate when we call) And she said, Lee.
Oh buddy meeee!! So, so..... waaa.......
Jesslyn Lai (JL)
Jesmyn Lee (JL)
Jasmine Lee (JL)
3 JL's, 2 'Jesss-meeen Leee's' (pronounciation)
Crazy. Don't ask me, I don't know how to differenciate. Jesmyn 1, Jasmine 2. Don't know?? ><
Oh. Anyway our class monitor is Jeremy, I don't know him, and Marissa, is that how you spell? Sorry if it's wrong =/ but.. yea. :P
Oh right. 33 person in our class. Last year 43. And.. Aiyahz, so lil people..
Oh.. man.. I just realised I typed many 'oh's..........................................
Okay lar. Going off now.

* I'm suppose to make something for Jov. Ahhhhhh extremely over busy T.T Hey but I prefer this way than to waste time. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hey, sorry for not updating, I was really busy with many things.

JessFourYou © is officially opened!! Do visit! ^^
Many offers and so awaits!! 4 January to 14 January!
Check out the Notice Board!!

The Pink Adidas Wallet is finally mine!!!!!!!!!
Janning gave me choices. Buy it for RM99.20.
Or.. Don't go to her room forever.. or.. don't disturb her forever... or... or.. or.. etc... untill..
No birthday present forever.... or No Christmas present forever..
Agreement! No birthday present! Hahahahahah!!! It's like the same you know xD!!

Wow. I had headache to bad headache to migrane yesterday. So hard to sleep. And yesterday and today... I was on the computer since 9am till 5pm. Haha.
School tomorrow! Yeah.
No worries ;D JessFourYou is a hobby and a good start for my future. Not for money. So no problem ;)
Remember I wanted to start this last year but I have problems with how people pay me, how do I send, etc etc.. I don't have my car. Yet. Heehee :D Yeah. years to go.
Oh yea. JessFourYou currently supports COD only. Please do check out the Notice Board. Very Important. :D

Visit JessFourYou © !! =D It's January Four! Yeaahhh!!!