Saturday, June 30, 2007


Don't know why..
I've not been eating properly..

Day 1 day 2,
Dinner eat 1 spoon then can't eat already..
Day 3,
Lunch don't really eat.. Dinner same as day 1..
Day 4,
Lunch didn't eat, dinner didn't eat..
All I felt was..
No appetite..
But luckily I still got eat some food la..
But its all rubbish..
1 Hashbrown.. milkshake in Pop bottle size..(Mmm! I want now! My new recipe! Slurp!! But the bottle use once then conteminated already lu.. Got milk mar.. Must buy more Pop!Must buy more Pop!)
Err.. Jesslyn.. can continue now? ok..
Don't know why..
I can actually don't eat..
Don't know why..
I used to have gastric if I don't eat.. (aiya I eat like siao only la.. bored mar..=.=)
But for the past few days,
It was just normal..
No gastric..
And yet still so energetic..
Am I sick?
Or do I just eat improper food during improper time?

But even if it is,
I will still get gastric normally!
Just 1 hashbrown and a lil milkshake?
How will that make a person like ME full?
I find I had no appetite when it comes to food time..

And feel so emo emo especially at home..
Haiz.............. Hhaaiiizzz...
Mum said I was sick..
And thought of something..
Hey... no no no don't think about it..
I'm just not gonna see the doctor..
So mum..
Don't bring me to one..
I didn't go to one too..
Okay okay..
I'll try my best..
To eat.. =.=

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sky* in GreenBox Sungei Wang

These are what I managed to get from her so far..

This is the sticker to go in.. Room 23..

This is how it looks like in there..

988, 8tv and Greenbox

The seats for them..

Know her? She's the girl host of 8tv "Ho Chak"


They are coming in..

The 5 of them!

Watching the 7th Episode with them..

The 7th Episode..

After watching...


Group picture! I'm so sesated!

The 5 of them..


John and Mei Sim..

The fans asking question..


She 1 of the 5 who asked a question.. so she got to take a private picture with them.. Haha!

Singing Kuai Le De Yi Tian..


Ok.. that's it.. Haha! on Tuesday 19th June 07, 8TV 8e news.. they showed this.. just a very short one.. Haha luckily they didn't show my sesated part while interviewing.. but...... still sesat.. Hahahaha! I'm always sesat... Haha!

Monday, June 18, 2007

GreenBox Sungei Wang

Woo! Went to GreenBox Karaoke Yesterday. Why? Erm, on Monday, 11th June.. I know John and Mei Sim were gonna appear in 8tv 8e news, so I went and watch.. But, I on the TV a lil later, so I missed some important stuff. Kay, so someone called, as in 8tv.. Yea so I know la... common.. you call and answer correct you get the prize.. So..... last time, I keep on trying to call call call, but they never ever pick up one.. so this time, I call once.. cant call in, so I cancel and call again.. Then..... yealo.. pick up la... So I was like... huh?? uh oh... XP.. So she ask me.. you wanna join the competition right? I say yea.. Kay can I have your phone number? Then I tell her... Ah.. anyway she asked for my number, email, and ic number.. Then soon, live on tv.. Gary(the host) ask, lalalalallalalalalala who you like most? who you support most? why? lalalalalalalalallala... that time still too early, John and Mei Sim havent appear... Noo! Haiz... Then question... very hard to explain. I don't really know if I got win.. So I thought no.. but.. on Friday, 15th June, they called me. They say.. Sunday(17th June), in Sungei Wang, GreenBox Karaoke, 7.15p.m.. Then I not sure about what are they having, because I missed the beginning part on Monday remember? So I ask her, she say: neh, na tian ni chen gong da dian hua jing lai shi bu shi? I say.. yea.....( still don't know what are they having).. She say: yealo.. Then I don't know la, but suan le.. so ok lo... I say ok...then bye bye.. GreenBox? never heard of it wo... RedBox got.. so I go online ask here ask there, all don't know.. T.T.. go school ask here ask there, luckily Yee Mun knows.. yay! She say... go highest floor there lor... lalalala.... Go home, go find online... got full adress, even what lot.. aiya.. no need what... K so anyway i wrote it down, brought it along... !st time go to Sungei Wang for... for something. I use to go Sungei Wang to perform only.. don't know 2 or 3 times.. AFC we perform there..
So I went there, hmm... go say hi to the small stage.. very cool one, got like water.. after backstage suddenly fall how? uh oh! nola... won't one... Kay so we went up up up up up to the 6th floor, highest floor. Saw GreenBox! Saw 8tv banners, Sky, 988... So..ah...confirm is there lah... went line up.. then my turn go find my name on the paper... second one.. then show my ic for proof. Then she gave me the sticker... got 2.. I tried calling some of my friends, but they cant make it.. all not at home.. so in the end, go with my mum.. was about 7.12p.m. when we went inside.. room 23.. almost 3/4 of them are there already.. Found seat, set down.. on my left, a mother with a baby.. 1 year old only.. on her left is a form4 boy, about my height or maybe a bit shorter. Further there don't know already. Never make friends.. so far.. on my right, my mum, then 2 girls, a daughter and a mother.. I thought they were sisters! the daughter form5, so tall and dress and look like about 20 years old! So suprised when my mum told me she was form5.. she's a basketball player.. Then her mum, wa... they look so alike.. look so young lor.. like 20++... K anyway... lets start.... 7.30p.m. start right? Yea.. the 8tv Ho Chiak girl host, yea.. she anounce lalalalala, then.. after that, she went to the side there.. go take the prize.. for the winners... thought I wasn't one of them.. so I didn't go... so sesat.. anyway, soon, the 5 main actress and actors came!

we watched the 7th episode of Sky with them.. not from tv, but from vcd.. watch watch watch, 20 minutes like that over.. Wa.. they laugh the loudest.. Laugh like siao only.. haha! very interesting... must watch.. so after that, they sang the theme song live.. kuai le de yi tian.. then they sat infront... then the Ho Chiak girl host, lalalal, then chat chat chat chat chat, then she say, they will let only 5 person ask any of them a question, then after that, will take personal photo with all 5 of them. I got question.... but not about Sky.. haha! so keep thingking of a question...but cant... all 5 gone.. then they took photo.. then group photo.. I was at the side.. Then.. End.. so they shook hand with all of them... but i didn't! Why?? 8tv lor... ask those who join from 8tv to go there, interview interview.. so I went there... ask properlly, the winners only ar? She say yea.. so I don't know am I one of them mar... so I go back... go back that time they all 5 just shook hand with them already.. my site... Yer!! Mummy lawa yer... got shake hand with all 5.. then she say.. some more they say thankyou thankyou thankyou!! you know?? They see me this age also support them.. wa.. haha! yer... T.T.. hahaha! K then soon, they call again... the 8tv winners.. then I didn't go mar... don't know if I am a winner, consider myself not the winner.. not sure mar... sesat... then they call my name... oh! its me... Means..... I actually won that thing!!! and someone else took it!!! I know who.. nevermind.. anyway, because those who win is only those who join from 8tv, but she didn't join from 8tv, but go take it.. haiz... they never check name, what to do? Can't help it lor.. T.T!!! So 8tv interviewed me the 2nd.. lalalalaala I sesat la... not really... a bit nervous only.. then lalalala... went out.. Saw Xiao Mi again! the fat fat cute cute Xiao Mi, from zou liu chao shen mo, it's saturday shout out... that show.. hahaha! she was taking so much food! so much spaghetti la this and that, me and my mum waaa... haha! About camera, haiz... told Janning I need it... buli me lor... she bigger mar, everything obey her, she go prom... sure bring camera la... but her friends got.. thats the thing.. mine? haiz.. so end up made friends with the girl, the mother and daughter one.. got her contacts.. ask her send me the pictures lor.. haiz.. long story.. nevermind..
I am lucky yet unlucky. Got to see my favourite singer but didn't this and that, haha! like remember? 1u... he no time.. cant chat.. 8tv? he haven't appear when i called through.. haha! but nevermind! At least.......... I get to see them! I will post a new post when I got the photo's.... If I got ..

Monday, June 11, 2007

Beautiful sky!

A view from my house garden there..

What a beautiful sky!

0.O! Isn't it wonderful?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My cousin's wedding 9th June 07

My cousin, Eunice + Daniel's wedding! 9th June!! Read on.. Lots of pictures...
My sis Janning is the brides maid, and so she bought and wore this shoe...

In the church..

The flower girls..

The bride's maid! Janning...

Here comes the bride! And her father...

some of the AFC member performed> I am amazed.. Haha.. I didn't learn that song that's why I'm not there!

They're married! Congratz!

My sis, me, my mum..

Janning! The bride's maid.. doing her job!

The cake.. not real one la..

Me and my mum... in Thai Thong, Mid Valley.. (Spring Garden Restaurent)

There goes the first dish..

Wa!! Shark fin!! ssssss! 0.O
Yaaaaam Seng!

Cut cake!

Family photo!
There's one table ar.. They yam seng that time ar.... about 1 minute Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Seng!!
They go every table and yam seng mar..
Wa.. Hmm.. very good service.. There's this guy, in Thai Thong.. I realized ar... He is super duper hardworking and most of all he smiles super duper lot! Some ar.. emo emo one.. got smile smile a bit only one... Wa.. That's really good man.. it makes the customers have that good impression.. When one of us say thank you to him ar.. Wa! He smile until can make me smile one... But so sad on some tables, they don't really say thank you one.. So not much smile.. Haha! K anyway, super good la.. Great job man! Next time ar, when you go work or anything, you should learn from him.. Smile!!!!!!!!! Don't emo!!! Be kind!!! Generous!!


Squirrels came into my house a couple of times already.. and on that day, it came in about 3 to 4 times in the morning. More for the pineapple i guess.. So this is what I got.. It always gets stuck in the same place.. Last time ago also same.. >The toilet window 0.0

Thursday, June 7, 2007

In 1 Utama...

Today, woke up at about 9a.m. something. Actually was already awake long time ago but just lazing on my bed.. Got ready for going 1 Utama. Left the house at around 10.22a.m.. Reached at about 10.35a.m.. Met my friend and went to McD for breakfast. I ordered French Fries and a cup of Iced Milo.. So little because morning, not much appetite. Ate halfway, met another friend. Go curi one of my fries.. Then later, walked all the way to New Wing near GSC there meet other friends then book ticket. About 11.55a.m. we walked around.. Then met my mum to pass her the camera, because I scared when going cinema if they got check then they misunderstand me. At 12.30p.m., we went in the cinema. My seat was C08 in Hall 6.. Oh.. forgot to tell you that the movie is Shrek 3.. K... Movie starts.. Was kinda cold... Movie ends.. Nice movie.. I like it.. Ok.. I wont talk so much about the movie.. Continue.. Went to Pizza Hut for lunch.. Supposed to use the coupon thing from Scouts but end up didn't use at all.. Haha! Haiz.. After lunch.... while walking back to new wing... ok.... long long long long story.. At first, I saw this guy who looked like John Huang Jun Yuan(Johnson Wee Chun Yen), but wasn't sure if it was him.. Saw him about 2 times before watching movie.. K continue where I stop.. While walking back to new wing.. I saw him again.. Not sure if it is John.. And can't make sure because I'm with one big group, very hard and what mafan to ask them stop and all, they all talking non-stop can't ask them pause XP.. Then when the other few catched up with us they told us.. "Eh gang cai ni you mei you kan dao John Huang Jun Yuan??" "Huh? you meh? Na li??" "Nehh.. Zai gang cai na bian lah.." "Ta xian zai hai zai na bian ma?" "Shi la! Zai na bian la!" "Huh zhen de ah? Eh wo yao qu leh!!" Then I was like... Hey that guy IS John!! Yay!! Wow!! So Jia Hwong was the one asking.. He's a lil fan of him I guess.. Well I am a fan of him^^... Hehe.. Then we all went back there.. NTV7 was there since early morning, before we watch movie.. Faizal was there too.. Wanted a picture with him also... But... Haiz... The "group" lor.. K nvm.. We planning to take picture of him.. Jia Hwong so shy just wanna take him talking with other people and all... Haha! Then I kept on asking to take with him la!! He don't want I also want... That time, nobody had camera, just handphone camera... Then I was like... Aiyo!!! Why just now I go ask my mum bring back home!! Aiyaks!! Nevermind.. Haiz... Use their handphone camera only lah.. I don't have camera handphone T.T... So I asked Yong Kuang to help me take with his handphone.. Was all kinda mixed up.. Jia Hwong so shy I keep asking him take with them lar!! Then afterwards we went nearer to him.. wanted to ask him take with us... But then NTV7 go take him for a while.. So ok lor... wait for him to finnish.. Then finnish already, he wanna go off liao.. Walk so fast.. We go chase him.. Then I keep pushing Jia Hwong because they going off already still so slow.. Still thinking there.. Then He so far go call softer than any girl "John"... SWT!!! I laugh only!! Then don't really know how la, they saw us, then he ask them if we can take picture with him.. So the girl leading him say ok la.. But one picture only.. But nobody heard.. Me and John posed already.. Haha! I didn't really pose la.. John just put his hand at my shoulder there as usual, like all singers do, then with the big big cute smile.. Haha! Then they all still talking talking over there, then the girl leading John told them "Er, you can take 1 picture only, so I think you all take group picture better la.." Then they all, oh.. like that ar.......... ok lor.. Then the guy leading John he say want that background meh? find a nicer background la.. Then John suggested at the shop the glass wall there.. So ok we went there and gather.. Before that John was on my right, now left.. So ok lor, same thing he pose, but now surrounded by us so he pose with both hands lor..haha... Then the guy leading John helped us take the photo.. (not that nice..Others also say.. not nice lar he also never zoom!) Haha... but nevermind.. so this is the picture......^^

I'm the only girl.. T.T!! Mum say I tomboy only... last year also, always go with boys.... not always la.. few times.. See John's hand.. wearing that blackish glove thing.. He was there for that don't know what thing... Faizal was there... Superman things there.. Haha! Because you know la, Faizal + Superman.... Nevermind.. K then John wearing Batman lor.. Haha... Don't really know what they were having.. Watch movie lor... T.T

A closer look of Me and John! Aiyaks! Why I look emo one?!?! T.T

Ok after all that, we went down.. to a shoe shop.. Not exactly that sure for what.. Then I sms my mum told her to reach at about 4.30p.m. lor.. It was 4.10p.m. already... So we went to new wing entrance there lor.. My sister(Janning) fetch me... Then I went home... I told her.. " I took picture with John!!!!!!! Yay yay yay yay wow!!!!!" Reach home quickly go to my mum's room... "Hi ma!!! Guess what??? I took picture with John Huang Jun Yuan!!!!!!!!!" Was so happy man... although I wasn't that satisfied about the picture... but.... Yay!!! So so happy!! Hope I don't get bored of this picture!!!! Oh yea... I know him from Project Superstar... I'm his supporter, but can't vote... Haiz! So sad.. Not allowed and that time no handphone yet.. He won!! So happy! Then when he released his first album... Yay! Got his songs.. I posted some in my multiply.... Then right now is the show - Sky (xing kong) Very very very very nice.... must watch! Every Sunday 8TV 7:30p.m... I love the songs a lot too... And Mei Sim, her voice is really wonderfull.. I like her too.. also know her from Project Superstar... In The Top Kid, she's one of the "host".. Yea, and she knows my friend! No fair.. They got each other's email and handphone number also... Haha! But can't tell other people one, so I also can't have... Ofcourse la! K... My friend's name is Timothy Lim.. He got a brother in my school also.. Form 4 this year... K.. Timothy is one year younger than me, joined The Top Kid which I wanted to join also actually.. He won!! So happy! Now can't really contact with him already.. He was kinda like a little brother last time.. same school same van.. K... Anyway, all I gotta say for today is..... Nice!!! Happy!!! Enjoyed the movie too!! Haha!! Not forgetting the time with John!! Haha! Thanks for reading!!