Tuesday, December 20, 2011

BU Prom 2011

Was held at Tropicana Golf & Country Club. Marissa and I went there as photographers for Rhonwyn. We wore identical outfits and the camera necklace I recently made. Proud to be a photographer. :)

Met up with Junmey, met Daniel from Wanted Symphony and got their stickers. Later, we chilled at the cafeteria downstairs and had a drink. Was due to an unexpected black out at the whole surrounding area, so we kinda had 2 hours of candlelight dinner. :P But the whole black out was what made the night unforgettable! So the line up of events and performances started at about 9.45pm.
Kendrick started by performing 2 songs, one dedicated to his date.
Then there were performances by ABeatC beatboxing and some dances to it.
Zenny Salidhuddin who previously studied at BU also came to perform her single, Kau Kau.
There was a lil break, and then Wanted Symphony performed.
People were dancing and having fun all around, and Marissa and I were photographing the moments of the night. :)
The stage, the lights, the music... I loved the atmosphere so much!
Not to forget the dressed and the prom king and queen announcement and prize giving.
Guess who were the prom king and queen? Jeanne and Alex! Awwe they were so sweet together, danced the night and, xoxo!
I smiled behind the camera. :)
After that was like a disco clubbing atmosphere, just music, lights and dance!
That was about it. A night as a photographer, met with great friends I don't meet often and many new awesome people. I enjoyed the night. :) We got home at almost 2am.
The night was stuck in my head, although I was just the event photographer. But it surely was a success and a very memorable night and experience! :)
Thank you Rhonwyn and BU for having is there. :) Pictures will be uploaded on my Facebook!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eye Doctor

Hello mello! I had an appointment with the eye doctor this morning because of my scary red eye on the left part of my left eye. It had been about a month and it's not getting any better.
So Janning fetched my dad and I to the government hospital nearby, which is also the place Janning is working at. Cool huh.
After waiting about an hour plus, my number was finally called. First, I checked my eyesight. Then I waited again for my turn to see the eye doctor.
I think I spent about half an hour with the doctor. She asked me questions and I drowned her with all my conditions. Okay, I actually forgot to tell her about some other conditions of my eyes weeks ago. But ah it's over. :)
It wasn't so nice for my pair of poor eyes. They got poked by a twisted cotton, touched with some special paper, drowned by various eye drops, even a temporary dyed eye drop. Daddy said I looked like incredible hulk for a moment. 8)
They also checked my eye pressure. How weird is that. Yet again they used this funny tool or whatever it is called to touch my eyes. You know, I hate things touching my eyes. It's painful! I never dared to wear contacts. Maybe because I also have dry eyes.
Right, dry eyes. At the end, the doctor said that my left eye is really really very dry. So she prescribed me two medications, one of them is some mild steroid drops, another one I had to buy myself at a pharmacy. It's the preservative-free artificial tears. See the picture? There are 30 tubes in a box. Not cheap. One tube can only last a day because there's no preservatives.
And that's about it.
Well, it was kinda cool because Janning works there. I didn't have to take a number and wait to collect the steroid drops. Then we chatted a while as we waited for my mum to come pick us up.
My left eye was half blind by then. I've no idea what the doctor put on my eye but dad and my sis said it wasn't really red anymore. It felt as if I had some bad cataract. So blur and glaring! But after a few hours, which is right now, my vision is back to normal.
Well, thank God for everything that went well today! :)
Thank God for my eyes so I could see. ♥

Friday, December 9, 2011

Joe Brooks Contest Submission

Hi everyone! I'm tuning into Fly.FM right now waiting for the results.
I really hope I was early enough - I submitted mine an hour before Jay Dee's Music Revolution.
I'd like to share my little art for Joe here with everyone. :)
My question for Joe is: 'Why do I blow my lines every time you're on Fly.FM?'
If you're wondering what this is all about, the contest details are here: http://apps.flyfm.com.my/exclusive/joebrooks/

My favorite song by Joe Brooks is SUPERMAN! :)