Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lost o.0

I came back home.. Jovenne asked me where's the fourth hamster.
It's gone missing! 0.0 0.0 0.0!!!!
Let's hope the mother didn't eat it. I don't think it will. It's so furry already.
Let's hope we will find it soon and let it not starve!! 0.0

So busy.
Rushing Geography project.
Must finish tomorrow the latest.
Thursday last day pass up.
I'm... in big trouble =.=

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Hamsters!

They were born on the 11th April 2009, and now it's 2 weeks old.

And it opens it's eyes after almost 2 weeks =D





Skii mama so cute! Haha!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Great Day!!! =D

Okay.. Let me type out the whole story...
Last night, I got worried.. Because I did not exactly practice nicely before.
Some more, when I sing, I can't reach so high, so sometimes I can go out of tune. Can laugh like mad one man. Haha!
Plus, my partner didn't sing properly when 'practicing', so I don't know which one is real and which one is purposely one..
So I went home, took a bath, then went to Jann's room and play my mp3, and sing. Softly.
After hours, I went out the room a while, then go back into the room. I lie down on Jann's bed, and mengantuk and 'slept' for almost 1 hour. Yes, super tired and sleepy.
Then after that, I stood up, sat on the chair, head on the table, immediately, 'sleep' again. Till dinner is ready.
Waah so tired man.
Plus, I'm so worried =/

So after dinner, well, Jann was back. So I went into her room, and I said, get ready Janning, I'm going to practice singing in your room. I'm going to scream. Close the door >=B Haha
So she was cleaning the mini hamster cage, so I sang. Got no where to play music out loud, only have it in my mp3. So out of sudden she will hear my voice. Haha. So I sang, sang, sang, asked for her opinion and all.. about 8.30p.m. , I used the computer a while till about 9p.m. . So I saved the song in my psp. So I went back to her room and play with the psp, loudspeaker. But... Sooo soft!! Ahh =o=
So then she was sitting on the chair.. So she also told me how I sound like.. How I should sing.. I call it the fake voice.. It's when you can't reach a high tune, you use the fake voice. Yea.
Yea. So she told me to sing with that 'fake' voice. She say it's not fake voice lah.. But that's how I describe it. And personally, I don't like the sound of fake voices =.= But she managed to make me sing with it. So we practiced.. Then she even helped me to record on her phone, the before and after thing.
Before = Sounded like a constipated fella =.= HAhahaha
After = Sounded more relaxed (use fake voice mahh)
Then, also.. she keep saying, asking me to breath..., breath.... BREATH...
Yea so it got better and better.
So.. oh well, I practiced my fake voice.
Till about almost 10p.m. , I got a call. So yea.. wanted to practice the song on the phone but... ahhh =.= nevermind................

So... the next morning.. Which is this morning.
I woke up... after cleaning up, I went back into my room. I saw a note on the right corner of my table. I saw the writing, I know it's from Jann. I got sooooo happy. Smiling like dungu. So I change first, then took my comb and stuff and the letter, then I sat on the floor, facing the mirror. I took the letter and read it. Even before reading, I already almost cried. Already touched. Haha =P
So When I read, first few sentence only I cried. Cry until I can't even read, eye's full of touching tears. Hahaha. What the >< yeah =")" up ="">Well, God is with me. And, I'm sure she prayed for me too. (Awwe.. xD)
Yeah, so that letter was really touching. I cried all the way till I read finish xP Well, my family will be supporting me from the back, always. She said, you know la, this family ;)
Yup. So it really brightened my morning. So much more relaxed and calm =D I brought the letter with me to school, just kept it in my pocket ;D

Then... In school... Hmm.. I practiced with my friends. They also taught me la.. I asked them for their opinion also. So yea.. Then, 12.30p.m. , when school's over, WOE! 0.0 Heart beat, odufsduifhw!! A while la... Then I prayed, prayed, a while later, okay, I calm already.
Then, my partner, heart beat.. ajjkhd;owiefwfo!! =,= Hahaha.
12.50p.m. , we went up the music room. didn't eat. Didn't want anything to kill our throat xD Also, no food =.=
So we took our number. We are number four. twenty Four/ Four/ two thousand nine, number Four to come out and sing for the duet category. Plus, I born on May Four. So I was like, Four four four four four xD My favourite number. Because I'm born on the fourth I guess? Yea. But last minute, really last minute then we know we were the third group to sing. Not because of any changes, just that the first group canceled. So yeah.
Standing at the side preparing to go out, my heart beat started to odufwaiufb again =o= On the stage, I think I was kind of stoning looking xD!! Hahahahahah!
So we sang, we sang. I tell you... =.= My partner, the timing... not the same as the music =( I already requested for louder music. The mic volume so loud, music so soft. Really, can't really hear, that's the main cause of the sesatness on stage. Ish -,-
So then.. Oh well.. Just sing =) After a while then I got used to the environment on the stage. I even wanted to sing again =D I don't mind! xD
But second round, as in the song, when singing the second part, when my turn, I know I sang well, I enjoyed it also. I was quite into it. Wasn't looking at anybody, just me and the music. Then suddenly when I'm singing, I shivered, my hand shaking also. Well, but I guess that helped to give some vibration to my voice? xD!!!! HAHAhahahahha. Damn nice la, I like it x)
Yeah, but well, the first chorus of the song, I sang the wrong sentence -.- So it was me and my partner singing different lyrics. Alamak =,= But.. ahh, Well at least I continue and not stone =)
But second chorus then okay already la. Second round of the song, I really enjoyed myself on stage a lot. Although I shivered. Haha. Then the second chorus, I did not really use fake voice. So I sang my heart out. Yeah. Nice, I like xD
Then when sing almost finishing, the audience cheered quite loud =P Awwe so heart warming xD
Also, when the beginning, When they were announcing our names halfway, they cheered so loud xD So heart warming. Ahh =P
Yeah, but the song was just finishing, another few sentence more.
Aiyakz =,= the last sentence, especially... My partner started wrong, too super early =.= So till the middle of the sentence then only I sang background. A lot a lot of wrong timings. Ala >< Then when finished, I went down, I went to my friends, their first reaction... You sang damn nice weih!!! Really! But my partner sang too loud, aiyaks >< ( ala, said put the mic a distance from the mouth right -,- haha) Then I asked for their opinion, they say I sound like the actual song singer 0.0 I went 0.0 in my heart. Hahahah. Wow, really? I felt really happy then xD
Because, I asked different friend's opinion. Different friends from different friend group and all. Really, I was so happy to hear their compliments =D Awwwe!
They really said I sang real great =P Awwe!
Heart warming, heart warming x)
Yeah. After singing, we felt so nice. That feeling. Ahhh. So nice =)
So light, so happy, so refreshing, so great, so... ahhhh ;)
We had a great time =)
Then played basketball a while under super hot sun. I kept smiling all the time. My cheek so so so so pain man. Can't stop enjoying. Hahah. Felt so so nice =P
We sang at about 2.50p.m. or later, somewhere around there. Then I stayed a little longer till my friends Yi Zhen, Suet Yee, Wan Ying and Hsiao Feng. Tell you, they sang real great man. I screamed and cheered for them right after they finished. =D Yeah, I so high already. Haha =P
Then after that, about 3.20p.m. , we went down, basketball. About 3.40p.m. then we went to the waiting area, front door la. Drank lime juice. Sat at the chair there. Had fun lah. ;D

Really a really very great day!! ;D!
Great job, partner! ;D
Glad we enjoyed ourselves so much! ;) ;) ;)

Well, I didn't care about the winning or losing thing at all. I even forgot it was a singing competition. Until a friend walked by and said we won. (joking la) Then I was like, EH, oh yea! Hahahahhaha! It's a.. competiotion... xD I really enjoyed and didn't expect to win. Results are out after the competition. But the thing is we didn't stayed. So we don't know who the winners are. But I tell you, I really doubt we win. It was all just for fun! ;D

Really really great day ♥
I. Love it! Great experience too! Hey, I'm waiting for next year's! xD

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Oh man =/ Tomorrow is it. I'm not ready!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!
We are number 4.. But luckily after the first category. So that would be around 1 hour?
My gosh. Help me!!! Save meee! Yaaaaaaaaaah!
Pray hard..
Awwh, pray it won't be nightmare D=

Look. I should be confident to myself.
What am I doing? I should trust and believe in myself.
I'm trying to gain confidence. And how?
I shall... practice again and again.. But, not too much! =( I can't.. Tomorrow is it.
Tomorrow is it.
And tomorrow, I'm going to do my best ☺
All the best, Jess! =D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


April is ending.
That means May is coming.. very soon =D
In my whole life, when you mention May, I remember May 4. My birthday! xD!!!!!!
It feels as if I haven't had a birthday for the past few years.. It felt like.. well, kind of sad, so lonely, no friends, no presents, no one to talk to, no one to celebrate and go crazy with.
Hey what is that man? -.- I pity me. =.=
I just miss the little times where I have a party at home, then my friends come over and we really have fun xP
Well........ That was because we were still kids!
Okay.. So May is coming.. Uh huh? Hello Jess =) I haven't really started my Geography project!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Shoot -.0!!!
Owh man!!
Wow.. my blog is kinda like full of crap and sound effects. -.- That's not very nice.
Awwh man.

Hey :) David Side's piano is greaaaat man.

Hey ☺
Life is great man =P

Gloriana - Wild At Heart Lyrics

Hey there! Heard this song this morning on the way to school on Lite.fm but my dad switched the channel when it was about to end so I didn't get the song title..
So I remembered and took note of the lyrics I can hear.. Which is 'sweet taste to freedom' and 'you got me running, baby'.
So just now, I used the words to search for it. Immediately, I found it! Yeah :)
Here's the lyrics:

Down a back road
Long, hot summer
A couple kids runnin' loose and wild
He kissed her
She said mister,
Take an inch and I'll give you a mile
I ain't here to do anything half-way
Don't give a damn what anyone might say
I just wanna free fall for a while

That rebel moon is shinin'
Those stars burn like diamonds
Hell bent on chasin' down that crazy slide
I'll follow you where you're leading
To the first sweet taste of freedom
You got me runnin' baby,
Wild at heart

About midnight, he tells her
I ain't got no come-on lines
Well I'll love you, or I'll try to
We got nothing to lose but time
Stick your hand into my back pocket
Light me up like a bottle rocket
I just wanna free fall for a while

That rebel moon is shinin'
Those stars burn like diamonds
Hell bent on chasin' down that crazy slide
I'll follow you where you're leadin'
To the first sweet taste of freedom
You got me runnin' baby,
Wild at heart

O-oh, alright
Tonight is tellin' us we're way too young

O-oh, that's alright
I've got forever on the tip of my tongue

That rebel moon is shinin'
Those stars burn like diamonds
Hell bent on chasin' down that crazy slide
I'll follow you where you're leading
To the first sweet taste of freedom
You got me runnin' baby,
Wild at heart

That rebel moon is shinin'
Those stars burn like diamonds
Hell bent on chasin' down that crazy slide
I'll follow you where you're leading
To the first sweet taste of freedom
You got me runnin' baby,
You got me runnin' baby,
Wild at heart

O-oh, alright...

Monday, April 20, 2009


Woe, it's 20th April already.
So fast.
I haven't really started my folio. I'm going to be in trouble man. Have to hand it up this month.
And this Friday is coming..
Oh man. It's coming man, very fast -o.0-

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Cheating -,- I won but I know they gave me chance =.=
Echo Park again.
Everyday man, seriously.
Oh, oh.. oh!
Today during art period, teacher asked us to draw a portrait, front view.
I drew Yi Zhen, but side view.
So I don't need to pass up xD It's my dear art!
Surprisingly it's not that bad, at least people see only they know who I drew la. Haha.
I shall take a picture of it one day and post it up.
One fine day.
Yes, don't wait, it's quite long more to go :P
I kinda admired my drawing.
I hate drawing portraits. Ahhh!
I drew Jay Chou when I was I think standard 5?
When drawing the face, drew half face only. Or not don't look alike! Hahahahha.
I try to dig out all my old art one day lah.
So unorganised man! -.=
Hey yea hor.. where did I put it man.. I shall dig tonight itself ;D
Wow, my hand bled just now 0.o Don't know why.
It has been the whitish yellowish thing only, but today got blood 0.0
I think maybe because kena hit when playing basketball? Don't know.
I don't know if it is puss, but I have been keeping it clean and applying dettol.
Hope everything heals fast.

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Prize! =D

I got a certificate and a trophy.
The certificate ink cacat one -.-
So.. this is my second trophy I got from this school.
I forgot how many certificates.. I think this is the third one?
Long long long long long time no collect award. Hahah.
So this time, it's an award for the best card making out of recycled materials.
I used all kinds of things man. And it's not a one day can finish card..
Some stuff it self took a month to produce.
Just that I produced it beginning of the year for any other future use.
Yup ☺
And so.. That's all for now.
Till then :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Skii gave birth this morning! =)
I don't know to how many hamsters, but.. 1 died.
She gave birth man.
So.. it only takes 3 weeks ☺

Boring la. I'm bored.
Ahah ;P Skii gave birth!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Won! =D

For the first time in high school, at least I won something!! =P (-.-)
Other times are like marching..
But this time....
It's for Science and Maths week!
I did a mother's day card using recycled materials.
I spent about 3 days, then pause for about 1 week (was during holidays), then passed up. Teacher said cannot fold into half, I didn't know, because she just said A4 paper. So I did it all over again, another copy. Luckily I had enough, just the exact right amount of recycled stuff to make another copy. So I did half of it. Paused for almost a week. No idea. And on the last day to hand it out, just about to leave house, I remembered. Oh yea, shoot! Have to pass up! So I ran back into my room, took the half done card and had no other choice but to use what I have in hand to complete the card. So I completed my dear hard work, heart work card on the last minutes of the final day to hand out, and there I passed it up.
How I know I won? Well.. Today I went to school..
My form teacher is my Science teacher.
I told her I want the card back on the day I handed it to her.
So this morning she came to my place and told me to go to the office later to take it back. Then she continued.. You are the winner.
I stunned a while with a slow motion smiley face. Yeah, like dungu. Hahahahahahahaha!
Yeaaaaaa man. Yayyyyy man! I so goon man.. win such small thing become so sot already -.- haih. Sad case, sad case -.=
Oh well, that's one.
Later this afternoon, in the car, on the way back home from One Utama, I was so.... soo.... sooooo.... surprised. My dad actually asked. Something like.. So this year you celebrating your birthday? / So what do you want to do for your birthday? Something like that. I stunned a moment again. And then I went something like.... HAhahahahaha waaa daddy how come you ask one?? It's like the first time he ask such a question =P Oooh yea man... I'm thinking of doing something on my birthday, but don't know what la. Exam le x.x What the =( People all wanna studaayyy! Huhuhu. Hmp, I don't care. =P
Nyehehhe. So happy.
Number one.. Dad remembers my birthday and actually asked me what I wanna do 0.0
Number two.. I won for the card making using recycled materials! =B
Number three.. I had so much fun in school today man!! ^^
Number four.. I washed extra amount of dishes, forks, spoons, knifes, plates, bowls, mini bowls, cups, pots after dinner. I felt happy inside my heart to help my daddy! =) =) =)
Well, I wasn't That happy in the morning part -.-
Haih T.T Don't care. Forget the sad ones and remember the happy ones =D

I can change mood very fast. Ngmuahahhaha >=B Drama queen. Sot -o-
See, yesterday nothing to blog about, now so much to blabber.
Ahhh blablablabalblablalbabla..
Actually, I have nothing to say now, hehe :P
Till then!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Can don't so careless ah? :(
Yesterday.. Today... How many times ahh..
Some more wanna repeat.
Luckily I saw your blood on my hand. Haih. You ah.
How many band aids you wanna use -.-
Take care and keep it clean.

Hey people. Tomorrow is a Saturday, and I have school. And I'm going :P
Well... Just now.. Played basketball at The Curve, 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 =P
So funny ><>
Luckily didn't go commutiny centre. It rained so heavily 0.0
Alright now. I just have nothing in mind to post about.
Till then :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


After such a day.
It rained at 1pm.
And a lot of food were sold at last minute, and? Morning, afternoon, so little -.-
It's 7.30pm.. And I feel like sleeping already.
Drop dead tired -o- Slept 4 hours only. Normally 12 hours. Wah. Normally 0.0 So many hours!
It rained so heavily man. Everyone had mud foot spa with centipede crawling EEEE =/
You even get your foot stuck in the mud, cannot lift up -.- I laugh only xD
Aihyo.. Tomorrow PLBS and that english... what you call that la. Ish!! =(
I need to sleeeeeeeeeeep!
Goooood niteeeee!
=( Oh nooo

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kawaii :P


I received a little badge thing from my jie in form 5 ☺
It's actually quite long ago, but now then only had the chance to pass it to me.
I love it man! So cute!!!! I love those type of badge thing :P It's not the usual pin badge, needle thing.. Don't know how to explain.
So....... cute!!!!!!!! It's a blue man thing with a '☺' and it's written - Mr Smile.
Hahaha so cute.
I put it on my pencil box :)
And then..
I received a little kawaii free gift from Rinny (Oh Japan) - http://ohjapan1.blogspot.com
I got the envelope, I guessed it was from her, and it is :)
When I opened it... I 'screaaaaam'!!! Like aaaahhh xD! So cuteee la her x)
She's such a nice girl :) We know each other by blogshop, I teached her some useful things ^^
Hey, thanks yea ^^ So happy :)
It's like a goodie bag. Hahaha. So cute lar. She even wrote a note :P Awwe.
Thanks :)
Thank you :)
Much appreciated!!!!! ☺