Monday, March 31, 2008


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Friday, March 28, 2008

My Friday today

Lol.. haha.
Today is Hari Sukan.
Blue got 2nd.
I am in perbarisan.
Our formation is very nice if everything went well.
But its okay, we didn't had enough time to practice.
So we didn't win formation, but we won perbarisan!
Oh yea, our theme is aliens and predators and M.I.B. (Men In Blue)
I'm alien.
I like our flag. I just like it. =D
But just one thing, I'm sad because I didn't get to do tarik tali. And short put.
I use to being selected for these two last time always.
But because I went for marching, I didn't do any of them. So too bad then.
I waited two years. Hope I can join back my favourite sport events next year =D
Oh I miss 4x100m too. LOL! I miss all la. I miss Puay Chai too..
I miss Pn Hasni. I know she was good, so I don't complain of her long talk each time during perhimpunan or whatsoever. I miss her since few months before she left.
Because I know she is really nice and its not easy to have such a nice pengetua.
You know what? I was supposed to post this up yesterday.
And while typing a whole lot of stuff, internet gone.
Wonderful. Now almost half gone. Don't know what I written already. LOL!
So anyway..
I had a wondeful week.
It's just so nice. =)

Oh yea and I wanna thank all of you for reading my blog, no matter when you've started =D
So I think this post will be so short, because I've forgotten what I written yesterday. lol xD
Sorry and thankyou for reading =D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1 hour tour eh? =)

It was raining..
On a wonderful afternoon..
Then a sudden event came..
Pn Lee asking whoever she sees to go in the bus.
Nobody knows to where or to do what.
You can't runaway, she will kill you.
And she was right behind me.. 0.0
So... oh well, she say she's belanja'ing us..
but who will believe?
40 people, thats not little.
So I asked Pn Faiza.
She say, the same thing.
Pn Lee belanja'ing us in The Curve.
Yee Mun was "scared",
but I pulled and grabbed her back!
Lets have some lil fun fearing =P
So I went to ask Pn Aina,
She say.. lallalalalalablablabalbalablalaala.
Ohh, not bad, you are serious =)
What she say was, they're having a demonstration on cooking.
And they just want students to go.
So oh well =) almost everyone is joking around saying that teachers are selling us off and stuff =P
Then we hop on the bus, and left.
OH, who knows, this 3 people, were sitting behind Yee Mun and me.
right and who knows, I just backspaced the whole long conversation of us =)
Isn't it such a great thing?
lol, so we reached Curve in like, 10+minutes.
Then we were all saying,
Why so mafan go one big gigantic round when we can just walk there in 4 minutes =P
ok ok ok so anyway,
what we did in Curve was, not watch a demonstration of cooking................
Is this, something like pameran.
Got askar type of stuff, I think got a lil sejarah stuff also but we didn't touch them. lol
we watched a while how those ppl did those art stuff, not art la, food art, etc etc
So this friend here, she does decorating the cake with sugar paste, which I'm quite interested at it recently.
Another friend here, he creates real nice paterns and decorative carved watermelons.
WATERMELONS. I've never ever seen such nice carved watermelons! great job =D
Then after they done it, they have to spray this thing to maintain it longer.(oh its smell aint pleasant xP)
Then came to this, you write your name and tel,
And they will give you a pen with 4 colours.
After we get the pens, I was like telling one of the 3 persons, that fella's pockets full of pens!!!!
LOL la!!!!!! He take out and take out and take out the pens non stop for like so many people!
Wondering, how did you stuff them all? ohh*,, gr-eat job too. xP
Then after that we explored a little.
Then we wrote our name and tel and school on this piece of paper,
then do a blood pressure test.
LOL!!! the previous time I took was 1 over year or something, quite low ar, think so. now so much higher! LOL! that 3 person was like, waa, so high wan! then they say, nola nola, is you tired mar 2day marching. heheh I was like eh yea hor, howcome you know more than I know myself? lol =P eheh, quite true, my eyes quite sleepy now.
I am active on daytime, not knowing or caring how tired I am, so I wont know if I'm tired only till night. lol
so each time everybody is super tired or sleepy or tired or just tired, I will be the only one there saying and jumping, eh wanna play/etc some more? hahah lol then a faint grin will appear right away xD
ok ok back to topic.
So.. not much la actually, its fun to me, very fun, cuz of the conversations me and all my friends had. haha too bad I backspaced them. blame blogspot for not having a temporary memory =B
ok then we waited a while for the bus. while waiting, we went to 7eleven, most bought slurpy.
Well me too, and a lollipop ofcourse =)
Oh.. who knows again. They gave us drinks in the bus =.=
air tebu. =P packet ones la. will drink it later.
Eh!!! what la, can bring to school tommorow after marching can drink.
ok ok anyway, see la, if I can wait till 2moro =P
hmm... so we went back to school.
Haha! so funny man, those few people that were waiting at the waiting area was like with the ? face, without words coming out, cause yea, nobody knows anything bout such a thing. lol some more holding slurpy slurping infront of them. hehe
wah, yawning dy.. -o- wa, really that tired meh.. howcome I dunno me one? lol!
ok la, then marching. ran on my place, dunno what formation, just follow =P and learnt the formation in 1 minute while others took 1 hour. lol ok just joking, ofcourse I'm not 100% sure of the formation. ofcourse anybody can just follow instructions haha
okay I'm getting sleepy.. yawn*
8.30pm watching TV, so dun kacau, let me fall asleep there.
nola wont, will just yawn 10 times a minute. like as usual in class. ehhehehe
ok then thats all for this post =)
I'm adding V-power and all the good expansive petrols to rumah biru until it explodes with semangat! woo!!! =D hari sukan!! oh I love our theme!! lol, a special surprise awaiting =P watch what we gonna do =P ps, no surprise, I'm just entertaining myself here since everybody is asleep. lol haha
and I'm lol'ing too much.
lets include crapping.
Haha ok la, thats really all. =P
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have You Ever?

Have you ever wanted to dry a tear
that you knew you had made a fall?
Have you ever said something
that you never meant at all?
Have you ever wanted to reach out
to someone who was in pain?
Have you ever wanted to give sunshine
to someone who lives with rain?
Have you ever wanted a chance
to go back and change the past?
Have you ever stopped to realize
that time slips by too fast?
Have you ever loved somebody
and never told them so?
Have you ever held back a question
that you wanted to know? Have you ever felt you might explode
from holding stuff inside?
That's when you have to make a choice
between happiness or pride.
I decided I would tell the truth
to share all that I feel.
My heart feels so much bigger now
truth was the better deal.

-Kristy Glassen (CSFTCTS pg107)

Read it again, ask yourself, think about it, and make a choice =)
Thanks for reading!