Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Skills Camp "Launch of The Wolves 2007"

151st Petaling Wanted Wolves Scout Group Skills Camp "Launch of The Wolves 2007" was held on 27 - 29 May 2007 in Hutan Lipur, Kuala Woh, Tapah, Perak.

1st day.. left school at 8.15a.m... the bus quite the sesat la, so small and the place to put stuff also so small. So we put our stuff with us, at the seats.. some of them got no place to sit in the bus.. ok.. Then we reached at 10.15a.m... quite cun la, they said 2 hours and ended up really exactly 2 hours.. Soon, we settle everything la.. like set up tents and all those stuff.. Lunch started at 11a.m... My patrol ate maggi mee with mushroom soup. My favourite! Kinda cool la, at home also can't eat it, campbell soup expansive.. hardly buy.. T.T... At 2.30p.m. is the upacara thing... then 3p.m. patrols discuss about Malam Kebudayaan. 3.35p.m. we went to the *hall and played games.. First we played the "Squirrel and Tree" game.. then we played the mirror game.. Was quite funny^^..Till 4p.m., marching.. 5p.m. some of them went to the stream.. I didn't go T.T because we have to wet our shoes and socks.. If want maybe 2nd day la, not so bad.. After a little while it rained.. So they got to get out of the stream.. Went to take bath.. then meet at the *hall with our food to cook, using gas.. We ate rice.. texture was so great.. 1st time ever in camp got such nice rice.. we ate with other ingredients.. but I forgotten what.. >.< 2nd day.. Woke up at around 6.50a.m. like that... ate some biscuits for breakfast. We played games.. all of us must blind fold then one by one will stuck our hands into a box filled with flour, water, durian, a lot more.. they said there's things that can bite.. we were supposed to find a coin in it... only a few of us found.. I didn't.. yea.. so we ate lunch.. my patrol cooked maggi mee plain, then add with mushroom soup.. they said the mee on the first lunch was better.. more taste.. some more at first when I added the mee in that day they all said its yuck! Don't feel like eating! Then in the end all say -ok what.. We must appreciate what we have now no matter how what is it.. k.. then we also have sausage with egg.. Ok ok la.. not as bad as last time.. afternoon it rained.. very heavily.. before it rained it was snowing leaves.. so strong wind!! So nice man! So they asked us to lie down on the floor and close our eyes.. I fell asleep so many times.. then I keep trying not to fall asleep because I scared later cannot wake up.. haha! Was very cold la.. But so cool la.. yea and I love going under the rain.. 2nd time in this year.. >.<
Sketch - Acting>
Narrator(Keng Jin): The pirates were sailing on the sea, and they found a mysterious cave.
Captain(Yip Hann): Oi! Got cave wei!
Then all of us go fight for the *scope thing that the captain was looking through it.
Narrator: Then they went in the cave.
Pirate1(Daniel): Wa! Dam Kao Dark Wei!
Pirate2(Yin Hao): Light up the lamp la bonggok!
Pirate1: Oh yea... (on the torch as the lamp)
Narrator: Then they found a treasure chest unexpectedly.
Everyone: (stare at it for about 3 seconds with a "waa" kinda expression.
Captain: Faster take la see what see! Got sexy babe is it?!
Pirate2(Yin Hao): (Quickly took the treasure chest up the ship.)
Narrator: So they celebrated it.
Pirate3(Jesslyn): (Took all the cups and all those alcohol drinks and gave it to everybody) Come come come! Let's drink! 1, 2, 3....
Everyone: Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum Seng!!!!
*Then some of them got drunk.
Captain(as Philip now): (drunked, shouting something like what Philip did) Happy!! Happy!! Happy!!!!
Pirate2(Yin Hao as those who followed how Philip shouted now): Dam Kao Happy! Dam Kao Happy!! Dam Kao Happy!!!!
Pirate3(Jesslyn as Justin now): This kinda thing also wanna learn ar.. (shake head a bit)
Pirate2(Yin Hao): (Fell off the ship and into the sea and died)
* Pirate4,5,and 6 were starring into the water where he fell and died saying..
Pirate4(Khoy Yan): (Drunked) Wa Siao Eh!
Pirate1(Daniel): (Drunked) More gold for us!!
Pirate5(Brandon): (Drunked) Ooooooooo~!!
Narrator: And the story ended.
Yin Hao: So the moral of the story is.. Dont get drunk and don't follow Philip! Shouting Message Message! Message in a kinda way..
*******Though a lot of the words weren't acted out but it was supposed to be this way(some)..
*Silence, no one understood anything. But I saw Justin laughing a bit. Yea.. repeated this a lot of times. No fun lo.. And Yin Hau never explained it properly. But nevermind.
*Tepuk Biasa.........

Actually Means> The shouting was about Philip. Then some of them go follow him mar. Then Justin said " this kinda thing also wanna learn ar"and shake his head a bit I think. Means don't follow all those stupid things. I'm not scolding Philip or anything, just play play only one lar..
Ya you know what.. I'm repeating all of these agin and again.. Nevermind.. Ok it's enough about the sketch..

After sketch was the song. By Yin Hau.. was said like sedang membaca kitab only.. So boring and long and same tune.. Haha! Nevermind! It's all over. Haha! Anyway.....

3rd day..Morning we woke up at around 7a.m. something.. A lot of them all can't sleep, spent the whole night chatting and eating and all.. I slept through the whole night so well. So nice.. Slept better than at home.. At home also kena disturb by the lights and sometimes aircond not cold enough make me sweat like anything only.. Haha! Man!! I miss camp!! I love camping!! My first camping in the jungle was in Ulu Bendul when I was standard 3.. Year 2003.. So nice.. but now, they cut down trees la, build this do this do that untill not natural anymore.. So bad.. We went one more time this year.. K so morning we jogged around.. Then do backwoods.. Then we had our last lunch.. Last meal in Hutan Lipur together... Ahaha.. some of us emo emo.. haha! I think I was one of them.. >.<... Then we dismantled the tents.. Packed up and left.. This time the bus so much better.. So big and so nice and so cold the air-cond.. Haha.. Then on the way back got a bit jam.. I saw this truck put patrol or something like that.. Yea got accident kinda thing.. not crash.. just fell to the side of the road.. You know between those going front and behind.. Ah.. Don't know how to explain.. Can't explain it right. Haha! So we were supposed to reach school at 6p.m. latest but ended up at 7p.m... Haha! But thank the Lord for bringing us back safely!

I will post some pictures after asking for permission! Haha!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday lepak day

Went to 1 Utama at 10a.m. Then go GSC book ticket. Lots of people because Pirates came out recently. Planned to watch Blades of Glory. So me and my friend Yi Zhen lined up and waited for 1 hour to our turn. I went to watch movie because I got a birthday treat from GSC. So sesat I forgotten to check online for birthday treat can watch what movie. Spiderman 3 was one of them..Wanted to watch but friend don't want.. So ok lo watch Blades of Glory. From free ticket to RM10.. Why RM10? Suppose to be only RM6 what right? Yea... I was so sesat and stupid. Booked adult for me..but my friend I say correct la..student.. I thought student is 12 and below.. So stupid la me.. Well, never book ticket before what.. I watch !st time in TGV. Friend belanja me and my two sisters in the year 2003 Haunted Mansion. A comedy.. Thats when I was standard 3.. Second time watch movie I think standard 4 or 5.. Free ticket.. from Adsvantage magazine.. Always got free ticket one.. and best of all the magazine is free. Yea, so this is my 3rd time watching movie in cinema, and also 1st time watching in GSC. Poor thing right? Yea but I feel lucky enough to watch movie.

So it was 11a.m. and movie starts at 11.30a.m. So we went Taiwan ShihLin food and snacks or something like that.. ate the tempura thing.. then go McD(just beside it) and each of us bought 1 medium soft drinks.. I bought sprite.. then walk walk walk, drink drink drink, but still left a lot and movie starting soon.. You know la.. cannot bring any food or drinks from outside ..so we put in plastic bag and fit it into my friends bag.. The shape suits it.. just nice for it.. Haha! So we walked in GSC like that.. So bad right? Ah..what to do.. Still got so much...

When we went in the hall there were like only 9 person there.. And me and my friend laugh like crazy only.. Ok..lalala some time later got more and more people la.. then my row almost full le.. 3 boys about primary school age were on my right.. So noisy only.. Haiz.. Movie that time also talk talk talk..

Movie starts, movie ends.. What my pendapat of whatever? Blades of Glory - Funny, touching, teamwork, cool, but gay.. Main one is funny la.. I watched the making.. I thought it was just a funny movie.. Actually no.. There's more about it.. Much more.. There's one part where I nearly cried.. Haha! So lame!!!! Quite nice la.. very nice....

Lunch time!! Ate waffle + 2 shushi(me)... Sounds little but quite ok la... because we had drinks in the cinema... still quite full.. before that we went to Popular.. I didn't buy anything.. Then go Teddy Tales.. Girls.. Momoe... Oh yea.. the jacket thing that I bought yesterday .. Wore it today.. luckily.. or not I will freeze like crazy in the cinema.. Went Jusco - find jacket for my friend.. So she manage to buy one at a price of RM29.90.. Went to Toys R Us.. sat on the tini tiny baby chair( can't really sit nicely though) and played those baby computer thing.. All the lame stuff I used to love.. See la.. last time small time cannot play now then can play.. What la.. Then went Jusco supermarket.. I spent RM10 there buying shandy, milky bar, marshmallows and some sweets.. Then walked all the way to the new wing entrance there wait for my sister to fetch me home.. My friend's parents fetch her... It was 4.40p.m. when I went back home..

Packed my stuff for camp on the next day.. Ate dinner, packed again, rished to come online to post this.. Haha! Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Friday..

Today..Teachers' Day.. my class got shushi, junk food,chachos,fried chicken ordered by canteen,sparkling juice,etc... so nice man.. sparkling juice.. well.. nice food but lots of people come curi barang! some they curi take whole new packet!

After school, went 1 Utama with my mum and 2 sis. Then saw lots and lots of friends. After 1 Utama went to The Curve. So cun.. went out so many places so many times in just one week! I bought a *jacket from MetroJaya, brand - Momoe.. not those jacket la.. those like for girls.. Ah, don't know how to say.. RM24+.. happy about it..

In the car, ate some of my nachos took from class.. one whole packet.. >.^ went back home and lalalalala... chat with Janning(biggest sis).. ask her teach me what she learnt from Urban Groove(those that I don't know).. she very cham.. now so weak already.. will be back active after her big exam.. So bad I can't join.. one month RM100++++.. but lucky enough learning from Janning! Haha! I always kacau her wan... not really kacau la.. play play.. I with her can laugh like siao.. and each time I wanna make her do that stupid face(the face that tells when she's gonna laugh) I will laugh like I got mental problem, then do crazy movements, jump here jump there, dance here dance there, sing here and there.. Haha! She's a cool sis.. the type of friends I'm finding for.. the fun generation.. nevermind actually, I am friends to anyone who wants me to be.. I don't have enemies and will never have one..

After all that fun, the electricity tripped.. don't know how to say la.. because of the lightning.. was raining since back home.. then after that go bath then go online.. which is now.. so thats it.. thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Hmm.. had a terrible headache today, don't know why.. okay.... anyway, today was the last day of exam. P.Seni was the subject. Lalalala... so after school, went for briefing for the camp. I'm going for the mid year camp which is held in Hutan Lipur, Kuala Woh, Tapah, Perak.. Didn't know whether to go or not but the pictures made me say yes yes yes!http://www.waterfallsofmalaysia.com/27iskandar.php

So my group was group 4.. Gary The Siput! Hahaha! So cute! Me and one of my friend always talk about Spongebob and all the funny cute little stuff.. and LOL like crazy >.<... Ok, never mind.. so.. yea..

After the briefing my mum picked me up and we went to Tesco. Went there to buy all the stuff for camp and all.. I haven't eat my lunch also.. so I starved since don't know when till about 4.50p.m... the mee I ate during recess wasn't enough.. never enough.. unless I take the ying yong but I don't think I have enough time to like finnish it.. so I go hungry very fast.. like start to starve after 2 hours or less.. I'm a hungry eater huh.. >.<
Went back home, suffering from my terrible headache. Took panadol.. lalala... and lalalala again... then go take bath.. then computer time! zZz.. terrible huh me....oh.. I'm more terrible in studying... tell you this.. I noticed this since last year STD 6 when I want to study for UPSR.. I'm from bad class all these while.. and I never ever study. So I was actually playing Maple almost everyday especially near UPSR.. Terrible? Not that terrible yet.. So ok la.. I stop myself from playing.. Banned myself playing for 1 week.. And that 1 week is the week before UPSR. Terrible? Read some more.. So ok la..that week, each time I want to study, I will fall asleep after 5 minutes.. Terrible huh.. Not as terrible yet.. yea so my mum always catch me asleep while studying.. Can't do anything right? I think it's my 1st time studying. >.< .. Lagi worse is, during exam.. ok.. while having P.Moral exam.. I don't understand a lot of it.. I was resting my head on the table side-ways.. and I fell asleep while doing the writing part.. TERIBLE!! How I woke up? I always hold my pen upright. So I woke up when my pen fell of my hand... !!! >.< -.-''.... must thank my pen. Or not I don't know wether I will wake up or not.. some more theres like really a lot more to do.. Terrible terrible terrible... I got nothing to say...

Hmm.. thought this post will be an extremely short one.. so....okay.. I'll stop here.. Bye! Thanks for reading anywayz..

*soory skipped a lot actually.. Because I posted it 1 time already but it did not post fully..cacated... so I have to repeat eveything all over..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

:: A better person ::

As in my first post for this site, I would wanna share about this topic, A better person. A better person? continue reading..

on love,

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.

-If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them.

-If you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do the same.

-But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back.

on giving,

-Give to the one who asks you, and do not reject the one who wants to borrow from you.

-If you lend to those from whom you hope to be repaid, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners.

-Give to everyone who asks you and do not ask for your possessions back from the person who takes them away.

See, most of us tries our best to be a better person, and yet we still make lots of mistakes in life. You've heard " an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth", and lots of us do the same and thinks it's right. Think again. Is is right?

"Do to others what you want others to do to you." This is also kinda considered my motto... I feel it quite meaningful, as in like.. yea.. DO to OTHERS what YOU want OTHERS to do to YOU.. Another thing is, think before you say/do it. What do I mean? Do you like people swearing at you? Do you like hearing people talking bad about you? No right? So since you don't like it, don't do it to others for thats how they feel when you say/do so.

I experienced it a lot through these though they are really little.. and so I've changed and I'm trying my best to remember these words and do it. I've experienced it, and I can tell that I really want the bad environment to change. So right now, its my turn to share it around. My pandangan/kan fa - Nobody is the best, but they can try their best. They can be better but no matter how much more better will not make them reach as the best, for every single human being makes mistakes. Well.. I really hope this will help you too.. Thanks so much for reading!!!! Please share this around for a better environment! >.^

* I'm sharing these around hoping for a better environment. Hope this helped you! Remember! It's never late to change, and it's better to change late than never! God Bless You!!