Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back with a whole lot of Pictures!

Turffy.. awwe

yawn* cought on tape! xD

Making a donut.. xD

My badminton idol since...4 yrs ago.. long d.. Chong Weiiii

Ahh... so nice.. you won =D

A drawing from Edwin in the letter/cny card

Improve a lot... =) my Puay Chai old friend

Wang Chuan Yi =P

My pizza... wrong dough but... dun care... =P

So so yummy..! nolah... previous one nicer =P

This flower is growing inside the room. you know, there's a netting there.. outside is backyard. this flower bud came in the net and shooted its flower in the room..hahah

Snoopy taking a cool bath xD

Bottle from living cabin..

Lil present for Jan..

Was in a rush for a pencil box.. no choice but to simply sew one since i'm not allowed to buy one..


John...during 8TV birthday concert.. =P

The wind so strong.. haha

My muffins.. very yummy 0.o one disappear..

My cheesecake for Jan's bday.. (so flat x.X)

take out d candle...

and cut the cake!


This attracted me to read..

and this!

new movie..of Jay... a must watch..

want to join the competition!!! but... as shown above =(

AFC members.. during Christmas Eve

in SS2 McD

Me n Sugz kor

Spongebob candy =P


wa... want kill mei..

wa!! so many ppl!!

the J sis'

me n Dhanyal Dennis

Me n Yogan

d story of d turttle

Christmas present for Yogan..y? cuz he was so high n happy when he play with my cocker spaniel doggie for like 1 over hour entertaining himself..haha.


Me, Celine n my sis

Me in aeroline bus on d way to Singapore..

My "red/heart shape seed plant.. since 2005..seed from my friend.. Edwin.. the one who drew d pic

d back of d turttle

I also want one la..

See the "island" ? thats Malaysia =D

Sunset view from the bus..

Reached Sunway Pyramid 11.45pm

Jue dui superstar audition in the curve

So many ppl at the penchala link highway to c firework..

This Malaysian chef in Singapore doing this popular tv program in sg

Santa Gary... xD

Look at the cruise... 1st time i saw... so so so so big... in harbor front..

see the small thing on the right? that's Singapore =P

Aeroline.. the convenient way to fly. haha

sis n dad outside 1u to say bye

our dinner in d bus

me n my mum share half half

My "trademark" xD

one of the card i made for them..


cacated one..too much glue..

leaf one..


Cake I made for gathering on Christmas

Added the chocolate mixture..

Plus the decoration =D


Angle figure in Vivo City sg

Does the decorations look familiar? yea... =P i took these n put on the previous cake =P

Moon so nice..

I bought this in sg for...$5 or 6... x2.3=RM..

Free sungalss my aunt gave me n my sis

Muffin... with heart shape

Me n Chung Han

Sg slurpee cup

$2 dolla shop at vivo city

1 muffin kena curi by dad.. haha

Star shape

AFC peformance



Just arrived King George

I think this is at Pavillion Times bookstore..

nothing to do in the bus =P


Eating our dinner at KLCC fountain there before peformance..

Smile =)

Me n the 2 sis

Reconize this place? yea.. ikano =)


Look at Evonne..haha.our frontstage manager.. says>> SMILE =)

Smile smile smile!!

At... 4got lar so many place..

sign language =)

Well entertained campers. this yr, YOU... come join us! =D


Parent's night

The cool part where we all love

Me n boy boy/kor kor/joker/jonathan

Me, jie, birthday gal n Charlotte

Me n Qian

At an old folks home

Log team setting up our roofless changing room

Log team doing their work =)

Look!! I miss her so much la! 2 yrs din c! 3rd time talking to her in 4 yrs =) btw, we're in King George =)

Me n Joseph

Me n Jie

Jie's bro kena.(jonathan)wahaha

peforming at King George


Elvira's finger is the birthday candle =P

yam cha

Dorothy jie n me =) sad that she's from Terngganu so far T.T

shaving cream >=)

real terrible.. haha

aaaaaaaaah!! woi!!

it all started with this =P

me n Alex(so so so tall that must bend..haha)

lost n found session, if its your item, u kena punish.but he kena punish like show off session..hahaha

haha! fashion show ar?

Me n jie in d bus

Me n Jacinta jie

the JDJ sis'.. so sad 1 from KT, one from KL, one from penang T.T

I also kena.. but not when I sleep.. but from Elvira! cuz she got left over! haha

Me n Maria

Me n Owen.. walau.. so big d...T.T 1 yr younger than me but look like 3 yrs older den me T.T

Me n Derek

Chocolate from Subang Parade.they gave us 1 person 1 box. so kind =)

haha, now this is kena punished to do one.. =P

Jonathan wearing the tutu


Alex kena!


Me in Teddy Tales KLCC


Joseph in tut n tank top! haha

me n Desmond

Me n kor

Me n Elvira

cacated... shakey..

sesated... emo

finally. smile =)

1st time entering KLCC! but not to shop..haha. but to tell the world about God!

the 2 sis' and d 2 sis' =P

fan session?

Me n Miriam =)

fountain view while eating dinner at KLCC

Me n Adrian

Qian n me =)

d sis' n me =)

Aaron kor n Me =)


JJ n me =)

1u =)


the cut out wwjd fish under the sun... turn out to be a glowing kinda thing in the pic =P

Jie n me =)

Hehe =)

Emo'ing or what? I dunno.. to me is normal.. ahha


Turffy! awwe

so cute =)

Me n Mickey in 1u.ahha

Okay... thats all... I took almost 2 hours of uploading the pics. haha. nhow I'll have more pics cuz I take pic with my handphone =)

Thanks for reading =)