Monday, February 7, 2011

Future Of Success Seminar! :D

Yo people! I proudly went to the most happening event on the 23rd January 2011! I had to ask my dad to drive me all the way to Sunway University College just for this. ;P

It's the Future Of Success Seminar by Youth World - THE place for youths! (formerly known as Edmira Resources)
Over 1000 students from about 62 schools attended - WOW!

These are the details of the event, so cool aint? Everything about it caught my attention to it! :D
Just look at the speakers and their achievements... They're so awesome! ♥

Here are some of the wonderful speakers who attended.
Prof. Dato' Dr. Chin See Keat, Mr. Yeoh Chen Chow, Mr. Saiful Nang, Dr. Christopher Wong, Ms. Khoo Cai Lin, Ms. Che Chew Chan, Mr. KM Rajendran, Ms. Amber Chia and more!

*Blink twice, you're right! She's AMBER CHIA! ♥
She has an awesome personality! She's beautiful! She... she looked at me! Literally!
But I couldn't get her autograph as she had to go T_T
But never mind, that's not what I'm trying to blog about. Heh!

So anyway, I spent days and nights doing up this video about the event. It's a must-watch! Pretty hard work, phew! ENJOY IT!

Well I know you'll take a peek and scroll down though so sit back, relax; Here are some pictures to entertain you! :)

This was the opening ceremony. Look how cheery and colorful it is! :D What a great start!

That's Team Awesome performing wonderful stunts and cheers! ♥
They taught us a few steps and got all of us on the floor to dance with the cheer spirit! Yea, everyone!
The crowd was so high that time, amazing event warm-up! xD

Burger? ._.
Yeah, burger! :D Some of our lunch that day was this vegetarian burger - it tasted so good I didn't know it was vegetarian at first! ♥ I want some more!

Meey Mei Sze, our pretty emcee! ;D

And meet Eddie Lim, the founder of Youth World! :D
He's an olympian and academician too! He's an amazing all-rounder! ;)

Our very own Amber Chia!
Amber gave 3 of her books to 3 Lucky winners among over 1000 students! And one of them is my friend! :D 

This is Eddie's signature! Thanks Eddie!☺

That's me with the goodie bag! Thanks, Sunway University College! :)

Well that's for the pictures.

There's more to share!
Here are some of the great things I learnt and felt about the event. :)

♥ Sometimes, it's okay to be crazy. Dream BIG! - Prof Dr Dato' Chin See Keat
♥ Put effort + determination and never give up! - Mr. Yeoh Chen Chow
Believe and work towards your dream, then you will succeed! - Mr. Saiful Nang
♥ If you fail to plan, you plan to fail; If you plan, you plan to succeed! ;) - Dr. Christopher Wong
♥ Also, use your creativity use both parts of your brain smartly! ;) - Dr. Christopher Wong
♥ Don't let others or obstacles influence you in life, accept the challenge and move on! - Ms. Khoo Cai Lin 
Stay strong and keep your eyes on the goal no matter what happens! - Ms. Che Chew Chan
♥ You don't need to be pretty in order to be a model. (Nothing is impossible!) - Ms. Amber Chia
♥ Always have a positive attitude- Ms. Amber Chia
Stand strong, be brave and never give up! - Taekwondo peformances

Above all, Dream BIG, Stay POSITIVE, Work HARD & NEVER Give Up!

They really give me the inspiration to overcome any obstacles in life!

Not to forget, LMF = Let's meet friend = Less meat fans = Love me forever.
They showed us videos on climate change and global awareness, it's really hurting to see people suffering from various disasters!
We can help save the earth by being a vegetarian. Those who wish to participate LMF can practice "less meat Monday". Know why it helps? Because every meat you eat, an animal died for you. D:

The kids from Rumah Prihatin also performed 'Tell Me Why' & 'We Are The World' by singing in a choir.
There were even kids less than 5 years old brave enough to sing out there! :) See, age is not a limit!
Most of us sang along with them! ;)

Other than performances and talks, there were some quiz and lucky draws with prizes that worth up to over RM1000! Wow. ;) Never been to such an amazing seminar before!

That's not all, I want to share with you a little slogan that I had to crack my head writing it! x) I actually submitted it here to win an iPad (yes, they're even giving away an iPad!!!) but they've decided to extend the deadline to 7th February and so we got to blog about the event or create a video of the event.

So here's my slogan!

I dreamt of this little gadget in my bag. Small in size and very compact. Simple in design - with functions so hi-tech. It's none other than this thing called 'iPad', and I'm still dreaming that one day, I can have it in my bag. So till now, I'm still dreaming... "I WANT iPAD, I WANT iPAD, I WANT iPAD!!!" ♥
(*Made some corrections)

Thank you Youth World for organizing such an amazing event and having this competition with such fantastic prizes! All the best! *Supports!*

With love and hugs, xoxo