Saturday, February 18, 2012

To-Do List

Here are my list of things to be done! I really felt like doodling. It feels so long since I last draw. But well, yea... That's a lot of things to explain if I were to list them down in words. So there you go, if you could actually guess what each doodle means. :) I'm being a little random today, just felt like blogging! Oh right, it's been years and I think I should give my blog a little makeover. Don't you think?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

{+:Project LOVE}

This is a little something we did on Valentine's Day this 2012. It was totally a last minute inspiration, and we started the 'project' just the night before. We brainstormed and searched for some meaningful quotes to give to the public, then printed and cut each of the quote into name card sized, on the next day (Valentine's Day) itself. We also got ourselves helium heart balloons and wrote 'Free Hugs' so we could carry the message wherever we go.
As we give these out, we got a lil discouraged especially when we get rejected by people thinking we are some promoters or charity etc. and when we got stopped by a mall's management team for the reason of disturbing their customers. But that was our challenge, to be able to move on even though people try to push us down. And there are no reason for us to stop, but get back up again! :)
At some points, people ask us where are we from and why are we doing these. We tell them with a big smile, we're not from anywhere or representing anything, we're doing all these for one purpose, and that purpose is love! :) I remember just before we went back, Marissa gave one of her last quotes to this lady who was sitting by the roadside. We were about to go ahead but I had the urge to give her my helium balloon and hug, and to my surprise she was so happy and told me how stressed she was earlier! I'm sure she went home with a happy heart. :) Also, this man had a long talk with us, as we try to explain what the quote means, in a different dialect. He definitely paused to smile, after his long day of work. He told us, we were very special and he has never seen such thing before. And that definitely made us smile too! :)
At the end of the day, we managed to give out all 212 quotes. Although it is not a big amount, I bet we made a difference to that 212! :)

*Update: I woke up to know that I had 212 views already! I wonder what's with the number 212, but I know it's the year 2012! Well that's a lot of love to me, thank you so much for watching! Hope this made your day! :D

Why keep love when we can give? :)
Hope that this video made YOUR day too! *HUGS* ♥

To Marissa, Christian, Shum and Kadri, thank you for everything! Love you guys :)

- Jesslyn L

Ps. Sorry for the really poor quality pictures, we didn't have any photographer to help us, so we just used iPod camera instead! :)
That was 6 over hours of video editing for a 3 minute video, but it sure is worth it if this could share the love around!