Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yee Mun's Birthday

It's Yee Muns birthday on that day..
I went to Crystals house, then later Yee Muns dad came to fetch us and another friend..

The second day going to Crystals house..

What's she doing??

Haha, you know..

My turn..

Your feet... xD

Mine a bit xD

Your feet again! xD

So... this is Yee Mun's room..

So neat..

And cozy..

See the blue bottle on the left down.. I gave her earlier.. I didn't know I can go to her house xD still got a shirt edited by me.. got her name also =P

so far xD

3 buddies xD was quite bored... then I organized a game..

blindman/grandmother/(whatever you wanna call it).. haha.the person who is blindfolded has to catch someone and name the person correctly.. we play in the dark.. but not so dark.. cuz daytime =.=

Very easy to recognize me one.. the person who keeps taking photo xD

It's Hui Wen's turn =D

I think she got her sis xD Hui Ting

Nope... almost... haha. tired d.. xD


Crystal's secret hideout.. haha

Yee Mun n Me =P

Don't catch me... I'm just a photographer...

Great!! you caught me!! aaarrrghhh...

Yeah.. you can see again.. I brighten your life didn't I? haha xD

I caught Crystal..hahah!


Everybody is here....

Haha, what a Yee Mun xD

Hi Crystal =D

Haha, look at the sweat.. haha. your it xD

Hui Wen kept on opening the curtain.. haha

Taking a short lil break..

By the way this shirt is Sky - Xing Kong shirt... I got it!! Yeaa!! My friend working in 8TV gave me!! wohoo!

That's the back..

She calls herself leng zai.. thats why she always don't wanna leave long hair.. but she does look cute in that hair style =D

Yee Mun's hideout xD

Hui Ting drinking... nothing.. haha

Crystal =)

Back to game..

I'm just beside you!!

Run!! Or you'll be blind!! xD haha

She keep hiding there xD

End up got blind... =.=

Wa... doing tae kwon do or something.. haha

We are all here waiting for you.. =P

End up got Yee Mun.. haha

" I sms'ing mar..."

The 3 buddies again.. haha

Oh.. I got this pen for free.. I almost bought it..

I wanted it since a long long time ago..

I know it's kinda lame.. but its RM6.90.. and its cuteeee~~ xD

Lazy to say the story of how I got it..... but I get high and happy and exited and entertained while I'm holding just that pen... hahahahaha!! I don't know why xD I can jump here and there and do all the crazy stuff xD

Haha. okay.. Happy Birthday Yee Mun =D
Thanks for reading =)