Friday, September 13, 2013

The Uncool

I wanna be the uncool one
And be with the uncool people
Because the cool already are the cool people
And the uncool are the ones who needs His love most

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


That smile
That face
That familiar voice
One I can immediately recognize

Them way of talking
Them dimples
Them tiny eyes
So mesmerizing

Watching you grow
For over these 10 years
As I grow in height and in heart
And I'm still growing on you

You're my childhood
Someone I always admired
You're my example
Someone I truly respect

For your love towards your family
For your stand on your personal style
For being humble despite being king of your profession
For being modern yet not forgetting your traditions

How God had blessed me with you
How God had blessed you for eternity
How I thank Him for calling you into His kingdom this 2013
I cannot wait to meet you in Heaven


Saturday, August 31, 2013

The World

The 'innocence', the 'friendliness', the 'pretty' things.
The 'smiles', the 'moments', the 'friendships'.
The words, the actions, the well hidden truth.
The perfectly played script.
Isn't as easy as you thought you could distinguish.
Fame. Attention. Money.
The things people do to get it.
Isn't it disgusting.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Making Of: "Eleven" Wire House Number Plate (Personalized Wire Name/Word by Dazzlyn' Wire)

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Does that mean they're all loved?
Genuinely, loved?

Does that mean they're all unloved?
Really unloved?

Then why chase the world,
When what we need is authentic love?
Why keep seeking for it,
When it is already given freely to us?

This is the time,
This is the season.
Is it really about Santa Clause and getting gifts?
Have the world forgotten the human birth of an uncreated God,
The One who existed before the creation of time, space, and us?

Jesus Christ.
Why did He come?
Why die on the cross and lose His life for the sin of ours?
Why, why such sacrificial hassle?
Mock, laugh, betray Him.
Still, He chose to lay His life to save us from our deepest sins.
For what?
For eternal life, what we were created for.
To free us from the eternal sting of death that devil attracts.
To live in heaven with God, with perfect bodies and a new earth.
It is not a dreamy spiritual world on the clouds with harps and flying angels;
It is physical, it is real.
That, is home. Our real home.
That is why He had to die, so that we don't have to.
And that, is the greatest love.

But that, is not the end.
He rose again, He conquered death.
He is now alive.
Repent, believe, receive;
That, is the first of the abc's.
He longs for a relationship with us, you and me.
Best of all, He's everywhere.
All it takes, is a gentle whisper.

It really isn't Christmas, if it doesn't happen in our hearts.
It all begins, with a true intimacy of love;


Awestruck, captivated, moved.
From 2 years ago, to 2 days ago;
I've watched how you grow,
And how time have brought you here.
Maybe it wasn't all as easy as others see,
But definitely God has pulled you through it all.
From the falls, the fails, the pains, the hurts;
Look into the sky within,
And stand back up again - anew.
Maybe the storms were mountain high,
But the blessings were always higher.
I am, very very happy for you.
You've definitely taught me something new.
God Bless you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


You know how annoying it gets when people constantly disturb us, play little tricks on us, take our belongings, and what more, break our things.
I can imagine most eldest siblings get that almost all their life - I don't know, I'm the youngest one and I'd be so dead if I do that to my sisters. Haha. But I do 'disturb' my eldest sister sometimes like doing all sorts of funny things just to make her smile. Oh, joy.
Well guess what, I tend to see things differently. When I get annoyed, I smile; because it means that our existence makes a difference to others. Whether we realize it or not, we matter.
Though we don't feel it all the time, I'm grateful that things happen sometimes to make us realize we're not transparent, and that we're here for a reason.
It's the joy of being annoyed. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Actual Life

Life is on-the-spot.
There is no rewind or repeat; every moment is once in a lifetime.
It's like a flash of lightning; it's either we see it or it's gone.
Be quick and don't dream, time is ticking.
Decide fast, there is no 'back-ups';
 Life is going on.

Lesson learnt.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank You

Oh hello! I'm officially 18 and this post is dedicated to my friends and family for being here in this life of mine.
To Marissa, Hann, Ben Gan, Chris, Kadri, Shum, Tim, Ben Ee, Kimberly, Karthi, Jun Xian, Nicola, Syann, Kim Too, Ming Yue, Yee Mun, Kenneth, Maria, Wei Han, Alden, Zhu En, Wai Khian, Dan Watson, Jeannette, and my family for the personal wishes! Your messages really made my heart smile, a big one. :)
Thanks for the very sudden surprise birthday cake and song surprise by Jann & Benson, it sure was a funny one!
Despite a tough day I had today, I'm so grateful for all the love.
Thanks all of you again, I really appreciate it!
God Bless!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day

Had lunch out with family today all the way at Teluk Gong.
Got 2 cuts on my 2 index fingers but it's okay. :P
Bought new wallet and belts; small towns have unbeatable prices ever. So happy!
Finally got the wallet I had been eyeing for a year. Oh, the reward of patience. :)
Dinner was out as well, with my gang. Marissa, Christian, Kadri, Shum and me. Later, Hann joined when Chris left.
I wasn't expecting Chris to come because he's working and all of a sudden I saw him on my left. It was creepy a bit because of the stare! But it was a surprise. Haha.
I really don't like when it comes to making decision for place to eat. We take longer time deciding than actually eating. Ended up eating at Fish & Co. First time eating their fish and chips. Thanks for the early birthday dinner treat and for the time of fellowship. :)
And thanks Yi Shien for entertaining me for half hour on the phone. You sure did me a favor. Haha.
Oh and bye Shum, who is leaving for national service in two days. You'll have fun. :) Take care.

A day to remember.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ANC 17th Anniversary

What an epic photograph! Photo credits to Hui En! :D

Every time I look closely at this photograph and look through each of our expression, it can never fail to make me smile. It makes me feel so joyful and blessed to have this bigger family that God gave us - the body of Christ! Couldn't get every single one of us though, but I think it'll be almost forever impossible - because our family just keeps expanding! Ahh. :)
Let's take a closer look.
Ming Li is half planking, Hui En is all the way at the back with the epic face, Charmaine loving her brother Sebastian so much, Hamed and Albert trying to get their face in the picture, Tracy, Iskender and Sahaya stoning, Pastor Yoke Kheng pointing the camera, aunty right in the middle posing very elegantly, Uncle Hok Seng & Aaron doing some 3 finger bunny ears to me and Marcus, Aunty Dolly and Jia Ling smiling for Colgate advertisement, Ming Han looking disgusted, Alvin giving a crazy face,  Pastor Chris blessing people,  Ryan and Emily going 'RAWH', Aunty Selvi going 'AHH', and Benson is like 'SURPRISE'!
Still a lot to be captioned.
Wonderful family, no? :P

25th March 2012 was the celebration of Antioch Network Community's 17th anniversary!
It is my first year being in this family, and it has been a year since I got baptized!
What an amazing journey, seriously. :)
Did some sharing and sign language performance - I sure was shivering during my little sharing speech! But it surely is a joy to look back at my own journey with Him as I shared with everyone.
And this year, we are inspired to go. To go out there and not stay in our safe zone.
Listening to Li Chang's testimony, just by Billie having a simple thought of sharing the gospel, Li Chang's life was changed forever, for eternity!
And all the healing miracles that Chris Yow performs, it is heaven on earth. 'Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.'
And the most interesting part was, we all heard our very own brother, Sebastian's healing testimony. He got his misplaced jaw due to a little accident to pop back into place when Chris prayed for him, like literally a loud 'pop'. And that evening, they both were there trying to explain what happened. It was totally supernatural, completely by God's power. Like, wow.
And there were so much more. Incredible. :)

We thank our friend, Jesus Christ for saving us. If not because of His great love, we wouldn't be able to live today. Because He died for our sins, we can now be saved from hell's fire. I can never imagine the pain He had to go through during the crucifixion on the cross, neither can I ever repay what He has done for me. But that's the beauty of God, He is so graceful. He only asks us to believe, and we will be saved! No more burnt offerings, no more sacrifices - Jesus is the sacrifice; He already sacrificed for us when He died and rose again. Yes, he rose again. Because He is life, the conquerer of death. We no longer are afraid of dying on earth, because this life we're living is only the preparation for the next, what we were created for - eternity!
God is so awesome, His love never ends. The best part is, He seeks a personal relationship with each and everyone of us. We just need to open the door of our heart, because He is knocking the door. He doesn't force us to open, but wants us to open our hearts willingly to Him. God looks at our hearts, not by looks or wealth. In fact He uses the most ordinary people to perform miracles. Amazing, isn't He. :')

Thank you so much for reading, and thank Him so much for my life, family and friends. Every breath is a second chance.
Be confirmed, our hope is real and solid to rely on. Never give up faith. ;)

So, so thankful! ♥

Monday, March 26, 2012

Heart Pendant

"And I'll make you a heart pendant, with a pebble held in my hand.And I'll carve it like a necklace, so the heart falls where your chest is,And now a piece of me, is a piece of the beach, and it falls just where it needs to be, and rests peacefully.You just need to breathe, to feel my heart against yours now, against yours now."Lyrics snippet from Ed Sheeran - Wake Me Up.


Ed Sheeran - The A Team (Cover By Jesslyn)

I uploaded my cover on Youtube as well, do check it out!
There are on-screen lyrics too. :)
It's a very simple cover I did with my ukulele.
It was actually quite last minute, because no one was at home that morning; so I thought I should use that big opportunity! And there goes my cover of Ed Sheeran's The A Team.

Remember the post I wrote about how amazing he is? This is one of his great song.
You can check out my previous post here!


Star Subscriber

So, Chris-P People was on the Star subscriber thing! :)
I don't have the hard copy though, but a church member told me he has it and may pass it over to me. Then I'll add into my little file of appearing on the media in the most random circumstances. No really, like trying out skating at the park, 8TV interview, the funniest one was being on this Chinese magazine called E-Pop in the year 2007 and I didn't know the existence of that magazine until my friend told me, 'JESS, you're on E-Pop!'
Maybe one day I should make soft copies of those random appearances on the media, though some is impossible like the TV appearances. Just for fun, I'd probably laugh when I look back at it. :P

"I wouldn't trade it for anything; my souvenirs."

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ed Sheeran Cover

Hi people! Just felt like doing a lil' cover of The A Team by Ed Sheeran with my ukulele.
Decided to upload it on Soundcloud, as well as some older recordings done previously.

Enjoy! :D
God Bless!