Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our day at 1 Utama

Yesterday, Friday, Jesmyn, Jia Yee, Yee Mun and I went to 1Utama..

We just reached 1u..

What happen to 'art' ??

Art Attack

Waa! Yee Mun's new hp!! Nola.. Jesmyn punye.. bukan baru la............

The biggest onion ring I ate.. the small one x4 0.o

Our burger meal =P

French fries with lotza black pepper..

Put quite alot..

Looks yummy..

The nugget meal..

by Jesmyn n Jia Yee =P

1st time I saw that there..

I didn't know there's such place..

That's the view..


Haha xD

Jia Yee and Yee Mun

The lala~ poses..

Playground.. nola.. Dreamworld..

Closer look..

The best friends.. =D

Eeee... so lala~ xD

Smile =)


Jia Yee, Jesmyn, Yee Mun

A bit sesated.. xD

This is what happens if you don't pull the curtain thing properly.. Haha!

Jess n Jes

Smile =D

The J.L.s.. =P

Jia Yee at the playground there =)

The view from the bridge of the rainforest

Thats the bridge.. =)

Uh oh... awwe man... shop untill pokkai d!!

Actually got more one.. mines on the left.. Hehe..

Hehehhehehe... shop bao bao d xD

In the car.. =)

From morning till night.. we had real great time wei! =D Next, we gotta study... exam ar............. Good luck n jia you! =D

Thanks for reading! =)

Friday, September 7, 2007

My day with Han

During August school holiday, Thursday and Friday..
I called Chung Han(cousin, 8 this year) to sleepover in my house...
So Thursday night he came, slept over, play and all till at night.
At night, he always go high and crazy dancing, shaking ass, jumping, laughing......
Hahaa! Make me laugh whole night xD
Sorry I don't have those pictures because when I took the camera, Janning just scold me. Yeap.
So.. I only have 1 sesated one. which don't picture what it was actually..

There he goes high'ing all night xD he don't look high here... =.=

Not bad right? I just took the egg carton, art paper and paint and started to do something. End up not as aspected, I mean I thought after I make I'll throw.. xD with Chung Han's 20% help, I gave it to him. =) Haha

The 2nd one I did.. The only one I'm keeping xD

Chung Han did it his own =) ofcourse, he brought it home xP

Taking my stuff without permission 0.o Haha! Its a computer coin box I got since small.. I love it man.. hahaha xD from "oh wow", Maybank.. What la.. background so messy =(.. nope. not my stuff..

My dear boy.. Turffy =)

What's Han doing?? 0.<

Tricks Turffy knows:
~ sit
~ down(lie down)
~ up(jump-2 legs/stand-4 legs)
~ fetch(you throw the ball, hold his collar, let go, till you say fetch then he fetch =P)
~ give the ball/pass the ball (he pass to your hands or place it on floor)
~ drink water(only listens when he feels like xD)
~ xiao gao[I call that move wan xD] (stretch, shoot his ass up, rub his nose and face, and finally, lie down =P)
~ shake hand
~ sayang(he will sayang you =P)
~ Wanna go Bukit Kiara?/knows you are going out like park etc(respond-ears up, looking in house, making "yi yi yi" noise[calling], bark a lil if you don't respond)
~ stay/show stop sign with hands-stay..
~ bang! [play dead](when lying dead.. he won't really move)
~ where's the ball? (ears up, then sniff sniff, then look at you xD)
~ take the ball[when its under his "bed"(wood) - wait till I lift his bed, then he'll take it as fast as possible
~ out! (when comes in the house. Listens 50% of the time)
~ cane coming! (sometimes will go out, sometimes will let you whack him then he goes out, sometimes just sit down in the house and let you whack all you want xP)
~ Daddy come back! (If still don't listen.. once he heard this, he'll dash back out immediately xD)
~ No (exp: eating sand. say no, 80% of the time he'll stop)
~ heel (follow/stay with you when taking him to walk. with leash)
~ Waa, I didn't know he knows that much 0.o............................................

Han with the cool look xD

Hahaha xP

Sayang, Turffy, sayang~~ xD

Taman Tun Park, Taman Lembah Kiara:-

What la this camera... T.T We're feeding the pigeons rice..

Why so scared? =.= They scared of you then correct la.. xP

Haiz... wasted la the pictures T.T

You can sit here for hours one.. very comfortable and nice view.. Hey, got people brought their homework and sat there to do wei 0.o Hahaa

Ahahahahaha! so cute! xD

Han is scared of the bridge 0.o haha xP

Me and Han..

One of the view from the bridge..

Bamboo xD

Treeeeeeeeeeeee xP

I love this one........ =)

This tree is...

...kinda cute xD mum likes it =P

When you see that tree, you can see this one =)

1st time seeing mum posing like that! xD Hahaa xP

Yep, this is the tree behind the previous one =)

The river getting smaller and less water =( anyway, I miss catching guppies xD

Quite nice right this park? =)

I love this playground!!!!! Now I wanna play also can't.. T.T must wait till nobody >=P hahaha

I remember I went up and down only on this slide non stop for hours when I was small xD

Mum love that place xD

A new bridge.. or is it? don't know xP

I love to sit there facing the waterfall.. can sit there for hours.. the sound of the water will make you stay there xD

Foot reflexology anyone? some super sharp one~ xD

Not forgetting the fountains.. =P

And this beautiful tree =)

Time to say bye..

Er.. are you dancing or something? haha xD

Call me! No la...

He was doing this xD

Bye =)
My letter box.. cool eh? I love it =D It grew and covered it, so my dad trim it a bit.. and it stayed this way till today xD nola.. few years only..
My dad bought this..
So we had to say bye to the old cacated players..
Because it is now ruled over by Panasonic Home Theater xD
Sorry I don't have the picture... =P
So.. Thats all for this post..
Once again, thanks for reading =)