Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Will it be mine?

Today, My dad, mum and I went to Tesco, The Curve, Ikea and Ikano..
When we were in Tesco, after paying, my dad came to me and say..
If you got good results I buy you this camera (showing it from a paper..)
Haha, if you didn't know, I wished to have my own camera very long ago..
Why? Because I can never have a chance to use the one at home, as my sisters always takes it, and you know.. I can't ask from them.. Or I'll die.......
So......... before August test, my dad say.. He wants my results to be overall improved by 10 marks each subject.. then he will buy me a camera..
Wa...... first time in my life getting a reward(ahem.. results not out also xD)... UPSR also got nothing.. Haha..
So.............. Waiting for my results.. haiz..
Anyway anyway, the camera my dad was talking about was>>>> Canon IXUS 70...
You know what I'm talking about?

Canon IXUS 70. This invisible dream I'm trying to reach for.. Will I reach it? Hmm....

Stylish and Compact Design
• Slimmest IXUS ever
• Large 2.5-inch Pure Color LCD Monitor with wide viewing angle.
- Special coating that makes LCD surface highly resistant to scratches, finger prints and dust.
- easy to view images in bright outdoor conditions
• Convenient Touch Wheel that puts a variety of operations at your fingertips for easy capturing od photos

Wide angle Shooting with 3.0x Optical Zoom

Point & Shoot Simplicity
• 9-point AiAF (auto-focusing) or single point AF (fixed to center) ensures the subject is sharply focused even if it is not in the center.
• 18 shooting modes including 8 special scene modes.
-The Special Scene modes are pre programmed camera settings for specific shooting conditions: Aquarium, Fireworks, Snow, Beach, Indoor, Kids & Pets, Foliage, Underwater
• Vertical/ Horizontal Gridline Display for easy photo composition and framing.
• Time Lapse Movie shortens movie duration by selecting representative frames so parts of the movie can be viewed.
• Stitch Assist to piece images together seamlessly to create panoramic landscapes

My Colors Function
• Freely retouch color of still images on the camera during shooting.
• Real-time color change on LCD monitor while shooting, hence saving the time and hassle of retouching via computer.
• Available modes in My Colors function:
- Vivid
- Neutral
- Sepia
- Black & White
- Positive Film
- Lighter Skin Tone
- Darker Skin Tone
- Vivid Blue
- Vivid Green
- Vivid Red
- Custom Color (to set balance of red, green, blue and skin color. Fine adjustments such as ‘make blues a little more vivid’ or ‘make skin color a little brighter’ are possible.)

You can get more at

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are we worth it?


History has a purpose.
We learn from its mistakes so that we may not repeat them.
We learn from its achievements so that we may emulate them.

For a nation that is now celebrating 50 years of Independence,
it pays to look back even as we move forward. If only to learn from the best.

And in the Father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj, we had the best.

Along with the likes of Tunku Abdul Razak, Tun Dr.Ismail, Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Tun HS Lee, Tun VT Sambanthan, and a band of others, Tunku Abdul Rahman fought for independence from the British Empire in a way that all political crisis should be resolved - not by bloodshed, but by negotiation.

He and his fellow visionaries then laid the foundation for parliamentary democracy that has lasted till today.

This was a lifetime of hard work and sacrifices.

He never forgot to take into consideration the needs of the many. It was one thing to win independence. It was another to preserve it.

In ethnically-diverse Malaysia, this was never easy. But Tunku and his men succeeded where so many others have failed. He knew what divided people. So he united them. He knew communism would bring the nation to its knees. So he embraced democracy. He knew racial selfishness would be our undoing. So he asked for racial selfishness. He said:

"A prerequisite to independence is a willingness to sacrifice. We do not need to sacrifice our lives. Ours is a constitutional struggle and it only needs the sacrifice of racial selfishness."

In his later years, post-retirement, he continued to champion for unity. He said:"We are first and foremost, Malaysians. Everything else comes second."

Again practising what he preached, Tunku lived a life of selfless generosity. Who would have sold his own properties just to finance his own political party (United Malays National Organisation) in the struggle for independence?

If he had enriched anybody, it was us - the people of Malaysia. To us he gave the most precious thing of all. Freedom.

In the last public function that Tunku attended, he addressed rakyat in the midst of a heavy downpour. A man who had dedicated his life to his country could have asked for so many things in return. For his memories to be set in stone. For his deeds to be written in songs. For his statue to be erected. But he asked for nothing of the sort.

What he did ask for was as selfless and as meaningful as his life. On that fateful day in Sarawak, days before he died, in poor health but in great spirit, with tears coursing down his cheeks, he asked that we stand as one and be loyal to the country. He spoke from his wheelchair. But his vision was unimpaired. His spirit undefeated. His sincerity unmatched.

Here was Malaysia's first Prime Minister. Father of Independence. Prince of men. King of hearts. Asking nothing for himself. And everything for the people.

What a patriot. What a man. What a sacrifice. A sacrifice made together with those he unreservedly called his "brothers" and "sisters" for the country. For us.

After 50 years, it's time for us to look into the mirror and ask one simple but important question: Are we worth it?

Monday, August 20, 2007

John's birthday videos

John and the orphanages singing Hogh School Musical song =)

John and Point Blanc singing Monay Monay =)

Enjoy! =P
Thanks for reading! And watching! xD

Point Blanc

Point Blanc (Nicholas Ong)

RM19.90 only!

He was there at Cheer 07..

But I wasn't.. =(

Point Blanc n John =P

Point Blanc, John, Jane

In Ipoh.. =P

Listened the song before?

Click for the larger image..

Read it =P

His Point is...

About his album...

~ Support original! Hey, RM19.90 good enough.. =) ~

Thanks for reading! =)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

John's 23rd birthday, kl izzi cafe!

The card to John..

Inside.. (the picture I drew.. cover the nose and mouth.. will look better xD can't help it la.. I had to finnish it in the car! With a hotel pencil.. xD I had no rubber xD)

Wushu performance..

John singing I'll Be Good

I'll Be Good~

The kids from the orphanage singing High School Musical song as well as John!

Smile~ =P

Orphanage performing very cute dance!

John learning from them.. Hahahaha!


John and Point Blanc(singer of Ipoh mali) singing their english+cantonese+hokkien song> monay monay.. Very very nice.. a cool rap song.. I got a short video of it.. 10 seconds only... camera la.. only can take 10 seconds.. haha! wanted 2 take a pic with him, didn't know he went back so early =(

The girl who took my extra place to go in..

Introducing - Priscilla! =D

I want that! xD

John playing limbo - round 1

Quite low wo.. =P

Time for the orphanages..

After they pass, they get a goodie bag =P

After them, they chose 5 person(us) to play, and will get a small gift.. I was lucky enough to be 1.. So I lined up the last.. 1st they ask your name, then what you wanna say to John, and finally, go limbo with him.. They said like marriage like that, and sang the tune, then John say> Hahaha!Then I think I will have too many wives, 1 day 1 wife xD Hahaha!
So when it's my turn.........
Jess> (in chinese) I'm Jesslyn.. (Girl ask me what I wanna say to him..) Er, I wanna say.. (nervous as my chinese became very weak..... ) happy birthday, and... I will support you forever..
Girl> Hey, ni3 wei4 shen3 me zai4 shan3 lei4 guang1 ar? 0.o (and continue with the limbo..)
Yeameh?? Nola.. I don't know why.. A lot of my friends also thought a lot of times that I'm crying.. They say my eyes looks like crying like that, because very shiny like that...) (Huh???Where got??)
Continue with the limbo.. (Sesat!!! So sad!! I ask my that partner help me take, I show her how to use, which button.. but.. she pressed wrong button.. and didn't take.. T.T! Thats the most important picture wei!! T.T haizzz!) (I don't have the picture.. but I can explain it.. =P) ( still super sad.. =( T.T..)

John was on my left.. Holding hands.. others sing the marriage tune.. And then we go through the limbo.. very sweet man.. Hehe.. I got to hold his hand longer because before going the limbo the hosts were talking talking.. Hahaha! But I don't know what were they talking xD.. This explanation doesn't show the picture, I really don't know how to say........... It's.. so.. very.. sweeeet that's what I know~ xD I must get that picture wei!!! I don't care!!!! I wanna cry!! T.T T.T T.T T.T T.T T.T!!!

JFC- John Fans Club(me too actually but not active, as in don't really post.. very slow.. sry JFC!)

Smile! =)

JFC gathered money and bought gifts for the orphanage, to support John and help reveal his wish =) John's wish forever is to help them =) Aren't the kids cuteeee??

Cut cake!

Peace! =P

Look at John.. Haha! and the boy under him.. Hahah!

Hands =P

Point Balnc, John, Jane

Thumbs up l3 Haha! =D

Xiao Mi!! Hahah! She's a cute cute girl! Know her from a celebrity show =P

988, you sheng you se.. =P



Tadaa =P Thank you so much! 18/8/07 (his birthday is 21st Aug)

A lil of my Sky, Xing Kong collection.. See la.. Now got 2 same cd.. xD I want the show! Out already

The small gift for playing Limbo with John! I always wanted to get 1 actually.. Hahahhahehhehahahhaah xD Since young.. but not allowed to buy.. So, now so big already still want it xD

Haha! From the poster they gave.. I wanted the poster I saw in 1u, but I didn't expect this to be a nicer 1 =)

What I got.. and the poster.. =)

Yeap.. I think this is what I got so far.. I really wanna find my photo.... Limbo'ing with John.. Hey don't guai4 me la.. I seldom go for all these.. Just that some how I think I'm lucky for this.. haha =P Still got some photos, but have to wait for Priscilla to send me.. 1 of it was I asked her to help me take.. Me and John, After I gave him the birthday present from me.. =P
Okay.. Thats all..
Thanks for reading! =D


Pretend today is Tuesday, 14-8-2007.. K? =P

So.. yesterday, I watched a little bit of 8864 (8e-news)..
I heard Gary, the host, say that today will have call in session for those who wanna go Joh'ns birthday..
So I plan to watch today.. So time for call in.. I don't really know what they want, so I wait for the 1st person to call in 1st..
So she say about donate more a bit and all.. The thing you have to say is how will you help John reveal his wish?
So I don't know what is his wish mar at 1st, because I was very busy and didn't watch or listen to all those..
So I was like, er.. okay.. den, aiya, play play only.. sure cant get in or wont pick up one la..
So without any preparation, I go call..
1st > your call has reached the voice mail.........(cancel call)
2nd > toot~ (1 time only) (aiya wont pick up one la..) (pick up sound) (what?????!!! uh oh~~) (not prepared leh later what to say?!) (happy but nervous) the person ask for my name, number, and ic.. Then after this, LIVE.. (crap~~ dai sei lo!! ahhh!!)
1. ask whats my name..
2. ask how will I help John reveal his wish?
Jess> Er, wo hui wei ta jia you..
3. ask how.. then blabla, and he cut the crap himself.. and say... why not you give him a gu3 li4? (something like ai de gu li kinda thing...) without letting me prepare.. he say 1.. 2.. 3..! (clap hands.. I mean like.. 1..2..3..4..5.. not fast one la..)
Jess> (I follow what I always hear other people always say..) (very lame~~~) John! Jia you! Wo hui yong yuan yong yuan zi ci ni! (like very weak, because too nervous.. so like, no strength like that.. Don't know how to say la..)
4. why like so weak one?
Jess> hen jing zang..
5. yeameh? you don't sound nervous at all wo.. haha! ok.. thanks for calling!
Reconfirm about my info with the girl.. Then.. end call..

I............. Jump for joy!!! Tell Janning and Mum! Going a lil crazy saying I love you to Janning! Hehe.. Hey, tomorrow got test leh Jesslyn~ Haha!
After a while, the girl call from MonkeyBone..
Told me its this Saturday 1.30p.m. at KL Asia Cafe.. I say.. Asia Cafe? She say yea..
Till the real today, Saturday, morning.. I know it is izzi cafe.. luckily got Priscilla.. I messaged her.. she say it is izzi cafe........... Pris is a cute pretty girl I met in Sungei Wang Green Box that time Sky xing kong was there one.. I also won for that.. in 8tv also.. You will see Pris in almost all of the events of John and Daniel.. Haha =) She's very lucky =)
So, because none of my friend can't go, so I went with Pris.. And her mum.. met her in Sungei Wang lor..
Anyway, before that, is the worries of what to give John.. Having test some more.. so.. I plan to study 1st, till Friday then only think of it.. Which means I only left 1 day to the day.. Minus the sleeping time, I only have 6 hours.. to think. find, create, make, draw etc.. everything.. I don't have time to think of what to wear.. so in the last minute, I wore my blue skirt and the tweety shirt I bought from school that day, a really good conditioned and good quality and branded shirt.. They sell it for RM29.90, but I bought it for RM1.. wait, or is it RM0.50? One of them.. Craziness la.. but looks a bit childish la.. haha.
So.. I made this bottle thing inside wrote John jia you <3>
rushed to make it in the morning.. start work 9a.m. end work almost 11a.m....
Uh oh.. no time to do my card leh... last night, I started to draw his face.. looks alike, but stuck at the mouth especially.. So I had to sleep.. Then today haven't continue..
In the end continue in the car.. Don't really look so alike already.. Hehehh.. Then I made begining half of the birthday card already.. at home.. then continue it in the car.. I planned to make this very nice birthday card, but ended up just a normal card.. no time.. only 10 minutes at home, and 20 minutes in the car.. So.. later you see the picture la.. Not really nice.. =( And the card I planned to make needs to take about 3 to 4 hours to complete? Yea.. so no time at all lor..
So.. (read the next post.. as the story goes on..)

Thanks for reading! =)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Taman Rimba KL 11 Aug 07

Today.. Morning.. Me and my dad went cycling in Taman Rimba KL..
Just few steps from my house.. Beside Bukit Kiara..
I planned last night to go today morning.. Yea.. And I asked my dad to wake me up before he goes to Bukit Kiara..
But then he didn't.. And when he came back, my mum called me up, saying he's waiting for me.. to go cycling..
Aiyo.. why didn't wake me up before that.. I was in a rush then, and went with empty stomach..
So.. now.. Let the pictures tell the story.. =)

My "breakfast".. just 1 small mini cloud 9 xP


Amazing.. It's raining petals or leaves non-stopping actually.. So much.. Even the table and bench is full of them..

There are camp sites there.. and you can barbaque too..

My dad kinda like it.. So he took a picture of it xD

My favourite tree I always wanted to take a pic with..

My tree chair..

Sesated star number 1

Sesated star number 2

Look at my reflection..

In the middle of no where..

Look at the flowers..

Peek-a-boo~ Sesatness.. xD very comfortable la..

All I know is it'll be so great if it's my house garden.. Look at the tree.. Its so wow.. Then got slope some more..

My small little island.. Uh oh.. How am I gonna get out? =/

Nevermind.. I think I shall just stay here.. Its nice and comfy though xD

" I'm free!!! "

Dad's favourite..(Bamboo).. Now which one of them is nicer? Can I bring it home?

Lonely~ I'm Mrs.Lonely~

I have nobody~ All on my own~

No it wasn't edited.. The sun shines directly to the lenses and this is what it turns out.

But kinda cool right.. Hehe

Er.. Daddy... Why are you posing like a girl???

" Cintailah Keamanan "

Nice tree =D

This gardener requested for a picture.."take me, take me!"(Jokingly) To make them happier, I went took a picture with him... haha! After that they were so happy you know.. Laughing.. Very happy la.. haha. Even I can't stop smiling.. Hahaha xD

Now this time, the bamboo's mine.. Haha

Long long time ago, there lived a girl named Jesslyn.

Aiyo, what to say le?

May dad say like 4 weel drive like that, bicycle.. Haha xD

Adjust the gears and ta daa~ Cycle anywhere.. Hahah

Cycle around..

And around.. haha xD

Trees! Don't you dare to chop them down.

I wonder how old is this tree.. It's very very big..

Taman Rimba KL

Awwe~! Look at Turffy! Soo cuteee!!! He just took a bath.. Look at his face! He's calling me home.. With that cute cute sound, I don't know how to describe.. xD

Outside my garden.. =P

Yea, that's all.. After that we just cycled around the housing area.. Came back home at about 11a.m. something.. At night, we had a little gathering.. Aunty belanja.. Supposed to be whole big family, a total of 8 or 9 families I think? But only 4 families could make it, but not all the members.. So.. We had steamboat buffet in Yuen Steamboat Buffet, full of customers always, most popular for the chicken.. Very yummy, but the people from the same table keep taking all every round. No brains right? So I only got to eat 1. Oh yea, by the way, the chicken will be refilled, and each time the girl refills it, exactly 6 seconds later nothing's left. I counted. Yea.. That's one thing about the public. They don't care about others because they don't know them and blablablablabla.. Hey people.. Why did you learn P.Moral for? So after that, we went to the apartment, watched Summer Live Concert 8TV.. And then over night there.. Enjoyed my Shandy.. xD Hehe..

That's all for this post =)
Thanks for reading! xD