Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"The Big Green Slime"

I love looking back at this short lil story. It just makes me smile each time after I read. I just feel so waa, cuz I can actually make such a nice story last time. Even for my art works and all other stuff. How I made this story? Simple. This competition thing was held. Just then at home, I on the computer. then I remembered that we were supposed to hand up a story. So I opened Microsoft Words. then I just sat there, thinking what to write. I started with a common start, and with a crazy imaginary, without help except for grammar, I continued the story till the end. This is the story I created.

Jesslyn Lai (4E Puay Chai)
"The Big Green Slime" copywrited

One early morning when I was still asleep, I heard a wierd sound coming towards my house. I got up and went out to check what the sound was all about. When I opened my room door, I saw a big Green Slime infront of me. I was so shocked that I screamed until my Mum came running in my room! When my Mum came in, the big green slime dissappeared immediately. My mum asked me what happened, and I told her that there was a big Green slime in front of me. my mum asked me why do I always talk about monsters, and I said that I do not know the reason. My Mum said, after we had our breakfast, we will go to the optical shop for an eye check.

When we reached there, the optician asked what happened to my eyes, and my Mum said that I always say that there's a big green monster in front of me. So the optician brought me to the room and checked my eyes with an instrument. While checking, I blinked my eyes and when I opened them, I scream and shouted that there was a big green slime inside that machine. The optician checked both my eyes and told my mum to apply a cream on my eyes and the big Green Slime would not be seen again. My mum then asked the optician the time I should apply this cream. The optician replied by saying that I have to apply it before I sleep every night. My Mum the curiously asked the uncle, the reason I am seeing all these things, and what actually happened to my eyes. The optician laughed aloud and said that there was a big green eye discharge stuck to my eyes.

That night, my Mum reminded me to apply the cream that was given by the optician. I did exactly what the optician told me to do. The next morning, I heard the same sound I once heard the other day again. I got up immediately and went to check what was the sound about, wanting to know what is it that is causing the sound. When I opened my room door, I saw something that gave me a big shock.This time, it was not the big Green Slime. This time, it was a big transparent slime! I was so scared I screamed for my Mum to come save me. When she stepped into my room, after blinking my eyes, the big transparent slime dissappeared! I told her I saw something and she told me she knew what it was. She asked me whether it was a big transparent slime this time and I said yes. She then told me that the cream the optician gave me that day was the reason I'm seeing this transparent slime.

The next morning, I heard the same sound again. I walked to my Mum's room and asked her what that wierd sound was about. Then, my mum told me that it was her alarm clock! So I laughed and told my Mum that it was all in my mind all these while. And that is the end of the story.

Hahaha. Why write about the eye? Because the previous night or so, my mum went to the optical shop with me and my dad. It was my first time going in one and I saw what they did. So instead of blindness, I don't know how and why, it became d big green slime. hahahaha.
So it turned out a success in simply creating that story. Project immediately done =D haha.

Was so so so so happy that that time I got 3rd in whole STD4 =D cuz last time std3 I got Top Twelve. I don't know the full story cuz I don't have another copy T.T but its about a baby's crying sound, then duno duno wat, then whole house flooding with blood (eee) then phone not working, then super scared, something like that, then suddenly duno how the phone rang, felt so super scared, lalalala, woke up and realized it was my alarm clock and it was just a nightmare. hahaha. ohkay.. so that's all lor for today. (my english becoming cha and chaa and chaaa~~~ T.T)

Thanks for reading =) Hope you enjoyed =P

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Picture story time =)

Valentine cake

Happy Jesslyn pulak. haha

Poor cake

divided for my fam

Bear bear

Thats Singapore =)

sea to Singapore

So many parking ticket..

lagi more... full... there pay parking very very very expensive 0.o

cool stuff =P gym stuff but not electronic

Me n my cousin, Wei Aun

prepared loads of mini note thing.. packed nicely =)

Making every single small item for the valentine gifts

was totally out of my plan

turned out a great thing =P

awwe.. xD

snore snore


merentas desa

I don't like doing so much homeworks...........
Vivo City Sg

Lion dance

Me n Jann Sg

My Grandmother (mum's mum) so cute!!

I like the floor =P
in Vivo...

city =P

long snowman

in Vivo city

Was named as World trade center, then harbour front, now people just call it vivo city =P

mrt i guess.. xD to sentosa =)


I like to see the water (on the left) like so big heavy waves kinda thing

ornaments (vivo)



this thing will swing around once in a while... (vivo)

If you're at the right spot, you'll get good views =P
hahah, ok.. thats all I got so far.. after this I'm gonna take all my art works... not all la... then maybe next weekend when I have time I'll post them up =) my art gallery =P
Thanks for reading =) stay for updates =P

Friday, February 15, 2008

=) =D x) xD >.<

Hey people!! whooooooooooooooh!! so busy man =.=

haiz..finally online.. hmm... lets start from oldest to latest.
merentes desa. I still remember.
What lah wei!!! I.... aiyoh... its like a... waste lah hahaha xP
1st.. I run run run!!! nola...
2nd.. sweat like so much!!
3rd.. run for your life!!! ahhh!!
4th.. go go go!!
5th.. very near d!! hurrryyy!!!!! u're in skool d!!!!
7th.. as aspected, not enuf blood in my head d.. gonna pengsan..
8th.. oh oh.. im trying to run la, dun force me.. or i faint..
9th.. die. learn from my Puay Chai teacher, cikgu Ngoh.. put ur head down, hand relax, like touch your toes.. (well prepared for this step d..haha) wah wah, no strentgh to do dat la, gonna die! 10th.. eh, I see Rachel Tan! went to her n say hi den go back.. she was lining up to pass the tokens thing n get her number. she 18 or smth..
11th.. no strength d... no choice but to do a stupid thing.. sit down.. then.. Rachel come to me.. not sure what happen, but a while later she ask me.. eh, where is your number? i ask, what number? she show me her one.. i dunno wat is that la...
12th..till 7 minutes later.. I realized.. you are supposed to pass d tokens thing to d teacher den u gt ur number!! ur position!!!! Jesslyn!! what u doin!!! wat la!! I din noe.. I noe u were confident like once in my life!! k la k la.. mesti harga diri. wahahaha. so... too bad la.. I pass dat time like ofcourse no more d... swt la...
13th.. oh shoot!!! dai sei!! reli cant tahan le!! gonna faint!! aaahh!!! hurry cure cure cure!!! no strength to relax my hands, holding my knees.. Rachel keep asking.. u ok anot?? walau, how to answer you! I dying!! haha, so after about 6 minutes then only cure. wah!!! ok.. I duno this time or std 6 time more worse, but, Thanks to d Lord =) so, now ok d. like energitic d. can run one more round of 10km.hahaha
14th.. in tempat rehat.. so sad la... so emo la... so gonna pour la.. but what ever it is, I know myself that I did it la, I reached my goal, at least.....,30-40minutes must reach school. the time when latihan I 1 hour 10 minutes, so this time yeah wei,, half of it! =D Got people say I stupid, wasted la.. hahaha. yeala. wat la.. but waht ever la, can't do anything.
15th.. no more 15th la.. eh got la, tell my family, my stupidity. wahahha
So sad larr.... I aimed so hard for it.. I prepared to faint.. I know I will have not enough blood in my head cuz run run run.. not suspect, Know. Prayed so much for it.. quite confident on it.. wow, I'm seldom confident.. especially, 1st time in this event. prepared to use all my energy.. prepared to be so sweaty.. had my semangats on me.. just that I didn't know what I was supposed to do.. I "lost".. hahahha, nola.. not lost.. I know myself what happened. hahahaha =P
Congratz to all who won!! =D

Next topic ar.. Chinese new year... went back Singapore again lor.. this time whole family. I have pictures, I will picture story it on the next picture story post. so watch for updates =D

Next topic... what can I remember.. I only remember yesterday.. Itz VALENTINE'S DAY!! haha, first, thanks to all for the sweet "thankyou's" =D really so happy you all liked it =D didn't know is my cookies nice at first.. worried cuz 1st n 2nd time making..haha. secondly, thanks for those who gave me valentine gifts, they're much appreciated =D Thirdly, special sikit for u la.. thankyou so much for d lovely cake lu... 1st time having a cake which has my name on it.. hahahahah! sad case!! normally I make myself no name mar, got la actually... once.. chocolate one..haha. 1st time having a unique shape cake oso..hahahah. how you know, I like blueberry? I know how.. cuz d cake shop knows what are suitable for such events la! haha. thankyou la thankyou la thankyou... didn't know you also had something for me.. hope I gave enough cookies to you... eh, extra by alot d kay?? k la. thankyou all =) such a really sweet happy valentines day.. my heart is smiling very widely =D xD really appreciate the thankyou's for d cookies/roses/sweets/ I just named it, buquet of loves =) xD I don't have a proper image for it and Khoy Yan has! xD can go to her site and see or wait and see a big bunch together(not very clear but will explain) =P k la, I explain now also la.. I actually planned a whole different thing, and ended up last minute by last minutes with a great idea! first.. I spent about 4 days of proses...make d cookies 2x6 rounds.. by the time come back home not much time d, so I sleep late for it. do simple packaging half done.. then last day, 13th Feb, went tesco after school, bought more cookies ingredients, cloud 9, 2 types of mentos.. went home 3.30pm.. made cookies till 6pm or something.. while baking shortly by shortly(10 minutes per round) I do some packaging to save time.. incredibly it looked not bad.. I thought wont have enough place for the things to stick all there xD wah, 2 hours 10 minutes writing mini notes to all the packages... till 10.15p.m., I rushed my most important Geo h/w. Cuz if I don't do I'm dead, cuz teacher use me as contoh.. then other homeworks can't help it, still got one big mountain of it!! aiya, suan liao, I know I will be deadly sleeping if I sleep late... so 11 smth p.m. sleep. haha. enough of explaining la.. I know its boring to read plain words.. xD

K la, should stop here.. haha.
Thanks all for reading =D