Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two Thousand Nine Ahead! ^^

Yea people. 2009.
I'm exited for it. Just for fun. I don't like PMR. But I'm going to enjoy my year.
I know how bad I'm gonna be when I reach form 4.
Oh yea, I got 27th in class right, and I'm going 3 Anggerik.
Jesmyn going Siantan!! D=<>
Yee Mun going other school!!! AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Yi Zhen and Crystal.... Sure won't drop one.. So..
I hope I won't be so statue next year.
Let's see... PMR... Sounds nice man suddenly. As if I'm ready to take it already.
Haha. Yea yea....... -.-
Hope I'll have good teachers.
I miss Miss Lim. Yeah I still miss her. She's so nice...
Tonight ar......
I shall enjoy my night =)
Well, not going anywhere.
Enjoy it at home. A lovely place =D
I love my table.
I love my room.
I love my bed.
I love my teddys, doggies, softies.
I love Life.
Not because I have all I that I want, but appreciate what I have.
I make use of really useless stuff.
I turn junk to something useful.
Since a kid, I'll go digging all the interesting stuff and keep. That's one main reason why my place was so full of junk. HAHAHHAHA
Okay that's one bad point.
Kay la, my place very tidy already. I've discarded many junk. My place is so small, want to add storage space also no place.
Woh, I love my place.
I can sit infront of the table whole day doing nothing.
Don't believe? That's what I always do. Hahahahahha sesats x)
Uh oh. School ahead. =B
Nevermind, let's talk about now.
Tonight... Having mini BBQ at home. Mmm....
I'm the BBQ chef.
Wahahaha. Experienced in BBQ =D
Wanna try? Trust me for BBQ, won't die one. xD!!!
Nolar, really. I like BBQing too.
Oh yeaaaa
Congrats to JESCYN LEE who scored 7A's for PMR!!!
Whoaaa..... See, Jesmyn also so happy for you. Haha!
Oh wait.... Oh no 0.0 Form 3 = Stay backs + school tuitions + more homeworks
=.-" x.='' -_-"
Okay la... I don't care. Enjoy life man.
Life is a journey.
Life is a one time kind of thing.
So don't waste precious time.
Do what you can.
Chase your dreams.
Never let go.
Who knows, maybe you are just few steps closer.
So don't make a turn so easily. Don't give up ^^
Good Luck and All The Best EVERYONE!!
Have a Happy NEW Year!!!
Xoxo!!! Thanks for your kind visits!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Little Updates

Nice, I like it =)

Highest point.

KL tower and KLCC =D

Sorry, unassorted pictures ^^"

The wood, the wood.

If you take a close look, the bulk is nice. I like. Hahahha.

This one.. I likee!!!

Wild durian, dad say it tastes milky one. But we weren't lucky enough to pick one up. =(

Daddy's photography - take me and then the mini stream? Can't see -.- Hahaha

RM1.......... for this llittle part of FRIM only. Didn't go much la..

Daddy like small boy =D

Nice, we like.

Whoa, we <3!!>

Sit like dai lou. =D
Okay. Updates.
Jov went NS. Trust me, it'll be so fun.
Bintulu some more. 0.0
Next time hope I'm selected, I will apply =D
So... what's up now?
Gift for Jov.
Birthday coming up, my job - make something for her.
Still thinking of what to make.
Oh man, I don't know how to troubleshoot the problem of my blog sidebar, I didn't play or edit the css, it just became like that one day.
If you know please help me -.-
Now all my gadgets are at the bottom of the page. Erghh
Kay, have nothing much in mind now.
Oh, and my previous post had a sesat error, I mean it didn't post 100% of what I posted.
Haha. Buddy I'm bored.....................................
Buddy like jinx
I noticed I've been saying that talking to myself since a very long time.
I only noticed recently -.- and I have no idea where did the word 'buddy like jinx' came from =D It's a slang thing. Haha!!
Buddy like jinx........................ Sounds like 'Buddy likes Jinx'
Haaa ><
Ish, I'm having problem with publishing again. Don't know why kena me.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Beautiful Christmas ^-^

Merry Christmas people!

So many presents for the 1st time haha!

This is one of the eoe photo frame. Hehe. Magnet one. The other one is 5R

Star ornament

That gigantic hand woman is Manning. :)

Blue star!

Oh this one. For Pooi Ling, my cousin who is a good piano teacher ☺

A simple card for her

And I hand sew this Scottish doggy with a music note

She can put it on her piano for collection =P

This is my Christmas present!
1) icon water bottle - Jann - Luckily I havent buy
2) Eversoft set - Mum - Was about to buy facial wash
3) Lip Gloss (strawberry smell) - Jov - Perfect. I want to buy but I already have quite a number or such xD

So..... they're all wonderful! I love all of them! Great gifts! Woooo~
So yeng man, so siok. Teehee =) ♥

Oh this one!! Pensonic Pleo. Haha! I 'won' this from 8e news again.

This Pleo thing is a toy thing I guess? It's a dinasaur which can be happy, sad etc etc
I 'accidentally' called in again.
I wasn't on that chanell till 10 minutes later. So I just call in and try and try and try.
Once, before it even rang, the guy pick up. Woh hoe, I was breathless, like gulp, what is that thing?? I don't know!! Later how to answer? Ahhh!! Blood rush, I can't breath man, so nervous -.- Okay there was time for me to cool. Haha!
My question was what 'publish' this Pensonic Pleo thing?
I ask for tips, the tips given were Pensonic or Genting Highland?
Christmas, so every caller ask for tips, all super easy.
Pensonic la ofcourse.
So I went to 8tv this morning to collect.
Saw room and the dj haha! Tsu Ann working there, 8tv section too, maybe at the same room I went to collect? Whaha, who knows? =P She helped me get one of the Xing Kong shirt. You know, that shirt. Haha.
Hey quite cool you know.. The view from the huilding is quite nice too. Walked one big round. Haha

The paper bag got 2 sides. If you didn't notice. I like the paper bag =D

Teehee, paper bag.
I quite like nice paper bags. Haha

*(edited) I just checked out the pensonic site.. lets see..
- XXL t shirt RM 69.90
- Cap RM 39.90
And the Pleo itself - Price: RM1899.00, but now offer price RM1599.
huhu, so cool wei. Like a real animal. Haha. Go pensonic site if you wanna know more =D

Cont* That Pleo shirt is XXL. I got a picture of me wearing it with the hat. Looked as if I didn't wear pants. -.-
The cap and shirt got a beautiful 'PENSONIC' -,- Make me look like Pensonic promoter wei
Haha, so yeah, this is my 'extra' Christmas present. Haha!

By the way that thing on the right down is car sticker. Mum say: Cut out the pensonic la then I want. xD

Lets see, yesterday was Christmas day. I love it ^-^
After service, me, Aunt, Unc, Han, and another Aunt went Jaya One, quite new, first time there, to eat. We ate Secret Recipe set 0.o So full, ate at Church earlier. So we all shared.
Then, at home... Good question, what was I doing? -.-
Then anyway, after dinner, present opening time. Whee.
Sesat, wait for vip so long, half hour, huhu!
Mummy la, bath first, wait for watter to boil, then make coffee. A la... Hahahaha I wait there open my own box filled present, eat my Mars choc. Mmmm, talking about that, I forgot it's in my fridge now xD I'm getting it! Huaha!
Okay so we opened at 7 something.
Oh yea I didn't take the HUGO womens perfume thing. Me and Jann got the sample one, mum got a bottle of it. Haha!
So.. I bought almost all their presents at the beginning of December, about Dec 2nd I guess. Except dad's.. I only bought the tea sift thing from IKEA, takkan give that thing only what. So in the end....
Dad - A bottle of Merlot wine.. =P plus the tea sift thing, I wrote something on a seperate gift tag - (face) Tea for One ; (back) Good for a cup of Tea. Haha, dad read it aloud. Hahah
Mum - Davidoff rich aroma coffee. Wah this one I tell you, I bought it so early, then you know, I always follow her to supermarkets. So every supermarket she go, she'll go to the coffee area and say: Buy me this one, very nice one ^^
............... -.- I went home face -.- like that, told Janning, Mum blablabla... Janning say... Mummy BANG me!!! Raaahhh!! Haha!!
So each time she go anywhere she'll show me ask me to buy for her -.- Aih yo...
Haha, she drank it this morning. Bleh =D
Jann - Dove ( dark blue bottle ) with conditioner - I wrote on the pack: If I see it collecting dust, I'll use it =D something like that. Haha, true what, she won't use good stuff xD Got la, once a half year? You see, her Dove sample packs also still havent use -.- Buddy like Jinx wei
Well, good for her hair. Fizzy dry curly Manning ' ish xD Kay lah her hair not that bad. HAHA!!
Jov - Dove ( peach colour bottle ) - This women, have all make ups, etc etc... Then hair? She use hair dryer often also because her haircut needs it to shoo away the bad hair day'ness =P So this Dove, hopefully it'll make her hair puffy puffy, smoothie nicey =P

Whee hoooo!! Tonight gathering =D More presents + pot luck dinner =D
Oh buddy... What to wear.. -.-
Kay nevermind, that problem will eventually be solved. Heheh.
Oh yea, Continue about yesterday... Hmmm
Last night ended with a =D Smile! What a wonderful night, ahh. But.. HEY!! Why no dreams -.-
But I dreamt of a wonderful dream on Christmas about 4am something, can't exactly recall but it's... ahh <: )

Note! I'll be patient. I'll stay strong. I'll be good. I'll study well. I'll continue waiting. BLEH!!! Huhuhuhuh =D

Oh yea, thanks for all the wishes poeple!

ps. I <3>

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!

Oh bu-ddy <=) Few hours to Christmas!
What a happening year! Miss the feeling! Love it!
Was so busy today, help seasoned beef, make salad, and it took 2 hours.
Haha! Know why? Was doing so many other stuff too, including this Janning, so mafan, she dug up all my craft item, messy my cupboard -.- She wants to make Christmas card. Haha. So... I guess she's not giving her Adidas wallet huh T.T boohooo
Going service tomorrow morning. Opening presents tomorrow night.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... interesting ^-^
For the first time, there are so many presents under the Christmas tree!
Awesomeness ;D
What do you think about when you think about Christmas?
Santa Claus? Santarina? Presents?
Hmm.... Do you know the reason for the season?
The reason about why Christmas exists?
Jesus is the reason for the season.
He died on the cross for us. Without him, we're not alive today.
Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ.
The origin of Christmas - 'Cristes M├Žsse' (old english) which means 'mass of Christ'.
The origin of Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) - begins in the 4th century with Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. He was a generous man, particularly devoted to children. Dutch spelling of his name (Saint Nicholas - Sint Nikolaas) was eventually transformed to Sinterklaas. The Dutch brought this tradition with them to America in the 17th century and here the Anglican name of Santa Claus emerged.
Holly, Ivy and Greenery - Boughs of holly, believed to have magical powers since they remained green through the harsh winter, were often placed over the doors of homes to drive evil away. Greenery was also brought indoors to freshen the air and brighten the mood during the long, dreary winter.Legend also has it that holly sprang from the footsteps of Christ as he walked the earth. The pointed leaves were said to represent the crown of thorns Christ wore while on the cross and the red berries symbolized the blood he shed.
Candy Canes - The Christmas candy cane, shaped as a shepherds' crook, represents the humble shepherds who were first to worship the new-born Christ.
2 Corinthians 5:21 says, “He (God) made Him (Christ) who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” In other words, Jesus died because of our sins, so that we wouldn't have to pay the penalty demanded by true justice—eternal death.
Know better about Christmas? :)
Wishing all a Blessed Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Hours

Hey...... people!
I've been quite busy these few days.
Chung Han stayed over the day before yesterday.
Went to 1u with him and mum yesterday.
We walked seperately, Han followed me.
It's quite impressing this time he didn't dash off and simply touch things etc
And he had to hold my hands everwhere all the time. Huahaha
Used up my Pizzahut voucher from NIE.
Wheee! Gathering is on 26th night at Han's place ^-^
Gathering........... Miss it man!!
Presents.... Look under the Christmas tree!!
Dinner.... We're having turkey after such a long time! I forgot how it tastes like.
Christmas this year is gonna be great.
Oh right, I've filled up the whole box full of things, yup they're my own presents >_^
I've chucked in so many things. It all started with eoe photoframe and the big box given.
Hey it's fun you know, you have to siok sendiri.
Attending Life Chapel for Christmas service this time on Christmas morning.
If St Paul, its on the eve and till very late.
There will be a play. Interesting ^^
Do you hear a new song on my blog?
Yea, it's 'NSYNC, remember 'NSYNC?
Title is Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.
Can't wait for Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jingle Bells Ding Ding


For Christmas!

Baked in a warm ♥ ^^

The beautiful frame was last year's Christmas present from mum. I doubt I'll have anything this year you know, because I already have my psp =)

Frosty? Are you? Are you Frosty the snowman?

Woooo =)

Santa Tin from... Australia I guess? Forgot xD Present I chose from Jann's cupboard last year during my birthday. I tell you I still have things I want from her cupboard xD
Every year she'll let me pick a present or two from her cupboard. Hahahah
Now............ Janning, I'm still eyeing your pink Adidas wallet. Ahem*
Pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssee ^-^

Hohoho ^-^

Merry Early Christmas!! (xD 5 days early heh)

That's my psp stand. Really. I can't find other stand for it.

Another random post =P

Funny hair =D -.-

Can you see the drawing? School table.. Draw with my rubber =D

Rainbow oh rainbow

When you see a rainbow, Smile!! ☺

Big pants, mini foot


Green fire. Hoho, poison X_X

Pretty photo, took from a hotel leaflet or something xD

And end of picture post! ps. I'm behind the bear, it's not wearing the hat.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Tree!

Yo there!!!!
We bought a 6ft Christmas tree from Tesco today.
Normal price 59.90, now 14.98.
Then a lot more things are on offer, 70% or 75% off.
Cool, we have a 6ft Christmas tree =D
We have this small one, quite of really small, yea, yea...
So tomorrow night, for the first time, we'll be decorating the Christmas tree, all of us, the J family. Wohoooo =P
Ain't it cool? All these year's it's mummy doing the mini tree decorations.
Wanted to throw it away, mum said. Huhu, no way man..
So it happened that we passed by and bought the Christmas tree and decorations for approx 27 ringgit.

Oh man -.- gotta wait for tommorow to decorate -_-

Monday, December 15, 2008

Why - Secondhand Serenade Lyrics

Buttons on my phone are worn thin
I don't think that I knew the chaos I was getting in.
But I've broken all my promises to you,
I've broken all my promises to you.

Why do you do this to me?
Why do you do this so easily?
You make it hard to smile because
You make it hard to breathe.
Why do you do this to me? Me.

A phrasing that's a single tear,
Is harder than I ever feared
And you were left feeling so alone.
Because these days aren't easy
Like they have been once before
These days aren't easy anymore.

Why do you do this to me?
Why do you do this so easily?
You make it hard to smile because
You make it hard to breathe
Why do you do this to me?
To me, to me, to me.

I should have known this wasn't real
And fought it off and fought to feel
What matters most? Everything
That you feel while listening to every word that I sing.
I promise you I will bring you home
I will bring you home.

Why do you do this to me?
Why do you do this so easily?
You make it hard to smile because
You make it hard to breathe
Why do you do this to me?

Why do you do this to me?
Why do you do this so easily?
You make it hard to smile because
You make it hard to breathe
Why do you do this to me?
To me, to me, to me.

Secondhand Serenade's songs arent 'noise', infact they're quite nice. But because all of it has the same style of tune, you can get bored of it more soon while listening to the album.
I love Fall For You too, it was the song that I knew Secondhand Serenade. But I listened to it so long ago. So I'm bored of it already x/
Like A Knife is nice too. ;)
It's quite nice to play Why's background piano.
Ooh I love my piano so much. ^x^
Piano these days have some kind of 'artificial' sound... kinda thing.. and its quite soft.
That's one main reason I'll never sell off the piano.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Wallpaper :D

Click to enlarge, then copy and paste into your computer, if you like this image ^-^
I'm currently using this.

Soon, I'll be switching to this! =P Click to enlarge

Today I went half day with AFC outreach.
Carefour Kepong and Ikano.
Nope I didn't peform this year.
I was smiling when I saw people in Ikano gathering a crowd :)
I was just a supporter. Go kelefeh. Hehe.
So at Ikano, I met Chung Han, Aunt Wendy and Suk Suk, then Joseph Ong.
Coincidence =P
Joseph naughty, didn't join also. Haha.
He in school very....... I got no comment.. I visited his blog once or twice, don't dare to go already. Hahaha xD So naughty
I love this year's camp tee, very nice, love it!
Credits to Tsu Ann, she's our shirt designer =)
So at Ikano I met with parents, then after watching AFC peformance, I follow parents. Then go home.
Oh my gosh xD now I'm watching NTV7, this live concert. Emil Chau rocked the begining!
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Pheeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!
High dyy xD
I guess I wanna learn his beautiful song on piano >_<>
My piano rocks toooo!!