Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stuck & Sick

I hate flu. I hate fever. I hate virus.
I was healed, and I went to school on Monday.
I noticed freaking lots of people is sick. Left side, right, behind *cough cough cough............
My dad got it from me already..
Man lah. I keep on having fever then ok then got again then sweat again then sick again then ok again. What's my problem.
I'm totally not surprised if I have H1N1. Nyehehehe.
I didn't attend school today. Felt so sick last night. Flu came in. Now still got. Tomorrow might go and might not go. I still have flu. How? I don't want to pass to people. Although so many people sick already.
Haih. Eye's getting hot again. Last night and this morning my eyeballs....... Ahhhhhhhhh damn pain. Cannot turn. Now also but not as bad.
I feel so sick... T.T
I don't know to stay at home or to go school...
Haihh... And I don't want to isolate myself in some hospital for like a week. Can die.
Shoot lar... I really hate flu. Fever also I still can go school, can take panadol. Flu? No way.
Hate flu -.-
I heard I have a bunch of homework laughing at me.
Like seriously a lot. I understand how my geography teacher gives us homework.
She gives at least 20 pages of stuff for you to copy on the long notebook. At one go.
I'm not feeling good man.
I think fever might be starting again. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Bye bye T.T

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fever T.T

Last night... Was another bad night... I couldn't sleep at all.
1) Terrible migraine
2) Fever
3) Aching bones
4) Something like soar throat
5) A moment of flu
6) Room lights on and off and on and off till about 4.30am
7) Bangings and badwords -.-
8) Suddenly freaking cold, suddenly sweating
9) Didn't take panadol
10) Awake 90% of the time

No, not H1N1 -.-
Well, actually... Who knows? Maybe I got that flu... But.. Currently I don't know because I took panadol at 8am. So I don't know.
Oh well... No matter what, I still have to attend school. So, better still, drink lots of water.
I hate to stuff myself up with water because it makes me feel like vomiting and very uncomfortable. Yeah, no wonder I am sick -.-
Till here.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Owl City - Strawberry Avalanche Lyrics

This is a world of dreams and reverie
Where I felt the stars explode around me
A grass blade flashed with a gleam as it slashed open a moonbeam
And I stared back breathlessly as mountains of fruit tumbled out
I barely had the chance to shout
A strawberry avalanche crashed over me

Staying awake that night was rather hard
Deep in a sleeping bag in your backyard
When we woke up buried alive beneath the fruity landslide we both laughed hysterically
It could've been just another dream, but I swear I heard you scream
A strawberry avalanche crashed over me

Always a citrus constellation in the galaxy, scratched on the back
Of both my eyelids that I've been dying to see
If you were a beautiful sound and the echoes all around
Then I'd be your harmony and we'd sing along with the crowds
Beneath the candy coated clouds of strawberry avalanche, please crash over me

See the world of dreams and reverie where I felt the stars explode around me

Monday, July 20, 2009

My First Try On Crochet x)

Yeahh, that's my one :P

Ahh! I crochet this thing without instruction or anything, I just did with the knowledge of chain and single crochet. Haha, ended up as this!

Tadaa :P I know, I know. The flower is 'cacated'? I know. Hee :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crochet :)

Today, I bought myself colourful yarn and crochet hook. I don't even know how to crochet yet.
But I had been eyeing on it and wanted to learn. but I told myself, maybe somewhere 5 years later or something.. Haha. But... Who knows I actually learnt the 2 basics today :) :) :)
I'm like grandma is it? Don't laugh -.- Aight?? ......
I some how hated all these knits and crochet's look, it was a total yuck to me last time, but I also some how started to like it till the extend that I want to make it. I want to make cute cute amigurumi's! Yay :B Oh by the way, the above picture isn't mine yea. Got it from google images.
My yarn is purple+pink+white pastel colour, mixed colour, so it's more expansive.. Yeah.
I took about one and a half hour to search and learn 2 basics. That normal knots one and the slip knot thing. So I redo and redo and redo a lot of times... Failed a numerous of times. Haha. Now, there are only 2 lines done. And oh my gosh, what am I doing??? PMR is like about 80 days away!!! Arrrrgggghhhh!!! Time to study. T.T
Erghh -.-
I have to force myself already. Stop enjoying my craft works. Ish.
Study time....
......zzzzz... [ fell asleep ] ... [ immediately ]
No, seriously. I always fall asleep. So it's gonna be hard time for me. Aih.
All the best? x) Ahhhh.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Injection -.-

Worse injection man. It's getting more and more pain like since the start.
I was looking forward in taking this injection... Who knows it was that pain -.- For me la.
Different people different reaction, pain, lalala.
Man... It is seriously freaking painer and painer. So hard to bath just now.
It feels like a long needly in my arm, and a fat one poking me, sticking inside, and it also feels like a needle stuck in a '+' shape -.- Ahhhh.
So pain. Can't concentrate in class. Man. Ouch la.
Sheesh -.=
I want kit kat -.-
HAhaha I remember, last time when I was really small, bout few years old, our aunty from singapore bought a bag of kit kats for us. So that time, my dad had to pull my teeth out. Then my mum let me eat so many kit kats. HAHAHAAHA so nice mannnnn xD hahahah!
Awwe xD
Ouch lah -.-

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Went there to take care of my group's stuff.. Manager for diabolo/chinese yoyo again.
Met up with Terence and had lunch there.
I had lemon chicken bones and teh ais. =.=

Okay la, not that bad. Got skin =B Hehe.
Ate finish, half full plate of bones =.= Why la why.
Hahaha, I heard Janning said she met Mahatir o.0 Q&A?
Man. You're going to come back with your story of experience. .. ?
Oh yea. How lucky I am today. They had spot check just right before we came back from KBU.
I passed by all the gang of prefects and the principle with my handphone in my pocket -.-
Well, even if got confiscated, I guess they will give back la. Because we went to KBU, and hey, we need to contact people you know. -.- I brought it to tell my mum this and that.
Like what time to fetch me. Haha. Or else I won't bring. For what I bring -.-
Okay la. I really think I have to study. Some how. I don't know how.
I'm busy crafting everyday man. Help me!!
Ahhh 0.0
That's all for now.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Know What

Nobody goes online at this time -.=

Wooh! 0.o

Guess what. I went online since 3++ 4a.m. .
Aint that just so nice?
Nope, I did not sleep just now. Nope, not even in the afternoon. And nope, not even later.
I'll just prepare to go to school.
I'm awake because I'm sad. I loose some important thing that is important to me.
I cried and was treated like stray cats who live just at the back yard.
Right, do you think I should join them...
So dark. So cool. So hard to type -.- I can't see the keyboard -.-
I saw 3 mosquitoes and only killed 1. It is dead on the table infront of me.
I'm typing freakin slow trying to not make any sound.
I wonder if I would fall asleep in class later when people's parents start coming.
I wonder if I would yawn like mad later when shopping.
And ... If only there are 36 or maybe 48 hours a day.
Wow :) Wonderful.
Hey there, I would like to ask all of you who are reading this now.
Should we trust one another?
I do trust. I wasn't being betrayed or anything, and I was being scolded, now I loose 2 important things in life and 1 important thing I'm trying to gain.
What is wrong trusting? Sheeesh.
Story is long. I shall not type so long. I'll type till sunrise. -.-
I'll be online till maybe 6++ a.m. then get ready to go to school.
Oh man, what a night. Today marks my first night alive at home being an owl.

Huhuhu :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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