Tuesday, December 20, 2011

BU Prom 2011

Was held at Tropicana Golf & Country Club. Marissa and I went there as photographers for Rhonwyn. We wore identical outfits and the camera necklace I recently made. Proud to be a photographer. :)

Met up with Junmey, met Daniel from Wanted Symphony and got their stickers. Later, we chilled at the cafeteria downstairs and had a drink. Was due to an unexpected black out at the whole surrounding area, so we kinda had 2 hours of candlelight dinner. :P But the whole black out was what made the night unforgettable! So the line up of events and performances started at about 9.45pm.
Kendrick started by performing 2 songs, one dedicated to his date.
Then there were performances by ABeatC beatboxing and some dances to it.
Zenny Salidhuddin who previously studied at BU also came to perform her single, Kau Kau.
There was a lil break, and then Wanted Symphony performed.
People were dancing and having fun all around, and Marissa and I were photographing the moments of the night. :)
The stage, the lights, the music... I loved the atmosphere so much!
Not to forget the dressed and the prom king and queen announcement and prize giving.
Guess who were the prom king and queen? Jeanne and Alex! Awwe they were so sweet together, danced the night and, xoxo!
I smiled behind the camera. :)
After that was like a disco clubbing atmosphere, just music, lights and dance!
That was about it. A night as a photographer, met with great friends I don't meet often and many new awesome people. I enjoyed the night. :) We got home at almost 2am.
The night was stuck in my head, although I was just the event photographer. But it surely was a success and a very memorable night and experience! :)
Thank you Rhonwyn and BU for having is there. :) Pictures will be uploaded on my Facebook!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eye Doctor

Hello mello! I had an appointment with the eye doctor this morning because of my scary red eye on the left part of my left eye. It had been about a month and it's not getting any better.
So Janning fetched my dad and I to the government hospital nearby, which is also the place Janning is working at. Cool huh.
After waiting about an hour plus, my number was finally called. First, I checked my eyesight. Then I waited again for my turn to see the eye doctor.
I think I spent about half an hour with the doctor. She asked me questions and I drowned her with all my conditions. Okay, I actually forgot to tell her about some other conditions of my eyes weeks ago. But ah it's over. :)
It wasn't so nice for my pair of poor eyes. They got poked by a twisted cotton, touched with some special paper, drowned by various eye drops, even a temporary dyed eye drop. Daddy said I looked like incredible hulk for a moment. 8)
They also checked my eye pressure. How weird is that. Yet again they used this funny tool or whatever it is called to touch my eyes. You know, I hate things touching my eyes. It's painful! I never dared to wear contacts. Maybe because I also have dry eyes.
Right, dry eyes. At the end, the doctor said that my left eye is really really very dry. So she prescribed me two medications, one of them is some mild steroid drops, another one I had to buy myself at a pharmacy. It's the preservative-free artificial tears. See the picture? There are 30 tubes in a box. Not cheap. One tube can only last a day because there's no preservatives.
And that's about it.
Well, it was kinda cool because Janning works there. I didn't have to take a number and wait to collect the steroid drops. Then we chatted a while as we waited for my mum to come pick us up.
My left eye was half blind by then. I've no idea what the doctor put on my eye but dad and my sis said it wasn't really red anymore. It felt as if I had some bad cataract. So blur and glaring! But after a few hours, which is right now, my vision is back to normal.
Well, thank God for everything that went well today! :)
Thank God for my eyes so I could see. ♥

Friday, December 9, 2011

Joe Brooks Contest Submission

Hi everyone! I'm tuning into Fly.FM right now waiting for the results.
I really hope I was early enough - I submitted mine an hour before Jay Dee's Music Revolution.
I'd like to share my little art for Joe here with everyone. :)
My question for Joe is: 'Why do I blow my lines every time you're on Fly.FM?'
If you're wondering what this is all about, the contest details are here: http://apps.flyfm.com.my/exclusive/joebrooks/

My favorite song by Joe Brooks is SUPERMAN! :)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Plans After Exams

I know it's been quite a long hiatus here, months at least... There goes the life of a high school leaver, well half year of it maybe. But I'm here to update that I'll be back real soon, with improvements to come! :) I'm feeling so anticipated and I just can't wait for it, SPM is going to be over in just 6 days! I remember when the numbers were like 150, 149, 148... Like whoa, I've been through all these days thick and thin! Okay I think I sound a little high at the moment? I'm so excited, let me just share with you some of the things I'm looking forward to do right after SPM.

1) Get my 'toy' lens!
Toy lens? Well many people call it a toy basically because the particular model of the lens I'm about to get costs real cheap. Or else I wouldn't even afford it! But well, I love everything else about it. What lens? I'll probably make a little review on it. So stay tuned!

2) Get a music keyboard!
Somewhere back in my older posts, I wrote about the Yamaha Tyros keyboards. Those are just a dream to get one. :( But well, after about 7 years of wanting a keyboard, my dad finally allowed me to get one! All on me, of course. But for the love of music, I can't complain! Well I do have a piano, not exactly mine but it's at home. It's probably over 30 years old, it sounds great, it's a Yamaha, but the parts need to be changed because at random times, the keys would get 'stuck' and wouldn't sound and that would cost the price of a keyboard. So I thought maybe I'll get a keyboard, since it has so many other functions. Maybe when I get my own house then I'll fix the piano. But anyway, playing the piano can make me happy, and it can also make me cry. It's like some mood communication only music can speak. Yes, that's how I describe it.

3) Blog, blogshop, photography blog, etc.
It's going to be a little makeover. I plan to get more motivated to blog all my thoughts and share it with everyone. Well, whatever happened in my lifetime, good or bad, are blessings. So I just thought, why not bless others with this life that I'm being blessed with? :) I hope time and discipline would work together for this, I admit I have a lot of sites. 8)

4) YouTube!
Whether is it a cover, a short film, a composed song or a message... I hope to find a suitable name for my channel and work on it. Yes, I've to get out of my comfort zone and stop being shy, it won't take me anywhere. :) Well this one is a little challenge though, because I'll need my family to be out of the house before I can do any recording. Nope, I don't have a room to myself, nor a soundproof room. So I'll just do with what I could. :) Maybe I should make better recordings of my previous composes... Anyway, next one:

5) Driving license!
I always dream of driving, both awake and asleep. Yes, a million times. I don't know why. But I know I fell in love with the bumper cars I played when I was probably 5 years old? And we used to have this toy that has a mini screen with a steering wheel and would work with 6 huge sized batteries. I loved it, I'd even go imaginary driving without the batteries on! And then car games, I remember I was about to be the top 50 players in the world for this game called Topspeed. That was just 3 years back. :P And 2 years back? I drove my friend's little car. With their guidance of course! It was just a little stroll around the roundabout and I hardly pressed any petrol but seriously, that joy sparkled my night! And then my dad finally had a little trust on me to drive his car. I drove about 3 different short times, I guess. He guided me on the manual steering. And on the third time, my mum was in the car as well. And I showed her my driving. I still remember, I accelerated and came to a stop as smooth and steadily. Oh, but I did not get to drive anymore after that because my dad's car's clutch is wearing off and he won't allow me to touch it. So oh well, I'll wait till I learn driving. :)

6) Cooking, baking, household etc.
I hope this works out, I want to discipline myself to do some of the daily chores my mum had been doing for twenty over years, daily. Well surely cooking and grocery shopping is surely not a problem, in fact I look forward to it! Oh I love cooking food out of the daily style of home-cooked food I eat everyday, so I always come out with some impromptu dishes that may be so good that sometimes I don't know how I made it, but if course I have the failures too. :) But well yea, I hope at least for these few months before college, I'll learn how to do the many things I hardly do.

7) Exercise.
Be it a stroll around the park, basketball, cycling, jogging, badminton... I just need to feel healthy after living with all these stacks of books for I don't know how long. It's not nice to be sick! :)

8) Art, crafts, etc.
The usuals. But I've been abandoning them for quite some time!

9) Mosaic community studio.
I know SPM had been a big burden to me, but not any longer soon! :)

10) The project.
School's over, what project? Well it's basically a plan I had in mind 2 years ago, and after going through thick and thin, praying and praying, I guess it's time I commit everything to God. I'll just do my best and leave the rest. It is better to take risks than nothing at all. :) Again, what project am I talking about? Okay, time will unveil these things. ;)

11) Korean spectacles.
Random? No. I had been wearing specs since primary 6, but no I never dared to wear it in public! Okay I do sometimes. But really, after the excessive studying and facing electronic screens, my eye sight is getting bad. Just bad. It should be time I wear my specs full time. I'll get one that suits me. Well Korean plastics are really famous and they suit almost everyone so, most probably I'll be getting one too! :)

I was supposed to stop at 10, but never mind, more is good. ;) That's just some of my sneak peeks of what I want to do after my exams. Yup, just some. Crazy? That's me. ;) Overall, I'll need a very very good time management and discipline to get all the above and more in my daily to-do's. So here goes my update, stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Pain can't be seen, but can be felt.
The worst thing is to fake a smile and let people see how fine we are, but yet the inside is a bleeding heart.
Sometimes I'm so hurt, I say things opposite of what I mean, wishing to be proven wrong. But many times I'm left with a broken heart. Well, they can't see my hurt, can they. My face is like a book cover. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Looks can be deceiving.

Well one thing I'm sure about is that, no matter how left out or alone I feel in this world, I am not left out or alone in God's presence. He loves me and will never ever leave me. He mends the broken hearted. He died on the cross for you and me. While we were still sinners, He loved us and forgave us. What a friend we have in Jesus. :')

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life Purpose

This is your life, are you who you want to be?
What we do, counts. Your one single life matters, whether or not you realize it.
Our creation is not an accident; And it is only through our Creator that we can find our purpose of life. :)

I'm slowly starting to see my purpose in this life God has given me.
It is really amazing to see how the little imperfect puzzle pieces go into place as we grow.
It takes time to see these revelations. I am amazed and delighted. ♥

You know, life can be really hard.
It's not easy, it can be a struggle at times.
But, it is only during the darkest times when we could see how bright the stars are. :)
For if we didn't fall, how could we get up?
If we never failed, how would we learn?
If we never felt pain, will we appreciate love?
You may have heard, 'we never know what we've got till we've lost them'.
It is true, because it is our nature that we take things for granted.
But no, that's not how we should be!
I am writing this to you who are reading it and also to myself. I am honored that you're reading this, and I believe it's no accident that you're reading this post now. :)

Talents. We are all given this gift. It's a matter of when do we open it, and how do we choose to use it.
I'd like to use it for the good and right purposes, and share it. So that...
" When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything You gave me." ~Erma Bombeck "

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. :)

Thanks for reading! ♥

God Bless You.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

That's a teardrop I painted, and the words written around it is the title of this blog post.

I like the music of Coldplay's current latest song - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.
Plus the lyrics of the first two sentence and the wonderful Koss earphones, I just have to shut my eyes and it feels like I'm in some music world.
"I turn the music up and shut the world outside."
It brings me to Lalaland.
That's the title of my iPod playlist - Lalaland. :)

Here's the lyrics:

Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
I turn the music up, I got my records on
I shut the world outside until the lights come on 
Maybe the streets alight, maybe the trees are gone
I feel my heart start beating to my favorite song

And all the kids they dance, all the kids all night
Until Monday morning feels another life
I turn the music up
I'm on a roll this time
And heaven is in sight

I turn the music up, I got my records on
From underneath the rubble sing a rebel song
Don't want to see another generation drop
I'd rather be a comma than a full stop

Maybe I'm in the black, Maybe I'm on my knees
Maybe I'm in the gap between the two trapezes
But my heart is beating and my pulses start cathedrals in my heart

And we saw oh this light
I swear you, emerge blinking into to tell me it's alright
As we soar walls, every siren is a sympohny
And every tear's a waterfall
Is a waterfall
Is waterfall
Oh oh oh
Is a, is a waterfall
Every tear is a waterfall 
Oh oh oh

So you can hurt, hurt me bad
But still I raise the flag

It was a wa wa wa wa wa-terfall
A wa wa wa wa wa-terfall

Every tear
Every tear
Every tear
Every tear
Every teardrop is a waterfall

Every tear
Every tear
Every teardrop is a waterfall

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh, Sister

I grow up, listening to a lot of commotions; Right here in my very own room, yet not made by me; But another member in my family, my second sister.
All these years, I never understood why, why would she treat me this way. What have I done wrong? Is my presence bothering her so much, she just couldn't leave me with my own peace of mind for once? It is not like I would touch or take her stuff like how she still tend to do it to me, which she warned me not to back when we were still young and she still talked to me.
Hey, sister. It is not like I done anything wrong to you or looked at you which you would puke seeing me, as you told your friend to tell me that, a year and a half ago. It is not like I still buy things for you and try to give it to you which you would totally ignore me and not take my gift for you, as if I were a ghost. I learnt my lessons not to act as if I'm older than you and buy treats like how a proper sister would do to her younger siblings, since it brought fear to me by your response. I still struggle trying to live this life, and not hate you but love you inside and pray to God for a miracle one fine day, though after exactly 10 years God still says wait.
Do you know, you play such a big role in this life of mine, I am not proud of my childhood. But yet I couldn't erase it, but to accept this challenge God threw me. I almost gave up life because of you, ever since I was nine years old. No one knew, just myself and God. And the very moment I attempted myself with a knife in the kitchen, God's grace fell upon me, I saw many scenes flashing back at me, with a message telling me straight into my eyes, saying that there is more to life than this! All of a sudden I felt guilty, a feeling of mixed emotions, and as though I became much mature, I had a sudden rush of understanding, and I felt that I gone too far wrong to do such silly things to myself. Washing the blood from the minor cut on my index finger, I apologized to God. I thanked Him for saving me, and it felt that I lived again, like a second chance.
Though after that I still do silly things to my physical self, the pain I feel still can't beat the pain I feel inside. Till one day, a friend of mine told me that I would go to hell if I were to kill myself. I was told that we are God's special creation, and suiciding is totally offensive, like destroying His wonderful creation.
Again, I felt guilty and sorry to God. But yet He still forgave me despite of what I've done in the past to myself, His beautiful and detailed creation. This was a year plus ago, and ever since then I never hurt myself again.
I am now seventeen years and two months old. My life this year had changed a lot, my walk with God was greater than ever before, and life began to be so colorful, as if I was colorblind before. Sometimes I would feel like crying because I'm being so blessed, so so blessed by God... His love never stops overflowing, and I am nothing compared to Him, but yet He still loves me.
I am stunned, He is more amazing than words could describe. Now I start to see what life is and slowly recognize my purpose here on earth. I am much stronger, because He is my foundation.

I don't know how to say this, but...
Dear sister, I hope you forgive me if I have done anything wrong, or whether it is just my face problem to you. No matter what happens, our blood has connections, and nothing can separate our relationship. I hope and pray for better days, and that you too stay strong in life and look at this world with a different view, and be positive. We got to count our blessings, or we'll never know how blessed we are.
I know you'll never read my blog, but I still want to try my chances.
I, love, you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stationary Shopping

I didn't go to school today. Partially because my eye hurts and I do not know why. It has been 3 days from now.
But anyway, I went to One Utama with my parents. Last minute. :)
I looked through the vouchers I had.(I never usually do this because I don't have any :B)
I had to use my MPH voucher before it expires so... There was where I went! :)
I bought my favorite Pilot black ink refills and some other random stuffs. All together, they cost me RM20.30. But I only paid RM1.30. :D Yup, I had an RM19 voucher! How cool is that.
I know this post is really random, but that's not all.
I also had an RM5 Mc Donalds voucher, so I bought an apple pie and a beef burger, and only paid the tax, RM0.30. Yeah man.

Okay thank you. :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sushi :D

Oh yummy goodness :D' *Drools!

Just ate at Sushi Q at One U. Good stuff man :) Paid half price because we bought the voucher from Groupon :D

I enjoyed every bite of them, been a while since I ate these stuff! Especially the salmon! <3

So cute :D Their Eco chopsticks.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

ATCEN Young Entrepreneur Workshop

I think the last time I blogged was like when there was a blue moon. Exam was three weeks. And now I'm in my second week of my holidays! :)

I was supposed to go for this entrepreneur workshop, so I agreed to go in the end. It was on Monday and Tuesday. I'm glad I went for it, was fun! :) I have to thank my tuition teacher, Ms Ang. :)

I dragged Fariha along. Haha x)

This is Marilyn, I met her there. She's nice to meet, spent quite a lot of time with her. :)

And Jia Sheng, 2 years younger than me. :)

Along with the others which I didn't manage to get a picture with, Sherilyn, Ivan, Ian, Lam, Kar Mun, Melessa and more. Really nice to meet them but sad is, it's only for two days. And then we'll be going back our own ways. :( But oh well, God gives and takes away. :')

And that's for now. I'll try to get the official
pictures from teacher. :D

Friday, April 8, 2011

You :)

At first, all the "you's" were in the bubble, and "me" outside the bubble. But then I thought, hey maybe I should switch all the "you's" to "me" instead. :P
Hahaha. This is called, perasan. ;D

Inspiration. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Ukulele! :)

Aloha! :D
Based on my previous posts on the intro of a Ukulele and the reasons why I want a Ukulele, you may already know I'd get one pretty soon.
And here you go, I got mine yesterday!

It is a Mahalo U30G - brown. Yup, came with a black gig bag! :)

Did you notice the dolphin tuner heads? Cute right! :)

Everything about it is cool. I just love it. ;)
And there goes this Mahalo Ukulele in my instrument family!

♥ Xoxo!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Whaddup people!
SWITCHFOOT is coming to MALAYSIA, again! :'D
Grab your opportunities, don't miss this second chance!
They're SW♥TCHF♥♥T!!!
1st May 2011, 3 days before my birthday! They'd be my birthday present this year! Haha! ♥
Check out some of their awesome lyrics HERE!
Best song of all time for me would be Dare You To Move, Stars, and many more!
They're like the best band I've ever knew! ♥

You just gotta make time for this, guys!
1st May 2011, Sunday at 8pm-11pm!
And you just gotta get there somehow at Dewan Mutiara (4th floor Kompleks Mutiara), Jalan Ipoh!
Don't know where? They've made a MAP for you! :)
Get your tickets HERE or at Rock Corner & Victoria Music outlets from 1st April onwards!
And guess what, early birds get 10% off on ALL TICKETS from 1st - 5th April 2011!
LIMITED TICKETS ONLY so what are you waiting for? :D

Thank you so much, Jupiter Projects! :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Week Ever!

Alright. In this post, there will be a lot of links. Feel free to click 'em to find out more! :) Alright!
Here's a summary of the week that just passed. :)

Youth World announced the results for the competition...
In case you don't know about it, check out the post here! :)

Here's the results:

I got FIRST PLACE! And I won an iPad! ♥
Oh the joy! :'D
So glad that my efforts did pay off!
Appreciate all my friends and family who supported me all the way!
♥ xoxo! :'D

Mosaic is like the best place man. ♥
Anyway, me and my band of silhouettez (The Silhouettez), performed a Bruno Mars - Count On Me / Jason Mraz - I'm Yours Mashup that I made.
The people of the silhouettes this time around are myself, Janning (bass), Benroy (drums) and Joe Ong (guitar).
So we had our first practice the day before the event.
Cool part is, Jann doesn't play the bass, neither do I. Benson was supposed to be the bassist but he's having test and won't be around.
So I had to listen to the song and figure out the chords. Not even the chords actually, but where to press and strum. Haha! It's totally played by ear. Then Jann took down which string and what fret to press, and then we started practicing. Had fun jamming around and performing! :)
Really nice to be at Open Mic, a supportive crowd of lovable people! ♥ Haha :P
The performers were great, really enjoyed the other performances as well!
Actually recorded the video of our performance and have the soft copy of the recorded audio but I don't think I'll be posting them up because there were some technical problems especially the electric guitar, maybe the connection was loose so some parts were like cut off. But it's okay, what's important is we had fun and a good experience! :D

Power Chef competition @ KDU!
Yeah this one, you gotta read the blog post!
But in the end, my team managed to get through the next round! ♥

That's not it, there were more! But I'll just blog about these :)
I think this is the best week ever man!
And I can't wait to collect my iPad!
I would finally have a dictionary or helping tool while doing homeworks! Oh gosh. I can't do homework in front of the computer, because it wastes electricity. Scared of getting scoldings. :l
Can't wait! iPad! :D
And pray for the best for the next round of cooking competition!
And pray hard for good heath and blessings!
And pray hard for time management and studies!
And praise God for all that He's done, whether or not we realize them!
:) ♥


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Power Chef KDU - Competition!

Had chef competition yesterday morning at KDU!
There were 63 teams, 2 person per team.
My team is called Chefstruck, and my team mate is Hanna.
So... Firstly, they showed us a quick demo on how to make mayonnaise. There were too many people crowding around that small table, so Hanna and I missed out the first few steps. :(
Then right after the demo, we had to do it ourselves.
It was something like this (if only we watched this before we did it hands on -_-):
Well, I guess we did some steps wrongly because after whipping and whipping and whipping till times up, THE TEXTURE WAS STILL WATERY. Pretty disappointed about it, but glad to say our presentation and decorations were awesome! :D
The next round, we had to make California Rolls, up to our creativity.
This time around it was much better! But time was too short for it to be better.
But it was great, really! :) We decorated the previous 'mayo' on the plate artistically instead of spreading it in the roll though.
That dish must have boosted our marks a lot :)
Well, after about half an hour of introducing KDU to us, we were called back into the auditorium, to our respective tables.
That was when they announced the teams that made it to the next round.
Apparently, 50/63 teams made it through, so I still had my hopes there. :)
As they announced the many many teams, I was getting a lil more hopeless... I held my hands tighter and tighter and kept praying...
But thank God, we were the last group they announced! They sure did make us worry so much! :')
I was just so happy, after such a stress in the morning! A lot more happened actually, but they all ended well afterall! :D
After the results were announced, we were forced to eat up our own California rolls. WHY?
Because many people spam wasabi in it and killed the judges! Hahaha! Well, Hanna and I sure did enjoy them! Ours were good... ;D
While eating, (a lecturer?) someone wearing KDU shirt came to take picture of our team, us posing with our thumbs up eating our delicious California Rolls. Then she 'interviewed' me and threw some questions like how was the competition, what have I learnt, etc etc. ^^
So, next week would be the next round. :)
Would be more competitive. Pray hard, do our best, and hope for the best! ♥

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reasons Why I Want A Ukulele! ♥

I've promised a post on why I want a Ukulele, so here it is!
If you didn't read my previous post about a Ukulele, you can read it HERE.

So, here's 8 reasons why I want a Ukulele:
♥ It's cute!
♥ It's small and convenient! (I like 'mini' things ☺)
♥ It makes you happy!
♥ It's price is really affordable!
♥ It sounds great!
♥ It's cool!
♥ It's really easy to play!
♥ It's FUN!

It's true! ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today, I'd like to share this lil' amazing instrument.
You may already know, it's a Ukulele! :D
For a wiki answer on what it is, click HERE. ☺
I would say the best way to describe is that it is something like a smaller version of a guitar, with only 4 strings. The one I'm looking at is the standard(soprano) ones, which are higher in pitch from that of the guitar.
And to have an idea of how it sounds like, think of songs like Jason Mraz's - I'm Yours and listen to the instrument played!

The look of a white Mahalo Ukulele and the gig bag.

Some of the amazingly sweet colors they have!

The tunings for the strings are G' C' E' A'.
It is said that it will go out of tune once in a while, but like a guitar, you'll get used to retuning it time to time. ☺
Below is a picture of some chords for the Uke(the abbreviation of Ukulele):

I like this instrument so much, I'd like to get one of these!
Do stay tuned for my Reasons Why I Want A Ukulele! ♥


Sunday, March 20, 2011

iPad Winner! ♥ :')

I was doing my homework this afternoon when I got a text message from my dear friend, Marissa.

I read it, and my heart pumped real fast as I ran into the hall to tell my parents!
Mum, Dad, Jann & Benson was there at the scene, and we were all surprised and excited over it!
They told me to go online and check it out, so I immediately went on the computer.
And then all of us crowded around the screen and saw that I won the iPad, we all had another round of excitement! We were really happy! After 3 months... My efforts finally did pay off! :') ♥
Here's the screen shot of the result on Facebook:

I'm really happy and thankful for it! Thanks Youth World once again, my dear God, my lovely family, and my most amazing friends! Thanks also for all the wishes sent to me! I appreciate everything, from being here for me to supporting me, I wouldn't be where I am today if not of all of you! :D

In case you didn't see the blog post about the event which I submitted for this competition, here it is!

Here's my thank you speech;
"I dreamt of this little gadget in my bag. Small in size and very compact. Simple in design - with functions so hi-tech. It's none other than this thing called 'iPad'. Today, my dream came true! ♥ x')

Thank you Youth World and everyone who supported me and my blog! I really appreciate it! ♥"

I can't wait to get hands on the iPad; I literally dreamt some time ago that I had an iPad, and my dream came true once again!
It really relates to what I've learnt in the Future of Success seminar:
♥ Sometimes, it's okay to be crazy. Dream BIG- Prof Dr Dato' Chin See Keat
♥ Believe and work towards your dream, then you will succeed- Mr. Saiful Nang
I would always remember this event! :D



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bruno Mars - Count On Me / Jason Mraz - I'm Yours MASHUP! :)

Finally uploaded the mashup!
Took me like one day for recording, 2 days for the photoshop generated graphics, and another hour for creating the video.
This mashup was originally created to sing with my dear friend Marissa. :) ♥ She's also the one who introduced me Bruno Mars - Count On Me! :D
Enjoy the video!

♥ xoxo

Friday, March 18, 2011

Give, Hope, Love!

Bought a stainless steel water bottle today... It's my new baby! ♥ So pretty :D

Seems that it could store cold water and remain cold after long hours because of the double walled vacuum-insulation. It's heavier than a normal stainless steel bottle.
I really don't understand why I can't use it for hot water though... Is it because if I put hot water in it, it will damage the bottle? Or is it just because the heat won't last long? Confused ._.
The girl just told me that it can be used for cold water but not hot water. Hmm.
Tried searching about it online, but I couldn't find my answer -_-
RM35.90 for this baby, wallet pain! ('Wallet pain' is a term I learnt from Marissa :D)
Yeah, I never ever bought a bottle at this price before. So let's pray it will last very long and keep me healthy! :)

Loves loves loves! ♥

Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello world! Ah, this picture is so cute! :) ♥ My boy.
It's really long since I blogged. More than a month, or is it two?
Senior year now, and it's more stressful than I thought.
I'm currently having my March holidays, one week. :D
Many things to blog, but by the time I want to sit down and type a post, I lost my excitement of blogging it already. Oh well.
I shall blog a better post, soon.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Future Of Success Seminar! :D

Yo people! I proudly went to the most happening event on the 23rd January 2011! I had to ask my dad to drive me all the way to Sunway University College just for this. ;P

It's the Future Of Success Seminar by Youth World - THE place for youths! (formerly known as Edmira Resources)
Over 1000 students from about 62 schools attended - WOW!

These are the details of the event, so cool aint? Everything about it caught my attention to it! :D
Just look at the speakers and their achievements... They're so awesome! ♥

Here are some of the wonderful speakers who attended.
Prof. Dato' Dr. Chin See Keat, Mr. Yeoh Chen Chow, Mr. Saiful Nang, Dr. Christopher Wong, Ms. Khoo Cai Lin, Ms. Che Chew Chan, Mr. KM Rajendran, Ms. Amber Chia and more!

*Blink twice, you're right! She's AMBER CHIA! ♥
She has an awesome personality! She's beautiful! She... she looked at me! Literally!
But I couldn't get her autograph as she had to go T_T
But never mind, that's not what I'm trying to blog about. Heh!

So anyway, I spent days and nights doing up this video about the event. It's a must-watch! Pretty hard work, phew! ENJOY IT!

Well I know you'll take a peek and scroll down though so sit back, relax; Here are some pictures to entertain you! :)

This was the opening ceremony. Look how cheery and colorful it is! :D What a great start!

That's Team Awesome performing wonderful stunts and cheers! ♥
They taught us a few steps and got all of us on the floor to dance with the cheer spirit! Yea, everyone!
The crowd was so high that time, amazing event warm-up! xD

Burger? ._.
Yeah, burger! :D Some of our lunch that day was this vegetarian burger - it tasted so good I didn't know it was vegetarian at first! ♥ I want some more!

Meey Mei Sze, our pretty emcee! ;D

And meet Eddie Lim, the founder of Youth World! :D
He's an olympian and academician too! He's an amazing all-rounder! ;)

Our very own Amber Chia!
Amber gave 3 of her books to 3 Lucky winners among over 1000 students! And one of them is my friend! :D 

This is Eddie's signature! Thanks Eddie!☺

That's me with the goodie bag! Thanks, Sunway University College! :)

Well that's for the pictures.

There's more to share!
Here are some of the great things I learnt and felt about the event. :)

♥ Sometimes, it's okay to be crazy. Dream BIG! - Prof Dr Dato' Chin See Keat
♥ Put effort + determination and never give up! - Mr. Yeoh Chen Chow
Believe and work towards your dream, then you will succeed! - Mr. Saiful Nang
♥ If you fail to plan, you plan to fail; If you plan, you plan to succeed! ;) - Dr. Christopher Wong
♥ Also, use your creativity use both parts of your brain smartly! ;) - Dr. Christopher Wong
♥ Don't let others or obstacles influence you in life, accept the challenge and move on! - Ms. Khoo Cai Lin 
Stay strong and keep your eyes on the goal no matter what happens! - Ms. Che Chew Chan
♥ You don't need to be pretty in order to be a model. (Nothing is impossible!) - Ms. Amber Chia
♥ Always have a positive attitude- Ms. Amber Chia
Stand strong, be brave and never give up! - Taekwondo peformances

Above all, Dream BIG, Stay POSITIVE, Work HARD & NEVER Give Up!

They really give me the inspiration to overcome any obstacles in life!

Not to forget, LMF = Let's meet friend = Less meat fans = Love me forever.
They showed us videos on climate change and global awareness, it's really hurting to see people suffering from various disasters!
We can help save the earth by being a vegetarian. Those who wish to participate LMF can practice "less meat Monday". Know why it helps? Because every meat you eat, an animal died for you. D:

The kids from Rumah Prihatin also performed 'Tell Me Why' & 'We Are The World' by singing in a choir.
There were even kids less than 5 years old brave enough to sing out there! :) See, age is not a limit!
Most of us sang along with them! ;)

Other than performances and talks, there were some quiz and lucky draws with prizes that worth up to over RM1000! Wow. ;) Never been to such an amazing seminar before!

That's not all, I want to share with you a little slogan that I had to crack my head writing it! x) I actually submitted it here to win an iPad (yes, they're even giving away an iPad!!!) but they've decided to extend the deadline to 7th February and so we got to blog about the event or create a video of the event.

So here's my slogan!

I dreamt of this little gadget in my bag. Small in size and very compact. Simple in design - with functions so hi-tech. It's none other than this thing called 'iPad', and I'm still dreaming that one day, I can have it in my bag. So till now, I'm still dreaming... "I WANT iPAD, I WANT iPAD, I WANT iPAD!!!" ♥
(*Made some corrections)

Thank you Youth World for organizing such an amazing event and having this competition with such fantastic prizes! All the best! *Supports!*

With love and hugs, xoxo