Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whip Cream

I bought 1 litre... have to use it up after 4 days when you open.
And it whips about double, as in the amount.
How now brown cow..
I some how have to use it all, haha, creaaam!
Yummy, yeahh, fattening, gulp, yeahh.
I want to play Crazy Kart man, why cannot download one..
TopSpeed forever closed beta, when will it open? And now cannot play, so many months already.
Fine, not really. It had test drive in Malaysia.
Quite of invited many Malaysians to play.
Okay back to topic, cream...........................
I'm still thinking, when shall I open it.
I shall eat cream for 5 days =D
I think I'll really prefer the canned whip cream.
but so little and it costs more than my 1 litre one.
Oh well, maybe I shall make something interesting..
I'd want to do some piping ;D
Woo yeahh, I have colourings you know, but only red, considered pink too.
Hehe, good for getting cancer -.-
Crazy eh, my interests involves so many bad things for your dear body =.-"
Weiiiiiiii!!! I'm suppose to go One Utama tomorrow!!
Nooo, what happen?? Why all can't one...............................
Hope got last minutes =D
Hey I think I might wanna end some crap.
Useless, sad stuff -.-
Poor thing man, sad, sad.
Why so like that le?
You ask me? I ask you le.
I don't know what I crapping.
Heh, sorry!! xD
I'm also confused.
Nevermind, back to cream again.
Who wants to try some of my bakings?
Seriously, you meet me, I give you.
Only meeting in places to hang out, park also can.
You wanna try you wanna try? =D
Hang out with me laa, you'll get it.
* Poor Jesslyn -.- Sad case, sad case..
You don't like cream, I have cookies.
Making it again for my Singapore aunty and then make some for my other aunty and my grandmother, my aunty will pass them when she goes back to Singapore.
Crunch crunch*
Aiyak, crunch crunch one. Cannot put cream -,=
Haha, okay la. Maybe I'd like to think of what to make.
And till then. =)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anime World Again

Do you know... I liked anime when I was like standard 4, and I kinda 'cut cut cut'!! As in cut it out.. I don't want to LOVE it so much because I'm afraid if I get too addicted to it..
So yeah, it worked, I'm not anime craze after all.
But yea I still have an interest in anime.
And recently, thanks to my friend who borrowed me his hard disk, I love anime now -.-"
As in, I really want more after watching one, more and more.. -.-
Going to watch the last episode of Special A tonight.
I've been watching it whole day, I got my eyes straigned too xD
And watch from psp some more. Haha, crazy.
That time dad say, you crazy ah, poeple watch as big as possible and of all thing you choose the smallest screen to watch.
HAHAHA true don't you think? >.^
I downloaded Windows Vista to my psp. Quite many stuff inside. Interesting.
And games, I think I need games.. I'm a bit bored of Innocent Life, well currently la. And all my racing game, all, got lacks one.. As in, Hotwheels one is nice but very long to finnish 3 laps and its hard to get 3rd or higher position, then if you get already, you have to pass another I don't know how many more with high position to unlock 'Turbo', and if you get 4th or below in second round, start all over again. I yo..
Then Burnout a bit insane, crash here bang there actually I don't get what they are.. -.-
And then ridge racer le, I don't even know if there's any goal for it, or even what other tracks, its all in Japanese! Aih yoe..
Then in my friends hard disk drive theres also manga, haven't started reading but I will, when I finnish Special A, read while listening music. See la, anime again.
Hey at least I can control myself from Final Fantasy and all that anime, haha, if too addicted ah, I tell you whole Speedy shop all Final Fantasy collections in my hands already. Wahahah! Even that ring. Hehe >:D
Yer, my mind so cartoon now.
So, anime.
Ighh.... Haha!
But hey, dam nice kay. I like it. Haha, like only ahh.
Okay, done!
I occupied my waiting time by blogging, was waiting for Special A episode 23 to load in youtube, I don't know why don't have that episode in the files.
Bye! ☺

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The pics

Look alikes

It's on my exam paper

I guess you didn't know that there's the other one
The ones I sent through mms is just something like that but theyre not these.
Oh and yea here you go :P

I dream, I dream and I kept dreaming

Dreaming of the same main thing but different things almost every single night.
This early morning after my dream when I woke up in the middle of the dark, I was smiling and laughing, saying, hahaha Jesslyn, don't forget about this dream in the morning! Remember it! Remember it! And I went off to sleep.
And when I woke up, first thing that came into my mind was, hey wait, I remember I'm suppose to remember my whole dream last night, I know it's about what but I can't recall what happened. Oh no...
So I took a bath.
While showering I was thinking deeply, what was it, come on, try to recall it!
And then I slowly recalled some of it.
Hahahahahahahaha I laughed at myself xD
Was so......., cute!
I mean, hahah!!
But I mean it's so cool la. =P
I guess maybe it's because the days are getting closer, just a few more days to Hope.
I call that coming days Hope.
Why? I've been waiting already one whole year for the coming days. ;D
So yea, it was quite a cool dream, a comedy one too, and a really improving one.
First of everything. =P And it was really funny. Cuteness xD
It all started at my school's bus 'lebai'? Yea, and it was quite funny, you know, funny.
How am I suppose to explain everything? My brains are not processing the words from all that pictures and scenes. xD
But anyway, it was a really long dream. Many stories and scenes, but the sad thing is, I can't recall all. Only the beginning which I just said. And ofcourse a lil more but its quite blur.
I can't even remember what I dreamt few days ago, but I only know what's it mainly of.
Oh, but one of the dreams, not the same thing, well all mixed up, I dreamt dad and mum carrying all the Christmas decoration and the Christmas tree into the house and my expression was =D =D =D =D
Haha! Hey I thought it was in real life, till this morning in Tesco I saw a few Christmas trees, then I remembered, oh wait, it's my dream -.-
Haha :P
Yeah, people like me, dream dream dream.
Couldn't stop thinking. Brains forever doing something.
Dreams.... right, and imagination =D
Dream people, dreaaam! Make a wish this Christmas! ;D

God Bless!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh my gosh.. 0.0

Oh man..
Oh my..
What the man..
After 8 years..
I got my PSP!!!
BUT!!! Black... everything black.. -.- BUT!! I STILL LOVE IT!!
xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo
I will be busy for the moment.. Let me chill..
Hehe >.^
Will post up a picture maybe few days later. Sorry for the 'days' xD

Thanks for reading yo! ^^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Loco Roco Yellow's Theme Lyrics

Kokorachem umburnii
Tokeru shieka durou-jii
Yeah-jau rippakuratu
Zabichii nakep-puu
Jurareshi kamoorijei
Yamfooer shibarijei
Apuru shikijurapiu
Juraranoim tomobarei nimpu-yarei

Pori nirumpa yamuta
Puru sorekya anchekku
Yamu pirita shuko papurareta
Sanii kirita yamuta
Bu-gu soresya ateku
Yamu pirita shuko papurareta

(ko-ko ra-che)
Kokorachem umburnii
Tokeru shieka durou-jii
(Ya-to ru-pu)
Yeah-jau rippakuratu
Zabichii nakep-puu
(Ko-re pa)
Jurareshi kamoorijei
(Ko-re pa)
Yamfooer shibarijei
(Ko-re pa)
Apuru shikijurapiu
Juraranoim tomobarei nimpu-yarei
(Noim tomobarei nimpu-yarei)

Pori nirumpa yamuta
Puru sorekya anchekku
Yamu pirita shuko papurareta
Sanii kirita yamuta
Bu-gu soresya ateku
Yamu pirita shuko papurareta

Tani shiricha yamuta
Bu-bu borecha acheku
Yamu chiricha shupo
Papuraretar kar-bankooer-jeg

I love this too, do you? Hahaha xD

Thanks for the visit! ☺

Loco Roco Title Song Lyrics

pacchonbo- mo-inoinoi chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n
no-ra churere-rotton poraporapetton pu-rorattantan
pappu-ra mo-inoinoi chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n
o-ra poruketthi-no poporattantanso-

kokoreccho pie-nto-ra ma-nima-ni ungarafoccha-ra de-ra
totora-pethiton totora-pothiton senekiniko-se-pon
kokoreccho pie-nto-ra ma-nima-ni ungarafoccha-ra de-ra
totora-pethiton totora-mathisi-po-n

I love it, do you? Haha =D

Thanks for the visit! ☺

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fever @,@ xD

I'm sick. Since yesterday actually.
First, my bones had that weak feeling, then I realised I have fever.
Mum dad say should be because of the bee sting, let it react. Yup.
So I have fever, mild flu, headache, little sore throat..
Now le, mild fever, mild headache, everything la haha.
Oh, my hand bengkak until so pain -.-
Don't know if the sting is actually inside.
And all the bites still itches so much =.-"
Hey I love Final Fantasy ;)
Okay back to topic.
So yea.. sick, plus nothing to do, so bored at home, still dreaming about my psp..
Janning disagree me buying.. but hey, she said if I earn my own money I can buy so she made me start all that savings..
I only earned RM180 myself... but hey, not easy at this age because I find job also underage -.-
And no friend wants to teman me.. I'm lonely as usual.
Okay... Hmm.. about 2 weeks more.. And I shall wait and see ;)
After one over year... hey it can't stay this way, it's called: pending =D
Hahahaha I gila le..
Too sien plus lazy to sponge my fever plus avoiding scary panadols plus waking up when sun rises. Plus eat eat eat find food to eat.
Somebody teman me la....... Actually I don't really wanna go out also, don't know what to wear all bites eeeeee -.-
But of course I wanna go out lar... No problem.
Cloud rocks too =D
Sorry.. I'm sesat. Ok so I was talking about... oh ok ok I referred back xD
I wanna continue this.
So, just about 2 weeks more.. maybe everything ended, but it's the beginning of everything.
Hey you! Remember what you promised, to go online. Hahaha. I'll show you what you can't receive through phone that time.
I dreamt last last last last time ago you went online hahahahahahahahahaha! Not funny.
I really dreamer la... plus all that sien'ness.. Pn Gan sang to me the 'I must be dreaming' song.. I don't know that song.. xD
Hey you know sometimes I can't differentiate dreams at night, day dreams and real life? Think too much already. Haha xP
So yeap. You unleashed my deep abilities. Doing a book for so long, and my first time, and it turned out so good :D and you made me wait, and I'm still waiting, and I will continue waiting. Hey thanks for keeping the book nicely ^^ Hahaha I bet you didn't wear the bracelet, sure scared lost or dirty, right?? Didn't even write your wishes in the stars -.- Heh, actually I will do the same too xD
Hey............................................... You haven't meet your lil self yet.. Hurry la, 2 weeks more. I'm counting. Haha.
I will prepare them, let me think by what way first. Haha.
Hey wait, then all these while you think that comes in one only? Eihhh its not alone =.=
You don't buy a sock dude, you buy a pair of socks :D
I didn't know you didn't receive that picture till 2 months later -.- Hahah!
Anyway, all the best, remember what I told you in the book. Wahahahahhahahahhah >=D
Jesslyn udah giler..

Thanks for reading! ^^

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scouts Camp: Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong, Pahang

November 14-17 2008.
Now the bee sting on my hand made a big funny bengkak on it -.-
pain also, and the bengkak pushing my finger bone, so it's in a funny position haha
1st day of camp.. what can I remember..
Hey wait, sorry ar, everything is unsorted well due to my bad good memory xD
Halangan commando thing was easy for me, I like it so much, like playground haha, I told Soo Mei my little story of my imaginary playground with wood and ropes and ladder and everything like the halangan commando and stuff, she gave me that face again xD the -,- cute face hahahah
Then what else.. Oh no.......... I forgot!! -.-
Oh yea, first night I slept 30 minutes only, really, I remembered the time on my watch.
Why le? Flu lo..
Then actually the other day, night walk.. was quite like.. enjoying the night jungle ^^
Wasn't scary, wasn't dark, got AJK every maybe 20 steps away, and was a short distance..
Then AJK flash light to the path also, got light. Haha.
Compared to last year's, whoa last year... 1 person alone, walk with total darkness, slip and fall, loose the track, dunk your leg with mud, AJK so so far away and hiding behind one haha xD
This time you walk 2 by 2, with AJK around, plus lil light.
Oh I love the moon wei... Every night first thing I do when there's no roof, I look up the beautiful sky :) The moon was awesome, so bright too. And on night walk that night, I was the first of the 2 by 2's to go, so I lie down on the basketball court and watch the cute stars, although it's cloudy and only 2 to 3 can be seen but it's still very relaxing ;)
I made good friends with Dusun Eco Resort. I keep smiling. Haha
Then the jungle trekking this time was nothing hard la, wasn't raining, wasn't seriously watery and muddy, only 2 hours walk, and yea nothing tough to cross. Gunung Angsi last year was quite challenging. For me la.. was my first time also.
Oh I love the vietnam bridge =D I love it I love it I love it haha! Center there shaky one haha!
Then we went rakit instead of flying fox T.T!!!!! The flying fox there is long le, plus I never went on one before..
And! No rock climbing and abseiling, is it abseiling? haha aiyaaaa but will be so cool man!
Oh during jungle trekking, got a few really giant trees you'll pass by, they're awesome man..
Oh and at night walk you can see fire flies!! And 1st night at camp site I saw one too, was so cute!!! How long since I never see them!
Oh yea!!!!!!! How can I forget!! I saw a goose! A GOOSE! Is it? Should be laa, there was one, the treasure hunt, we have to cross the vietnam bridge and the tracks, the one Daniel was leading and say he scared ask me to lead xD
Yea so when finish already, at the mini wooden 'bridge' at the small stream, I looked to the right and saw a goose, a something and something, I don't really know what's it but, AWWE!!! I showed my patrol the cute goose!!
Hmm.. I don't like the stairs to the campsite -.- I don't think anyone likes it. So tiring you know -.-
It's even harder than jungle trekking, really. So breath catching and steep and so many stairs -.-
The toilet was quite ulu la, no lights for the first 2 days, but still, it's nice, better than last time one, flooded with flies, the termites, and then there will be a peeping tom looking at you each time you bath one... a big ass spider T.T Can't wash off -.-
Oh...................... my patrol sketch during malam kebudayaan.. I guess the audience like it, we performed twice because the guests living beside our campsite came to join us.
I was Paula Abdul, is that how you spell? Anyway I don't watch all these, no Astro also, and so I don't know what does she do. We had no rehearsal, just brief what we are and then tadaa.
Julian was that, I don't know what's the name, the one that can stop time hahahaha I guess everyone likes his role man... So cute man!
And Kenneth is iron man, HAHAHA! I didn't watch, I don't know all these one, but was also so funny xD Ohhh!!! HAHAHAH!! during the sketch, our sketch is about audition and stuff of superheroes, our MK theme was something like superheroes mar. So then the other judge I forgot is it Xian Ting who is the joker or Timothy who acts as Justin Yong, one of them ask, so how did you became iron man? Guess what Kenneth said.
' I don't know. One day I was ironing the clothes then I suddenly became iron.' Something like that hahaha!! I laugh like mad only xD was so funny
Then Ariff was superman. How cute la, he wore grey underwear outside but his shirt covering la, he said in the sketch: I know superman suppose to wear red underwear but my mum asked me to change my underwear so I change lo. xD
Something like that la :P
AJK's sketch was great too, different sketch but something like the Campfire Hakuna Matata during August. Hahaha a lot of 'ah?'
And then for the games we played, they're Honey I Love You, Big Wind Blow, what else... one of our activity was Morse Code. During morse code, all dark mar, just flash light. Then My site was Kenneth, Daniel, me, Ariff and Xian Ting, we were shining the torch on the booklet to see what that code represents. Suddenly a big big long legs spider jump on the booklet, and the torch was shining like spot light on it, Hahahahah!!!!! Everyone blast off!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!! We were like so close the the book, finding and looking at it, suddenly a big spider jump there hahahahah!!!!!!
Oh, poor Brandon =( He had fever before camp, fever and flu... and flu during camp, and uncomfortableness with his stomach... :( so sad.. Some more he patrol leader, a lot of work.
Oh yea, first time I enjoy camp so much. I bath ultimate clean, enjoy what is there, use what is given, protect myself form bites and harms, especially jungle trekking haha, my usual technique of trekking =P But this time better.
I only got bites by our friends lo this camp. And a bee sting like what I also mentioned in the previous post.
A lot of itchiness... Scratching everywhere up till now -.- was suppose to go library with mum, but I don't know what to wear haha.
Oh, and first time I so energetic and staying strong in camp. One of the day we were all wet, raining heavily and etc. I wasn't feeling cold, just cooling. Bathing super cold water, I felt warm instead. So cool. Maybe because I slept 30 minutes before that day, so my patrol they say scientifically your body will produce even more energy? Don't know. And maybe because I already had a bad flu that night.
We built gadget on second night. So I was extreamly tired, I just help to flash the torch light for David at the beginning... I closed my eyes and rest it, then after that I became so energitic as if I slept for 10 hours already. Haha funny man.. before that I was so dizzy, eye half open, can't concentrate on anything, what people say, my brain didn't process, walk also like not straight. HHAHAHA!!
Then after that I helped to build gadget too. Poor Ariff only helped to take rafia string, so I taught him and ask him to do too.
Yer.. I miss camp so much wei.. Haih..
On the day when it was raining heavily, after the rakit thing, we played in the green pool for a while. Played something like captain ball but in the pool. Haha fun wei. But only few minutes T.T Cuz rain getting heavier...
About sleeping... The tent... I love it man.. We used the provided stuff there. Forgot what it's called but we have a few at home too :P
was so big, so nice. And this time I didn't bring sleeping bag again. I brought the travel mat, the blue mat, dad say proper way to use it is put the mat then put the sleeping bag, very nice one. but for me the mat is enough la. so comfortable you know.
Hey I love camp la.. and the AJKs and my friends and the jungle and the toilet and the bridge and the stream and the bamboo and everything la..
Funny eh, now I'm thinking about camp so much more than psp. Haha. Getting one this weekend. Finally!! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!
And I didn't spend money for almost more than half year, finally I stored enough money, just nice! Haha.
Eh the jambatan gantung ah.. I don't knwo why I call it vietnam bridge, I thought I remember seeing it somehwere in the site la haha so don't ask me why xD It's my fist impression cuz it was the one I first saw ><
I will post up pictures from the site and if I receive camp pictures I'll post it at the same time too.
And currently this is all I can remember about camp. Hehe...
So till here then

Thanks for reading! =D

Monday, November 17, 2008

And then smile smile smile

See I told you.... Not the first time la -.-
Camp was awesome.. Yeap, in the previous post I said I will end up posting all that fun experience right?
RIGHT!! ^^ but.... Not now lar... so sorry, not yet... I'm so sleepy =.-
So... I hope I'll get the pictures? yea..
So this camp was quite relaxing la...
Ofcourse not like what I thought..
Like last year I thought it'll be fun, end up very tiring and suffering..
This time thought I'll be even tougher but end up quite relaxing.
Ok anyway I made many friends again.
Let's see... my patrol..
Xian Ting
Ok I don't know why la but it feels as if I met many new friends haha
My new friends I made are David, Kenneth, Ariff, Daniel.
Oh yea I emo'ed during last night of camp... Actually cried la but when no one see's.. hmm so..
We had guests!! =D It was kinda nice, they were staying beside our campsite.. camping too.
Okay I'll try to get the pictures if possible and my first spot is Khoy Yan's blog haha!
You always post it when you get it, right? ^^ Haha ;)
I love camp and all my friends ☺
Enjoyed the weather ;D and everything!
It's still so itchy -.- My legs, hands.... the bites from different types of jungle friends and I think, a bee sting HAHA!! It actually made me cry??? ><>
ok it's not funny. Heh, it is la. Funny me haha!
Oh this camp made me independent.
I go to ulu dark toilet and bath my own, pee alone, brush teeth without sink hahaha and everything la haha fun la
And Daniel kinda cute, he don't dare to walk the first during treasure hunt walking at the 'jungle' tracks after the vietnam bridge haha, then I ask why? He say because I'm not that stable... -.- Er okay hahaha they funny lar...
Mostly all I walk first one :P Hey cool you know..
Hey fun la I love it so much... I came home only cry infront of my dog -.-
Like usual again! Haha... Poor Turffy ><
Wa campsite there have to walk so long so high so.... tiring! Haha! Breath catching..
Ok la I wanna catch up everything online... So till here so far then.
Waiting for this weekend for my dear psp xD Soo Mei will give that look, that LOOK at me ahhaha ><><
K la, hope I will write a formal post about what we did there.

Thanks for reading! ^^

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I just wanna cry cry cry

I don't wanna go camp... someone help me... T.T
I wanna learn like all of them in my patrol how they fong fei kei....
Eeeeeeesh!!! And my kor not going.......... and my jie is AJK, she herself will be the one killing us...
And we will be blindfolded into the jungle alone then feed mosquitoes, snakes, ghosts....
Bernice!!!!! Why aren't we in same patrol.............................................
we planned already one lar..............................................................................
Hey.... I was so exited for this camp...
although it's going to be so..... strict..
Soo Mei told me herself...
Shooooooooot lar.... and.... I'm not suppose to be here!!! I'm so gonna rush later...
Ahhh!! I don't wanna go!!! please!!!! someone!!!!
Please sms me...............................!!!
Yeeeeesh I somehow dream my buddy will sms me.....
~Tears tream.... down your face.... I promise you I will learn from my mistakes...
Tears stream... down your face and I.................
Lights will guide your home...
and ignite your bones.... and i will try to fix you...~
Someone fix me.....
someone....... help meeee!!!
Janning!!! how can you!!! I'm not gonna be at home!!!
You're gonna read this when I'm in Dusun Eco!!!
Ok I'm so crapping here right now lah..
I'll come back posting all that fun experience I had..
Yeah 'FUN' i wish... hey true lah, before you suffer, you'll like hate it, after you suffer and when everything ends, you'll like... I love it!!! But HEY!!! Its still 13 Oct!!!! Please, 17 Oct I LOVE YOU!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Well.... Pray I won't get bitten by our dear friends in the jungle..
Pray it rains... So that it wont be so hot...
Pray that everything will be fine..
~Lights will guide you home... and ignite your bones... and I will try to fix you...!~
I love Coldplay... Thanks man.. you have such a song to suite my mood.....
-.- I'm so crapping here!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh
I was pulled ok not really pulled but because too lil people going camp so 3 of the AJK ask me to I didn't wanna go to this camp...
But....yes... I'm going....
Okay fineeeeeeeee.... Thanks for making me go camp.. or I won't go to school that day during SPM... to gao tim all the menu, food, stuff to bring because so many people fong fei kei..
And saw my buddy bear, yea the one I play with each time I finish my exam paper...
Was looking at me 0.0 was soooo cute la.
Thanks for making me go to camp okay...
Just pray time will pass as fast....
Thanks for letting me meet my cute lil bear...
I'm not bringing it to camp...
I sked I dirty or lost it...
God Bless All..
I'm so moody now... I wanna cycle... its night... I don't care... I'm already crying inside.....
Fix me man... I'm still repeating that song........
Oh yea I haven't told you yet..
I grated my finger, the nail, and a bit of the meat inside the nail... the soft sensitive one... Bravo me...
Yes ofcourse it hurtsssss
And one morning my left whole eye was seriously irritating so red and ultimate pain..
Than right after that day my right eye, also the same, left down, that spot... also dam red..
Veins like can burst...
Oh ... AND...
Have anyone felt electric shock?
I did... I thought it's my finger suddenly just shaking.. So I put back my hand at the switch -.-
Clever me...
My hand was so.... electric feeling for 1 hour...
My hand wasn't wet at all...
Oh I was aware it's electric when I put my hand and try to on the switch again, then I gave that irritated look at the switch, cuz I put my hand there but it sizzled me and I can't reached to press the switch on..
Then I realised... oh wait a minute... I think that's electric, Jess...
What the man.................................................................................................
Quite a cool feeling... Don't worry, I'm alive...
Yish I'm so emo... so many of them fong fei kei..
Gahhh!!!!!!! Wrahhh!!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!
I wanna go to Puay Chai tomorrow....
Shoot! Why Cikgu Tan retiring??? T.T
Gosh I appreciate you so much lahhhh!!! But I can't even appear to say bye to you tomorrow!!!
Do you know how your voice lead me in karangan? I love you man.... Luckily Liu lao shi not retiring..
Sorry T.T......
Sorry for such a ........ moody post.... T.T
But I really appreciate that you read me even till this point of the post...
Really, thanks...
Thankyou... ;)
*sob *sob

Thanks for reading yea ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

East Ocean e-Imaging

Thanks for the special prize I won few months ago, I planed what to buy already.. Haha
Later I'm going to Maybank and complete the deposit of only RM0.30 hahahaha
I won RM30 voucher, I spent RM24.80, shipping fee is RM5.50.
Left RM0.30.
Haha ><"
Oh and I'm doing this for the 1st time, and I don't know anything, and I'm going alone.. Let's hope everything goes fine :P
Okay but anyway, this Christmas will be great... ^^
I planned to get my psp at lowyat on the weekend after camp... which is the third weekend of November.
I downloaded many many many many themes and games and stuff to fill up my psp already.. Haha!!
And oh my gosh!!! I really didn't know the game Taiko no Tatsujin also has the portable version, as in for psp!! Hahahaha so cooooooooool!!!
I use to spend RM1 or 2 for a game at the arcade :P
Cool holidays... :P
But yea anyway thanks EOE... the stuff I spent to use up the voucher is 2 unique photoframes..
Other than that they're like all more than RM30.. -.-
So yea when it's being shipped, I shall just straight away wrap it up and keep it deep inside a place where I cant see, then put a reminder on my phone, during Chrismas day, it shall wake me up with that reminder hahaha I'll be so energitic to see what's inside haha.
Well although I basicly know what I ordered ><>
Oh yea, I also won the RM5 print voucher but I didn't claim it because you have to drive all the way to their place at KL just to collect the voucher -.-
Haha okay la, got to get ready for later 0.o I'm going Maybank aloneee!! Ahh!!
Nothing to ahh lah :P
Haha okay, that's all for now.

Thanks for reading! :D

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise ><

Haha, people like ME are born with such a character such that when the sun is out, I can't sleep well any more, so it's either to wake up or to sleep with a headache. * Don't worry, I'm not a nerd O.0" and I can never sleep during day time, since I was born I never take noon naps. Haha. Unless I'm sick lar, forced to do nothing but sleep -.-
So anyway, most of the time I'll go to bed early and wake up early.
It's really great and nice you know, you'll feel different and fresh and cool :P
You know what time I woke up yesterday?
6.55 a.m. hahaha! Because the sky is getting just slightly brighter and the temperature has slight difference already although aircond is still on.
Today I was awake at 6.30a.m, but planned to sleep more because I slept at 11+p.m.
So at 8.30a.m. dad woke me up and asked me whether I want to follow them to breakfast at the coffee shop nearby. The usual place.
So oh well, in order to wake up in a fresh way, I push myself up and then we went to eat breakfast.
After walking back home, I asked my dad to bring me go cycling..
1st we went to the quiet park, we got a small log of wood home, small yet heavy, dad looked so funny balancing on the bike with that wood hahaha! And when we're near home, he got out of balance so he throw the wood down to get back his balance, we both laughed like mad!! Hahaha it was a funny one ;P
Then after putting the wood at home, off we went to the popular park in TTDI..
Again I saw skateline teaching skating. We saw many many people having picnic..
Oh so cool man, we saw this group of.. I guess they're tourist? They really have the cool picnic basket, picnic mat and all, and dad said the picnic basket has compartments for utensils and food etc... haha cool man :)
Then we saw people doing shooting, a girl modeling there..
Hmm what else...
Yea so after that, we went cycling around.. I forced my dad to go around TTDI, not just the housing areas at Lorong Haji Openg xD
He always say this, no lah, so dangerous, got car some more ar -.-
Then we went to Datuk Sulaiman.. I told him to cycle through the cycling path beside the main road area, so after rounding around we went there.
How cool it was, so bumpy! Haha like horse riding, and best of all it's just slightly down hill, just slightly only, so all you gotta do is keep breaking, lift your ass away from the seat so that you won't feel too bumpy, and yea enjoy the ride! ^^
It's bumpy because of the big tree's roots. And it's not sunny at all, it's shaded by big tree's all the way ;)
Some of the roots are quite big, so it's like a real high bump, so you gotta get ready and stand higher haha! Cool eh :P
We cycled for about one and a half hour.. And yea you know TTDI there are slopes everywhere so it's good for exercising.. and we cycled on the grass at the quiet park.. just set the gears and go!! Haha. Mountain bikes are good =P And cycle, cycle, walk, walk, go green!! Haha
Look at my mood... So nice hahaha!! Morning is an important role in my day's mood haha just don't spoil it, and it will be a great day =P
Cheers people!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Sorry if I sound nerdy in this post, I think I somehow do ><" Hahaha

Friday, November 7, 2008

[WTB] PSP 2000 White

I'm seriously looking for a psp, and hope to get a trusted dealer. I want it as soon as possible, as my holidays are here. Here's the list of things that can be included:

PSP 2000 Slim n Lite White console (new/like new)
battery (got two also can)
screen protector
pouch (any pouch also can)
8gb memory card (4gb also can, 4gb x2 also can, fast speed is better)
crystal case
2 in 1 usb cable
headset (white, with controller is better)
charger (got portable/emergency charger also I may want)
UMD Disc (see what type of game you have)
firmware 3.90 m33-3
movie dock (not so important, just for fun)
cleaning cloth (don't have also can)
AC power cord (actually I'm not sure what this is but I see it included in most sets?)
AC adapter
custom case (don't have also can)

Actually, I don't NEED all of them... so as long as you have a psp slim white, comment this post or PM me. Or if you know where to get great deals, please tell me :) it is much appreciated. But I know lowyat has a lot, the thing is it's far from where I stay.
I am a female student, 14 years old only, using own money... So yea I don't have much money..
Please PM with best price of yours ;)
I'm trying to get at RM400++ - RM600+ depending on what you include and the condition of it.
Hurry hurry, I am so bored at home and I've been eyeing on consoles since standard one!
So if you're friendly enough, contact me by commenting in this post or leave a message or PM me at For furthur contact details, well, just PM first :P
I prefer COD around TTDI area, 1 Utama, Ikea/Ikano/Curve, Kota Damansara area.... etc ☺

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks so much!! ^^

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hey there!
Actually, exam finishes tomorrow..
But tomorrow's subject aint as important as others, it's art and PJK.
So... I guess I will be going to the scouts' year end camp?
Briefing is tomorrow..
And I'm suppose to go ou with friends but...
Well yea I said before I planned it already, since weeks ago..
So now my plan is destroyed -.-
They are going, but I can't....
The time given at Neway Karaoke is 1pm till 5pm...
I know, skip one hour only what? But... how to go? Alone? Cant.. :(
And then they for sure sing all Chinese songs -.-
So then I planned to go McD for lunch, chat with friends, maybe walk a bit, then go home..
But the question is.... WHO? I don't know man.. no one can... T.T
Sad la... Oh man, I was actually unaware about the fact that tomorrow is the last day of school for me in the year 2008?!
I kind of didn't think of it..
Sadness.... I'm going to post an emo post one of these days...
I have to go now I'm rushing to watch Olivia TV2..
So yea a small update.

Thanks for reading! :)

Dirly - Sampai Ke Ujung Dunia Lyrics

Cinta ini menggelisahkan aku
Membuat aku gila
Andai kita terpisah
Mati rasa-rasaku
Cinta ini membodohkan aku
Menutup akal sehatku
Andai engkau tak disisi
Risau isi jiwaku

Selama kau belum jadi milikku yang utuh
Aku akan selalu milikimu
Selama bumi masih akan terus berputar
Aku akan slalu menujumu
Walau ke ujung dunia

Cinta ini membodohkan aku
Menutup akal sehatku
Andai kita terpisah
Mati rasa-rasaku

Dirly is the winner for Indonesian Idol ;)
Thanks for the visit! ☺

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So many things, I don't know what to put as the tittle ><

Imagine that's mine... wahhahahahahaa
Nola maybe not really for wearing.. one size only mar right?
Movie Magic left the FFVII or FFXII (I forgot).. RM9.90..
I only watched few minutes of FFVII Advent Children... quite nice one la, but I was sleepy, so went to sleep.
Quite long ago when they showed it on one of the Malaysia TV channel.
About exam now..
Look at me :D I'm always not studying man... sad T.T
I really can't catch up already if I don't start studying next year.. Outdated like mad..
So let's not talk about exam.... ;)
Avril Avril.... I'm listening to her newest album now..
Quite nice ;) Go listen ☺
Oh yea... I don't know if my mum was serious when she shouted and say that I can't make anything anymore... As in baking, cooking, craft, you know... my interests...
But no lah I don't really think so.. If it's true right.... then how come she said this today in the car? ;)
Ahh I remember now ^^ she saw a Jeep... it looks really new... as if it's a new model too.
She was saying, eh, got new Jeep meh? Eh how come got new Jeep ar? If really got maybe I can buy then give my Unser to Janning..
Then I said, whoa spend so much on Jeep?
Sponsor me RM100 I can buy PSP already...*jokingly, I know she won't one la
Surprisingly.................... she said, you good I can sponsor you RM200 ar....
Hahahahha I was like so surprised ahhahaha!!
But true or not.... a lot of times we all say only one hahaha!
Hope it's real man :P
And then I'm not sure to buy PSP after camp or during Christmas time...
I don't know if got offer..
If Christmas time, then for 1 month I'm gonna say 'what to do' every minute..
And then I don't think santa's gonna give me a psp for Christmas right... Santa is like... anyone can wear the costume and go HO HO HO!! Hahaha ><
Actually ahh.........................
psp is nothing much to WOW at... as in you know, if you own a psp and have nothing interesting inside it, boring right?
So it depends on what movie you have, what new song, ebook, game... just a mini portable console ;)
And guess what, my parents are kinda like accepting the fact that I craze over psp xD
Funny man... remember how hopeless I sound beginning of this year? Like I can't even say that world infront of them... ahhaha
And because I really want it, I have to face them, let them scold me kao kao first...
And now.... ahhhhhh it's kinda over :D I'm so glad!!!
After scolding for years since standard one... takkan scold for life mar right ;)
Want to get one at Lowyat... but very far... Quite near la but it's 'so near yet so far', it's just across Bukit Kiara, from what dad said.. but we gotta go one big round and follow the road..
I guess you have to have the pass to go up and down the hill straight to KL... is there such thing anyway? ><
Kay anyway... I don't really hear it online but Digital Mall Seksyen 14 is the place my dad always go for his computer stuff...
I heard this fella talking bout a fake ps controller that the game shop person say it's original -.- yep in Digital Mall...
Quite hard to get real good dealers you know...
Actually I know this dealer, trusted la. Sells quite cheap, imported from US.. BUT!! Only black colour T.T Why lar why...............................................
Then 1U I asked the game shop, RM800 for Slim... siao.. Now it costs only RM600+ full set also got.. hard to find lar, but if you take the time to find sure can one..
I find for approx 1 year already, all got lacks one...
No usb cable lar, 2gb memory card only, black only, what area only etc etc -.-
Whoa.. funny how I post up FF picture and talk so much on psp...
Jesslynnnn.... -.-
Then oh yea... one of these few days mum asked me if I dare to go back Singapore alone this holiday (by Aeroline bus), teman my grandma, aunt and all...
Then say they sure bring me out whole day one ><
Haha actually after thinking right, I guess it's quite ok la..
But must own a psp to entertain me...
I entertain everyone, I need something to entertain me also, especially 5 hours in the bus?? 0.o
But one thing I scared is during the immigration.. Got 2 stops one, one is for luggage, check if you got bring anything that is not allowed, another is chop your passport..
So if I'm being goon, I don't know what am I suppose to do at which stop and what must I bring down and all ahha! Listen to what the announcement say isn't so good, not clear one -.-
Actually can lor, go Singapore ;)
Don't need bring much cash also, mum pay for bus fair, I just bring tickets, then reach at World Trade Center there Vivo City mar, ask my aunt to fetch me, kao tim ;)
Quite cool la, then it will be quite a cool holiday... Cuz mum was like saying, WHOA then what are you going to do this holiday? Then she mentioned about the whole thing I just wrote xP
Everything can one............................................................................... But daddy? Haha no lah....
He can continue talking about how will I end up there and everything, laugh and talk talk talk, but all TALK only one, if you ask - real one wor? He will laugh and say you mad ah? ><
HAHAHA!!!!! Aiyo.... funny man ><
Hey blogging kinda entertained my afternoon... =P
Yea and skip my studying time right? Yea... but since when I studied at home? -.-
School got la, half hour before taking the subject ><"
This time really dead, all form 1 till 2 stuff..
K la I wanna go flower picking in my garden now ><
I just made a cool flower press yesterday ^^
Thanks for reading! ☻

Sunday, November 2, 2008

October Fest ☺

Or shall I say Oktoberfest.. Well, it's celebrated by Germans, where beer will be real cheap.
So they had it in Malaysia.
We went beginning from the year 2006. It's held at 1 Utama rainforest.
Usually, Intaller Musikanten (something like that) will have peformances, but this year, just normal local singers.
I can tell, for the past few years, all the senior citizens can enjoy and stay up late while the teens just sit and watch(not so hyper la) whereas this year, it's just totally opposite. Haha!
Having Germans to sing, to peform, it's more traditional and all... Oktoberfest... Germans!
Yea but oh well, the teens really did enjoy themselves :D
Okay la, fair fair, the older and younger people get to enjoy in alternate years ^^


This is the RM1 beer - Warsteiner

Ja ja ja!!

Intaller Musikanten (something like that? ><)

I don't really know why that was there.. haha, but got 'models' too

2006, I was primary 6. I don't know Ju Kit yet. Then this year I found him in our family pictures. Hahahahah!

These are for buying.

The 'models' I was mentioning ><

Look man, the German guy sat with us for quite a long time ;D

We laughed like mad... Ali is a great entertainer... Really. (He named himself Ali as a nickname since he's in Malaysia ;) )

Hahah, cool leh... Ali drawing my dad. xP

Artist, artist :P

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam seng!!


Haha, Taiwan Shih Lin chicken pulak.

Local people peforming German dances. (I guess)

Man I miss the 'Chicken Dance'!

He dancing

Te daaa!! (2006)

The pork



Me and Chung Han

Human. I know you know that. Still read some more.. haih. hahaha ><

Eh, this is 2007 i guess... all mixed... -.-


yeah this year

Ju Kit and Yuan Ping like so emo and sien looking haha

Beer beer people clothes floor :D

One ghost shaking

Hahahahha so cute!!

Man, poor fella T.T

Look at the queue


Click to enlarge. Laugh.

Eh a lil same as 2006.

Anyway it was second day's pics

My beloved.. but drank 1 bottle only -.- and first time Heineken. Wahahahahha!! Didn't get high or drunk before. Not even a red face. I don't drink alot. But well, cool man, I can control ;)

Another one

Uncle, Han, Me

Heh, sesatness ><

Kay la I got to go for now... Additional notes: 2006 few gulps of beer, 2007 1 bottle, 2008 1 bottle. Haha once in a year thing.
Thunder hunting me!!!! Kay kay I'm going off!!
xoxo Oct Fest!! We wait for you each upcoming year!! hahahaha!!!
Okay bye!!!!!

Terima Kasih atas bacaan tadi!!!! :)