Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stationary Shopping

I didn't go to school today. Partially because my eye hurts and I do not know why. It has been 3 days from now.
But anyway, I went to One Utama with my parents. Last minute. :)
I looked through the vouchers I had.(I never usually do this because I don't have any :B)
I had to use my MPH voucher before it expires so... There was where I went! :)
I bought my favorite Pilot black ink refills and some other random stuffs. All together, they cost me RM20.30. But I only paid RM1.30. :D Yup, I had an RM19 voucher! How cool is that.
I know this post is really random, but that's not all.
I also had an RM5 Mc Donalds voucher, so I bought an apple pie and a beef burger, and only paid the tax, RM0.30. Yeah man.

Okay thank you. :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sushi :D

Oh yummy goodness :D' *Drools!

Just ate at Sushi Q at One U. Good stuff man :) Paid half price because we bought the voucher from Groupon :D

I enjoyed every bite of them, been a while since I ate these stuff! Especially the salmon! <3

So cute :D Their Eco chopsticks.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

ATCEN Young Entrepreneur Workshop

I think the last time I blogged was like when there was a blue moon. Exam was three weeks. And now I'm in my second week of my holidays! :)

I was supposed to go for this entrepreneur workshop, so I agreed to go in the end. It was on Monday and Tuesday. I'm glad I went for it, was fun! :) I have to thank my tuition teacher, Ms Ang. :)

I dragged Fariha along. Haha x)

This is Marilyn, I met her there. She's nice to meet, spent quite a lot of time with her. :)

And Jia Sheng, 2 years younger than me. :)

Along with the others which I didn't manage to get a picture with, Sherilyn, Ivan, Ian, Lam, Kar Mun, Melessa and more. Really nice to meet them but sad is, it's only for two days. And then we'll be going back our own ways. :( But oh well, God gives and takes away. :')

And that's for now. I'll try to get the official
pictures from teacher. :D