Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let Me Tell You Something

You know.. A lot of people think I'm always emo, quiet, hardworking, nerd, boring, mainly quiet and emo...
Sad -.-
Yeah, I agree very little people really know me.
I'm totally opposite of what kinda person I look like.
People won't believe till they actually know me.
Very little people open me up.
And...... I am English educated, speaks English since baby and.... Just that I am also Chinese educated... I use Chinese to Chinese speaking people.. And so many people mistaken me as Chinese speaking -,-
Tell you, my Chinese fail so badly, 28%. Huahhaha.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Went 1U just now, so tiring.. x.x
I went with my jie, Dorothy, her brother, Jonathan, and another AFC friend, Joseph.
Janning went with Celine all.. So we met up, and unexpectedly saw Owen!
So we took a group picture.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

David Tao Ze - An Lian (Secret Love) Pinyin Lyrics

Still lonely still lonely

zuo wan you zai jian dao ni, ni hai shi na me mei li
wo jin zhang dao hua dou bu hui shuo
jiu sha sha kan zhe ni
ke wang yong yuan zhe ju li
jiu shi he ni zai yi qi
xing lai fa xian zhe yi qie dou
zhi shi wo de meng jing

gao su zi ji yao leng jing
que you wu fa bu xiang ni
wo de nuo ruo yi jing kai shi rang wo tao yan wo zi ji
shi ni dui wo you jie xin
hai shi wo mei you zi xin
ke shi shei ye bu neng zu zhi wo
wo yao an lian ni
So lonely

So here I am standing all alone
zai mou ge jie tou
you ge wo zai zhe li zhi wei ni deng hou
Here I am waiting just for you
kai fang wo suo you
xi wang ni neng liao jie ni neng gou jie shou
So lonely

jin wan ke wang zai jian ni
sui ran zhi shi zai meng li
duan zhan de tian mi ye sheng guo le yi bei zi mei you ni
jiu suan mei kuai le jie ju, jiu suan cong ci si le xin
wo yao fu chu wo suo you cheng yi, zhi yao neng gan dong ni
wo yuan yi

So here I am standing all alone
zai mou ge jie tou
you ge wo zai zhe li zhi wei ni deng hou
Here I am waiting just for you
kai fang wo suo you
wo yao wei ni zen me zuo ni cai jie shou wo
wo xi huan ni, wo yao ni, wo ai ni

So here I am standing all alone

zai mou ge jie tou
you ge wo zai zhe li zhi wei ni deng hou
So here I am waiting just for you
kai fang wo suo you
xi wang ni neng liao jie ni neng gou jie shou
I'm lonely

gu shi jiu shuo dao zhe li, jiu suan ni men zai hao qi
wo xiang shuo de dou yi shuo wan le, qi yu shi mi mi
zai na mou yi ge jie tou, hui liu chuan mou ge xuan lv
na shi wo zai qing qing chang zhe ge
wo duo ai ni

I somehow don't touch any chinese radio channels anymore, but listen when dad tunes to it.
First time I heard this song, I like it so much, seriously so weird lo.
It's like the only chinese song I got attracted to.
Then the second or third time I tried to catch some lyrics of it and finally found the song online :D

Right And Wrong

Do you know.. Manners is important?
If you think I'm so odd at this age talking about this.. Let you think so then.
I don't like to touch people's things without getting their permission.
I know inside that it's wrong, and I feel bad.
So I don't like it when people force me to help them do something without other's permission.
Same thing, I don't like it when people does that to me too.
At least, if you just let me know first and all... Why not? I'd be even happier.
You wanna use something, ask first la, don't dig it out yourself.
If I'm not around or not available, you can write a note saying you borrowed this or that.
Or etc.

Most of the time, I try my best to do what I think is right.
My heart always leads me to what I do.
If I think it's right, I shall do that way. If it's wrong, and if I still do it, I'll feel bad inside so badly.
I always thank God for giving me a heart that knows what is right and wrong.

Do you know... Letting things go by so many times without my knowledge.. Doesn't mean I don't know. I just don't want to fight or what. Since it's so hard for us to communicate, so hard to get chances where we communicate well, why would I do something that worsen the condition?
To me, everyone has a heart. We all know what is right and wrong.
Whether you still want to do it, it's your choice. Your heart told you what the right and wrongs are.

I'm a person who usually follows my heart.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hurry :B

Awwhh time is...... Alright it aint slow or anything.. I just can't wait for PMR to be over man.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh x.x
Can't wait to wipe off all that dust man.
Faster, faster.... Faster!
Just weeks more... Come on, come on....
I can't wait...... Man...........
:B :b :p :D x) :DDD

80% Studying

That's very good. I mean.. I am actually studying :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Undergoing Maintainence

Mentally.. Physically...
You will see changes.
Especially after PMR.
I shall begin my life.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


No idea what I was going to make, made in in 1 hour. Gave up and whatever it because I just did with whatever I had and see what it turns out to be. I expected it to be another failure :B

Mum doesn't like cakes. Doesn't like creams. Doesn't like sweet stuff.
So I came up with my special dessert for her birthday - Krapleys! Goes well with Baileys ;D

Great things come when you least expected it. I was totally surprised on how they love it and commented about this lil crap I made 0.x Hee!

Why name it Krapleys? Because... It was just total crap. While making and all... No recipe. No idea how to do it. No idea what I was making. I just go with whatever I link up with. Ended up like crap to me. But tasted like total...... Awesome ;D And I was thinking whole afternoon what shall I make that goes with Baileys and pastry. Find online, nothing. So here, my masterpiece :D Krapleys! Yummy yummy!
ps. I need to work on the presentation xD Hee. I know it looks like krap...............leys :D

Friday, September 11, 2009


Shouldn't have went to school. Half the class were absent.
So freaking boring.
So freaking lonely.
So empty.
So sien.
Save me......................
Don't know what to say..

Mummy, tomorrow is Saturday.
We shall celebrate tomorrow.
.. Although it's 2 days delayed :B

Monday, September 7, 2009

Feeling Sick

Awwwwhhhh -.-
Hate this man.
Felt so sick since this early morning like maybe 5a.m.?
Had terrible flu up till now... At least now not so bad la..
This whole morning... So hard to breath man. Eghh.
Another one, migrane... Then headache... Then migrane....
And then, eye balls like as if swelling up... So tired sleepy dry eyes..
Hate non stop flu's.........
And.. Not as if I slept late that caused this? Yesterday freaking tired la because the other day can't sleep.
Schooool...................................... Its gonna be soooooo siieeennnnnnnnn!!
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo T.T

Tired la.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Headache Headache

I don't know why but these few days I get headache during my sleep. So not nice to have that feeling :(
And today's worst. Headache till now T.T
No reason. Hate it.
Sob sob*