Thursday, November 24, 2011

Plans After Exams

I know it's been quite a long hiatus here, months at least... There goes the life of a high school leaver, well half year of it maybe. But I'm here to update that I'll be back real soon, with improvements to come! :) I'm feeling so anticipated and I just can't wait for it, SPM is going to be over in just 6 days! I remember when the numbers were like 150, 149, 148... Like whoa, I've been through all these days thick and thin! Okay I think I sound a little high at the moment? I'm so excited, let me just share with you some of the things I'm looking forward to do right after SPM.

1) Get my 'toy' lens!
Toy lens? Well many people call it a toy basically because the particular model of the lens I'm about to get costs real cheap. Or else I wouldn't even afford it! But well, I love everything else about it. What lens? I'll probably make a little review on it. So stay tuned!

2) Get a music keyboard!
Somewhere back in my older posts, I wrote about the Yamaha Tyros keyboards. Those are just a dream to get one. :( But well, after about 7 years of wanting a keyboard, my dad finally allowed me to get one! All on me, of course. But for the love of music, I can't complain! Well I do have a piano, not exactly mine but it's at home. It's probably over 30 years old, it sounds great, it's a Yamaha, but the parts need to be changed because at random times, the keys would get 'stuck' and wouldn't sound and that would cost the price of a keyboard. So I thought maybe I'll get a keyboard, since it has so many other functions. Maybe when I get my own house then I'll fix the piano. But anyway, playing the piano can make me happy, and it can also make me cry. It's like some mood communication only music can speak. Yes, that's how I describe it.

3) Blog, blogshop, photography blog, etc.
It's going to be a little makeover. I plan to get more motivated to blog all my thoughts and share it with everyone. Well, whatever happened in my lifetime, good or bad, are blessings. So I just thought, why not bless others with this life that I'm being blessed with? :) I hope time and discipline would work together for this, I admit I have a lot of sites. 8)

4) YouTube!
Whether is it a cover, a short film, a composed song or a message... I hope to find a suitable name for my channel and work on it. Yes, I've to get out of my comfort zone and stop being shy, it won't take me anywhere. :) Well this one is a little challenge though, because I'll need my family to be out of the house before I can do any recording. Nope, I don't have a room to myself, nor a soundproof room. So I'll just do with what I could. :) Maybe I should make better recordings of my previous composes... Anyway, next one:

5) Driving license!
I always dream of driving, both awake and asleep. Yes, a million times. I don't know why. But I know I fell in love with the bumper cars I played when I was probably 5 years old? And we used to have this toy that has a mini screen with a steering wheel and would work with 6 huge sized batteries. I loved it, I'd even go imaginary driving without the batteries on! And then car games, I remember I was about to be the top 50 players in the world for this game called Topspeed. That was just 3 years back. :P And 2 years back? I drove my friend's little car. With their guidance of course! It was just a little stroll around the roundabout and I hardly pressed any petrol but seriously, that joy sparkled my night! And then my dad finally had a little trust on me to drive his car. I drove about 3 different short times, I guess. He guided me on the manual steering. And on the third time, my mum was in the car as well. And I showed her my driving. I still remember, I accelerated and came to a stop as smooth and steadily. Oh, but I did not get to drive anymore after that because my dad's car's clutch is wearing off and he won't allow me to touch it. So oh well, I'll wait till I learn driving. :)

6) Cooking, baking, household etc.
I hope this works out, I want to discipline myself to do some of the daily chores my mum had been doing for twenty over years, daily. Well surely cooking and grocery shopping is surely not a problem, in fact I look forward to it! Oh I love cooking food out of the daily style of home-cooked food I eat everyday, so I always come out with some impromptu dishes that may be so good that sometimes I don't know how I made it, but if course I have the failures too. :) But well yea, I hope at least for these few months before college, I'll learn how to do the many things I hardly do.

7) Exercise.
Be it a stroll around the park, basketball, cycling, jogging, badminton... I just need to feel healthy after living with all these stacks of books for I don't know how long. It's not nice to be sick! :)

8) Art, crafts, etc.
The usuals. But I've been abandoning them for quite some time!

9) Mosaic community studio.
I know SPM had been a big burden to me, but not any longer soon! :)

10) The project.
School's over, what project? Well it's basically a plan I had in mind 2 years ago, and after going through thick and thin, praying and praying, I guess it's time I commit everything to God. I'll just do my best and leave the rest. It is better to take risks than nothing at all. :) Again, what project am I talking about? Okay, time will unveil these things. ;)

11) Korean spectacles.
Random? No. I had been wearing specs since primary 6, but no I never dared to wear it in public! Okay I do sometimes. But really, after the excessive studying and facing electronic screens, my eye sight is getting bad. Just bad. It should be time I wear my specs full time. I'll get one that suits me. Well Korean plastics are really famous and they suit almost everyone so, most probably I'll be getting one too! :)

I was supposed to stop at 10, but never mind, more is good. ;) That's just some of my sneak peeks of what I want to do after my exams. Yup, just some. Crazy? That's me. ;) Overall, I'll need a very very good time management and discipline to get all the above and more in my daily to-do's. So here goes my update, stay tuned!