Monday, June 28, 2010

Canon EOS 500D!

Guess what, dad bought this camera this morning at Lowyat!
And it was his birthday on 25th June, 60th birthday! - Happy Birthday Daddy! ♥♥♥
This was bought without me knowing and randomly today when he fetched me from school he showed me and I was like huh?? Oh my goodness gracious me! Ahhhhh!
Then I went home smiling to mummy when she came out hahahaha! Mum said first time I smiled when I come home. Hahaha!!
It's a family camera and well, I dont have to keep jumping for the stars in the sky anymore because its like right here in my hands! xD
It's really a dream come true because I really thought I would only have one during college when we are required to get one for the course. Its not mine though but at least I could use it! :D
You know, I've never studied and concentrated like how I did continuously for 2 over hours reading the 3 books given with the camera kit, the manual and 2 other books :P

This is the one, Canon EOS 500D, the 18-55mm kit.
Can't believe my dream came true *-*
Not for the camera look, but the pictures the camera can capture!
Love the full manual functions! We can set aperture, shutter speed, every single thing and.. No more wrong focused objects! Haha! Love the manual focus!
Oh man. Ahh! =D ♥ !
This is what I posted on Twitter and Facebook and I just want to remember this - I feel like the happiest girl on earth I can reach the stars tonight! xD

Weeeee! *Reached stars, crunches them. ...Honey stars xD


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Apple Crumble Tutorial

Made apple crumble for the first time, tasted so good I made it again on the same day!

Oh yummylicious ._. I want more, but I ran out of apples!

So awesome, and I decided to share it with everyone of you how I made mine :D
Take note that recipe is estimated and I do it according to my likings.

So here it is:

You need apples - ofcourse. I love green apples. ♥

Then half bowl of flour, a quarter bowl of oats - optional, a quarter bowl of sugar, 2 tbsp butter, and some cinammon if you like :)
I used brown sugar but white sugar is fine too.

Alright. So first, preheat oven to 190°C.

Slice the apples into your desired shape - mine's cubed.
In a pot, cook it with 3 quarter of the amount of sugar on low heat until soft. Or if you want some crunch, up to you to adjust :)
Don't really need to add water because the juice of the apple will all come out and there you get your sugar melted. But when it is cooled back, it will absorb the juice again.

Then, mix the flour, oats, sugar and butter.
I used my hands for the first round but tried using the blender for the second round.
In my opinion, I prefer hand :) Clean hands ofcourse! Haha :P
Anyway just mix them up until you get it all well mixed.
It will still look like dry flour, but when you press it, it actually sticks. If not, add little bit of butter and try again. Up to you actually :)

Okay, for the apples! Place it in an oven-proof bowl.
You can choose to sprinkle the cinammon over it or like what I did for the second round, I mixed it in the pot after cooking it, then pour it over to the bowl.

Place it in your 190°C preheated oven for about 30 minutes or till golden brown.
If you're in a rush, you can actually increase the temperature a little and shorten the time. It's more for cooking the crumble so make sure you get your apples cooked the way you want it to be!

Now, make sure you eat it warm, not hot, and don't burn your tongue!
Enjoy! ♥

Friday, June 11, 2010

In Kuala Terengganu

It had been a great time here in Kuala Terengganu.
I went with my cousins and aunty to my other cousin's place.
Wei Aun drove, us - Ling Leng, 8th Aunt, Chung Han and myself.
Had been doing quite a lot of activities and all, it's so far the best trip, holiday, break or so.
But well, what made me go in the end was not because of what we're going to do, but who we're doing it with.
That sentence was told to me by Aun. I was pretty cold and stressed during that time plus the typical city life and exams that made me rather stick to all the programmed life than to take a break from it and relax. Glad I made the choice to go instead.
It's nice, the people, the food, the location, the activities, the chats, the thoughts, the church, the sky, the beach, and the Starz in the Sky...
I'm really glad God gave me this so far once in a lifetime experience and opportunity.. There were quite some things that really made my heart filled with joy.
So many things actually. Some of the simple dreams of mine, well... I've always wished to lay down on a big field of green grass at night, watching the starz in the sky. What I did was, watching the many many many stars in the big sky, free from city lights and roof or buildings blocking the view of the night sky, walking at the sand at night, hearing the waves, dipping your feet on the shallow sea water, enjoying the night breeze, looking at a really amazing scenery of a calm sea and clear sky. Isn't it amazing? I couldn't stop smiling! It makes me smile at my wonderful Creator. It's amazing to walk on the beach at midnight. :)
The food, they're not so...KL'ish. Haha. Enjoy eating my first dinner dish by my 10th Aunty, where we're staying, with my cousin Jeremiah. It's like my first time eating so much, refilling my plate for four times! xD I don't really know what are they called, because it's not exactly described of what I ate if you search online. But anyway, the rice is... brownish or something, supposed to be blue, Nasi Kerabu. Then you mix it with lots of leaves, don't know the other names of the herbs but I love the mint, and it's fresh from their garden! :) Theres the rendang too. Oh yea, you're supposed to mix it with some.... very salty gravy type of thing, so I only put very little. Then anchovies.. and the keropok, mashed. Traditionally, they use their hands to eat it. Just add whatever, and then mix it all up. The one I took most was the vegetables, sliced cucumber and cabbage or something? Sorry I'm so bad at explaining this dish, but it was really awesome. Said to be not so filling and people eat it for breakfast, because it's a healthier dish and contains a lot of greens.
Lots more actually, but just too much to explain for now :P
For the sea activities, not so sure about the names of them, but they were awesome. Thank Uncle Dan and family. Check them out man they're really awesome and their equipments are great :) What I did was kayaking, sailing and the paddling kayak. I really want to try surfing one day.
Micah joined us for bbq that night, really enjoyed :D
Cool food like chocolate banana and cheese eggplant, and melted marshmallows on a stick :P
I'll post the pictures once I take them from Wei Aun.
It's amazing, got to know God better too, really glad, got a boost of strength, I dont know how to explain, but what I can say is I had a really amazing awesome great wonderful time. :)
Thank Uncle Koshy, 10th Aunt and Jeremiah for letting us stay at your place, for taking us to places, for talking such great conversations and sharing so much with us :)
Thank 8th Aunt, Ling Leng, Wei Aun and Chung Han for such a great time! ;) We seldom get a chance for a family outing, and I'm glad we did ;)

God Bless All!