Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day

Had lunch out with family today all the way at Teluk Gong.
Got 2 cuts on my 2 index fingers but it's okay. :P
Bought new wallet and belts; small towns have unbeatable prices ever. So happy!
Finally got the wallet I had been eyeing for a year. Oh, the reward of patience. :)
Dinner was out as well, with my gang. Marissa, Christian, Kadri, Shum and me. Later, Hann joined when Chris left.
I wasn't expecting Chris to come because he's working and all of a sudden I saw him on my left. It was creepy a bit because of the stare! But it was a surprise. Haha.
I really don't like when it comes to making decision for place to eat. We take longer time deciding than actually eating. Ended up eating at Fish & Co. First time eating their fish and chips. Thanks for the early birthday dinner treat and for the time of fellowship. :)
And thanks Yi Shien for entertaining me for half hour on the phone. You sure did me a favor. Haha.
Oh and bye Shum, who is leaving for national service in two days. You'll have fun. :) Take care.

A day to remember.

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