Saturday, November 17, 2012


Does that mean they're all loved?
Genuinely, loved?

Does that mean they're all unloved?
Really unloved?

Then why chase the world,
When what we need is authentic love?
Why keep seeking for it,
When it is already given freely to us?

This is the time,
This is the season.
Is it really about Santa Clause and getting gifts?
Have the world forgotten the human birth of an uncreated God,
The One who existed before the creation of time, space, and us?

Jesus Christ.
Why did He come?
Why die on the cross and lose His life for the sin of ours?
Why, why such sacrificial hassle?
Mock, laugh, betray Him.
Still, He chose to lay His life to save us from our deepest sins.
For what?
For eternal life, what we were created for.
To free us from the eternal sting of death that devil attracts.
To live in heaven with God, with perfect bodies and a new earth.
It is not a dreamy spiritual world on the clouds with harps and flying angels;
It is physical, it is real.
That, is home. Our real home.
That is why He had to die, so that we don't have to.
And that, is the greatest love.

But that, is not the end.
He rose again, He conquered death.
He is now alive.
Repent, believe, receive;
That, is the first of the abc's.
He longs for a relationship with us, you and me.
Best of all, He's everywhere.
All it takes, is a gentle whisper.

It really isn't Christmas, if it doesn't happen in our hearts.
It all begins, with a true intimacy of love;

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