Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Ukulele! :)

Aloha! :D
Based on my previous posts on the intro of a Ukulele and the reasons why I want a Ukulele, you may already know I'd get one pretty soon.
And here you go, I got mine yesterday!

It is a Mahalo U30G - brown. Yup, came with a black gig bag! :)

Did you notice the dolphin tuner heads? Cute right! :)

Everything about it is cool. I just love it. ;)
And there goes this Mahalo Ukulele in my instrument family!

♥ Xoxo!


żħї~qїňg said...

awww the dolphins are cute... wouldnt have notice tho if u haven say its a dolphin.. :) and ukelele's cute toooooo... :) i want to learn how to play also, heard it's easier than guitar cause only has 4 strings...

♥ Jesslyn said...

haha yeah, I didn't really noticed it at first too! yup, it's 4 strings and that's also why I wanted to get one! :D