Monday, March 26, 2012

Star Subscriber

So, Chris-P People was on the Star subscriber thing! :)
I don't have the hard copy though, but a church member told me he has it and may pass it over to me. Then I'll add into my little file of appearing on the media in the most random circumstances. No really, like trying out skating at the park, 8TV interview, the funniest one was being on this Chinese magazine called E-Pop in the year 2007 and I didn't know the existence of that magazine until my friend told me, 'JESS, you're on E-Pop!'
Maybe one day I should make soft copies of those random appearances on the media, though some is impossible like the TV appearances. Just for fun, I'd probably laugh when I look back at it. :P

"I wouldn't trade it for anything; my souvenirs."

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